Messed Up My Face - Roswell, GA

He did a very bad job on my Rhinoplasty... in fact...

He did a very bad job on my Rhinoplasty... in fact I had two surgeries with him, Rhinoplasty first when he messed up big time, then Rhinoplasty revision to clean up his mess, but still did not do a good job at all (I wonder how many chances should I give him to do one nose job correclty). I still need to go for another GOOD Doctor to fix the mess.

I got uneven result with Dr. Brian, when I pointed that out to him, he said all people do have uneven nostril ( really!, I disagree with that, even if I had uneven nostril wasn't his job was to fix it), I got scar tissue which make my nose looks crooked ( when I pointed that out to him, he said no one else will see it if I don't point it out) be the judge... please don't let him do to you what he did to me, I had two surgeries with him which cost me a lot ( time, money, pain)..and now I still need to go to another doctor.

one more thing about him, he never spend enough time with the patient consider how important Rhinoplast is. and he seems that he does not even listen ...let you talk but he does what he wants!

March/1st/2013 I had an appointment with ENT...


I had an appointment with ENT doctor for a 3rd opinion. I went to ENT doctor in purpose . b/c he won't be interested in pushing me to another revision b/c basically he can't do it..

he checked out my nose, and explained to me why it's crooked and what Dr. Brian Howard did wrong. it turn out that Dr Howard took away so much cartage from the left side of the nose , that's why the left side is thinner shorter and smaller.
he advised me to see a cosmetic surgeon to fix it, he said that they need to take cartage from the right side to the left side and if there isn't enough cartage in the right side they will have to take it from my ear...
Great!!! now I have to go for a third surgery and it will cost me more b/c it more of a reconstruction surgery.

so now I will be suing Dr Brian Howard for Malpractice ...and I don't feel bad about it. I really did give him enough chances to fix and I paid him a lot for both surgery..

--Does anyone you know a good Lawyer in Atlanta Area?
--Does anyone know a good plastic surgeon in Atlanta area , specialized in Rhinoplasty revision. this time I have to do a good research before I choose my Dr.

RealSelf--- can someone please recommend a good Dr...

RealSelf--- can someone please recommend a good Dr in Atlanta to do my revision with please?
it seems to hard to find some good Dr based on reviews.. most of it are done by the Dr office ( you know what I mean). thanks

Dear friends: I just want to ask.. since Dr Brian...

Dear friends:
I just want to ask.. since Dr Brian Howard did the third surgery on me ( 1 revision) back in November/11/2012, my nose still running, very watery..and every morning my right ear is blocked, just like when we go in an airplane ( air pressure).
it's like all the time.. I go no where without tissues, sometime it drips before I even get to the tissue. very embarrassing.
the air pressure is painful and annoying.
could it be related ? I know for sure he messed up big time, but could be that ?

I never had allergy in my life even Pollen

those sympotms only appeared after the revision :(
I am worried very much
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

