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34 Years Old. 5'4. 142 lbs. Mother of Three. Need a Little Lift. - Round Rock, TX

Never thought about doing something to my breast....

Never thought about doing something to my breast. Have three different PS. Piazza charges $50 for consultation. Dr. Kerr and Thompson are free. I decided doing this cosmetic procedure with Dr Troy Thompson. A friend recommended him. He doesn't advertise on the media. He is a character, but he knows what you want. He was willing to spend a lot of time to figure out what I want. My procedure is Deep tissue breast lift with tissue auto augmentation with minor tissue removal.


Right now I'm size 36 C/D. But I still Confused to have just the lift or lift with implants!!!! I don't show much, i don't wear bikini much. I'm not a Vegas or beach girl. Witch I should do that. I love to do exercise.
What did your doctor recommend, implant or no implant?
Either one. I qualify for a lift. But he suggested to have implant too, to have a fullines on top. Of course this is the question: to DO it or NOT to do it. You save $ without implant. But he told me that I would come back later to have a implant. So I'm still confused.
I'm scared to have something in my muscle. + you have to have MRI to make sure everything is doing well. + changing you implants after 15 years. So I guess this is the answer. I don't show much, or wear bikinis often :-(

change my mind

Today was my pre-up. When you do a lift you can go smaller on the size that you want to be. I was scared of that. So I decided to go with the implan. Going crazy again with the choice of silicon or saline. Why we are so crazy???? I will upgrade the price, the status! !
Have you done it? Please update!! Thank you
newmeagain. NOOO. Not yet. But i had my pre-up! I decided to go with a implant! Because he told me that i will never have a 34B (14 years ago) So, I have a breastlift with implant (don't know if it is saline or silicon) I have another pre-up tomorrow to find out what i really want. But for sure my PS will cut a lot of extra skin, and it can come all the way out. He says that "I WILL LOOK DANGEROUS" :-) And NO more push ups or upper body workout for me. His recommendations.
Not yet. My surgery will be 9-5 (early morning). I suppost to have a breast lift only. But then after the pre-up they told me all the changes that i will have with the lift. But I got the conclusion that I'm going with the implant too. He doesn't try to sell you the implants. He likes to take time with you and explain a lot of thing. He make it clear, that i will NEVER have a 34B (14years ago) . Tomorrow is my final decision. Saline or Silicon!! I will post pictures soon.

This is it!

The day is coming. I decided to go with the breast lift with implants. I don't know the size. This Friday is the day. All this week is been weird. Very nervous, having weird dream about surgery etc. Today is the day that the hospital, anesthesiologist, and you surgeon start calling for collecting the money. I guess I'm one of you, that I'm doing plastic surgery. I have the best husband that supports my decision, my payments ;-). He has taking time off from work, to help me so I can have a quick recovery! Stay tuned! ! Pics will be come soon,

Ladies, if you thinking doing this, make sure you are doing it you right mind ;-)
Yes, we can't wait to hear! Hope you're getting up and around shortly!


Today was the day. The naked boob, where mine. 34DD. The other ones, after surgery. Little bit of pain o the right side of my boob. Taking Celebrex and vicodin. First time ladies. You will go crazy the few hours, a lot of nervous, shakiness, lots of thoughts. Then celebrex comes, with other pain med. A small patch (forgot the name) goes behind your ear for nausea. Finally you meet the Doc for the drawing. Anesthesiologist comes and talk to you.l, and take you to the OR. Then you don't remember anything until you wake up! You will feel, and walk like a drunk person :-( .. At home you need to rest for 2 hrs, then go shopping or happy hour. The next day is a different story. I will post.


Darn!! Medicine. What I meant is: As soon as you get to the hospital and register. A nurse will direct you to you room. Lots of questions will be ask. They will prepare you with the thing pre-operation. As soon you see all the things that you do it, you will start getting nervous, anxious, shaking etc etc. That's when the give to you a relaxing med. I don't know how is gonna be the next day ;-( .
Congrats! Glad all went well!
Hey! Congratulations on getting the surgery behind you. Take it easy, rest. Drying lots of water and stay current on pIn meds even if you feel ok. I made the mistake of missing a dose on day 2 post op and I had a bad time with the pain and had trouble getting it back under control. I am excited to see your results. Happy healing!
Drink, not drying. Sheesh, autocorrect .

Day 2

This is how it looks after the next day. Still in discomfort. Wearing now my sport bra!
Wow!! They already look great!! I will keep following up as I hope to do mine early next year... Hope you are feeling okay & Thanks for sharing!!
Hi there, Just having a little pain on the right boob. Thanks
Was 6000 the price of the lift and implants? I'm wanting to get a lift and I'm not sure if I should get implants. I don't want to lose size in the process.


And I forgot to mention that: I request a moderate implant, looks more natural. If you really want a lot of projection, this is NOT for you.
I wanted just lift without anything on me. But I will never be a 34B again. So, with the lift and implant you look much better. But do what you mind and body wants to do :-) . Right now I'm hate my self ;-) .. The right boob still bothering me!
I'm also a DD and I do not want to be a B. Implants scare me though. I don't want a foreign object in my body. You look great though.
I have the same issue as Klhan... implants scare me, but I have been a DD all my life and can't see myself as B:(

Going out

I have to get out of the house. Otherwise it can cause blood cloth lying down a lot.
I didn't even know that was a thing until I got onto this website so maybe people don't know about it.

1st shower

I have more pics of the cuts. But only this for now :-/

1st week

Well, pain still the same. I have to request for more celebrex. I feel like CRAP! , Lots of regrets, depression is kinking in. I already have done this surgery, but I keep Google for reviews, scars, doctors, diferent incision etc etc. I know is the past and I have to live with it. I love the shape and how they look now., but then I was going thru my whole boobs and I stared freaking out about the big cuts!! I'm going thru a horrible stage,. I can not even hug o play or been around my kids! I feel miserable! !. I was trying to drive yesterday but I fail. I went for my first check-up. Every thing was normal bla- bla. I still swollen. I feel like I'm producing milk. I look like I'm wearing one of those football chest protection things. Hard to walk straight, seat, or been normal. I don't know how long the swollen will go on. But for right now that's how I feel. I don't know if is better to do the lift first and then later the implant. But for sure, every time I move I feel that I'm opening a stich. Wearing 2 diferent bras.
How are you feeling now? Emotionally and physically?
As_hun much better. But the left one still numb. Doing more stuff around the house :-). Still having the tapes until december. Wearing the tong bra. Sport bra, and a comfy one too. Sometimes I get tired easily. And very itchy around the breast. I it feels like a regular breast. Seriously, we should post how terrible is the first weeks emotional and physical. I was regretting WHY I DID THiS??!!! Posting more pic of my week by week.
Thanks! Glad that its getting better. Is the tape thing normal and what is a tong bra? I'm still in the deciding on a dr part, well I think I've decided, but haven't confirmed or set a date. I am actually thinking I'm going to use the same dr. I can't wait to see your progress!
Round Rock Plastic Surgeon

He takes a long time to talk to you on your first visit. He is a character. You might not feel comfortable with him, because he has his opinion, but it takes a few minutes for him to process what you want to do ;-). And I love that!! But he is always willing to understand what you really want. And be prepared. He wants to make you dangerous ;-) ha ha He meant SEXY!!

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