Lifestyle Letdown (W/neck Procedure)

I too had a Lifestyle Lift with neck procedure in...

I too had a Lifestyle Lift with neck procedure in November '09 - 12 weeks ago and still healing.

The results were far less than what I expected. But what was worse was the pain I endured the first night after the procedure and the fact that the 24 Hour Emergency Line was not manned --- no one to talk to to get additional pain meds! The next day when I removed the bandages my neck looked as if someone had tried to strangle me with a wire - more painful than the incisions!

I sent a registered letter to the LSL Headquarters -they claimed they never received it until I told them the name of the person who signed for it. Then low and behold they located it - Some management! They've shown absolutely NO CONCERN for the pain and suffering I went through and further have not addressed their negligence vis-a-vis the 24 hour emergency line. So much for their "The SAFETY of our patients is our No. 1 priority" not to mention that their "caring attitude doesn't end when your procedure does" is their greatest lie!

The LSL is nothing but a Cut and Run Operation. The Hippocratic Oath of Do No Harm is an unknown for their Medical Director, Dr. R. James Koch. I "trusted in the Lifestyle Lift Team" as their advertising hype proports and was obviously duped. They should be sued out of existence. I plan to contact Jeffrey Wahl in Cleveland to join the Class Action Suit. Taking action at least makes one feel less of a victim of their outrageous dishonesty aqnd callousness.

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He may be competent but the team he works with negates his competence.

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