I picked him based on just internet search, I followed faked reviews I guess. this is why I want to put my experience with him out there..this is true review from true patient.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So sorry for what you are dealing with. I feel my doctor did not spend enough time with me either. I did so much research and looking back should have known better than to go to the surgeon I used, but a family friend had a great result so I was a little too excited to really do the homework I needed to with him in particular. Don't loose hope. From what I can tell your nose is not extremely different than your original nose so I don't think you are looking like a complete different person. I know how much this hurts though, it can be agonizing. Stay in touch and make sure to wait a fair amount of time before another surgery. Good luck and best wishes!
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I am so sorry to hear about your experience. What a nightmare. I am also in Atlanta so I wanted to let you know my story so far. I saw Dr. Del Gaudio (an ENT) at Emory who referred me to Dr. Anita Sethna with the Emory Facial Center. My surgery is next Monday so I can not speak for the results yet, and you might want to stay tuned to my page but she was the exact opposite of the experience you had. I was the only person in the office for my consultation. She sat down and talked to me extensively (about 2 hours of undivided attention) and then showed me a multitude of slides of similar before and afters to what we are planning for my nose. She is a pleasure to work with. I don't know much about her experience with revision surgery but if I were you, I would get her opinion. She knows her stuff. She also teaches facial trauma or reconstructive cases at Grady, according to the Emory website. Best of luck to you, Maggie
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thank you... I will see her soon.I hope all goes wwell with you surgery, please keep us updated...
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Hi Maggieatl, hope all went well with your was supposed to be Monday. wish you all the besy and I hope that you like yoru results...please let us know!
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You poor thing! :( I would definitely ask a professional about the ear pressure. That does not sound normal, at all. My surgery was 3 weeks ago yesterday and I really just can not say enough about Dr. Sethna. My surgery went perfectly and she even gave me her cell number after, in the event of complications (which I luckily haven't had). I really think you should go get her opinion. You can look through my photos and see, she gave me the exact nose I was looking for (minus some swelling here and there). Good luck to you and keep us updated!!!!
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Hey I also had a very bad rhinoplasty experience with a surgeon who messed up my nose too, but I don't think malpractice lawsuits against plastic surgeons are feasible. Its literally impossible to find a lawyer who will take on a rhinoplasty case because 80% of the time doctors win malpractice suits... and to prove malpractice your doctor has to have done something to deviate from the standard of care (like using dirty needles or something) and bad results, even horrible results that cause subsequent health problems (like what happened to me) doesn't count as malpractice. It really sucks, but I'm just letting you know what I found out when I tried to look into suing my surgeon. On the other hand, I just had an amazing revision surgery with an excellent surgeon! It took 5 hours for him to fix everything the last surgeon did to me, but it was worth it. I'm from GA too and the surgeon is local if you want his info I'd be happy to share it with you.
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I am glad to hear you are satisfied with your revision!!!! It gives me hope.
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ohhh nooo l am so sorry about your bad exparince l had my surgery in Atlanta GA , l ve done my homework, l ve talked to alot of doctor and l found the ONE Louis M. DeJoseph, MD he was soo helpfull with every qestion,he showed me what he can and cant do he was very open.every appt with him he asked me what do l want to change about my nose and listened me everytime.the day of surgery staff was very nice and made me feel relax.
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l am so happy with my results l am going to put some before and after picture this weekend. try not to think about your nose too much,everything will be ok darling. if you need to know about more other doctor l will help you what l had experince just email me :)
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thank you so much... I will check out your Doctor.. just by reading your comment I see that he is nice.... he asked you what do you want to be done to your nose... while Dr. Brian Howard told me that I don't need what I told him to do, he said that I only need this and that.. and then he did not do this and that right!!! I just thought all Doctors are good, I was wrong
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I just did 5 minutes of reserach on this doctor online and found that he has a good number of less than stellar patient ratings on line. I would not have gone to him if I were you, with so many bad ratings on line. I just did a google search "brian howard md georgiapatient reviews" it all came up. It pays to do your homework.
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I am sorry that your nose didnt turn out well. I would recommend doing thorough research on a doctor before letting him operate on your nose. Not just going by internet reviews. Thats part of it, but if you stop there you are doing a great disservice to yourself. Find out what his credentials are and then check them independently to make sure those credentials are true. Do you know what credentials to look for? I can tell you that if you'd like. Also make sure you a long list of questions in hand and make himanswer them all. Ask to see pictures of other noses he's done. Ask him how many noses he does per year. At LEAST 50 a year is what you want. There are webistes that will tell you what questions to ask your surgeon in a consultation so that all the bases are covered. Also, go to see a few docs before you have surgery. Pick the best one.
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thank, thank you all for your comments. I really feel supported from RealSelf Community. so my plan is , find a good Doctor for the revision, and before I decide I will consulate with you guys. yes, please let me know what conditionals do I need to be looking at?
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Hi there, I think your chances of winning a law suit are slim to none. You pretty much gave away most of your rights by signing informed consent. It probably said that result vary and may not be what you expect and that you may expereince complication such as uneven scar formation. Imagine, hudnreds of plastic surgeries performed every day by top doctors and so called bottom of the class doctors. There going to be lots of unhappy patients. Too long nose, too small breasts etc. Unless you can prove major medical neligance or harm( not just bump or curve on the nose) you most likely going nowhere. Unfortunatley, judges and jurors are not very sympathetic to "vain" people who vouluntary go under knife to look better. Just be carful not to pay thousands of dollars for nothing to some unethical lawyer. I researched that subject quite a bit.
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We are sorry to hear of your experience and would ask that you contact our office to discuss this further. We never want anything short of a happy patient. As you may be aware, rhinoplasty surgery is extremely demanding and has the highest rate of revision of all cosmetic surgeries performed anywhere in the world. Dr. Howard is a highly skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, including revision surgeries referred to him from other practices all over the Southeast United States. Please contact us to discuss further. Thanks.
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I have had, Allot of revision surgery's sometimes it does take 2 revisions... to heal correctly. I would advice contacting him he seems nice. I NEVER had a plastic surgeon contact me on Real self and offer some sort of revision... they normally just yell at you and threaten to sue you if you complain about your surgery and there not a good doctor. He seems nice. Try to give him another shot... I know its hard. TRUST me I know read my story. I have been threw it all girl.
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I wouldn't spend anymore than 1k on a revision tho. (most good doctors will offer something like this) He should really step up to the plate, because of the money that you already spent and the emotional pain and psychical... but mostly the emotional (cause that hurts way worse).
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Thank you A. I already gave him a second chance and it cost me $2500 which is the cost of the operating room , I even asked his secratory to call the surgical center to get me a discount but she never did , while I knew that revision with the same Doctor to fix his own mistakes is away cheaper than $2500 , still I wanted to be fixed and I agreed but still did not get it done right .. How many sure surgeries would it take to get a nose job done !!! And after all they weren't nice after the last visit , if I try to explain to him what is the problem , he says ( if I don't point it out no one else will see it )!!!
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! It is hard to really see what you mean with the photos being so close up and pixelated, but they do help a bit. I'm so sorry you're unhappy with your results!

If you go for revision with another surgeon, please be sure that the surgeon has done many, many revisions in the past.

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