Almost 3 months PO. Pics!

After having two children, it's time to put my...

After having two children, it's time to put my body back where it was!

Surgery date Feb 14th! Valentine's day! I hope...

Surgery date Feb 14th! Valentine's day! I hope to post before pics soon.

I am truly happy that I stumbled across this...

I am truly happy that I stumbled across this website! It's already been so helpful. My surgery date was March 27th but I moved it up to Feb. 14th. Three weeks from today! I can't wait. I started to get really scared and anxious thinking about what I'm about to do to myself but then I found this RS and it looks like everyone goes thru it! The pics that people post (brave women) have been most helpful. It gets old looking at PS websites of before and afters. This is as "real" as it gets! I hope to stay on track with posting after pics to pay it forward.
1. I have chosen saline because I feel like they "droop" a little more. I want a very natural look and I don't like when there is volume on top. I only want cleavage if I'm wearing a bra made to push 'em together. (I go for my final consult next Monday btw)
2. Also, I keep saying that I don't want them very big. I tried on 325cc and seemed to like the size but I keep hearing that women wished they would have gotten bigger! I am a large B or small C right now. I wear a 36 C but the doc said I've shrunk in to a B. Go me.

To rewind and start with basic info, I'm 35, mother of two boys, just got married one week ago to the man of my dreams! This is going to be a great year!
5'2" 160 lbs and I work out 4 to 5 times a week.

Another question, I have lapband. I'm...

Another question, I have lapband. I'm wondering if the port is going to be obvious after my TT? Anyone know?

Now I'm freaking out just a little! I've...

Now I'm freaking out just a little! I've had a couple of friends warn me about rippling that sometimes occurs w saline!

Ahhhhhh!!! Today at 1 I have my final pre...

Ahhhhhh!!! Today at 1 I have my final pre op/consult!!! My husband is coming with me to help "pick out the size of our new boobs"!!! He's been so supportive. I get Botox and lip filler and he says since I don't go over board with any of that then he really trusts my judgement on other things too. Smart man.
It's funny, I see so many women on here recovering in a recliner for the first couple of days. I don't have one but a friend is going to let me borrow one! I think it'll be worth the hassle. I am so excited about this appt today and paying for everything. I'm putting 7k on care credit and paying the rest in cash. For those of you that don't know, care credit gives you 18 months to pay off w no interest. It's a great deal! Thanks care credit!

My appointment today was awesome! I feel more than...

My appointment today was awesome! I feel more than confident that my doc is gonna nail this! I am getting silicone after all. 325cc in each. It will put me at a small D. Perfect. The anticipation is worse than Xmas as a child. He wrote me a script of oxycodone, antibiotic, muscle relaxer, stool softener, and anti nausea. Whew! I told him I just wanna feel like I'm in a cloud the first couple of days. Then he told me I have to come in the day after surgery! UGH!! Double UGH! I didn't realize I was gonna have to get my broken, beat up self up and ready for a car ride on day two. I'm not at all looking forward to this.

I got brave again and added a couple of before...

I got brave again and added a couple of before pics. I'm starting to have all sorts of strange dreams about my surgery. The anticipation is killing me! I've been sick all weekend. The flu got me down! I'm on a mission to get as healthy as possible in this next week. I'm sure it will go by fast but hopefully not too fast. I'm not looking forward to the pain! New booooobs, c'mon!

Here it comes and I have a sinus infection!...

Here it comes and I have a sinus infection! I'm on antibiotics this week. Ugh. I can't believe how fast this week is going by. It's great and so scary at the same time. I'm freaking out just a little bit but really just can't wait till it's all said and done!!!! I bought a bikini today for some before and afters. I'll post pics later.

Big problem!! Even though all I've been...

Big problem!! Even though all I've been thinking about is this surgery, I made a huge mistake last night. My husband and I celebrated V day last night and I drank alcohol without even thinking about it! Like 4 vodka drinks two days before surgery! I know alcohol thins the blood and my doc told me to take it easy! I'm gonna call them tomorrow but I keep wondering if I'm going to have to move the surgery date. :( What an idiot! Any input?

Tomorrow! I am eating applesauce at 6pm and...

Tomorrow! I am eating applesauce at 6pm and I'm choking it down. I haven't been able to eat anything. My nerves have gone mad!

