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After wanting this surgery for 13 years, I finally...

After wanting this surgery for 13 years, I finally had my consultation with the PS yesterday and it was great! He explained everything in detail, which made my husband and I a lot less apprehensive.
Either way this is getting done. It's gotten to the point where I don't even know what size I am, but I can tell you that with a 38 DDD I've got boob oozing out the sides. But when I go to get sized, they can't even do it right! And who wants to pay all that money and waste all the time ordering and reordering the incorrect size of bras online? And I've got an 8 month old son who I want to be able to play with! As it is now, I can't even hold him for more then 5 minutes without it feeling as if steel rods are being shoved into my spine.
I'm excited, but a little nervous I guess. I really want to go down to a size C, but of course my husband wants me bigger at a D cup in case they shrink when I can start exercising again.
Within the next two weeks, I'll find out if my insurance will cover the cost, so fingers crossed!


Good luck!!! Waiting on the insurance was the hardest for me .
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Welcome to the community! I am very excited for you and will keep my fingers crossed on the insurance approval.

You will feel like a completely new woman after this procedure.  Keep me up to date on everything.

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Just found out that my insurance will cover the...

Just found out that my insurance will cover the surgery! I'm so excited (and wicked nervous), now we just have to figure out when is a good time for the surgery to take place. Between care for my infant son and my husbands work schedule, this should be interesting haha.
I just want to do it already!


So glad your insurance has agreed. You will feel so relieved. I had mine yesterday and I can see my feet!!! A little sore but that's all. Good luck.
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That's so great, I can't imagine being able to see my feet lol. Glad to hear you're doing ok, I'm hoping I'll be able to take care my son without help afterward. I hope you feel better soon!

And a date has been set. June can't get here fast...

And a date has been set. June can't get here fast enough!


Yay that you have a date!!!!
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So how long after the surgery will I be able to...

So how long after the surgery will I be able to hold my son? He's 20 lbs now, and I'm a stay at home mom so it's just me and him for most the day. 5 weeks away and now I'm just waiting for the pre-op call now. Apparently no appt, which works for me bc the office is 4 hours away. I'm just ready for it to happen already!


Congrats on the decision! I'm scheduled for June 12th. 31 days to go, can't wait! Good luck to you!
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So can anyone tell me about the the q pain pump worked out for them? My PS told me people seem to heal faster with it, but I'd love to hear some actually reviews from other patients. Only 23 more days to go!
Starting to get wicked nervous. I seriously hate needles. And at the store the other day this random older man came up to me and started talking about how anesthesia really messed him up permanently. So now I'm starting to freak out a bit.
I just know these last few weeks are going to drag by. And of course the day of my surgery, my mother and sister-in-law are driving down to visit us. And it's not as if I can say no, because that's a 13 hour drive. Here's hoping that I'll be up to entertaining and taking care of my 9 month old.


These last few weeks just drag by, don't they?!?
They really do. 22 days for me...

16 days!

A little over 2 weeks away. Finishing up major house renovations before the big day so I'll have nothing to worry about the whole summer besides taking care of the kids and healing. I seriously can't wait to run again! I hate running, but oh man to be able to exercise again!
I'll be posting before pictures this week, because soon the girls will be gone! Well, diminished anyway. Ahh I can't wait! I want my pre op appt already so I can get everything ready before hand.

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8 days out!

I can't believe it's next week! I've been counting down for so long and now it's just around the corner, crazy. Still no pre op info so I emailed them today to find out when it's supposed to be. It would be just my luck that they forgot about me haha. Guess I'm just being neurotic, want to have everything lined up and know what time my surgery is.

And good luck to all the other ladies out there who are thinking of or already have decided to have this surgery. I know I can't wait!

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Pre op photos

So here are the pictures for before my surgery. Can't wait to be able to run again and get my body into a healthier place. Next update will be post op!


Good luck!! I wish you a speedy recovery :)
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So nervous!

On my way to the hospital, surgery isn't until 0830 though. I could of used those extra hours of sleep haha. Super nervous, can't believe it's time already! Good luck to all the ladies out there today, see ya on the flip side!

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I am so sore, but I can move my arms surprisingly well. If I may make a suggestion, get a little notebook to keep track of when you take your meds. My memory is all jumbled, asking my husband he same questions over and over haha. A little tired, but other then that I'm feeling pretty good. No nausea at all, just are a huge salad bc I was so hungry! Lol. Thank you for the support ladies, can't wait to see the girls tomorrow at my post op!

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I'm done!!

