I have been considering having this breat...

I have been considering having this breat reduction since I was 17 years old... at 14 year of age I was already 32D! At 16 36DD and now currently at age 21 I am 38DDD/F! This weight is enormous!!

I do not want to live with this back pain so I went in to my primary care and asked her what should I do. She put in a request for me to recieve a consult with a lastic surgeon and told me not to get my hopes up because being that I am currently over weight the insurance may not approve the cost of surgey. That it would be left up to the consulting Doctor to put in a request and then it could still be denied... So with a heavey heart I went to my consult on the 5th of August 2011 (6 days ago) and saw Dr. Nabil Habash @ Seton Medical in Round Rock Texas... I got there 20 minutes before my consult and he was out to lunch. My appointment time rolled around and he wasnt in yet. I am a pretty impatient person when it comes to being made wait when I pride myself at being on time... so when 15 mintues after my appointment time I wasnt called back I was ready to leave... As I was gathering my things the nurse came out to bring me back. I went back and she took my weight and explained things. When the doc came in I was so nervous I was watery eyed and twhen he told me the same thing about the BMI and how picky they are about it I ended up crying. Though I am over weight by BMI standurds I do not look as heavey as I am becasue I truely am heavy boned at 5'6.5... This was actually proven by water bathe test... anyways he said he was sorry to make me cry... I explained it wasnt his fault... and then he asked to take photos... this was the part i dredded most... i dont even allow my husband of 3 years to see me completely naked with lights on :/

So he took pictures. He explained the proceedure and such... I left...

August 10th @ 2:30 I recieved a call that my insurance approved to pay for the entire cost and when would I like to set my surgery... shocked and awed I told them id get back to them.

I talked to my spouce and he needs a month advance to put in notice to take medical leave to help me with our toddler son... and so I set the date for october 6th at 8 am...

Now i am completely nervouse and scared from hearing all these war stories of the docs taking too much away or disfiguring the breasts... I havent heard many good comments from those around me and it is scaring me. I am wanting to go down to a C cup for comfort reasons but am scared that he may make them too small... I have looked up reviews on my doc and can not find a single one :(

Is it worth it to take the chance... what happens if he does mess them up or makes them way way too small for my figure... what then can I do???

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So the doctor measured me this morning. and I...

So the doctor measured me this morning. and I reported i was a 40DDD but he measured me at 38DDDD, yes that is 4 Ds!I simply can not wait to get this weight off my chest!!

Another thing, I asked the doctors nurse over the phone if she or her could fax me a letter to give to my husbands work(army) so he could take off to help with my 2 year old who is always wanting to be picked up, and since i will not be able to lift more than 10 pounds i will definitely need the help. well i have asked three times and sent two emails... she has said she will do it each time and still hasn't... He has to put in the medical leave at least 32 days before needing it... I am just getting a bit frustrated because if he does not get this paper he can not take off to help me and i feel a bit discouraged by being not taken care of when all I need is a simple email!


I am so glad to hear you are continuing the search and taking more time with this :)  You will be glad that you did so.

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I'm so glad to hear that! I'm sure you will feel much better now that you have some time to think about it and get everything arranged as you need to. My surgery is tomorrow so I will keep you updated on how spectacularly I am doing and hopefully that will help to ease some of your anxieties about it. Best of luck!
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oh wow congrats! Im very excited for you!!! and yes please do keep me updated!!! I will pray ur surgery goes smoothly and a speedy recovery!

Ok so This morning I went to see Dr. Byrd, who is...

Ok so This morning I went to see Dr. Byrd, who is a plastic surgeon 2.5 hours away in Dallas. Let me just say he is awesome, kind and very informative! I chose to look for surgeons there because that is where I will be recovering... not that my first surgeon wasnt kind because he was, it was his staff that i did not like because they took days to ever get back to me through email or phone... anyways, at the appointment this morning they did the same thing as the last appointment with all the measuring and such. but after i was able to go to his office and sit in a chair and talk face to face and even see before and after pics of other patients. i really like this doc. He answered all my questions and was really cool about them because i had a ton of them! We discussed the processes and he put the request through since it all had to be done over for my insurance to pay for it. We talked about dates if the insurance comes bak sometime next week with an approval which we are both positive they will since they did with the last... my main concern was doing it all in a certain time. i was having hope to maybe do the surgery later but it will not be possible because it completely slipped my mind that starting november 16th i start my externship that i can not reschedule... so he says he has room to do it in october to give me appropriate healing time. so now we wait for the approval.