It's all done and I'm more than happy!

It's all done and I'm more than happy!

Just wore up having some pain. I'd set my...

Just wore up having some pain. I'd set my alarm to take painkillers. It was already in pain. I just took three hydocodone so I'm sure I'll be fin shortly. Oh man, thus has already been such and adventure. The best is yet to come!
My husband is really being a champ. I did end up getting a toilet riser which was super smart! Get one. I found mine at Wal mart for like $22. Soooo worth it! I am so excited to go see my doc and get bandages off my boobs!

I'm updating on my iPhone and sometimes it...

I'm updating on my iPhone and sometimes it doesn't my update!
Pain in the arse!! Over all I feel pretty damn good! My boobs kinda look flat. I'm hoping that's just because of the bandages. Did anyone experience this? A friend of mine just came over for a visit. That was nice.
So the only pain I'm having is getting up and down (the usual)
Every now and then I'll feel a burning sensation down where the Tummy was cut open. Eeww!!

I'm 5 days PO and still alive. I am so...

I'm 5 days PO and still alive. I am so thrilled with the results! This is going to totally change my life. It's funny, every time I wake up I think I'm late for my surgery appt then realize I already did it!
Still no pooooo!

Tomorrow will be one week PO! I'm feeling...

Tomorrow will be one week PO! I'm feeling pretty good except for being on antibiotics for two weeks! I always get a yeast infection after antibiotics but got thrush this time instead. Oh lucky me! It could be worse. 325 for each implant was perfecto!
My husbad massaged them tonight (doctors orders!)

Today is my first day off pain meds! After you...

Today is my first day off pain meds! After you have the surgery time really does fly! I go in tomorrow to have my drains taken out. They will not be missed. My mom came in town and has been taking care of me but she left this morning. I can totally take care of myself now but I was still totally sad to see her go. The first couple of days after surgery my hubby stayed home and took care of me. The whole experience was good for him. He really did man up and take care of everything without me having to ask or tell him. I am more than pleased with my results. I think I'm still in shock. I haven't really tried on clothes and stuff bcuz I still have these silly drains. Here are some pics.

Wow! I am so depressed!! Crying and everything....

Wow! I am so depressed!! Crying and everything. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with being off pain meds. But I am a huge mess today. I wonder how long this will last.

Yay! I'm over the crying and I'm getting really...

Yay! I'm over the crying and I'm getting really excited about my new bod! 12 days PO. Yesterday my husband got me out of the house. The weather was perfect and it was so great to get some fresh air. I had a horrible experience when I stopped taking my pain meds cold turkey. Not smart! I don't recommend this to anyone! Now I'm taking half of a Vicodin every six hours an Advil in between.
Today I'm going to the Louis vuitton store to teach their employees how to style their hair. Three days ago I almost cancelled on them cuz I was an emotional wreck! I'm glad I didn't because I'm getting a really cool pair of LV shades!! Yay!
I hope everyone is healing happily and I will post more pics soon!

Wow! It's almost been two weeks. I've been running...

wow! It's almost been two weeks. I've been running around cleaning and organizing stuff before I have to go back to work. I started with my closet. I tend to wear mostly dresses and just looking thru some of my dresses that are going to look so much better with me not trying to hide a low tire around my waist. I weighed myself two days ago and weighed 154. The cool thing about this is that I've lost 20lbs since my husband and I got together which was less than a year ago! What? haha. Yes, we married after 9 months of seeing each other but we were friends before that. He's gained 20 (in muscle) and I've lost 20. I'll take it!
In other news, my appetite is back! I've just been more snacky lately. I can't wait to get back to the gym. I also failed to mention how great my friends were after surgery. I had visitors every day the first week. When my hubby brought me home after surgery he had flowers there waiting for me and later that day his mom sent flowers! So sweet! So besides about two horrible days of uncontrollable crying, this whole experience has been a breeze! Not once in any terrible pain. The worst pain is just getting up and down that first day and I'd say my pain was around a 3. So yeah, tolerable and obviously worth it!

Well, I made it past the two week mark. I went to...

