Bad Breast Aug By Dr Kerr - Round Rock, TX

Think twice before having Dr Mahlon Kerr perform...

Think twice before having Dr Mahlon Kerr perform your surgery. He makes a very good first impression; however, over time I came to find out he is not what he seems. I had problems and concerns with my breast augmentation from the beginning - he repeatedly told me everything looked great when there were blatantly obvious deformities! He didn't even take 'after' photos...what does that tell you about his work. After over a year and a half of his telling me everything was 'great', he finally admitted that I needed a revision but told me he wasn't really sure why they never dropped - not very inspiring to hear from a surgeon who supposedly specializes in breasts to include reconstructive surgeries from cancer!


Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. I hope you find better support in the community. Are you considering a revision at this point since you are in constant discomfort? How many cc's did you get? Hope you can find a solution soon! Take care!

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Yes I am definitely looking into revisionary surgery. My implants are 425cc's & I started with almost no fatty breast tissue. Dr Kerr finally offered to do a revision but stated he didn't know what went wrong in the first place and only provided a minimal explanation of the technique he would use. He had also talked me out of going larger before my initial surgery, but is now saying he thinks I should go larger. I do not trust him to do the revision if he can't figure out why I had poor results to begin with, and I was alarmed to have him tell me he uses the same technique for augmentations on all patients. I would hope someone who specializes in aesthetics to take a more personalized approach to performing procedures considering the vast differences in anatomy and preferences for end results. Anyways...the search for a surgeon to do my revision is ongoing at this point. Quite the learning experience. Thank you for your reply :)
Sorry you had a bad experience
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Bad Boobs Dr Mahlon Kerr

These are the boobs that he insist 'look great!' Really? No pre-existing asymmetries, no changes in weight since procedure. Obvious to anyone gifted with sight that these are not great looking breasts. He never wanted to take post op's no wonder why; however, it is cruel to put your paying clients through the emotional distress of indirectly suggesting that their results are less than ideal at the expense of his over inflated ego.


Are those under the muscle implants?
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yes. I didn't have enough tissue to go over the muscle
Yep I have the same problem with implant distortion when moving or lifting my arms. Breasts are just saggy even after a lift.
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When I had phlebitis post op, all he said was 'interesting'. When I pointed out the extreme asymmetry (which I did not have pre-op), he insisted they looked great. I have my natural breast tissue hanging off the implant, cannot do pushups or any other chest exercises due to the severe animation deformities. I discussed my activity level with him pre op and did no exercises after the procedure until cleared by him. I am in constant discomfort and he keeps blowing me off. Don't waste your time.

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