Yes it is!!!
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I am going to call today to see if the doctor office has the letter also.
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They shouldnt need the office letter. I know mine did not need it. I didnt even wait for my letter of approval for surgery. I called the hotline to see how long i would have to wait by day three and they lady told me I was approved and the letter would probably be there soon. I then called my surgeons office and told her and she said it was in her computer too... so we stet the date and time through the operation room available.

Ok, so I dont know if it was really a good idea or...

Ok, so I dont know if it was really a good idea or not but I went and looked up breast reductions on youtube and needless to say im pretty freaked! I know I will be out in the surgery and will not feel a thing but the way the surgery is done with all the snipping of the scissors and the cutting with the tiny knife scared me a bit, oh and i still cannot see how the surgeon will know how much to cut... in the videos they all just snip snip snip and take... aaaa im freaked! But im not so freaked tat I will be canceling because I still think all this heavy weight on my shoulders out weighs the the scariness!

I was just way curious! Maybe you should take a look too!


I also looked at youtube and boy o boy... I was like I might not want to do this. I had to make myself stop looking at it. Im still getting it done because I need it.
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I watched those YouTube videos too. I was certainly shocked at first too. I don't know what I thought I was going to see, but that was not it. I knew there would be cutting and that it would be "surgery" but it is different from when they make a little incision and take out your appendix and there really isn't a lot to see.
But after the first couple some of the shock wore off and I started looking at the techniques and listening to the commentaries more. This provided me with a lot of questions that I could ask my PS about his technique and procedures.
In the end I was glad that I had watched them, though I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has a queazy tummy is already having anxiety about the procedure.
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I've decided since I am getting this surgery that...

I've decided since I am getting this surgery that I shouldn't stop there... I want to be different... not like cut up my face different but live a healthier, better life. I want to get in shape and stay that way. I set a goal to lose ten pounds before my surgery and I'm nearly there... only 3 more pounds to goal and me doing that has motivated me even more. I'm thinking of joining weight watchers to help me along if the price isn't crazy... I wish they still had the 7 day free trial to see if I even like it and can do it, but I haven't found it. I ordered some simple work out things for home and will try to get to the gym at least twice a week but id like to go more... but I'm not going to be unrealistic since I don't have childcare. But I am still going to do the two days I can and do work out videos at home early mornings while my son sleeps, and also during his afternoon nap time. I don't eat terribly bad as it is but there are days I hog down the chocolate lol, so I'm going to cut that out. And I'm starting all of this now! I can't wait for my surgery to be here and start feeling awesome and be able to actually run again like in middle school... so long ago lol!! Ready for these boobs to be gone!! Sorry for the rambling!!


So excited for you! It is amazing what a difference this makes in the way you feel about yourself. I too am motivated to be healthier. It will be biking for me!
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Im going crazy with all of this waiting!!! Ive...

Im going crazy with all of this waiting!!!

Ive bought the medical bras I'll need, bra top tanks from victoria secret(there was a huge sale so i got one of each color), ive bought the bio oil, scar sheets, ive bought tons of extra fluffy pillows and two body pillows so i will be supported when sleeping...

ive bough wet wipes and all sorts of stuff to make my recovery easier and less of a burden to anyone... and now im having to sit here and wait!!!

Its driving me super crazy! Im just so ready to get the surgery and on the way to recovery!

Another side note... when I told my hubby about how I really wanted to make a new life change and start going to the gym as much as possible so i can get in lots of use on their spiffy treadmills and use those shake weights and chin pumps they have in the lady's gym side... he said he was very proud of me for wanting to do those things...

and ive been going as much as possible. when he gets home from work i head to the gym so he can watch our son... and this morning when i woke up... he was gone for work already as usual...

and on the counter there was my very own shake weight!!! and a note that said "bestbuy will be calling to get a delivery schedule set up to deliver your treadmill, wait for the call"

Made me smile ear to ear :) what a great surprise! He will be getting a nice treat when he comes home!

Oh and as for the shake weight! it rocks... you can really feel the burn instantly and the next morning u feel the ache of a good work out... i like it alot... I can feel a difference after only a week using it for 6 minutes three times a week when i was able to use it at the gym... I think everyone should own one... but its not easy... doing 6 minutes is harder than you think... but worth it!

