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Puffiness under eyes after fillers in cheeks

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both...

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both cheek so not much , but now have a massive bag under the corner on my left eye , it looks AWFULL the doctor told me it was water retention I have never suffer from puffy eyes in my life and now look awful , she told me that putting some hyaluronic acid could make it worse , how long would this go and must of all will it go ? I am doing some radio frequency to help but without any result . I have sent another post but without photos here are some photos, any advise on how long this will stay under my eyes ??

Belotero and RF

Hi ,

Unfortunately I had 6 radio frequency sessions over the filler hoping this will help with the puffiness , this was a big mistake because this has made it worse , the puffiness did go down it took around 7 months , it is not fully down but not as puffy so do have hope , but I have now loose skin underneath like empty balloon sac , I will post a photo it look awful , I think this was cause by the Radio Frequency which left me with scars under the eyes, very bad skin texture and Dents on my cheeks and wish I left it alone and let the filler go out on its own . I would not recommend Belotero under the eyes but even less recommend Radio Frenquency . If you guys suffer from puffiness after filler leave it alone and wait if you can till it goes, or get an hyaluronidase injection by someone who has a LOTS of experience with that.

Before Boletero and RF

this is 7 months after the filler and Radio Frequency

This is now , Bag almost gone but a LOTS of wrinkles and creepy skin. This was filler combine with RF.

Radiofrenquency update

it is now 11 months since i had the last RF , the Boletero has gone BUT the RF has damaged my face. I am now left with Fat Loss, scaring, dry skin and a lot more wrinkles , aged 10 years in 1 year.
The damage seem to continue the dents i have on my cheeks from the RF are getting deeper and larger, i also started to have little holes , on my cheeks like i had acne. My skin was very good before and i had very nice cheeks , all this has gone.
If you decide to have any RF please read all the side effects and story from people who was unfortunate and now suffer from disfigurement , depression etc..
Unfortunate for me i didn't and now suffer the consequences.

Belotero was a mistake but radiofrequency was the worse decision ever make in my life.

I am left looking 10 years older and looking gaunt , my eyes after the filler never gone back to how they were but not sure if this was a combination with the RF which has melted my cheeks, my chin and under my nose fat . I look awful , my cheeks are flat, and have all sort of indentation from the Radiofrequency . I am only early 40 and look mid-50 , this has made me so depressed . it has been almost 15 months and the damage is getting getting worse . How don’t know how to cope anymore , and cry everyday . Those device can be extremely damaging to your face .

Radio Frequency TriActive Plus

Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic has Permanently damaged my face.
I went to have fillers to my nasolabial folds but this was put wrong , so the doctor suggested i have it in my cheeks using Belotero she told me it was a very good product but this has left me with massive bags under my eyes , that is when the Doctor told me to have RF , she assure me this will help with the puffiness and their were NO SIDE EFFECT what so ever. I trusted her . Unfortunately i am now left with Fat Attrophy , you can see where the device has been , Burn scars, wrinkles , bad skin, out of pocket and depression. This has affected my life I am left devastated . Nothing can be done except for Fat Transfer but even that isn't guaranteed and very risky. I have seen a lots of professionals , from plastic surgeons to dermatologists to my GP and all confirm Fat attrophy/Burns. Please note RF when is done too hot the atrophy continue for up to 2 years , this has been only 15 months and it is getting even worse. MY cheeks are now almost flat and dented , my chin is very allow , i lost most of my fat under my eyes and above my mouth.
Please do not believe what the CLinic doctor tell you and do some research, i sowish i did .

