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Hi I had a septorhinoplasty revision a year ago...

Hi I had a septorhinoplasty revision a year ago since then I have noticed a hump on my profile what could it be it was not there before. my previous rhinoplasty was to get rid of this and my revision was to make my front view straight.anyway since all this I have been over obsessing about it and opinions would be great


Hi luke! I think your nose is great for your face - very straight, masculine, and proportionate. I don't see any humps. A third nose surgery might lead to unpredictable results, as results tend to be with more and more rhinoplasty. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about filler injections if it is still a concern some time from now.
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Looks great I wish my outcome looks similar to this. And there was nothing really wrong the first time. It suits your face well and is proportional. You shouldn't be knitpicking every little detail bro no such thing as perfect. Goo luck w your own personal descion tho.XD
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Honestly, from the pictures you posted, I do not see anything wrong with your nose. It looks very masculine, but I am assuming that is what you are aiming for. In regards to the "hump" you have, it is so small that I can barely notice it. If it does indeed irritate you, maybe you should explore different options, like fillers.
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Thanks for the comments guys iv decided my nose is...

thanks for the comments guys iv decided my nose is fine they way it is its not perfect but im not going to get perfect its straight enough

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Added a few more pictures to show what anyone thinks

added a few more pictures to show what anyone thinks

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Still not happy

Anyway well over a year now decided to go and see the doctor to get refferred to e.n.t as I'm not happy at all with my results I think the swelling has gone still not happy with oblique and profile


Your nose looks fine any further surgery may not be worth the risk.
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Hey luke! I think your nose looks great! I think it looks very masculine and suits your face very well. Unless you have breathing problems, in my opinion I don't think you should get a revision a 3rd time. I know we can be our own worst critic so I get that maybe something bugs you and you want to fix it. However, just like Eclair suggested, maybe consider filler injections? Even though I personally think your nose looks great, its so narrow and nicely shaped!
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Dorsal hump

Been to see e.n.t he said he reduce the nasal hump further but it may be risky dunno what to do na having two goes already thing that annoys is on primary rhinoplasty the nose hump was gone completely its only on the second job it appeared I dunno what happened


Nothing wrong there man I agree with foxyboxy do you really want to risk it again.. If I had ur nose I'd be happy :) good luck
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I decided to leave it alone in the end thanks for your comment
Your nose looks great to me. I dont kno what look your going for but Im afraid another rhioplasty may leave you wIth a very feminine nose!!
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update final result

after around 18 month from my revsion i would say this is my final result all swelling looks to have resolved still dunno if im as happy as the first but will have to do i think


it fits your face perfectly
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dont know what to say really its still abit painful im still obsessed and going through c.b.t therapy all seems abit mad just from a revison how much i think it changed for the worse everyone says its fine but easy said compared to how you feel.


Ok, I do not know how you looked before, BUT you look great NOW! Trust me/us the nose fits you perfectly!
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Can u post a pre op and post primary photo?
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i dont have any only on my medical records

Obsessive day

People who may ge having cosmetic surgery soon please be aware you may become obsessed lol isaw my reflection today in a shopping mall and wadnt happy with what i saw my nose looked so weird iv been stressing about it all day and took some more pics i really dont know if it is just my head im not after compliments or anything like that its just driving my crazy i always seem to think its bent i know it is and im pissed about it big time


This is after 2 septorhinoplasties the first one was fantastic i dont really know why i had a second one i must be going daft
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Don't change anything! You're extremely gorgeous, I'd 100% hit on you at a bar. Haha! You have the best eyes and I love your hair. I can't even notice a bump in your nose at all, I actually think it look really straight.
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WHAT!?! lol you could be a model. Hey if you dont like it, Send it my way hahaha. Its a Little crooked but i think it gives it character. Nice nose lol
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Its manly the profile that i think is not straight

Its just one big bummer lol

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I ment mainly not manly ha ha

I hate ipads they chage your words


I miight move to america e people seem much nicer than england.england is awful lol peace out guys thanks for the comments feel a different man lol
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Forget the US , we're nicer in Canada sorry for those in the US aha
I agree with previous comments that your nose fits your face. It looks natural and masculine. You already had 2 rhinos. I don't think it's a good idea to have a 3rd one just because of minor issues. You are very handsome.
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oblique angle humpy

i think my nose should be fully healed now.few years have gone by iv let everything settle still get nose pains though strange enough.anyway i have a hump on one side of my oblique angle that im not happ with iv decided to book a consultation my a ENT surgeon to see if its a simple operation to remove

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and maybe get the surgeon to slope my nose back to how it was on primary rhinoplasty heres a old profile pic


OMG, you're gorgeous. You remind me of me. DO NOT GET ANY MORE PLASTIC SURGERY. Write on your bathroom mirror that 1) if someone, anyone is willing to date you, then you look great and 2) if you breath well and can sleep at night then it's not worth it. Agreed on the CBT. It's important and it's one of the only things that works for post surgical BDD.
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Lol, when I say your remind me of me, I only mean in the way that you had a rhino and now you're obsessing about it and upset when you see your reflection.
Haha yea im obsessed il admit that.however breathing is a major issue im seeing a ent dude on the 29th whos done both my ops lets see what he says

e.n.t on 29th

Quick up date guys to let the realself world im going for a consultation on a third nose job.ill let you know what the consultant said


make sure before and after morphs (profile and sides) are done to get an idea of what your new look would be ... you r already good looking, and may or may not like the new look eg. with your tip slightly lifted ... best wishes
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I cant get morphs its through nhs but il ask as much questions as possible thanks for the advice
Can you get morphs done outside of NHS ? ... it is so important to be clear (for yourself and the PS) about the desired outcome. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.


After speaking with the surgeon a room full of med students and understudies. I decided to leave my nose as it is they all agreed my nose was over 90 percent better with the result i have now and a third may be to unpredictable

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