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Perlane Never Again-Going to Obliterate This Crap from my Face Using Sauna, Microcurrent, and Lymphstar Pro - Royal Oak, MI

Suffice it to say I no longer look human in...

Suffice it to say I no longer look human in certain lighting. My cheeks were pumped sideways across my face with too much Perlane, exposing old Perlane that was formerly in my NLF. product does not seem to resorb in me. I have read about hyaurolondaise- not doing it. I am posting this to let anyone who is in similar situation that I am going to try testing jump starting my lymphatic system to push/drag this stuff out if my face. I bought a rebounder/trampoline (great for lymphatic system movement), going to hot stones sauna at gym, eating mostly vegetables, will be starting microcurrent and Lymphstar Pro treatments as soon as I can book the appointments.

I literally have piles of flesh on each side of my mouth now (did not prior to treatment) with crap inside that freezes up in the cold, thaws at room temp, and actually becomes soft in the sauna. The board certified dermatologist made injections around each side of my mouth for some reason. The end result is kind if beyond description, other than does not occur in nature. The lines of crap are clearly visible in the mirror. There is no question to anyone looking at me that something is in there. To make things even more fun, I was not injected evenly, so I'm completely asymmetrical now. Loved my symmetry before. My smile is destroyed.

Hopefully I'll be able to add photos to this later.

Update #1

My dermatologist referred me to another derm who has used hyaurolondaise before. Both recommended I not do it. Also, I'd emailed a highly reputable cosmetic surgeon, with pictures. His response was that he recommends no further procedures at this time. (Which I took to mean that I am such a mess that any attempt to fix will only make it worse.) I have a photo of one portion of the problem that I will add to this update. The photo is coming off an iPad, and may not be viewable on laptops. People can comment and let me know if that's the case.

I've done two days of sauna now and daily rebounding (jumping) for about a week. It's hard to jump for long because after only a couple of minutes, my stomach starts glugging up and down. Probably from being so empty. It's hard to eat anything when I'm this anxious about my face. To that end, my doctor (not my dermatologist) recommended I take Gama Calm, which I started tonight. Still anxious. Will update on that too as modality to get through waiting out the time it takes for Perlane to resorb. When I went back to the injecting dermatologist the second time to show her my face, she told me not to be anxious lest I crease my forehead, and to go to my family doctor for anti-depressants. My family doctor is a naturopath, hence the Gama Calm.

It is so hard waiting.

Update #3 (I accidentally put Update #2 in the comments)

Still first half of December

Had one LymphStar Pro session to get my lymph flowing to drag this stuff out. The woman rested the wand against each cheek for a while to encourage drainage from those areas.

Also had first accupuncture treatment to ensure no energy blockages preventing this stuff from leaving my body.

Went to a doctor that me dermatologist found for me who was ready to out me on Prozac or Zoloft at my dermatologist's suggestion. I said no, that's not me. I was the happiest I've ever been in my life until two months ago (the time of injection). She prescribed me Xanax instead. I plan not to take them. Benadryl is getting me through the really rough patches. I normally don't even take Advil. I considered wine, but then put the bottle back on the shelf when I saw the alcohol content. Alcohol just isn't me.

Not looking in mirrors or taking photos helps, but it's so hard not to for any stretch of time.

Update #4

Still beginning of December.

Read online of two people who said that stevia masks removed their filler! Want to try (as ridiculous as it sounds) but afraid of the taut skin tightening effect everyone seems to have during/from it. Being overfilled has me PLENTY taut enough. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before, but my face is downright uncomfortable with all this crap in it. I'd had filler before, but had never been overfilled before or had big heavy implants gloving my skin together alongside each side of my mouth. And they ARE implants. I've been reading medical papers on what this stuff really is. I will refrain from saying more about this right now. Back on the topic at hand...my skin is stretched enough by all this overfill that I fear any more tightening of it with a stevia mask, but where there's hope, I gotta try. Maybe this weekend.

