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I have been wanting my pre pregnancy body back for...

I have been wanting my pre pregnancy body back for some time now. I am anxious about my consult on Saturday May 18th. I just want to pick the right Doctor who can give me the results I want. I took care of my sister in law who had breast in plants and she had a great experience. I am hopping for the same. I am worried about the stretch mark through my belly button piercing. I am hoping it can be fixed and not have the scars to bad.


I'm so glad you found us and started your story on RealSelf! I hope your consult goes well. Please let us know!

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I can't wait for the consult :) Thank you! I will let you know.
I had marks from my piercing, too. They're all gone! Good luck!
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My husband and I went the the consultation. Dr. Kerr answered all our questions and then some. :) He is professional and makes you feel really comfortable. The cost of the surgery was more than expected.I will just have to wait longer to save. I plan on Dr. Kerr doing my surgery where as before I was not sure. Meeting him made all the difference. Can't wait to have my new dream body. :)

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