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So though I changed surgeons, twice now, it seems...

So though I changed surgeons, twice now, it seems I am only getting ones who have their nurses respond and I havent even gotten to speak to them directly at all since the first appointment! I have called my new surgeons head nurse who I was told to contact with any questions and concerns and I told her I really wanted to see the doc again soon and she told me he would see me right before surgery. i told her that i wanted to see and speak to him before then... and she said she would ask him when would be a good time and still i have yet to hear back and that was last tuesday or wednesday... I feel like im just not satisfied really with how i am being treated. like say if after surgery I have a problem, am i going to have to call and plead for an appointment to be seen or just go into the friggin emergency room every time i have a concern about something!!?? aaa maybe because im so close to surgery(but still so far) im just freaking out and looking for issues! I dont really know... im young and a bit scared, and I just keep hearing all these things that are going wrong from others, and finding out all these new things that can go wrong... and infection is a big deal and then im told that if you are overweight u have a higher chance of infection and whoop Im overweight so im tripping out over that... Im trying to stay positive and not have these fears but late at night when im wide awake its all i can think about! I do not want have of my breast eaten away by strep or some other infection! I wish I knew every single thing I could do to make sure 100% I will come out of this ok and not have anything go wrong! :(

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More pics added. with shirt without bra... and...

more pics added. with shirt without bra... and after surgery will do the same.


You'll be fine. I underwent a BR last year and went from a 38DDD to a 38C. I've lost weight and am now a happy, perky 36B. I have no regrets and didn't have any problems during the recovery process. Just follow your Doctor's orders and take it easy for at least two weeks. I'm sure your results will be beautiful.

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Thanks, I hope so... Ill be praying daily and nightly for my recovery to go smoothly and quickly... I just cant wait and its killing me lol...
You certainly don't look very overweight in your pictures! And infection is a risk with every surgery, but if you are careful at home you can reduce the risk. Lots of handwashing and sanitizer. Wash your hands everytime you go to the bathroom or blow your nose. Don't let anyone touch it without washing or gloves. I know that seems common sense and maybe a bit paranoid, but I didn't want to take any chances with things that I could control. Some infections actually come from the hospital, but you have the right to ask everyone that comes in to your room(nurses and staff) to wash or sanitize their hands. And I know that many of the posts that I have read from women who got infections say that even with the trouble with infection and wounds, it was still worth it.
As far as the problems with your doctor, that is a tough one. I was surprised that after my consultation I didn't have any appointments with my surgeon before my surgery date. However I was sent a large packet of information that I read thoroughly. I did have questions a couple of times, but called and spoke with the nurse. I felt comfortable with that and it did not bother me. However I do think that I may have been concerned if I requested an appointment but was not allowed to schedule one. Maybe their concern is that your insurance will not pay for a second appointment before surgery as they only pay for the consultation...I don't know that is just a guess.
Good luck in your decision. A lot of times it really helps to talk through your anxieties and concerns, so never hesitate to give a shout out!
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So there is only two weeks till my surgery and my...

so there is only two weeks till my surgery and my husbands 1st sergeant is giving him trouble bout taking leave... i feel like nothing is going right...


You will be fine.  As long as you have someone with you the first night you are good to go.  I was actually able to get up on my own the first night and get my own meds etc.  

Everything is going to go smoothly and soon you will be carrying a lighter load.  Yahoo!!  These will probably be the longest two weeks of you life.

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LOL tell me about it... 12 days and counting... I feel like October will never get here!! Its like waiting for my birthday week to get here and it taking forever lol... aaaa can't wait... but this short time frame left is causing more issues with my husbands Leave papers, because his rude first sargeant who thinks I'm getting some kind of cosmetic surgery just for my pleasure. Is not wanting to sign them... *sigh* life... lol
I feel the same way New Life. I can't wait till the 4th.

So I met this lady who is a wife to a soldier in...