So my surgery was today, and I gotta say that the only thing I was nervous about was getting the IV put in. Then I was peachy keen. I really hate needles haha. I went to Dr. Kerr in Round Rock, TX at the St. David's Medical Center. The staff was amazing, my Dr. was amazing, it was in general a very good experience.
Here's the run down:
I got there at 0600 and signed the necessary paperwork and set up a payment plan for the part not covered by insurance ($4000 deductible!!) and I just had to pay half of the remaining balance before surgery so it definitely helped!
I was immediately put in a room, told to disrobe and put on the heater gown (loved it!) and answered the usual health questions. I was in the room for a little over an hour, but it was better then sitting in the waiting room! Dr. came in, marked my breasts, i spoke with the nurses and the anesthesiologist and got all ready to go.
FYI, my nurse gave me 1 (one) gram of Tylenol (acetaminophen) in my IV before I was given final prep for surgery. She said it was to help with nausea after surgery, and I wasn't even a little bit sick afterward! I actually felt really good, although I don't remember the first few hours after surgery. What I do remember is asking my husband the same question over and over for hours haha. Lucky for me he was so great and patient.
Surgery was about 4 hours long. I don't remember getting dressed after but my husband did it, and he put my pull over shirt on me instead of my button so I obviously wasn't in any pain yet.
12 hours later, I've only only taken my pain meds twice. My q Pump is working wonders! Soreness is starting to set in though, but it is easily manageable. I was walking around and played with my son for a little bit before he went to bed. Coughing is starting to hurt a bit. But I'm comfortable and like I said the pain is super easy to manage. I only took the oxycodone a few minutes ago to help me sleep. I've been taking Tylenol instead.
Tomorrow I have my post op where they'll remove the ace bandages and I can go home in a soft bra. I hope my other June 13th ladies are doing well!


I'm not sure what it would be like without the pump, because I'm super sore and it's difficult to get up out of a sitting position. Is that normal with the pump? I was told it would numb the breast area to take the edge off but it sure doesn't feel like that's happening.
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Congrats! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and that the On Q pump has helped so much. Hopefully the worst of the pain for you will be over by the time the meds in it run out. In the mean time, don't do too much(its easy to do when you're feeling so good). Happy healing!
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Thank you everyone! I have learned to stop overdoing it, and to take my pain meds lol. Woke up feeling super sore, guess that'll teach me to try to sustain off of Tylenol the first day haha.
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So tired

So here is the pic of right afterward. Tomorrow I'll post with my soft bra now.
It is day one post op, incredibly sore and I've been super sensitive emotionally. Crying at the drop of a hat, but luckily hubby is super understanding. In my soft bra now and I have to say, I love my new boobies! So perky and and small. Also really swollen, but everyone always says its the first few days that are the worst. I'm just grateful the worst of it is over.

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Day 4 post op

Hubby helped me remove my pain pump leads yesterday. It wasn't bad, just weird feeling the tube pull through my skin.
Minor pain, easily controlled with Tylenol. Icing def helps. Can't wait to have my sex life back!

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From day of surgery.


You look wonderful. Best of luck. Get your rest and listen to your body. Congratulations!!!
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Hey.. Your pics look great!!!
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Oh, it numbed it. If you have been managing with mostly Tylenol then the pump did its job. It won't make you completely numb, but it definitely helps so that you don't need so much of the prescription pain meds. I didn't have a Q pump and for me I was extremely sore the first couple of days and had to take my Percocet every 4-6 hours. After about 48 hours the soreness was tolerable and I only took Tylenol once a day for a few days(mostly fire headaches). There are still days when I have some soreness but its completely tolerable.

Slightly discouraged

Still have complete nipple and partial breast numbness. I know it can take up to a year to regain sensation but I was to have at least a little feeling. Bruising kicking in everywhere. Zingers of pain near cleavage, but around lower incision areas nothing. Fingers crossed.
On the plus side, minimal pain. Perky breasts. Swelling has gone down a little. Can lift my arms just fine, if not for very long. Still tire easily. But I picked up my son yesterday and got to cuddle him so that made my day!


Hang in there this the part that takes awhile. I still have some swelling on and off at almost 8 weeks where as others dont. My point is we all have different ways and time period of healing. My PS said the zingers are good ie meaning the nerves are repairing. So hopefully itll spread to the areas where your numb currently. Sending you positive thoughts:)
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Thank you!


Got out of the shower and went to check the girls as usual, and I noticed on one of my incisions is what looks like a pool of blood right under the skin, and it's a little red around the blood blister like thing. Anyone else experience this?
Also, part of my tape came off so I trimmed it like I was told and yikes is it a scary looking incision there. Think I'll just not look until the tape is supposed to come off all the way.
Point being, am I overreacting about the blood blister thing, or is it a bad sign?


I'd call your PS - I had a blood blister too. If it is one theyll probably want you to come in to drain. Plus just make sure their is nothing else going on. Good luck!
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I can't tell from your picture what is going on. It could be a reaction to sutures and/or surgical tape. Give your PS a call and ask.
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Nothing to worry about
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Made an appt with my PS for Monday after sending him pictures of the blood blister like thing on my incision. Thank goodness I can get a chance to get everything checked out, if for no other reason then peace of mind.
But again I gotta say, I love these new boobs! A friend of ours came over yesterday and said he let me see. And then silence when I moved the blanket to reveal...perky boobs in a Tahiti!....haha, no more big boobie jokes for you!