Update #5

I found that there are certain search words that pull up actual scientific papers on the HA fillers rather than all the marketing and cosmetic procedure websites. I found a paper that says excess amounts of riboflavin (vitamin B-2) metabolizes the processes that break down hyaurolonic acid. I'm on it. Taking three B-complex vitamins per day. Also, stopping taking vitamin C, as it fuels collageneses.

Update #6

For the second time, saw the dermatologist that the injector referred me to after things went wrong. She said even if I wanted the hyaurolondaise, she wouldn't use it on me. She said it would wipe everything out, leading to more shots to rebuild, over a long course of time, and for a lot of money. She told me to use an electric toothbrush to try to break this stuff up. She said just wait six months. She said it's not permanent scar tissue because she can clearly feel the implants in there. She gave me revived spirit to keep going.

Update #7

Only did two times in the hot stones sauna, back in November time frame, because now I'm too self conscious to go to the gym. I only go to work and one grocery store. There is another grocery store that I'd prefer to go to, but there is one part of the grocery store I do go to where the lighting has me looking normal (ish) so I hang out in that one section and talk to the woman who works there. She said she is an artist. And asked me what my doctor was trying to do when she did this...fill in all the lines?? I said I didn't know (I don't). Beyond the three lines I asked to be filled, I have no idea what the rest of the mess was even for. My favorite part of my face...my cheeks and natural smile...were destroyed. It's an interesting thing to find out afterward that your doctor never cared about your face, your cheeks, or your smile. I had no idea those things could be wrecked by light line correction, and I assumed anyone putting something in my face...particularly a doctor...particularly a dermatologist...would care about me and my skin. A dermatologist can rearrange a face??? Apparently so. I can tell you for sure...YES. Now I know. Has anyone else been told of this risk??

Anyway, my update is I think I've researched dermal filler more than my doctor has at this point, so apparently I care more about what went wrong than she does.

This is the hardest way to wreck your whole life in thirty minutes that I can think of. Please, anyone reading this, stay away from dermal filler if you care about your face, physical comfort, or life.

Update #8

Early February, 2014. The horrible filler, if anything, has gained volume rather than reduced. There are studies online to support this, one in particular actually. (Google "36 months persistance Restylane") In the conclusion, the authors guess at why the "correction" is increasing rather than reducing, and conclude that further study is needed. Anyway, that's what seems to be going on. I have a bolt that looks like something on Frankenstein's neck sticking out on the left side of my face where The Most Ungifted, Unartistic dermatologist in the world apparently crossed squirts of dermal filler lines. I honestly think she must be blind to have done such a horrible job. I looked GREAT when I went in. All she had to do was...almost nothing!! At least follow my God given lines rather than create a bunch of scar-looking formations running perpendicular to the ground. It's like she TRIED to age me by 15-20 years. And then to be so dumbfounded afterward as to why I don't like having my face wrecked? I think she's insane because nothing else could explain it. She tried to convince me I only THINK I had cheeks before. I showed her a picture taken shortly before the injections. She zoomed on it, stared hard for a long time, then declared, "You were wearing makeup!" Yes, I was wearing LIPSTICK, which to my knowledge does not create big apple cheeks. She is insane. Anyway, my follow up is I can't wait to rid my face of all this crap so I can have my authentic face back. She stole me cheeks, then tried to tell me it looked good, probably with the intent of making me a needle junkie, but it did the exact opposite. I'm out of the filler game. I view my face as a wound now (particularly due to the nerve pain, irritation, and drooling her handiwork caused) and I will heal. This wound will heal. And it'll heal even faster and better than it would have if I'd taken the Prozac she kept trying to shove down my throat. That woman might have a "doctor" title, but she is no healer, and in fact promotes and causes unwell being. She is a dangerous zombie in a white lab coat.

Six months in...no improvement

Why a doctor thought I wanted V's next to my mouth I have no idea. I guess it was to announce that I'm from the planet Voltron, as I now look to be. I definitely don't look human anymore. No human has giant V's protruding on her face. I looked so good before all this. I wish my doctor had told me she was a moron ahead of time, instead of letting me find out too late. Shouldn't a board certified dermatologist make it her business to remove unwanted growths from her patients rather than implant them?