So I met this lady who is a wife to a soldier in my hubby's unit and she had a breast reduction... and they look great!! I asked her did she use anything special on her scars and she said she used Advanced healing Adhesive Pads but Johnson and Johnson. I saw them at walmart for pretty cheap. Reading the box they stay attached even through washing in the shower for a week long... I asked her and she said to be completely honest they last 5 days showering daily... so two days less than the box states. But she said they were for continuos use, like not taking them off daily... they stay on... My question now is has anyone used these? What are your thoughts on them. I have found a few reviews. Like a lady having a tummy tuck used them after getting an infection and packing the wound for weeks... and once she used them it healed in days instead of weeks... so has anyone used these that you know of

Johnson and Johnson First aid Advanced Care: Advanced Healing Adhesive Pads




hi "new life change". Im sending you this message to encourage you to prevent getting breast reduction. i did look at some photos of your breast & you might think they are too big or ugly, well in my opinion they are beautiful! you also have big areolas which makes them more attractive. ive been married for 12yrs & my wife too is well in dowd, she suggested before to reduce them but i convinced her to keep'em. just a thought! no offense to you ;) p.s.your hubby will thank me later
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Well "vote DDD" I thank you for your opinion but I am not getting a reduction just for looks but because they cause tons of pain and migraines... they cause massive amounts of discomfort and I literally can not find a DDDD bra anywhere and s I have to wear DDD and sports bras daily together. But thank you for your concerns.
Way to go, girl! You handled that very well and with a lot of class! Much more class than I was feeling when I read it for the first time :-)
How are you feeling?

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Im excited and nervous...

tomorrow is the big day!!! Im excited and nervous but very ready. I will be driving my toddler to dallas tonight to be with his abuela and then head back here... then get up bright and early to get to the hospital by 6am... i just cant wait till then! oh and my pre-op appointment went great. all the questions i had were answered and i feel ready. I will not be staying over night at the hospital but will go back friday for an appointment for my chas chas to get a checkout... He did say that he does not know if i will have drains in or not till tomorrow because that is a last minute decision he makes. Im really really ready. He says his goal volume is between 750 and 1000 grams from each breast... goal size will be a c cup!!! ive already scoped out some pretty bras but wont buy till i know for sure... im just very ready to get this surgery over with and on the road to recovery!


good luck
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So I just got home from dropping my sonoff with...

So I just got home from dropping my sonoff with his grandparents for the weekend. It is 2:17am... I have to be up in 2 hours and 4 minutes to shower and head out to get to the hospital by 6am... glad i will have my hubby with me! Im tired but just cant seem to sleep!!! i want to sleep but my mind keeps wondering and i cant keep my eyes shut... The hub cant seem to sleep ether cuz he is watching tv... i dont know if its because we really dont have much time to sleep or what... but im praying for a fast surgery and recovery!

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Surgery went great... but i woke up in terrible...

surgery went great... but i woke up in terrible terrible pain. it hurt so bad i cried... which made it hurt worse. hurt so bad i didnt want to breathe... id take small breaths and the moniter kept beeping i wasnt breathing... it was terrible. i had two injections and some pills and maxed out on allowed pain meds... i sucked. my hubby went to walmart to fill my prescription so i could take it... after sleeping a lil while the pain wasnt so bad.... and i was able to see how i looked.... love te size. i told him a regular c yesterday at pre op and thats what i got. i go back tomorrow t have the drains removed and he will take a look at them again... my nps are nice and small and high... i love my new boobs... just not the pain... will take topless pics later tomorrow...


they feel super small which i am compared to what i was lol... but im happy
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I'm sorry to hear that you woke up feeling so rotten :-( Hope you are starting to feel better. You have the same post-op bra/dressing that I did. Not really any support, but comfy. Praying Friday is a better day for you!
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thanks, im home in bed, took my norco pill... and im feeling better...

More pics of post op... day 1

more pics of post op... day 1

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So I just found out the doc took 1048grams from my...

So I just found out the doc took 1048grams from my right breast and 1022grams from my left... I had no idea my breast were so dense and heavy... I did not notice them being so light when I sat up in the hospital due to my shock of pain but now I do... and I took my first shower just now and it felt great... to be clean and just look at them in the mirror for the first time full on was a bigger shock... I'm ready for them to heal quicker lol... cuz I need to step up on my work out... now that I don't have these giant boobs my tummy seems bigger than I thought it was... after I'm healed enough and can run I'm also going to start a high protien diet... well not really diet but just adding way more protien into my dinners and lunches instead of so much red meats... more chicken and fish... and I found these awesome protien shakes for 100 calories with 18g or protien per serving... and the price was great too... :) so ill start that as soon as I can start running.


