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Mother of 2. Battling with my weight since forever...

Mother of 2. Battling with my weight since forever. Been looking into smartlipo for over a year now. Did researched and looked at many many before and afters. June 12 went for a consultation and decided okay this is it. Getting anxious and nervous. Scheduled for surgery June 29. Will be getting my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and inner thighs!!!! Schedule to have surgery with Dr. Menon@ Physicians skin and weight center
If I can go back in time I would have just got the mommy makeover n not smartlipo.
I had two appointments with her in cambell n she canceled my appointments without notifying me! I was pissed! So they sent me to Folsom to get it done. It's been almost 2 yrs now n now I'm planning to get a mommy makeover cause it's just ugly saggy n wrinkled skin.
Good luck, I am 6 days post op on upper and lower abdomen and flanks and I must say I am feeling pretty good. I look forward to hearing your feedback. I was nervous and excited but before I knew it it was all over.

Two day post op

I missed a few days of post so I will update here.
Saturday- day of procedure. OMG was that painful. Well the first part was at least. I was only able to do my abdomen. Doctor took out 7.5 lbs of fat!!!! Crazy and embarrassing. Lol. Anyways-Licodine and saline was filling my abdomen was the most painful part. I can't describe how bad it was but bad!!! Laser part I felt nothing and the suctioning part was pretty bad in certain area. It kinda felt like a rough massage and the inside of the skin is tearing apart!
I'm kinda skeptical about getting my thighs done now ????

After the procedure- man drainage was bad!! I was In and out of it. Super tired and sore. Lucky I have an awesome man to help
Me throughout everything. Change the pads, my clothes, shower me, made the bed, take care of the kids.. Felt like a princess!!

Day one post op- body looks deformed and no more drainage. I can see some changes. Body is still super swollen.

Day 2 post op. I'm loving it! More changes. Swollen less and I can move around more than before. Have an appointment today for a follow up. Can't wait to start exercising.

I would post pictures but I'm still embrassassed of my before pictures. So when I overcome my embrassment then I'll post the pictures.
I do not recommend this DR. She has lied to me about touch ups, wasn't aggressive enough left me lopped sided.... Mexico is much more aggressive and can take out more fat than in the states.... Just in case you need more lipo in the future...
The worst part is over. Congrats! It is uphill from here.
From your review it seemed as if you were happy with the results. Not so much anymore? Why?
Dr. Menon

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