I Am IN LOVE with my Results! I Have Saline Implants! 425 Cc, High Profile! :D - Round Rock, TX

I COULDN'T have asked for a better experience....

I COULDN'T have asked for a better experience. From day one both Dr. Kerr and Ashley Kerr have been very kind and helpful. We were all on the same page on EVERYTHING! The procedure went beautifully and I woke up very enthusiastic because I knew I had the breasts I had always dreamed of! They are perfect! I went from a 34B/32C to a lovely 34DD; they fit perfectly with my body, as if they were always meant to be there! My recovery went beautifully, barely felt any pain at all. My trick? I took the medications EXACTLY when I was suppose to and depending on my level of discomfort I took just one to three little percocets during my first week of recovery, after that I didn't need anything. Now, 425 cc sized implants are BIG (in my eyes) and hold about 14 oz (more than a soda can holds) of saline; after the first week I felt their weight, but my body got used to them after about two days and I haven't had any problems with their weight since. I am now working and I have to say that they aren't hurting my back in anyway, so don't be afraid to get implants because of "back pain" nooooo such thing after you get used to your new breasts, just take a muscle relaxer and you are good to go those first two days that you feel them! I have been very strict about massaging my breasts as to ensure that they drop and soften up, it is very easy to remember especially when you can't stop touching them because they are so awesome. I have dropped and softened up lots, and they bounce now too! I can't wait to see what they will look like after their six month mark, and their first birthday! I will update pictures from time to time. :) Also, I choose saline implants because of how tiny the scars are, they are about an inch in length and healing beautifully!


So happy to hear your results were the opposite of mine -You look fabulous!!! Very glad you were not subjected to the type of treatment I have had from him.
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I got 425 cc HP also.i am a month post op,I sill think they are too big for me and I am very stressed out.Your story make me feel better.Di your s post some more pictures please.Thank you
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Give me a few minutes and I will post a few of them. Yours are probably still swollen A LOT! The swelling does go down, promise! Let me get a few pictures together.


The "girls" are now just a few days over two months old. I can't wait for my final result! I am very pleased!


amazing results! Do you have any pics pre op? C
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I do have them flying around on my ipad, I will post one in just a second. Thank you! :D
OMG i absolutely love your results!
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Pre-op breasts

Before the operation I was a 34B/32C. I hated the way they looked, I am so thankful for my implants!


Your result looks great! Wish you had posted some day after surgery pics just to give us an idea of the progression. :-)
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I will post some in a few minutes here from my iPad. I can't tell the dates exactly, but I'll try to talk about each picture. :) Thank you!
Beautiful result!! What profile did you get?
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My healing process.

I will get more pictures off of my IG account.

These are from the first week or so!
Ladies, if you haven't gotten your BA do push ups to strengthen the muscles on the side you don't use as much so they drop evenly! And I retained a lot of water, lol, I felt so squishy from it. I retained 10-15 pounds of water! I bet no on told you that it could happen.... Lol... Ugh, when I first noticed I just laughed. :)


The pictures from my first week or so are up now!

Stretch marks, I have bad genes in that department.

This is a picture from just now! I noticed them when my husband was here and I mentioned them to him. He didn't notice until a few days after. He was here from June 26th to July 12th and now he is back in the Middle East.. Boo. Anyways, I noticed them maybe a week after he came home. I was going tanning before he came so maybe burning a few times didn't help my skin while healing up, but tanning does fade stretch marks so no biggie. I don't care that I have them, I would have gotten them eventually with pregnancy and breast feeding, so no biggie. I have boobies now, so the marks are no issue. I have them on my behind from rapid weight gain and tanning lightened them up so there is hope for these fading away without any issues. I just use photo-editing software to fade them when I send my husband pictures, so hey there's no problem. I just wanted other ladies to know that it happens and not to freak out! Just lotion those babies often, I did but I just have bad genes and I did burn (no idea if that contributed to them, but that "freckle on my chest is actually a scar from a bad burn I had years and years ago, so burning can damage the skin greatly! Be wise when using the tanning beds).

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I forgot to attach the picture from my last post, see above post!


I will have my husband get them for me so they can heal nicely, they just need to fade to white now. :) I use cocoa butter too so hopefully they fade a bit, but not too much of a biggie. :) the bio oil is okay for now. It's hot here so I get a heat rash easily, always have.>< I just take it easy when I need to. Lol :))
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Thanks.. this helps prepare me for what is to come with my BA a week away!
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You're very welcome. I tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just ask and I will answer any questions you may have. How exciting! Good luck and best wishes on your surgery day!

Previous updates

These are from my Instagram account, if you'd like to follow me just feel free to do so.

I'll do the "how I massage picture" update later. I need a nap before work, I'm sleep deprived.


Wow you look amazing!
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Thank you so, so much!
Wow ur breast are so beautiful congrat girl
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My massage techniques I do.

You doctor may have you do them differently but overall you can be as rough as you want, if you trust yourself. I thought I'd pop my boobies, lololol. I haven't but here is how I do it. I did tell and ask my doctor if I could do it as often as I want and as rough, the answer I got was YES. I honestly can't stop massaging them and I feel bad when I can't give them massages at work, they love massages. If you have implants already you probably get where I'm coming from, or if you will have them soon you'll know what I mean.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :D

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My massage techniques I do. Part II

My phone didn't want to upload the pictures so I had to email them to myself. My apologies!

I did not start squeezing the bottoms until I was about 16 days post op, just in case anyone wants to know. I have been doing them ever since though and I sneak in my massages when I can because they are important for the first six months, I believe. After that just do them once a day, but I will probably do them as often as I do now. It's entertaining..