I've tried everything, including a departure from veganism, thinking the enzymes in animal meats will help break down this ridiculous insano-glue. So far, no luck, but I have gained ten pounds.

I don't know of too many other women who are dying to be old. I'm thinking by then, this will all be over, and I will have a normal face again. Please, God, let this be over. It's Easter. Do me a solid. Melt this crap like you melted the lakes just this past week.

When you're begging God for facial combustion, you know you're not at the top of the queue. He probably has other stuff going on, like wars.

What else is there to do?? I've got way too many allergies to consider hyaluronidase. My (ex) dermatologist keeps offering me injected steroids to address her overfill. (She doesn't do hyaluronidase.)

I just want to leave it all alone in the belief that nature will run its course in my face as it does in the woods, which, not coincidentally, is where I now spend most of my time when not huddled up at home afraid to go anywhere because of my face. I keep hoping the woods will heal my face, and bring it back to nature.

Garbage in the woods eventually disappears. Maybe this garbage in my face can also be tumbled out by nature.

April 22, 2013

Six calendar months and two weeks ago today, I woke up with a normal, pretty face. I had no idea my entire life was going to be derailed by a dermatologist before nightfall.

I used to constantly get compliments on my beautiful skin and my youthful looks. People were always looking at me and smiling as I walked downtown. Now people look away when I smile at them.

Today I learned that where I belong now is a run down Dollar General next door to the Salvation Army. Nobody smiled at me, but I felt more on par with these people than I do with the well groomed people with anatomically correct faces that I see downtown.

I used to not understand how anyone could be self-conscious/ have social anxiety, etc. now I literally feel unfit to go to Meijer. The lighting there is hell on my horribly filled face.

Nobody should have to live like this. And by live, I mean "live". God, let this end.

April 23, 2014

I wrote the year wrong on yesterday's entry.

Woke up to birds singing. I love that. Went in the bathroom and saw my face. Had to look away to try to cut off all the negative emotions. I used to love my face, up to October 8, 2013. A doctor who told me there was no risk to this substance completely wrecked my face with it.

I'm just waiting for the big wound that is my face to heal. This just has to go away. I don't even know how I keep going to work. I love my job and my coworkers, but I have thought about quitting every single day since this happened. The stress of going anywhere with this face is overwhelming. I'm a very strong person, but this is just about more than I can take.

May 17, 2014 New Dermatologist

So I tried to establish a relationship with a new dermatologist. She swears that this mess will be gone at twelve months, which is in less than five months. She kept sating, "It HAS to go away." If only I could believe that. This nightmare feels like forever. Being confident enough to leave my house- which was only seven months, one week, and five days ago- feels like another lifetime. Living life as an outlier of society is horrible. It's so hard to believe this will really end. A lawyer contacted me a couple of weeks ago. Just getting from one minute to the next is hard enough. Will this really ever go away? It's so hard and heavy in my face, and seems to be growing rather than shrinking, particularly on the left side. I didn't want protruding growths added to my face. I can't believe I've managed to keep working through this, but I have. It's so hard to go back on Mondays, even though I love my job. It's the gruesome surreality of having growths all over my face that make it so hard to live now. I'd give everything I have just to have my face back.

June 12, 2014 - Every day is hell

If anyone is reading this who hasn't already let someone bludgeon their face with filler injections, don't do it. Or, if you do it, be very, very careful. My advice is do NOT let someone just "have at it" on your face. Make sure they explain, prior to each injection, why they are putting it there, and what the effect will be. Make sure it makes sense to you!!!

I have nonsensical pillars of goo that were installed on what used to be flat, unlined skin, and now, as a result, I have skin that pops out, and folds around the pillar. What else was my skin to do? It was fine to begin with, and stuff was put into it, creating bulk in areas where human faces are supposed to be flat (as mine was). It is ridiculous that a doctor would do something so completely unnecessary ("First, do no harm"???) but she did it, and now it is my sentence to live out.

