So Nervous, 36DD/DDD to C - Sacramento, CA

After having kids I went from a 34C to a 36DD/DDD....

After having kids I went from a 34C to a 36DD/DDD. They hurt my back, cause indentations in my shoulders and generally make it hard to wear the types of clothes I want to wear. I finally got up the courage to ask for a consult and the process was much easier than I expected. Basically they have to remove 400cc and it is covered. The problem is that 400cc could possibly make me extremely small. I'm afraid of being left with an A cup. I have been pouring over before and after images and finding cc's removed where that info is listed. I swear as soon as he showed me how much he would be taking out, my boobs instantly became smaller to me even though they are the same size. I go back and forth between, "Oh they are not that big, just lose some weight and they will be fine." to "Just go for it, anything is better than what they are now!" I could definitely use some opinions on whether I should go through with it or not.

Just added a photo of 4 days post op. They are...

Just added a photo of 4 days post op. They are bruised and hopefully still a little swollen but at least look smaller than before.

It looks like I was worried about being too small...

It looks like I was worried about being too small for nothing. My ps said he only took a couple hundred grams out. Now I'm worried I'm not going to be small enough! I'm hoping some swelling will go down and I have 20 pounds to lose and that will leave me the c I wanted. He asked if I wanted him to error on the too big or too small side and I said too big because I thought he had to take 400 grams out and there would be no way I would be left a d. I have to keep reminding myself to wait and see and not worry for a couple of months.

Bummer, my appetite is back! I took full advantage...

Bummer, my appetite is back! I took full advantage of the loss of appetite I experienced the first 4 days after surgery and ate very light and healthy and I've lost almost 8 pounds this week. I don't know how that happened but I'll take it. I tooky measurements today and I'm actually measuring a 38C, almost a 38B with my sports bra on and the abd pads in. I'm feeling better about my size but I am so motivated to lose weight and have a nice body to go with my new perky boobs.

I have never had the best luck with blind faith. I...

I have never had the best luck with blind faith. I tend to have the attitude of how bad can it be, it will be fine. Just go for it. Often times that attitude leaves me disappointed or worse. With Kaiser you are limited to the doctors they offer and I could find no reviews or information about the dr. I was referred to other than the generic info provided by Kaisers website. I had no option but to have blind faith in Dr. Vento and hope that my gut feeling was right and the fact that he was head of the department was a good sign. It is now day 12 post op and the healing is going really well. I did overdo it a few days ago and noticed a big increase in the swelling under my arms. They are still very hard but I think they may be softening a little. I'm over my little freak-out that they might have been left too big. They fit me beautifully and I am so excited to see them completely healed. I know they will only get better and if I am this happy with them now, I can only imagine how I will feel three months from now. I am so glad that I was referred to Dr. Vento, he did an amazing job and seemed to know what would look best on me and did that while keeping in mind all of our previous conversations. I am so happy, now I just can't wait to be completely healed so that I can resume my normal activities!

It's been three weeks and things are going great....

It's been three weeks and things are going great. I have to admit that I have been obsessing over what size I am going to end up. I really didn't want to be any bigger than a 36C but was so freaked out about the required 400 grams that I told him to error on the side of too large. After surgery they seemed so wide and were still fitting into D's, I freaked out a little. Now they are starting to soften and drop and I am really close to fitting into that 36C, I actually measure at a 38B! I think if I can get rid of the 20 pounds I need to lose I may end up even smaller which is just fine with me. I'm starting to feel relieved that it seems my PS "got it" and knew that I did want to be small even with all my worries about being too small. Although I was right, if 200 grams leaves me at a C, 400 would have left me flat!

It's been three weeks and things are healing...

It's been three weeks and things are healing nicely. They are starting to drop and soften up and have gotten a bit smaller which is a good thing for me. I still go back and forth between loving them and wondering if they are still bigger than I wanted but overall I am very happy. They are still tender, especially where the drains were and I think I still have a little swelling in those areas. I'm trying to be patient and just wait and see.

I haven't had a chance to do my 6 week update yet....

