Brazilian Butt Lift - 3 Weeks out and I Love It - Sacramento, CA

Butt was HUGE afterwards but turned out great....

Butt was HUGE afterwards but turned out great. I'm 3 weeks out and very satisfied with the results.

First 2 days are the hardest.

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First day is the hardest. I was pretty out of it...

First day is the hardest. I was pretty out of it couldn't stand, walk, anything. My butt was HUGE and waist was little. I was bruised with really dark purple bruises from under my armpits to below my butt cheeks.

Day 1 & 2 were the hardest, it was hard to get up ... hard to sleep... everything but pain medication helped

Around Day 3 my body became HUGE all the lipo areas looked really bloated and I started to get discouraged. I was able to move around a little easier. At night my compression garment (like a tight one piece) would get so tight it felt hard to breath (to remedy I bought a slightly larger one to sleep in at night)

After the first week things became a lotttt easier. I could walk and move around. My butt and hips were still huge at this point I loved the way I looked it was bigger than what I expected but I liked it.

After week two my butt went down considerably and begin to look more normal. Sleeping is still very uncomfortable. I stopped taking pain pills. I was pretty much able to do anything. My doctor told me to only avoid sitting for two weeks. However, from reviews I read I went a head and set out for 3 weeks.

After week 3, I LOVE my results.. I would have liked a bigger more "shelf" like booty. But I'm 5'7 and weighed 136 lbs. the day of my surgery. My doctor said he would have liked me to weigh closer to 150 lbs. but I just could not gain the weight.

I will continue to sit on a pillow for 2-3 more weeks and try to avoid sitting for long periods of time and on hard surfaces. From what I read where you are at, at 3 weeks is pretty much where you'll stay.

Hope all of this helps.

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By the way. I had 800 cc's in each butt cheek....

By the way. I had 800 cc's in each butt cheek. He did lipo on everything front and back from above my butt and panty line to below my boobs and armpits.


Hey I took the chart..... Thank you so much... he actually thanked me for bringing it with me... I'm going under 4/6/11 ... He says he guessing he will injected 800 cc per cheek... I will keep you posted
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You look sooo good!!! Isn't it amazing???!!! Can't wait for my 3 week mark. I'm only 9 days past surgery now but so excited at what I see. My husband loves it too and is always making comments about my new body. I already tried on my swimsuit and a pair of pants and it's super cool to see myself in a new way..the way i've always wanted!
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Girl you are looking stunning! I'm happy for you! Nothing feels better than looking damn good and knowing it! I'm 29 with four kids (all by c-section) and they have change my body so much!!! This is my first plastic surgery I figured I will get the frame I want and then move to the breast. I will be a work in progress! Thanks so much for your feedback. I will be taking the chart to my PS. I will keep you posted.
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Hello All... I am now 8 weeks out... so what's...

Hello All... I am now 8 weeks out... so what's left is mine to keep!!!

My measurements before were 36C-29 1/2 - 40 - Dress size 6-8 --- Shirts/Dresses M-L -- Pants 8 or 30

Now... I am 34C-26 1/2 - 40 -- Dress size 4-6 (6 is usually too big but will fit over my butt) -- Shirts/Dresses XS-S - Pants 6 or 28

I truly have a coke bottle shape..and a nice round bubble butt!


hello everyone, just FYI dr. hegg is booked solid until january. earliest consult i was able to get was december.
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I'm pretty excited. I'm going to schedule a consult next week with dr hegg. =]
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How long did Dr. Hegg take to do the procedure?
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Hello All. Sorry it took me so long to post...

Hello All.

Sorry it took me so long to post more picture. I am now 8 months out and everything is great. I'm actually gearing up to have a breast augmentation this coming Tuesday. I'm so excited.

I posted a comment recently. In case you missed it. My booty is doing good. I haven't lost anything since 6 weeks after my surgery.

I had gained about 10 lbs and then loss 15 lbs. I went up to 145 and now I'm back comfortably at 130 lbs. my booty adjusted accordingly....

Current measurements are 31-27-41.


U look sooooo amazing it's unreal how awesome u look. I'm so happy for u that he did a great job :)
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You look absolutely amazing! I have a consult with Dr. Hegg next month. Did he do or offer massages on you after the surgery?
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your results are wonderful Im hoping I can get results like your my ps said he is gonna try for as much fat as possible but for sure 400cc but I want at least 600cc I am 5'2 and 140 so hopefully I can get what I want thanks for sharing your experience
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Here's my breast implant review http://www...

Here's my breast implant review


I o want to have my butt surgery so do all of you the doctor..I'm 5"1 and weight 120..but I need butt
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Nevemind I guess Dr hegg passed away
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Is it possible to see your before and after pics please
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