ThermiRF on my Neck/lower Jawline Area - Celebration, FL

I am scheduled for ThermiRF this coming Thursday,...

I am scheduled for ThermiRF this coming Thursday, August 10, with Dr. Roxanne L. Sylora in Celebration, FL. There aren't too many reviews on the procedure, but what little I have heard sounds promising. Ever since I hit the mid forty's, I noticed changes in my neck. The skin started to lose it's tautness and there seemed to be a small fat pocket where my chin connects with my neck. The skin laxity is also creeping into my lower jawline area. My problem is really pretty minor so far, but even a little bit of an aging neck has made a difference in my appearance and I am hoping to hold off any kind of lift for a few years.

My consult with Dr. Sylora went very well. She took her time explaining the procedure, and I really feel like I am in good hands with her. She was very honest with my about what to expect, and since I don't have a lot of sagging, my results will be subtle. Dr. Sylora explained to me that they are still learning more as this procedure as they haven't had it in their office for very long, but they were one of the first practices in the country to offer ThermiRF and they have seen some pretty good results so far.
I will follow up with posts about my experience and also post my B/A pix here.

I had my ThermiRF yesterday and it went great!

Well, I had my procedure yesterday and just wanted to say that it wasn't bad at all. Dr. Sylora and her nurse Laura could not have been more wonderful. They did everything they could to make me feel calm as I was a little nervous. Dr. Sylora was very patient and took a lot of time with me prior to getting started. The worst part of the procedure is when the numbing medication is injected, but this is really not painful. It took about an hour, but seem to go by pretty quick. I was completely alert even though I had taken a Valium prior to the procedure. I could feel some tugging and some warmth, but it didn't hurt and we were all just having a light conversation throughout the procedure. We did the neck area, all along the jawline, and jowl area/marionette line area. Dr. Salora also had Laura do some external treatment with the hand piece (I think this is called ThermiSmooth) so we cold get these area's from both the inside and outside. While she had the hand piece out, I decided to do this around my eyes because I have laugh lines. This was completely painless, and in fact it felt nice. I don't know if a single eye treatment will do much because they told me that I may need two or three treatments for obvious results.
I took a LOT of before pix and will be upload them once I get a chance to pick through and select the best ones. I'm wearing an elastic chin strap and have not taken it off to see how I look, but I can tell I have a little swelling. I am not in any pain at all.
I am very happy with my experience and my doctor so far, and will keep updating!

Thermi Rf / Thermitight update- I'm happy so far!

I really don't know what to call this procedure, ThermiRF, ThermiTight? Well, whatever it is called I am happy with it so far. I am just 6 days post procedure and still have swelling and some bruising, but I am starting to see results. Dr. Sylora has been fantastic. She called to check on me a few days after my procedure and I really appreciated that she took the time to do that. She explained that it will take 3-6 months to really see results, so I think this is looking promising so far! I will get my pix posted soon.
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Where are the pictures?
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I can't believe it was only $1500 I wonder why other docs charges 3500-4000 for the same service. Its worth the trip for the price
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I checked today because my friend also wants to do the procedure. The price has gone up to $1850, but it seems as though this is still a good price based on what others are charging. It's been three months and so far I am pleased.
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Hey there, just checking in for an update, any photos for us?
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Hi, I definitely need to take some after pix and post them with my before's. I wanted to wait until the three month mark as the doctor explained that this is when I should see more improvement. I am pleased with my results so far! I'll try to get those pictures up this week.
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Thermi tight has been a very exciting addition to our practice. Moderate swelling and bruising is common for the first week but the procedure is very comfortable for the patient since the area treated is anesthetized (unlike Ulthera and Thermage). The results start to appear at 1-2 months and most patients get increased tightening and improvement of the contours of the neck and jawline up to 8 months post treatment. This non-surgical treatment gives results that in some cases are almost as dramatic as you'd see with surgery (lower face/neck lift). I use it in the neck and also for the lower face and jaw line. When used in the jawline it common to have numbness for the first month after the procedure and during the first week some weakness of the muscles is not uncommon. All of these side effects are temporary however and patients are really loving it.
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How exciting! I'm in my mid-forties, too, so I'll be following your story with interest. I hope it goes fabulously well for you. :)
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Hi! Thanks for your message! I just posted an update, but I can tell you that the procedure wasn't bad at all. I sure hope I get some improvement because my neck has just been making me look "my age" even though I have good skin and very few facial wrinkles. I am gong to post some of the pix that I took yesterday before the procedure so you will see what I mean. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again for the well wishes! Jan
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I would love to see your before and after photos! Thanks
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I had the procedure done 2 mos. ago and it did not do anything for me. I have one big sausage size lump on one cheek that won't go down. The other cheek has been hurting since I had it done. It was infected for a long time and the infection spread to my gums. The infection and pain is slowly going away. I had it done to melt fat grafting that I had done on my cheeks 10 years ago. Using heat in the fat grafted areas was not good. Would have probably been better to have done micro lipo to remove the fat instead of using heat. I now have to try to cover my cheek with the sausage with my hair. I need to find a doctor who has a lot of experience with facial lipo. I only need to do one cheek to remove the sausage. The left cheek is not that bad because the incompetent doctor who did the injections, injected more on the right side than the left.
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Oh no, that sounds awful. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. I didn't realize that this procedure could be done on the cheeks. My doctor was hesitant to even go up on my jawline as she said that this particular procedure was for the neck, but she went up to the corners of my mouth to address the skin laxity there. I was looking more for the tightening benefit of the procedure over the fat removal, though I did have a small fat pocket under my chin that seems to be gone. I am still numb in places and have strange pains occasionally, but I think this is from the nerves healing. It seems to me that you would be a good candidate for facial micro lipo. I also had fat grafting several years ago and I'm very happy with my results. It was done by Dr. Tzikas in Delray. He specializes in faces and is fabulous at sculpting the face. I'm sure that the right doctor can help you with the lump on your cheek. Good luck with everything! I wish you all the best, Jan
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