37 with 2 Kids....I Hate my Tummy Now So Anything Has to Be Better - New York, NY

I am soooooo scared! I assume that has to be...

I am soooooo scared! I assume that has to be normal but I'm still 6 days away and haven't slept in days thinking about everything. I have had 2 c-sections and very little help during recovery from them so I'm thinking I will be able to get through this. I am having my mussels repaired (they are about 3 inches apart) and a TT. the dr told me that i will need a small vertical incision because I don't have enough skin...anyone else have this??? I hate the way I look now....can't even look at my belly so I'm thinking whatever I end up with has to be better then what I have....right?
Just breath....all will be well and you will make it through this.  What you are feeling is normal and we have all been there.  You are not alone so stay with us and we will all help you through.  
Thanks I have ready through everything you have written and it has helped... Beside having my kids I have never wanted anything else more. I mostly nervous about the muscle repair pain, back pain and swelling... But again I feel like whatever it is will be worth it
You will do fine, and the recovery is temporary.

Here are before pictures!


Getting closer.....

Ok today I'm feeling better. I called the dr with some last questions... Can I take anything in the morning to control being so anxious, how about the night before.... Can I take water pills to help with swelling after? Etc.... I missed the return call with my answers so I'll try again tomorrow. I stocked up on milk for the kids, water for me and had a beautiful bikini wax.... I'm feeling ready. I think posting the before pictures really helped me.... I don't think I realized how gross my belly is.... So excited to say goodbye to it on Wednesday! Thanks for the support!!!!!! Such crazy feelings.....
Get your rest! I know it's hard not to worry about the unknown! Each person is different, but my experience isn't even close to the pain I thought it would be. The abs were sore but it not excruciating. My ps told me to slouch not hunch (butt tucked in & shoulders slouched), my back pain has been very minimal. :) I needed help though. Complete care the first couple of days & then someone to help me up & down for a few more days. I'm on day 10 & though I'm certainly not healed, I can do most things to get by. Make sure you have some good small portioned protein foods prepared to get you through at least the first 3 days. You'll need a little something to eat to take your meds. You'll be able to prepare foods after that (yes, I'm big on the foods! Lol!). Good luck to you! Everything will be fine! :)
Thanks so much it is so reassuring to hear real stories....10 days congrats! Are you happy?are you mostly back to normal functions (besides lifting). Thanks so much for the supportive words
I'm completely thrilled! I couldn't have picked a better PS! He had a fantastic portfolio & gave me exactly what I asked for. I'm still slouched, but straighter than I was. I think right now the hardest part is that I feel great, but need to do normal things in a way that doesn't engage my abs and I am weaker than normal. So I can do normal things like walk, cook, shower, etc...I just can't do it for long before I need to take a seat for a minute. Today will be my first outing....the true test! Lol!

I wish it was tomorrow .. .

I'm having my TT on Wednesday but I wish it was tomorrow..... Can't wait till im on the recovery side...
Here we go! Good luck and talk to you on the other side! I am so nervous too, I barely slept last night .
Good luck to you! I'm feeling more excited then nervous tonight! We got this!!!!!! Mamas getting her belly back! Lol

Almost there!!!!!

Tomorrow's my day! I'm more excited then nervous!!!!! I'm ready for this! Can't wait!!!!!! Yeah
Good luck! My tt is next week & I'm already feeling nervous. Can't wait to hear about your results. I'm sure you will be so happy :)
Thanks.... I can't wait... (Or sleep) lol

It's done!!!!!

I made it!!!! Not an easy day but I'm getting through it! Don't get me wrong, it hurts like hell but when you want something soooo bad, you don't seem to feel the pain as much. Dr said it came out beautiful! Can't wait to see
Glad everything went well! Can't wait to see the results :D
Thanks! I can't wait to see them too! Lol


I get no pain, no gain but Ouch! This hurts!!!
So happy to see you made it through. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am thinking about doing a TT next summer and I am also located in NY. Please share your after pics. I am looking for a doctor. Thanks.
So far I am very happy but I'm ver swollen so its hard to tell. I know I'm very tight and my incision is very low...the dr is very happy with how it came out. I saw dr. Andrew kleinman in rye...I would defiantly recommend him. I will post more pictures soon. Good luck with your decision
I'm so glad everything went well! My tt is Wed July 23rd so it's comforting to hear your update. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keep us posted! I'll be exactly one week behind you! :)

24 hours

Just saw my doctor and he told me he pulled my ab muscles 4 inches back together... That's why it's so painful today. It feels like labor contractions! But I'm getting through it and am so happy

6 days PO

So today's day 6... I am almost back to normal. I had the drains taken out yesterday (didn't hurt at all) and I'm doing well. I still feel like I'm very swollen so it's hard to tell my results... That's a little frustrating but I know I need to be patient. I'm standing up straight, sleeping good (in my own bed since day one) and walking. I'm not driving or lifting anything but I'm feeling a little more normal. Just wish the results weren't under this balloon....
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