They look wonderful!!  You look like a completely new woman.  You are going to love this!!!

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Awe thanks kimmers... that makes me feel really good to hear... I am hoping they heal up nicely...
How long did u wait b 4 you could drive?
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I have a question... is it normal for your head to...

I have a question... is it normal for your head to hurt even though you are taking pain medication. I have had a headache off and on when I wake up from sleeping and its a pretty bad one... my whole head hurts and even sometimes my neck... then when I lay back in the recliner it hurts again... or worsens... I feel like taking advil or ibephrofen to help with the headache but I don't because I do not think I'm allowed to with my pain meds in me... could it be from constantly sleeping? I know that I used to get headaches from sleeping too much when I was pregnant... could it just be that..?

Another thing is it seems I'm breaking out though I'm bathing daily... sometimes twice... my face has broken out and a bit on my chest as well... is it normal...

And I've been using the steri-pads since surgery and when I change them they have like light brown fluid on them... is this normal as well?

Thanks everyone for reading!

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I kinda feel like my cha chas are smaller than Cs....

I kinda feel like my cha chas are smaller than Cs... I'm not sure because I don't have anything to compare them to really... I know they are bruised and swollen right now and if that goes down won't they just be even smaller?? I know that I'm not used to being small breasted but I really just hope they aren't too small on me. I am not a small person at all and just don't want to look odd... I'm giving myslef time to let them heal and get to the size they are going to heal as but I just can't help feeling they are too small maybe... I do like not having the back pain but still my image is a bit important to me... and will they fill out and become more round...? They look a bit flat front view wise... I guess there is always stuffing if they end up too small for me...


You have just gone through a major transformation and it will take some time for you to get used to the new Cha Chas.  You have been so use to a heavy load so anything less will feel small right now.  

Once you are healed and wearing normal bras you will see.  It's totally hard to make any decisions right now.  They are perky, high and tight.  Right where they should be and you will love it.  

You just have to get to know your new girls.  But I do know how you are feeling:)

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Thanks Kimmers, I am trying to be positive and see it that way... I'm trying to be patient lol... I bet ill feel better when I can wear a real bra or go braless... or at least take a shower without a bra. I do like that they are smaller, and higher... not having back pain or neck pain is a huge plus!
I think you look great after surgery,i hope i look as good as you new life,how are you feeling now,are you getting along ok

So its been a full week now as of today. And there...

So its been a full week now as of today. And there hasn't been a day that I'm not dizzy. I feel like I can't even focuz on anything much and I'm constantly lightheaded as well. I think its the pain pills so I didn't take a one all day yesterday and was still way dizzy and lightheaded... I ended up taking one around midnight due to pain that was keeping me awake but I really don't want to continue taking this heavy pain pill so I called the nurses hotline to see if I could take some other regular over the counter med like advil or something. I'm just waiting the call back. I will post update pics below.


Your 1 week pics look great!  You are healing beautifully.  

Are you drinking enough water?   If you get dehydrated that can also contribute to the dizzy feeling.   But do let the doctor know what's going on.  These pain medications do a number on our bodies.  Anytime I take pain meds I am a mess.  Dizzy, sleepy, and totally out of it.  

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well i stopped taking them and i feel better. tylanol helps with the pain somewhat... and i guess i may not be drinking enough water... but im trying...
That's what I was thinking too. Well, I was doing alright until yesterday. My 2 year old jumped on me and I ended up opening up 2 stitches on my left boob which hurt. Then today sometime during my nap I opened another couple of stitches in the underside of my right boob so I am in a lot of pain now. I kind of feel like I took a couple steps backwards in the healing processes. I am really liking my boobs more and more though. I keep looking at them and really just wanting to be able to wear a normal bra again. I am not very patient so I am trying to not think about it to much. lol So overall I am doing well just some minor set backs. Are you hurting at all? Have you been able to move around a bit and start kinda doing stuff again slowly?
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So tomorrow will be week two! Does this mean I...

So tomorrow will be week two! Does this mean I wont have to wear these compression/sports bras 24/7? Im not sure but he did only say two weeks... ill have to ask him that... I will post pictures tomorrow... i want it to be a full week every week before posting pics.