Every day is utter hell. The filler is the first and only thing I think about from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep each night. I let someone wreck my face because I trusted her. Learn from me. Don't let this happen to you. Trust nobody. It is your face for you to live with, and whatever happens, you'll be in it alone. It's horrifying. Save yourself. Stay away from filler, OR, if you feel you must do it, supervise every single injection prior to it being placed in your face, injection by injection. Don't worry about being That Patient. I was worried about being That Patient, so I kept my mouth shut when things didn't feel right...what she was doing didn't make sense. And now the doctor has zero remorse, and I'm the one who has to figure out how to get through each day with a face that looks deformed, more so in certain lighting than others, fearing my own reflection and ending my social life as a result.

Also, don't believe the "it's only a few months" hype/ lie. I've had this in my face for eight months, and at my most recent ultrasound, learned that there has been no change since baseline. There are no signs of it breaking down whatsoever.

Save yourself.
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BSW - there is a man writing on RS whose wife recently had a biofilm infection caused by Volbella. It was in the background but became active from trauma - the removal of a sunspot. His username is IvanB. Search for him on this site and chat with him. He is lovely and very informative. It is worth a shot. You have nothing to lose!
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BSW- IvanB has posted a very comprehensive report of his wife's biofilm infection from Volbella. Please search him out on this site. The very experienced plastic surgeon they went to has been practising for 20 years and said they were now her second case of biofilm infection from HA filler. He said she prescribed a month course of an antibiotic called Ciprobay. Apparently it took some time for the antibiotic to kick in but it eventually resolved all issues completely. Please look into this. IvanB and his wife are in Sth Africa. I looked up Ciprobay and it is available in the US. It looks fierce! One of the things it treats is Anthrax. Good grief it must be potent. Maybe you should find a plastic surgeon or other doctor who knows about it? See whether they think it's worth trying a course of Ciprobay?
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I just wonder since her dilemma came up months after, if I read correctly. My symptoms started immediately after. I will check it out though. I did read his story of his wife. Thank you for trying to help me. It's nice to know there are caring people out there.
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I think the biofilm infection was there all along but the trauma of the sun spot procedure made it acute. I'd be interested to know if she had any symptoms of the infection before that happened. Everyone is different. That's what makes this all so difficult. Please keep me updated on any progress. You simply must get your health back!
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Hi BSW- I asked IvanB if his wife had any signs or symptoms of the biofilm infection prior to it becoming full blown after the trauma. He replied that his wife had hyperthyroidism within a couple of months of the filler which caused massive fatigue and back pain. The hyperthyroidism resolved spontaneously without medication. He also said that she had one illness after another during that time. Obviously there is no way to know if the hyperthyroidism or other illnesses were in any way connected to the background biofilm infection. It could all be a coincidence. It will be interesting to see if IvanB's wife has any further illnesses now that the biofilm infection is gone.
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BSW - a few questions for you! Have you been fatigued every day for the last three years or does it come and go? Where is your pain? Everywhere or concentrated in certain joints etc? Is the pain the same every day? Is there any visible Restlane left? I know it is only supposed to last about a year but apparently traces can last many years after the visible effects are gone, and these traces could harbour infection. (As you know, the filler under my eyes lasted for five years and would still be there if not for the dissolving!) I note that IvanB's wife does not consider the hyaluronidase assisted at all. And finally, which state do you live in? It's not on your profile.
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I am in N.C. Pain is all over but my MRI shows all tendons inflamed.
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Wow. Inflamed tendons? That must be really painful. I feel terrible for you.
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The neuromuscular doc at Duke said she has NEVER seen anything like this. Weird huh? It is constant pain and limited movement triggered by these injections , no doubt. No one has answers. Extra pain in the neck and shoulders.
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Please consider discussing the pros and cons of taking a course of Ciprobay with your doctor, including potential risks and side effects.
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It is so weird!
