*POST-OP DAY 18 UPDATE WITH PICS* I Do Feel Feminine, Sexy, and Like a Hot Mama and Wife -Round Rock, TX

Before I had my beautiful son, my cup size was a...

Before I had my beautiful son, my cup size was a 36B, which was not bad since I had a curvy, athletic figure. However, after breastfeeding and starting a intense workout regime, I not only lost all my baby weight plus 10 extra pounds but I also lost my breasts! I am now a 36A (with my wide back) It was obvious during "intimate" sessions with my husband that I was not happy with the shape and volume (or lack thereof) of my breasts. As a gift my husband asked if getting my breasts done would make me feel more confident. I love my svelte figure in clothes and most of the time I am very confident in public but as soon as my clothes hit the floor....it's a whole different story.
We decided to go for surgery and I made an appointment with Dr. Kerr in Round Rock, TX because he credentials and reputation have made him one of the top surgeons in my area. I met with Dr. Kerr and he recommended that I have silicone implants due to the fact that my breasts do not have a lot of extra skin hanging around there so saline implants would cause a "rippling" effect on my body. He was very informative about the silicone implants he uses and gladly answered all my questions and concerns I had about surgey (I have never been admitted to a hospital before, had my baby at home even). He made me feel very confident in him and his practice.
My first choice was to opt for 475cc Silicone implants which, on my frame, would have bumped me to a full C cup. On my second consultation, they advised that if I wanted a 475cc look that I would need to get a 500cc implant, which was no problem for me. We set a surgery date for April 30, 2013.
My goal look is to have a shape that will give my body that hourglass silhouette but also have enough volume in the front that I can have cleavage when I push my arms together but not when I'm wearing a bra in my clothes (I'm married and therefore not trying to get the attention of um...anyone but my husband)
In the beginning of February I have started my workout plan seeing as I will not be doing a whole lot of exercise post-op and after reading some posts of other women I'm more confident that this will help in the healing after surgery.
My husband and I are very excited to share something like this together and I can't wait to have a new found confidence in myself, knowing that I'm going to look good naked.

That is really neat that your husband is so supportive. Many husbands can be indifferent, nervous or even scared. Sounds like you are mentally and physically prepared so I'm sure you'll do well in the hospital and have a smooth recovery. Keep us posted...we're excited for both of you!  :)

thank you BethH, I'm very fortunate to have a husband who is willing to take care of me, the home, and our two year old while I recover :) And I love the site and how the community members really support each other during updates. Thanks again!
I bet you are super excited! It's coming up! I decided on 450 silicone but I'm feeling like you that I better go up 25cc to 475cc. It's a very hard decision! I don't want to go to big but def not too small

30 day countdown! I have already begun my clean...

30 day countdown! I have already begun my clean eating regime while taking a break from my workout routine but starting tomorrow i will stay getting my body ready for those tatas. My husband and I are starting to get our h home ready for comfort since he will be gone for work for a 21days. Does anyone have any advice for supplements, workouts or anything I should be song to help recover faster?

Have you started taking any supplements or doing anything special in preparation for the big day?

I'm dieting and exercising so I can be under my "comfort weight". That way i can really just rest and relax, not worrying about looking fat for my 3 year anniversary which is going to be my official outdoor showing of the girls! My pre op appointment is one week away so I haven't bought anything but I'm going to order the pre/post op supplement regime from makemeheal.com along with the Arnica Montana and bromelain set from vitamedica. Im getting nervous! !

Hey ladies I have my post op in two days! I'm...

Hey ladies I have my post op in two days! I'm starting to get very excited but I'm also getting very nervous! I wanted to put up some more pre op pictures so you can have an idea of how I look in clothes. Now I'm prong for the 500cc, moderate profile, under the muscle, silicone implants. I don't think I'm going to be going too big but is there anyone who is my game who got around the same? If so, we're you happy with your size, do they look natural, and I'm not going to look like I have porn star boobies right? Haha NO offense to those who do porn, is just not MY look ;) At any rate of anybody has any advice before my pre op it is sure appreciated! !!
Have a great time at your appointment tomorrow!
Thanks I kind of forgot ive been so busy today! Lol ooh I got really excited
I have 475cc's I'm 5 7 and 130lbs mine are not big at all

Hola just got back from the LONG LONG drive from...