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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You had RF treatment....had a complication... You had Botero treatment....had a complication... Maybe u shouldn't have anything else done...
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Michael177777 Why are you here making comments if you are inexperienced and ill informed about side effects from any procedures discussed? Not sure if you own a spa or are you just a Negative Nancy trying to put down people. Unless you want to post a story positive or negative or have useful information I am perplexed why you are on this site? Do not be a doubter this can and does happen. Go on Pubmd and look it up. This is a medical website that writes reports on everything. Educate yourself before you pass judgement. If you wish to see others with bad results or adverse side effects just keep on reading here under different topics i.e.. IPL, Fraxel, lasers , Botox and facial fillers. They can help some but do not doubt that a certain percentage have side-effects. It happens all the time in meds even those out for years than the FDA will take them off the market or must put all those warnings out. Some time the negative side-effects out weigh the promised results. It is a unknown factor off everything in the medical field.
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I had belotero under my eyes...in September 2013 I still have red marks ,swelling and from so much swelling I have a dark spot on my cheeks now I have bags on my cheeks that I didn't have before I did this as a gift to myself for my birthday i had hallowness under my eyes well this got ride of that but now I have these horrible marks that I hide with my glasses. makeup can't hide this and now I have wrinkles on my cheeks that I didn't have before going on 4 months now.
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I still have this ugly 2 marks under my eyes and it's been 4 months now I went to another doctor he injected something to help with the redness but it din't work been to the same doctor and he's injected me also about 3 times since this happened topical cream were given also I stopped going to see the doctor just to give my face a rest but I am going back..soon now I have bags on my cheeks and wrinkles on my cheeks from swelling and to think I payed someone to do this I use my glasses to cover it and a concealer its gotten better but my face is not normal yet.  I should have stayed the way I was,...
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Whatever you do STAY AWAY from any Radiofrequency, the filler did make my eye swollen specially the left one , it looked awful , it took almost 7/8 months for it to go down , but unfortunately for me I went back the doctor as I couldn’t wait and listen to the Doctor who suggested I have RF to help with the puffiness, biggest mistake , the RF made it worse , my cheeks have now indentation/ fat loss, my skin is unrecognisable , very dry , wrinkles, lines all over my cheeks The belotero wasn’t a good filler but the Rf was just a disaster . People need to know the risk . Try to leave it for another few months before doing anything else, I wish I did because all of this have aged me 10 years. Good luck and be patient, I wish I did.
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I had the same results with restylane and it has been 3 years
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Luckily I've found a very concervative ps and we've been slowly injecting juvederm in the cheek area to smooth ou my bags... Just doing little by little... I'm going back next week to add a little more to one side. Filling the cheeks have really helped me with the bags. I will b at the 2 yr mark in May... I just know eventually I will have to have lower eyelid surgery
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Did it finally get back to normal???
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When I had belotero last fall... Under eyes it only lasted about 4 mths... I honestly think what is happening to us in the cheek and under eyes area is that the fillers when injected can hit that sinus cavity area and if they do we are blocking our ability to drain the lymphatic fluid therefore creating pockets of fluid under the eye... For some this blocked / aggrivated sinus cavity fluid is able to eventually break back open and disappear and for others it may never open up again and 2 yrs go by and you still have blockage..... I've been doing lymphatic massage and its helping to relieve the fluid it does help and takes few minutes to do. Also, if you live in an area with high pollen allergies it looks worse... When I was in Caribbean this past week... I had very light swelling compared to when I'm home.... From what I've read and discussed with 3 PAs I truly believe that the blocked cavity is causing this problem for so many of us
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Excellent theory... I believe you may be right
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Hi, could you describe the lymphatic massage you're talking about? Thanks!
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Utube has some great videos on how to do the massages... Just search "lymphatic massage under eyes" it easy to do and just takes few mins... You want to make sure you don't apply too much or too little pressure. Goal is to move the fluid out of you body...
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I certainly do agree!!! After restlane injections under my eye 4 years ago, I had bags under my dark circles that never were there before and for at least 2 months after injections, I would wake up in the middle of the night with a tremendous sinus headache. Finally had an MRI which showed the restlyane was resting on top on my sinuses. Fillers are fillers and I dont think it matters which one is used, unless the tyndol effect is a concern, and thy all have reactions on certain people and also depends on the expertise of the doctor. I would have opted for surgery if I new then what I know now. It should never never be done under the eye!
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How long before the Restylane dissolved and your bags deflated?
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Belotero... is very very thin. was she using it to create volume for your cheeks? if so this is not the product to use for that. I've had it injected around eye area with great success. This product is made to be injected very superficially under the skin. Where as a volume filler thats thicker has to injected close to the bone. Great thing is Belotero does not last very long!
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Nearly 5 months and i still have puffy eyes ;-(( I have tried everything , but i am still to scared to have a hyaluronidase injection in case it make it worse. Does anyone else had the same problem with fillers and how long it lasted ? The puffiness under eyes my left eye in now very wrinkle compare to the right one which make me look very odd . Any suggestion ?
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I would have it dissolved when mine went bad it dissolved it fast and I felt better right away!
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I wish i did but the doctor at the time told me it was risky instead she told me to have radiofrequency which i did 6 of them and i have now fat atrophy on my cheeks and under my left eye, this has and still is a nightmare RF are the worse treatment you can have when it goes wrong . my left eye is now even more wrinkled and creepy and uneven due to the RF going to close underneath and damaged it, dents on my cheeks and fat loss i have now got flat cheeks and need fat transfer .. All this has made me very depressed . ;-((
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please let me know with what did they dissolved it ,3months ago I did my eyes and some went to my cheeks so now I have red marks looks like black yes
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Tell your injector to inject the area with hyaluronidase, it will dissolve the HA instantly. I haven't heard anything good about that product.
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Oh my goodness. :( I'm so sorry to hear what you are having to deal with.

I saw that you submitted a question to the doctor Q&A section and I'm really glad you did. Hopefully the opinions they share will be helpful to you.

You mentioned you had the Belotero injected into your cheeks. Did you also have some injected into the under eye area? I'm thinking no, but just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly.

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No she didnt inject under eyes just in the cheeks and only 1/2 syringes on each side so not much, she didn’t use a needle she did it with a Cannula,, you can’t see much on the photos they look a lot worse in real and are very big in the morning and evening . I only wanted to have my nose to mouth done, she filled them juverderm ultra 3 but she put too much , and I ended up looking miserable , so she suggested to put some in the cheeks to lift the lined she used Belotero ,but then I ended up with bags and it make me look even more miserable, I am doing some radio frequency with Try Active to try to break down the fillers because I am too scared to have hyaluronic acid after what I have read and it is soo close to my eyes, but so far nothing . My eyes are now looking very wrinkly when I smile due to the bags . I soo regret to have it done now and wouldn’t recommend anyone to have it done because it doesn’t work on everyone and if like me it isnt for you, you are stuck with Edema under your eyes which make you look 5 to 10 years older . and I don’t know how long for ;-(((
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I can definitely understand why you would be upset by that. Hopefully it will move through your system quickly and your eyes will go back to the way they were before. Please keep us updated on how you are doing and what changes you are seeing, k?

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i think people should know the risk , the doctor who did this is very good and i have used her before and never had a problems, never had my cheeks done there though but i dont think is her fault , it just didn’t agreed with me and after reading about it, it seem it is not that uncommon to have water or edema under your eyes after having your cheeks done , so I think anyone who have it done should know the risk. I wont do it again , as I look worse with bags.
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Yes, I agree and am glad you are sharing your experience with us so others can learn from it. I just wish you didn't have to experience it. :-/

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