Well, I made it past the two week mark. I went to the gym yesterday and did an embarrassingly slow walk for about 20 min. I just missed the gym. I really didn't think I'd feel so great just two weeks after surgery. I will say for the moms that do work out regularly, you are gonna have such an easier recovery. When I had my two c sections I was so out if shape. So when you are trying not to use your abs to get up and down it helps so much when your legs and arms are strong.
In other news, I'm not scheduled to go back to work until next weds but I'm asking my doc today if I can go back sooner. I do hair and love what I do and love my clients. I miss socializing!! At today's doc visit I get my bb stitches out! Yay! I've never liked my bb and I do now! It's a good one. And I feel like every morning I wake up I look even better than the day before when I was already excited. I can't imagine what I'll look like two or three months out after my boobs have fully dropped!
To anyone considering doing this, do it! Just do tons of research on doctors! Happy healing!

It does go by so quickly! Wow! The two weeks...

It does go by so quickly! Wow! The two weeks before surgery seemed like two months and now time is flying! I'm not taking Advil or Tylenol anymore for pain. I feel like I'm several months out already. I wish this for everybody. I play bass in a band and my doc said when I feel up to it and the gtar doesnt seem heavy, I can play live again. I'll probably wait two more weeks on that but having down time has given me the opportunity to write some new songs. Bonus!
I've read the thre hunger games books! So good ! For anyone getting ready for surgery and looking for something to read. Let's see, what else..... I guess that's it for now. Promise to post new pics soon!

It's been a little over a month now and I feel...

It's been a little over a month now and I feel amazing! I will try to post pics today. The incision around my areola is healing beautifully! My tt incision is so low that I can hide it with every pair of undies I own! I went to VS the other day and bought a beautiful new bra. 36 D. I called my doc to ask how long I have to wear the goofy cotton bras and found out at four weeks I'm allowed to wear any bra I want since he didn't have to do the anchor incision! I work on my feet do by the end of the day I feel pretty swollen. I don't think my husband really knew what to expect! It's really sweet to watch him checking me out if I walk thru the house with just undies and a bra! He can't keep his hands off of me!! Obviously my confidence level has shot up which had made things much more heated in the bedroom! Thrilled that I did this!

Oh good lord! 10 days till I can work out again!...

Oh good lord! 10 days till I can work out again! Hurry up! I can't stop putting things in my mouth! I just ate one of my kids pop tarts while signing on to this site! I'm gonna gain 400lbs before I'm totally recovered!

I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op. Other than swelling in my...

I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op. Other than swelling in my abdomen, I'm feeling pretty good. I feel like my implants have pretty much dropped in to place and I'm super happy with how natural the twins look. The only thing that's a little bit of a downer is that I've gained weight! Boooooo!!!! :( A few weeks after surgery something was irritating my lapband so my doc took half of the fluid out. For those of you that don't get what that means, let me explain. You get to the post with lapband where you stop losing weight. For me that was at around 170 lbs. However the lapband still being in place really helped me not gain weight back even though it wasnt helping me lose. So now that half the fluid is out i have no restriction and can eat whatever i want. Carbonated drinks is another thing you can't have so now I've been catching up on my beer drinking since I can. Beer and sandwiches! So a month ago I weighed 154 and when I weighed on Weds I was 165!!!!!! Holy smokes! Now that I'm able to go to the gym hopefully I'll drop it again. But you ladies know how hard it can be to lose ten lbs! Anyway, I'm posting a pic (to keep myself honest) of me today, post surgery at 165 lbs! Also, I'm putting up the before pic of my boobs that makes me sick to look at.

I went to my eight week post op visit today. Doc...

I went to my eight week post op visit today. Doc says everything looks great and he wouldn't change a thing. Always a plus hearing those words. While I was there I got some Botox. Wooohoo!
My boobs have totally dropped. It's kinda crazy. They seem bigger. I'll post pics soon. I'm pretty sure I'm a 36 DD which is great. I was worried about them being big but the size they are is perfect for my body shape. Doc says I'm free to do everything. I'm working out, riding my motorcycle, and my band just had a show last Saturday. Things are great!!

What a journey! I'm feeling great as far as boobs...

