Lipo on Waist. Bar Rolls, & Stomach - Roswell, GA

My Surgery went well I'm post 4#weeks now today. I...

My Surgery went well I'm post 4#weeks now today. I just want so no how long will it take for the bar rolls to completely go away. I'm still swollen happy with stomach and waist . I'm just hoping in the next few weeks my body comes together to way I like. I do wear my compression garment and just start working out again.


Very comforting to read all your comments, I have just had my two month check up, i had stomach, hips and back roll done I'm still quite swollen, but everything is much flatter and back roll gone, I was concerned as my measurements and weight haven't changed. But doc says its fluid retention and will probably take another couple of months to see real effect. It's been a long hard haul, but think it will be worth it. I agree patience is key. Good luck
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I still have slight crease 9 wkd post op
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My doctor told me mine would take a min of 6 months...did they give you post op instructions?
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I found him online

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