A plus, i drove for the first time yesterday... all day in fact i was running around buying groceries, going to two appointments, and a bunch of other errands... i felt pretty great yesterday... today i feel pretty good just tired. I haven't been sleeping well at all.. but i dont think its the surgery... just my head wont seem to shut down... im laying there making lists of things i have to do and take care of when i really wish i could close my eyes and sleep... doesnt happen lol...

So this custom treadmill my hubby ordered me is still not put together all the way... but i dont mind, its been chilly outside around the low 70s and mid 60s... which is pretty chilly to this Texan lol... so i have taken a few walks... my hubby being home for 25 days is a big help but also a huge frustration... i forget why i like him going to work... :) lol... gotta love em tho...

Im just really ready to be able to start running... i know i cant yet but i do want to. The glue stuff has been peeling off alot. the under breast cut is nearly clean of the stuff... i dont know if that is a good or bad thing...

I have my next follow up appointment for next wednesday. hope it goes great!


Glad to hear you are up and running around and getting back to normal life. Almost everyone is that way except me it seems like. I am 2 weeks post-op today and I am still in a quite a bit of pain. A lot of soreness which I expect but I have actual pain too. I don't know, maybe it will go away.
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Your soreness and pain will definitely subside...as each week passed I felt so much better. I took 3.5 weeks off...and on days when I was out and running around I felt even more sore. I would come home, take some meds and take a nap. Listen to you body and rest if you can! I would discuss the pain during your doctor appointments....my doctor always told me "its normal" when I discussed my aches and pain.

I'm going 5 months and I still have a little soreness under my breast (I had the anchor incision)...it take a while for your body to totally heal.
Wow...I just read your post and comments. I had my BR in May...about 6lbs of breast tissue removed (I need to get the exact grams when I see my PS for my 6 month checkup). I was in severe pain when I woke up too!!! I felt like crying. My first thought when I looked down was they were too small. I was a 40J and now a 42D....I wanted to be a D cup and would have sworn I was a C cup. My PS insisted that I appeared to be a D-cup and I still had nice sized breast. Because most women on this site seem to want to be a C-cup I was worried that my D-cup would be too big. However, my D-cup seems kind of small to me...I think it is because I'm bigger (overweight) and I'm used to very large breast.

I now love my new breast...I just wear padded bras! If I could do it again, I would have preferred to be a little bigger (DD)...I like breast and having more cleavage!!! Because my flabby tummy is emphasized more, I have lost 20 lbs since surgery and it didn't impact my breast at all..but my tummy did go down. I want to lose 40 more... hopefully, I wont lose any breast.

My BR was the best decision I ever made! I look and feel so much better!

Stay positive and take your time with recovery. You will have plenty of time to workout and do whatever!
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Update picture. I think my left breast is more...

Update picture. I think my left breast is more rounded all around than the right. I'm waiting for all this glue to finally come off.


You are looking so good!!  The shape is taking place and they look as though they are settling really nicely.

When your doctor gives you the ok go ahead and rub some of the Palmer's Vitamin E oil on the scars.  That will also help remove the glue within a weeks time.   Once I started that process my glue came off quickly.  

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Thanks kimmers. I bought some bio oil and scare zone.
Wow! You look wonderful! What size bra are you in now?
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So I went to my 3 week op appointment yesterday......

So I went to my 3 week op appointment yesterday... It went great... my only complaint is that i can still feel these stitches and they feel very tight. The doc said that he used long stitches instead of regular stitches to decrease scarring... and that they will take 9+ weeks to fully dissolve... when im laying on my side at night i can feel them the most and its just too hard to lay flat on my back... not due to pain or anything just its not how i like to lay i guess.

I went trying on bras and im a 38d but they may go down more... i bought a couple wireless regular bras and am happy with those for now but cant wait to buy regular bras.


If you had to do it again, or suggest this procedure to someone. Would you? I have the surgery scheduled seeing if the insurance will cover it, but terrified. I'm a DDD going to a B-C is the hope.
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Hi there, two years later im a 36/38 D... im not sure of the method he used but im still pleased with the results.
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Omg I'm just inlove with ur cup size difference,its amazing!!what cup size are u currently on?and what method did ur Doctor use,the FNG(the free-nipple method)?..big upz
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Dr. Nabil Habash @ Seton Hospital, Round Rock Tx

Great everything!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 5 others found this helpful