I'm in love with your boobs too!! Freakin awesome!
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It's a great idea to show how you massage them, even if I was wincing a bit at the last few ;) you have a nice shape and the scars, or lack of, are amazing!
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Congratulations! Happy to hear your love your results! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience on RealSelf. I know many women appreciate you taking the time to share all your tips, hints and personal details. Keep us posted!

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So sorry ladies!

The update I promised a few days ago will be right up. I do apologize for the delay and set backs, I just started a new job and I have been working hard to show the boss that I really want to keep my job and that I am a hard worker. I have been working about 12 hours shits the last three days and today I am finally off! I will respond to all comments and messages ASAP, I am starting to do so now and I will have the "Before and After" massage pictures up. If there isn't a physical difference in appearance I will still post them and just tell you how the "girls" feel. They are screaming for a massage; they aren't hurting, but with work I haven't been able to massage them as often as I'd like and they just want to be free. lol

Update coming in a few short minutes then I will do my best to reply to everything as detailed as possible! Sorry ladies!

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Before and After my massages.

If your boobies hurt or just feel uncomfy just massage them. If there some unevenness the massages WILL HELP. There isn't a huge difference in the pictures, but they feel better and relieved! They will even out more and more with time, give your implants a chance. I'm 10 weeks and two days post op, my "girls" have come far, but still have some ways to go. Ladies try not to stress, just relax and let your body heal and your implants settle. It takes time so don't panic, it'll be okay. If one is higher just give that one more attention. :D


I am wearing one too.It already like a 40 days after my BA.I think we need to wear the strap for few months.
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Ughhhhh. Hopefully it's not 24/7 for the next few months tho
I know.A lot of time you can't hide it and people are looking at me and they are thinking:WTF she is wearing.Who care????I have boobs,right???Happy healing lol!

11 week scar update!

I'm using silicone strips now to message these babies fade away completely!

If you lovely ladies have any questions just ask away!


Wow, I dont think ive seen more perfect breasts! And thank you so much for the message info, I was just looking for it! I have been looking for photos of women who have the same 'boxy' look before they drop so i can see how long on average it takes for them to drop. I just had surgery yesterday so I am sorry if I ask you something you have written here already, still loopy from pain killers. Did you use a bandeau at all the push them down? And what type of scar vanisher did you use? Geez, I still cant over how perfect they are. Lucky girl!
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I forgot to ask, when did you feel comfortable doing the massages? Im afraid of opening the incision under my boob. I have my first check up appointment Monday, but I want personal experience from women. I obviously need to wait some time considering I just had surgery. And yeah, Im not gonna be able to keep my hands off them once the pain goes away either lol! There is a reason they are called fun bags!
Wow!!! You have perfect boobs from the shape size and everything in between. I had my BA this morning and only hope they turn out like yours. Thank you for sharing your massages step by step. I screen saved each step. So I can refer to each one when I begin in few days:) Really much appreciated:)
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Goodness, excuse the typos!

Correction for above post:

I'm using silicone strips now to help fade these babies fade away completely!

Mini-update: The strips are easy to wear and feel good on the skin, I try to wear them for at least 12 or more hours a day. We shall see what happens. I will be doing weekly updates to show the process. :)


Omgosh perfect!! May I ask how tall are you? I just would like to know if yr stats match mine and I could use yr photos as examples of what I'd like to look like?
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Thank you! I'm 5'2 :) You may use my pictures, that's what they're here for. :)
You look great! Why did you retain water from the procedure? Also, are there any things you would suggest to do or have around (if you live alone) after the operation? Will you be posting more update pics after they've dropped or settled? Thanks
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Late three month update.

I've gotten lazy with the silicone strips, but the scars are coming along beautifully.

I have felt miserable lately, so I haven't posted any updates in a while! The newest thing that made me go to the ER was because of an awful allergic reaction I had, it sucked... I'm falling apart, lol.

If any of you have any questions feel free to ask.

They are super soft now! :)


Love your updates! I am so happy your boobs are soft. I hope my salines will be soft as well. Sorry about your allergic reaction:-(
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Thank you! I'm only 3.5 months post op and they look and feel great. Saline is awesome! :D Just massage them A LOT! :) It's okay about the allergic reaction, it sucks though for sure. I'm gonna post a pic of it.
Coming along wonderfully! :)
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My allergic reaction

Last week a (resident) doctor in the ER tried to tell me that I am probably not allergic to Zofran and Hydrocodone (Vicodone)... Right... He said to give Hydroco (and Zofran) another try, well I was in pain and took half of a Hydroco. I've been dealing with the hives abd constant asthma attacks. The original reason why I said that I was allergic to it was because it made me nauseous when I had no food in my belly. So, it was a better safe than sorry for me to say that I'm allergic (until the resident "doctor" said to give it another try).


so thats what bras do to the boobs! lol.. i have not been out yet to buy any im 4 months already.. you look great hope you get better!
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I just got the "CLOSEUP" brs by VS. I'll post a picture. It makes them HUGE!
Thank you do much, I feel wonderful again. You can go bra shopping now, I got the okay after my first for weeks. :))




I just tried to follow you and say no user found
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You look amazing I'm hoping for the same results. How tall are you I wish to have similar imlplants natrelle style 20HP 475 or maybe a bit smaller
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I wanted to know can i use your pictures to show my PS? this is the exact size and profile and look i am going for.
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Austin Plastic Surgeon

I have to say that Dr. Kerr is one of the best doctors I know, he is very kind and knows exactly what he is doing! I would and do recommend him to anyone who wants a breast augmentation, or anything else done! He is very polite and true gentlemen. His work is excellent!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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