What a journey! I'm feeling great as far as boobs and tummy stuff. It's like nothing ever happened except I look like a new person. My doc emailed me my before and after pics. It's funny how quickly you get used to your new results because I almost spit my coffee out when I opened the pics and saw what a huge mess I was! Good God! I still have plenty of stretch marks on my tum but still 100% worth it! Did I mention how much I love my doc?

I wanted to post a couple of pics of my scars just...

I wanted to post a couple of pics of my scars just after three months. I've been really terrible about using that scar tape or creams. Since I work on my feet I still have a bit of abdominal swelling but other than that, everything is fantastic! I'm back at the gym 4-5 days a week and I can do ab work comfortably. I'm also posting a pic of a new bathing suit I bought. This is the best decision I've ever made!!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I had several consultations for a mommy makeover in Austin. Just my consultation with Dr. Kerr and his staff was the most professional and thorough out of all of them. Dr. Kerr really listens and takes the time to explain the procedures like none of the other doctors did. I have my surgery date in three weeks and I am so excited! Update! Surgery was a success and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results! Dr. Kerr is a magician!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey there! I am looking into getting a Mommy Makeover, as well, and I was wondering how you feel about your results now? I am thinking about going to see Dr. Bekanich in RR (Dr. Kerr's partner) and I wanted to get some insight from another RR mom. I really wish I could hear and see more from mama's a year or more down the road from the date they got their surgery. Dr. Bekanich told me that it really does take almost a year to see the true results. Did you find that to be true? Thanks again and you look great!
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You look great with the bikini can't even tell of either the doctor did a great job on your body can't wait till i get mine done. : )
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Thank you! When are you doing yours and what are you doing?
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Hopefully this year n im getting a tt n bbl both at once i'll post pics as son as i know when my sx date is : )
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Back on here snooping. Miss our weigh ins. I'm on a eat clean's really hard. I want pizza. I could have text you this, but it's always late when I think about it. Have I mentioned your boobs are fantastic......I'm jealous. Hates vertical scars!!!!
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You look amazing!!!!! Love your results!!!
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Wow you are looking good :) what does the tattoo accross your chest say? If you dont mind me asking!
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You look phenomenal!
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You look fabulous. Congratulations.
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Your before wasn't that bad, but the after is def very nice.
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there is a big difference. You look phenomenal!
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Hun you look amazing!! Did you have a lift cause you cant even see the scars, your boobs look really good on your frame!! You have got to be to the moon happy!
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So happy things are going so well for you. Yay! Tell about the Botox how was it? And is it obvious change?
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The side by side comparison pics are like night and day! You look great!!!!
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What a great thing for a doc to day!!

Sounds like you are moving on with life, so great :)
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You look AMAZING!!! Im due for my surgery April 21st I am also a Hairstylist and hope 2 weeks off will be enough?? Im having a TT, BA with a peri lift... this is just a little lift thru the nipple... Im strong like you and love to work out... I dont do a ton of weight lifting but I walk, jog, I do Insanity videos... I hope because Im in good condition it will help with my recovery... Your recovery was an insperation... Wish me Luck
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Gooood luck! If you're only taking off two weeks just make sure they lightly book you when you get back. You'll get tired fast and start to swell being on your feet. Being in shape helps!!
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I think you still look great!!! You're boobies are wonderful. Mine are doing weird things. I don't think mine have dropped in to place quite yet.. I have some pics to post!
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Where are these pics you speak of? Show me the money!
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Man do I hear ya about the weight gain, I should be down with all the flesh that was removed but instead I'm up, damit! I know it's my lack of exercise and the addition of eating poorly, since having my surgery my hubs has done the cooking (or should I say the purchasing of take out) and he NEVER gets veggies or salads (he hates them and assumes everyone else does too) so dinners consist of meat and bread or fries or pizza.
Anyway hang in there you'll get back there. Oh and ? Can't your doc add fluid to your band to help you get back?
Those 10lbs are hell to get off. Good luck, if it's any consolation you look HOT even with 10 extra lbs.
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zumbamommy and I are weighing twice a week and reporting to each other. Her and I weigh about the same except I think she's a foot taller than me! haha. Anyway, my goal is 150 so I need to not beat myself up cuz it's not like I'm 100 lbs away from that. And thank you!
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So wait.... Did you get lipo too????? Im in a situation =/ I wanna find other ppl who got a TT and no lipo.
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