Hola just got back from the LONG LONG drive from my pre op appointment and I'm officially starting my 13 day countdown! My appointment stayed out very well with Dr. Kerr taking another look at my boobies to be sure of our choice of 500cc. He went through all the risks and precautions but since I'm a healthy person who doesn't drink or smoke I'm not worried about the risks. I asked him some of my goal pictures and he said that with the size I'm going with that he can do it! Yay. He told me that with a 500cc implant a moderate profile will flop into my armpits so he is going with high profiles. If I was going smaller I could pull off the moderates but I'm not and he's the doc so I'm listening lol. I tried on the the sizers for a 500 and a 550. Definitely going with the 500cc hp. Here are some questions I asked and answers I got:
1. When can I have sex? * when you feel comfortable to do so, no rough riding though. Keep it easy. (This nurse was great)

2. When can I exercise? * nothing that will cause your blood pressure to go too high for 4 weeks, no planks, pushups, or running. (I have a pilates band for strengthening my legs)

3. Does my books make my butt look big? *No

4. Will I be massaging my breasts? *Yes, we will show at before surgery (show my husband, he's on hands duty :) )

They also gave me a list of THINGS TO BUY:
1. Bras> soft, no underwire, clasp in front or back, no padding, cotton.
2. Multivitamin (can include vitamin E but DO NOT TAKE AMY OTHER SUPPLEMENTAL VITAMIN E OR FISH OIL.)
3. Prescriptions (oxycodone, flexeril, keflex, & phenergan)
4. Tylenol (if you're tough)
5. Germ inhibiting soap
6. Gentle foods

2 weeks prior DO NOT:
1. Smoke
2. Aspirin
3. Ibuprofen
4. Herbal medicines
5. Diet pills

1 week prior DO NOT:
1. Drugs or booze
2. Cough or cold medications
1. Start washing with the soap
2. Make your arrangements
3. Report any signs of illness

I also let the nurse know that I'm VERY nervous about going under and of the is anything that I can take to let me know. My post op appointment is the nextday so my husband and I will be staying with nearby family over night. I'm going to miss my son! I'm a stay at home mom and he is always with me when my husband is gone :( This Friday I'm doing my booby shopping and Saturday is a cleaning day. Monday is my BIG grocery shopping day and I'm going to be deep cleaning my house for the whole week. Thanks for reading! !!! 13 DAYS TO GO UNTIL (_,_)(_,_)
Yay! Sounds like everything went great! Those will look great on you! Good questions too. I love the "no rough riding". That's hilarious. As I get closer I keep writing down more and more questions. They're going to be bombarded with them on the big day. I also keep buying post op bras. I'm a Sales Rep and am in a Wal Mart every day which isn't helping my bra addiction. 6 so far. That means I need at least one more. One for everyday of the week. :) I really like the Danskin sports bra ones. They have a couple that close in the front. The one that zips just went on clearance...$9, sweet. Going to pick up the other style tomorrow.
Picking some of those up myself! And some zipper front hoodies :)