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Please also read the very comprehensive review by SadieBee of an experience with a biofilm infection caused by Restylane. After taking antibiotics and having the filler dissolved with hyaluronidase, the biofilm infection was still present 15 months later in a residual piece of restylane that had become encapsulated in the lower eyelid tissue. All this was confirmed by the plastic surgeon who performed SadieBee's blepharoplasty earlier this year. The further discussion below the review is also very interesting and well worth a read. SadieBee took different antibiotics (cephalexin + clindamycin) than IvanB's wife (ciprofloxacin) but SadieBee's did not appear to work as well.
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I'm taking in all this info. Thanks for all the help and caring. Trying to get in with a different doc. Most of them are clueless.
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Lots of new information!! I really hope something comes of it and you find a resolution. I know how frustrating it is to keep searching for answers. Good luck and please let me know of all new developments.
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You might also want to contact Dr Kami K. Parsa in Beverly Hills. His details are on this site. He wrote a paper on biofilm infections caused by HA dermal filler. He seems to be the expert on this emerging issue.
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I'll check into that. So much to figure out. Thank you. How are you doing?
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I will but they may be slow to come. Same with yourself. :)
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Thanks for asking. I'm not doing that well. I had a little more filler put in a week ago but it still hasn't brought it back to where it was before the dissolving disaster. The new doctor is great and said she never uses Vitrase under the eyes because she has seen my result before. Funny how she knows of the risk! People come to her when they have been damaged by other cosmetic doctors. I didn't tell her how the filler under my eyes came to be dissolved because it always seems to make doctors so uncomfortable when you tell then about other doctors who have done the wrong thing. I feel taken advantage of by that unethical doctor and I'm finding it hard to deal with my feelings of anger. I'm not a person who is normally taken advantage of and I feel violated. I simply cannot believe she took it upon herself to dissolve that filler. What was she thinking? Small things really upset me like I really need a haircut but I could not stand the thought of looking at myself for an hour in the mirror while it's done so I have cancelled the appointment. I need some dental work but I don't want anyone looking at my face that closely. I am trying to be patient but it really looks like lower blepharoplasty is the only option to fix it. I did not need surgery before that filler was dissolved. I looked good before. I can afford the surgery but I am not in a position to do it because I am so desperately trying to get back in the IVF programme. I would do almost anything to get my nice and happy life back. I hope that some of the bagginess under my eyes is swelling but I really think it's loose skin and damaged tissue from the hyaluronidase and this will not improve on it's own. Who needs this stress?! I'm sick of feeling so rubbish all the time and I'm sure you are too.
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How are you doing, BSW? Any answers? Any improvement?
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How are you going, BSW? Any answers? Any improvement? Please let me know.
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Thanks for asking but no improvement. I was hoping to go to Mayo Clinic but they sent a letter saying they are not taking new patients right now because they're so overloaded. I'm at the end now. No doctor can help that I've been to or figure out anything. I'm not sure where to go now or what to do. It's very depressing to think overnight I went from total healthy and very active to where I am now. The healthcare system is not helpful unless you are textbook case. I'm at wits end. How are you? Better?
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I still look awful! Have you considered going to your GP and asking for Ciprobay? The worst it can do is nothing. You have nothing to lose!
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What is ciprobay?
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Ciprofloxacin (brand name Ciprobay) is an antibiotic that RS member IvanB's wife took to cure her biofilm infection from the HA filler, Volbella. Another RS member, SadieBee took the antibiotics Cephalexin + Clindamycin to cure her biofilm infection from Restlylane. Ciprofloxacin seems to be more effective than Cephalexin + Clindamycin. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. The antibiotics won't hurt you if you don't have an infection - they will just do nothing. Don't wait for a specialist appointment and don't give up!!! If I were you, I would just ask a GP for a month course of Ciprofloxacin and see what happens. Let me know if you might give this a try...
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All medical procedures have risks. All. There is no 100% safe medical procedures.
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