I haven't had a chance to do my 6 week update yet. I took pics and will try to get those up soon. Things are going great! I've spent the last couple of weeks away from bras and cup sizes and have just been wearing my sports bras and the Bali comfort bra that everyone was talking about. (love that bra) I've started back at the gym and have been doing the elliptical machine with the arms. My left breast tends to swell a bit more after a workout but it feels so good to workout again. I've notice that if I lift my arms up I can see an indentation where it looks like my breast ends and then the side swelling near my drain holes were starts. So hopefully when that swelling goes away completely I will have my C's but honestly either way I am happy with them. They look small on my tall frame and I can totally go without a bra an they are lifted up off my torso completely! I have to say that I love them :)

It's been about 3 1/2 months now. I am back to...

It's been about 3 1/2 months now. I am back to life as usual. Working out a lot and running is sooooo much more comfortable than before. I actually enjoy it now. I have purchased a few underwire bras. I never realized how much variation there is between manufacturers! I fit some C's and some D's. I bought the C's. Funny thing though, I still prefer a minimizer. Maybe I really did want to be a B? I bought the same style minimizer I had before (it was a DD and too small) but in a C cup this time (the D was too big). I just prefer the shape it gives me. I don't think I'll ever want a push up bra. Still have a little over 15 pounds to lose so I still hope they will be smaller. The one thing that bothers me a little is the shape they seem to have settled in. There is a lot more fullness in the bottom outside giving them a slanted appearance. I have been using Mederma on my scars. They are softening and flattening. They have also faded a bit. Hopefully over time they will fade much more. I know dark skin tends to pigment more and that is okay with me. I never was worried about the scarring. Overall, I am satisfied with the way they turned out. I know that I am so much smaller than before, two cup sizes smaller, and they fit my proportionally. I am still so glad I had it done.
Dr. Vento, Kaiser

At first I thought Dr. Vento was a little abrupt but he really has just done so many reductions that he has his schpeal down. He was so good at getting back to me when I had questions and my results, while too soon to see the final result, are very good. I think I will end up at just what I asked for.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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i have kaiser and thats exactly how i feel!!! that part of it is really scary... :(
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Thank you for this post....I have talked with Dr Vento twice and both times he was very nice, to the point and provided me with just the facts. It's been 13 months since I last saw him and have now decided I want it done. I am 6 ft, 175 lb (was 192 when I last saw him) and with the weight loss, still a 34-36 G. I have had a fusion in my c-3-4-5 due to a car accident, (broke my neck) and am finally tired of the extra weight pulling on my neck and shoulders. Your results turned out great! Thanks for sharing!
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I will tell you, I didn't have a neck or back ache for 2 months, but as Dr. Vento shared with me prior to my breast reduction, it doesn't always cure all your neck and back pains. I now have some of the same pain, but I know having the BR done has definitely helped it a lot. Also I haven't had as many migraines.
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I am 3 weeks post op BR and my PS was Dr. Vento. LOVE him and his nurse Jill too. He doesn't want me to do anything for 6 more weeks, which bums me out quite a bit, but he knows how I am and I really just need to chill and let Mother Nature do her healing on me. You look great! I feel great and feel like I'm healing really well! Thank yo for your post. I was searching for some on Dr. Vento when I came across yours.
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Glad my post was helpful for you. I couldn't find any info on him when I had mine done and would've loved to know a little about him. I'm two years out and so glad I did it. Definitely take it easy and listen to your body.
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I'm trying. SO hard not doing anything. I thought for sure by now he'd let me begin walking, etc. but I understand. He knows my reputation from my doctor's notes. I tend to be a prove you all wrong type of person (I have a disability), so I know he's just trying to protect me. Thank you again!!!
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I am just realizing the last update was quite some time ago. Hopefully you will see my email. You look fantastic. SO excited to find someone who had Dr. Vento. I am scheduled for a breast reduction this coming Friday, Feb. 21st! I chickened out 3 years ago. I am currently 34H and hoping to go down to a C cup. I have my preop appointment Tuesday (in 2 days). I hope mine turn out as great as yours! My daughter's wedding is literally 7 weeks from my surgery. Praying no complications. I am thinking I need a different bra because the surgery one I bought at Walmart is causing redness in between my breasts (super sensitive skin so thankfully I tried them out before the surgery).
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Good luck! Dr. Vento was great. Don't be nervous, it was the best decision I ever made. I would error on the small side though if I were to do it again. I'm currently a 38C. I need to lose about 20 pounds to get back to a 36C.
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Did he have to take 400 cc from each breast, or will kaiser cover it at just 200 each breast?
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I am scheduled with Dr. Vento For July 15, 2013 for breast reduction. Mine do look like your before pics currently 36DDDD. He said he has to remove the 400 CC for the Kaiser plan to cover this. His nurse did say that he will ask me if I want to be on the larger side when done, on the day of marking at surgery. The 400 cc implant he showed me as an example looked really big compared to my breasts (like 3/4 of my current tissue) I just don't want to be too small after. I do like your after pics. Can you confirm if he was able to take your opinion into consideration? Thank you so much for posting, as I too will be going to the surgery center at Kaiser on Morse Ave.
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Yes he did take my opinion into consideration. After the surgery he said he only took a couple hundred grams out, not the 400 he said was required. I asked for a C and said to error on the large side because I was nervous to end up too small. In hindsight I wish I would've asked for the smaller side. I ended up a small D but they do fit me and clothes fit so much better. Good luck!
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Awww! Thanks Iowa! I am loving them more and more.
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You look great, Jen! Congratulations!!
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Thanks! I am on here less and less as life gets back to its normal busy self but I really wanted to post updates for at least six months and maybe even a year. I'm glad I took before pics because I have already forgotten how ugly they were before!
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You look awesome. It's nice to see a long-ish term result here - I feel like most ppl stop updating after a few weeks or so. Anyway, they look amazing. You hardly had any change from 6 weeks to 3 months, as far as I can see. Fantastic.
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Great to hear about you experiences 3 months + post surgery. I am 12 post surgery. I was looking a new bras in a store and realize I am clueless now. I will definitely need to go to a fitter. Funny how non-standard sizing is.