12 Days! Today I did my grocery shopping and...

12 Days! Today I did my grocery shopping and bought four bras. (Im becoming too eager of a Beaver). If there are any ladies who are looking for easy freezer meals to make for your family ahead of time post a comment and I will start adding recipes to my updates :) I love to cook so this is the fun part for me. Also, I have some awesome recipes for soups again if anyone is interested. The bras I bought were the champion brand at Costco, 2/19.99. I also got these bandeau sports bras that have straps on them at Walmart, 2/10.95. Costco also had some bra-in camisoles that I got. Im normally in s medium size and I bought XL so I hope they fit :s
We have the same surgery date as well. I like you am a gym girl. I have no idea if I should still do chest workouts before or what. I heard after it would be about 6 weeks. I am already getting that sad feeling when I think about not being able to go to the gym. I mean 1 week from the gym is a long time for me...The last two weeks I have mainly done a light workout, no chest, and cardio.
I do at home workouts which is going to be hard to miss since my gym is at home and using my own body! But I asked my nurse and if you still want to strengthen up your lower body or do some abs, invest in a little pilates band and ball. Shape.com has some awesome workouts that involve only these two items. So that's what I'm going to do and if course walk ass off ;)
Thanks for posting your questions and answers! Very helpful!! Would love some of those soup recipes. I'm a mild health nut and try to eat clean as much as possible. Just did the Dr. Oz three day cleanse a couple of weeks ago and I'm finding I crave real food! Just made a killer gazpacho today. :)

So I know there are some ladies out there who are...

So I know there are some ladies out there who are looking for great recipes, high in nutrition and that are also low in calories. I know that since I can't get back to my workout routine, im not going to waste the body im working so hard to get in shape by eating twinkies and ice cream on the couch. So here we go!
Serving size: 1 cup
Calories: 86
2 Tbsp Butter, 2 Tbsp flour, 4 C Veggie stock, 29 oz pumpkin puree, 2 Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce minced, 2/3 C Plain greek yogurt, 2 Tbsp Sofrito, 1 Tbsp Worshteshire, 1 tsp Salt, 1 tsp Paprika.
1. Melt butter in sauce pan over medium heat, add flour and whisk until mixture turns golden brown.
2. Add vegetable stock and bring to boil. Whisk in pumpkin puree until there are no more chunks.
3. Add in the remaining ingredients and simmer for eight minutes when the soup has thickened and is hot.
That's it! So simple and SO delicious especially if you like spice.

Serving size: 1/4 Cup
Calories: 57
4 C Garbanzo beans, 1/4 C Tahini (sesame) butter, 1/4 C Lemon juice, 1 tsp Ground cumin, 1/3 C olive oil, 1 tsp chopped jalepeno Chile, 1/2 Bunch cilantro (slightly blanched), 1 tsp chopped garlic, 1 Tbsp honey, 1 Tbsp salt.
1. The Garbanzo brands can be canned or you can make your own. 1 lb equals about 4 cups.
2. Combine all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth.
Hello! I am also 5'6 and 145 we are going for the same size implants :) my surgery is May 20th. Cant wait to see your results, you look great with the seizers!
Thanks! My husband is wanting me to go with the 550cc but I'm like uh no I'm not a barbie doll! Still want to look like I work out ha ha but thanks and good luck! !
Good call to go with HP instead of the Moderate which will make you look wide and top heavy at 500cc.

Six days left to go ladies! I'm very excited but I...

Six days left to go ladies! I'm very excited but I I'm also SUPER stressed getting the house ready. I just finished prepping my post op snacks: carrots, hummus, celery, apples. And making yet another soup:
4 C low sodium chicken broth, 5 chopped scallion onions/chives, 1/8 ground ginger, 1/4 tsp salt, 1.5 Tbsp Corn starch, 2 eggs scrambled, pinch of white pepper.
Leaving 3/4 C of broth, add broth, chives, ginger, and salt into medium sauce pan. Bring to boil. Whisk together corn starch and remaining broth and add to pot. Once soup has thickened, gradually pour scrambled egg mixture into pot while stirinng in a clockwise direction. Let soup set and eggs cook undisturbed for a few minutes. Serve while hot!
I also finished all my shopping, here is what I got all from Target:
1. Sleep robe
2. 2 Zip up hoodies
3 Neck pillow
4. Multi vitamin and vitamin D+calcium
5. Button up pajama shirt
6 Genie bras
7. Yoga pants
8. Resistance band (strength exercises)
9. Hair wraps
10. Hand sanitizer
11. My favorite magazines

I want to be comfy comfy comfy!! Great to hear from you guys, it's always a pleasure :)
I recently had a consultation with Dr.Kerr also. Keep us posted on your journey :) hope to hear more good things from your experience!
Oh that's so awesome isn't he awesome! And handsome.... lol
I just joined and I can relate to you! After leaving my consultation in Feb..I started a fitness challenge with my friends March 1. Clean eating and training mean, but I've avoided chest work outs. Anyways, my PS also told me 500CC HP Silicone. But i was so happy with 500 that he's going to do 550 (the biggest he can go with my BWD)

Just packing up my car and getting my food prepped...