COgles - did you or your PS tape you up? I'm going to start taping but I'm not sure about technique.... Also, what did your PS say/do about your blood blister? Hope all is well!
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He actually removed my tape so he could see the extent of he blister, it was way bigger the. I realized. It had popped before I saw him, and it was scabbing up along with my left nipple, looks so scary! I was in tears that night! But the cream they prescribed me is healing it so fast! It's already gone down by half an inch and its been only 3 days. And the scabs are starting to come off to reveal nice, healthy pink skin. I'm so relieved. I've heard taping helps with scarring, but I'm not sure how they're taping. Maybe just some butterfly bandages to keep everything together?
Oh and the cream is silver sulfa-something. There's an over the counter type too by curad. Stuff works miracles!

Getting there

Almost three weeks later, still using the cream, but the blister area and nipple are healing. Nipple was almost all scab, but it's slowly receding to reveal pink areola underneath, so that's a good sign, right?
Still no feeling in either nipple and part of my breasts, but I have this weird sensation in the other parts. Sort of like the pins and needles i get when my foot falls asleep, but with a sort of burn. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Besides the Frankenstein look while healing, I love the size and lack of shoulder pain!


Hello, I see you are not to far from me in Texas. Your progress is pretty good. I had started to blister also but my PS just took of the bandages. I'm sure your PS will advise whats best for you.
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Yes, taking the tape off has definitely helped and now it's just the waiting game. I'm so impatient for everything to close up and heal!


3 weeks post op and it looks....terrible. Went to ER last bc it looked like part of my skin had just fallen off and the scab on my nipple greatly expanded to cover what was healthy nipple. Prescribed me an antibiotic, recommended I try to see my PS if possible.
It's hard seeing how others who had surgery around the time I did and my healing rate isn't even close. Was told that I have marginally necrosis and its going take months before the healthy skin under the dead can make its way up.
It's becoming a bit more difficult to be optimistic during this.

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Recent pics

Besides the horrible look, my left side under the incisions feels bruised and when I stretch my arm up, these tendons? pop up and that's what feels bruised when I put pressure on it or stretch.


I have some necrosis, too. This is so emotionally taxing! Wish I could just take a vacation from worrying about my recovery for a few days. Hang in there!
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Oh no, I'm sorry! Hopefully yours is minor too. At least it's not completely dead, right? I just keep telling myself that eventually it'll get better. Like you said, we just gotta hang in there!
Do not do anything that will make you sore. The best thing you can do is eat healthy, get rest and change your bandages whenever they feel congested. These summer months are hard, so use cotton bras. I have one boob that healing slower than the other and has not completely healed yet. Everyone's story here is different. I'm sure you will be doing better soon hun!!
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If there was ever a reason for depression...

So I have an appt on Monday to get debrided. No problem. HOWEVER Friday night the lower half of my vertical incision split. Not too bad, just decided to take it easy until I saw PS. Saturday night rolls around, changing out gauze and there's a HUGE hole in my breast now! Several layers of tissue exposed, and all ER days is to do wet to dry gauze and have my PS deal with it. Ugh I just want to be able to play withy son without my breast ripping open!


Hey I'm going through the same thing at the moment and it is extremely depressing. As you can see in my pics it's horrible and is actually better than it was. My ps sees me twice a week and I use silver sulfadiazine cream 2times a day and keep it covered with gauze. Although mine looks like raw burnt skin I am seeing improvement. If you are not using the cream already I would ask your ps about it because using it because it helps keep infection out. Hope things are looking up for you. And feel free to contact me. I've been looking everywhere with someone going through the same thing.
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I got restitched on Thursday so I get to go through all that swollen and soreness again. And I'm on the cream, but be careful bc even when I was putting it on 3 x a day I still got an infection, which is why I split in the first place. So happy you're seeing improvement through, keep me posted! We'll heal eventually, guess we just need to have patience and take it easy! I know that's the hardest part.
I'm sorry you're going thru this. I had to do the dressing too. It is still healing but much better. Just make sure your PS explains options for you. Mine did something similar to a wet/dry dressing but I felt like it was taking forever.He never really offered any other option. I then went to a wound center. They recommened a wound vac which I could have done but with working it would have been pretty public with what was going on. They gave me puracol, a sheet of collagen, that goes over area. It turns almost like a gel and typically you change every 3 days. The only thing is the moist environment is an idea environment for healing but also bacteria Mine seemed to respond more quicky BUT... I ended up with staph. Im doing ok now still healing. There are pics on my profile if you want to see. Ill update later today as well. Thoughts and prayers for you!
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Dr. Kerr

He was extremely nice and well informed, and he made me feel comfortable talking to him about the procedure. He listened to my concerns and questions, not that I had too many because he answered them all while discussing the surgery. After I see the finally results I can say whether or not I'd recommend. That's why only 4 stars so far.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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