You look great.
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Thanks for the info. My surgeon broke her shoulder so my date got pushed back to the fall. Now all I can do is sit around and think of new questions to ask! I wonder if they will change shape over the next few months and drop a little you'll feel smaller? Or could they still be swollen? I don't think they look too big at all, they look perfect!
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Your results look fantastic!
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Thank you! I am very happy with he results.
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Mine was covered by insurance so I wasn't given the option of the lollipop. Right now I can't wear an underwire anyways but I haven't heard anyone complain about discomfort from their bra once they're healed. I'm very happy wih my results. Could've gone a little smaller but I am happy with my size now.
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Congrats, you look great! Did your doc tak to you about the lollipop vs anchor? You look about the same size as me pre-op and I'm wanting to be your size post op! It wasn't a huge reduction so I was wondering what the pros were for having the extra incision. I'm hoping to get away with just the vertical scar, it seems like that horizontal scar would be annoying, rubbing right on the bottom of a bra?
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Wow Jen...I can't believe its been six weeks! I'm glad you are doing so well and are so happy with your new breasts! Can't wait to see the new pix!
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Wow, thanks for being so honest. I'm afraid of the head trip, but I guess its a necessary evil if I want smaller boobies. Sigh.
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Hello. Just reread your review, as you're one of the smaller reductions (I'm also 36DD), and I'm going in 3 days... Soo nervous! How are you feeling lately? Still satisfied with the outcome? Hope all is well.
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Hi Kate! Good luck on your reduction! I'm doing good, overall yes I am happy. I think I could've gone a little smaller but I am proportioned and I'm pretty sure I still have some swelling, especially on the sides where the drains were. I'm fitting mostly D's but am close to a C so I still have hope. This whole thing really is a head trip and it is hard to not focus on the letter on your bra tag and just wait and see. I thought i was prepared for the emotional roller coaster but i really wasnt. Like everyone says it takes months not weeks before you reach your final size. I am planning on posting updates for at least the first six months. It's hard to find long term outcomes.
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