Just packing up my car and getting my food prepped for the rest of the day. It had been a very stressful few weeks with the cooking, the cleaning, and making sure everybody is ready. Right now I'm really burnt out and I want to just relax and tan for the rest of the day outside by the pool. I'm bringing b to the hospital:

1. My own pillows and blanket
2. My neck pillow
3. Vitamins
4. Three different bras
5. Extra panties and camisoles
6. My makeup and facial products
7. My gigantic bottle of lemon water
8. Hair wraps
9. Flip flops

I probably won't be posting for a few days because of the drugs but who knows I might :) Anyway, you guys are awesome and I love the support all you girls have given me. I hope I have been off some help to all who have been following me as well. By this time tomorrow in going to a new a different woman!!!!
Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you :-)
Best of luck :)
Good luck tomorrow!

I will post an update soon, I'm drugged up.

I will post an update soon, I'm drugged up.

Oh goodness, what can I say about yesterday? My...

Oh goodness, what can I say about yesterday? My day started at 4 am. I took a thorough shower using my Dial antibacterial soap, shaved, braided my hair, brushed my teeth and put on my special little outfit. My husband and I were out the door and made the one hour drive to the hospital where I registered and made my last payment. We were early( 5:30am) but we were shown to our post recovery room pretty quickly. The nurse asked me all the general questions, hooked me up to a saline drip and a Tylenol drip. Im getting pretty excited and I'm all rested, feeling great so far. At about 7 Dr. Kerr came and did his outlines on me which he did in such a precise and professional way. He didn't treat me like a coloring book ha ha I met with both the anesthesiologists and my surgical nurse. All were very informative, encouraging, and confident. The last thing I remember is my arms being strapped down (cushioned with towels of course). I woke up in recovery about an hour or so later and my pain level was at a 6. I fell back asleep and my pain dropped to about a five. I woke up in my past recovery room and my husband was already waiting there for me.

The Site only posted the first half of my update! ...

The Site only posted the first half of my update! To Go further. ... before I could leave the hospital I was required to pee to make sure everything was working good. It took me 3 hours to pee! While I was waiting though, I got too eager and wanted to look under my gown. Ladies. ..I CRIED WHEN I SAW MY BOOBS! THEY LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL! That medicine they gave me made me really emotional ha ha I was crying at everything but the happy tears. TEARS OF JOY! I finally went pee and on the way back to where we were staying my husband picked me up my favorite soup from Jasons Deli (Yum!!) I didn't eat much because of the pain. One oxycodone wasnt working for me AT ALL. The muscle relaxers were great but I needed to up my allowable dosage on the pain meds. I slept in this big overstuffed recliner and I slept really good last night. I woke up this morning very sore and cranky from the wraps and the tightness of the implant. At my post op appointment they showed me how to massage my breasts and MASSAGING MY BOOBS FELT AMAZING! It relieved a lot of tightness and I already feel so much better. I'm taking it easy today now that I'm home and in my zone. I'm still sensitive emotionally but I think that's because I just went through a life changing experience ha ha I love your guys support!
Yay! I'm glad surgery went well for you. They're sitting pretty high up there on you, but nice :) I like the perky look. Btw, did you go through with 500cc high profile?
Thanks yay! Yeah I stayed with the 500cc HP. They are high and tight but massaging them helps and they are starting to drop just a teensy bit. I'm really liking them :)
So glad you're doing we'll and that you love them!! Get some good rest. :-)

Hello Ladies and Surgery Sisters! For my sisters...

Hello Ladies and Surgery Sisters! For my sisters out there who got theirs done on April 30, I how you are all feeling great, getting your rest and... How nice is it to shower? Really I could have been in there for hours. That warm water felt so good on my breastes! The past two nights I have been sleeping upright and I have got to say that I'm sleeping very well. .. After my meds that is lol. This morning I woke up with little pain at all just tightness but after walking around for a bit, they did start to hurt. I showered for the first time since surgery and I was barely able to wash my hair but my husband washed my body and helped me out of the tub. I have been giving myself massages about six to eight times a day but it feels so good I just can't stop. My girls are dropping just a little bit and I'm actually really loving the shape so far. And they make me look slimmer! ! Yay just what I wanted! I have been catching up on my reading mostly. The t.v is so boring and my mother in law is here helping me with my son and some light housework and I cannot begin to tell you how aggravating it is to watch sometime else run your home the exact opposite way you do! My husband is having to constantly be my rock because he knows she stresses me out. Pain wise. .. things have good but when I'm starting to feel that pain it comes quick and I need to sit down or something. I'm still not used to my boobs and I think a big reason is that I can't feel my nipples! What the heck? I'm going to get that back right ladies? I need those things in the budroix if you know what I mean!
Wow they are beautiful. I can't believe how nice they look right after surgery. They really look nice. Thanks for the great recipes by the way they look really good.
Thank you :) all of us girls worry about what we are found to be stuck with for the next ten years and it makes me really happy to know that I'm on the right path from you beautiful ladies. You're welcome for the recipes btw they are super easy, filling, and low in calories Oh yeah and cheap!
They are looking great!!!! Thank u so much for your updates they are so helpful! :) I have 2 weeks left and I'm barely starting to buy things I will need. Your lists are beyond helpful thanks. Happy healing!

Two words to help with that constipation girls:...

Two words to help with that constipation girls: Epsom salt. What a relief. ...
Hello ~ just checking in to see how you've been doing? Hope all is well :-)
HI there surgery sister! Glad to hear that you are doing pretty good. Surgery went pretty well for me, got a little sick after I got home and then a couple days later from the pain meds, which I'm not taking any more. I never really felt any actual pain, just tightness and pressure. I've had some pain in my left arm, very annoying but tolerable. Take care and hope all continues to go well!
Yeah me too just tightness and pressure. I asked my nurse if I could go braless for a few hours today and since she approved I feel like a free woman! ! I was actually able to put on a shirt without any help today lol but I'm home bound for the most part. I have been feeling pain in my left side too. I wonder if it has anything to do with me using my right arm more? Anyway I'm glad you're doing well and I hope you love your girls!

Oh goodness I had my first good night of sleep

So it has been two weeks since my last update and the reason being is that being homebound, no exercise for 1 week, can't pick up my son, gained all my weight back, ate horribly (my husbands influence! ), and having to sleep inverted well all these things have made me a pretty irritable and unhappy person to be around. My husband had gone back to work though and I can now prepare my body AGAIN for our anniversary trip on the beach. My life and recovery at home has been very easy speaking in a post operative sense. I stopped all medication on day 5.... feeling great. I started walking twice a day on day 8... wearing two bras for that support and feeling SO MUCH BETTER. LADIES PLEASE WALK AFTER SURGERY! It feels so good on your stomach to get rid of that gas and it relaxes my breast muscles. I missed my two week post op appointment (not my fault) so I still have my tapes on and my left breast seems to not be healing as fast as my right? You know my favorite part of my day? Is when I can go braless for a couple hours! Ah! ... freedom. Here is a new pic for you guys 500cc HP MENTOR SILICONE IMPLANTS
U look amaizng!!! I have my surgery with the same dr on May 29th. He is so nice and so is his staff! I think he did a great job :)
Should I get a vagina and boobs? Ivve always wanted to be a girl and I always wear girls clothing
Ya I have always wanted to be a girl I always wear girls clothing and like it biggg..?
Dr. Mahlon Kerr

This doctor is awesome and his staff are great people. He is a perfectionist which means you will definitively get your money's worth. He is in the top ten list of plastic surgeons in Texas and is widely published in the community. I wouldn't go through anyone else!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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