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Full Tummy Tuck W/lipo on Sides - Roseville, CA

I am 27 yrs old and have 2 amazing boys ages 8 and...

I am 27 yrs old and have 2 amazing boys ages 8 and 4. I just had a full tummy tuck and lipo on my hips. I was 5'4" and 130 before I had my first son. I was 194 when I went in to deliver him. I have also battled a hypo thyroid since I was 11. My stomach was covered in stretch marks and hung down. I also have severe back problems due to a car accident where someone hit me going 65mph. My stomach was weighing me down and killing my back even more. I lost over 40 pounds in the last year and weighed 148 pre-op. None of it helped my back or my stomach. I opted for this procedure for medical and personal reasons. I was terrified before the procedure. Please feel free to contact me if u want!

Photos from 6 days post op

Still really swollen but here are a couple pics. Will post before photos when I get them.

Here is the before photo. (Front view)

Also got my first drain out this morning. Hopefully the last one before Halloween.

Second drain is out

I got my drain out on Monday. Was finally able to get some spanx type undergarments. My hips were very swollen. It went down quite a bit w heat and the compression from the spanx. I am 2 weeks and 5 days post op. I am at about 75% of my normal capacity. My upper back feels good but my lower back hurts if I stand or lean too much. That is normal. I still have some numbness in my stomach which is also normal. So far no fluid build up after the last drain came out. My incision is healed except for a couple small spots with scabs. Of course u can still see it very clearly. I was told it would fade about the same that any scar/stretch mark would fade. Turning white between 6 months and a year.
Roseville Plastic Surgeon

Even though I am only 1 week post op I can say from my first consult with the doctor he made me feel safe and comfortable and that I could trust him. After the surgery the first 2 days were the worst. I got a fever the first night and woke up because I skipped a breath in my sleep. The dr called promptly and even answered at 3am when I needed him. He has been realistic and tried to make all the choices to benefit me and my recovery.

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I have my TT & lipo of Hips and flanks next tuesday. We have similar belly I look forward to seeing more photos !!!
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I'm also considering Dr. Lee for my TT. Can you post photos of the before and after so I can see how well he did on your surgery? I'm also considering Dr. Green and Dr. Yamahata. I plan to have my TT this Dec. I'm about the same size as you as well.
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Hi Jen! Thanks for commenting. I actually don't have before photos that I took myself. Totally spaced it and had not found this site. But Dr. Lee took some and I will ask for a copy tmrw at my visit. I will post a couple post op at 6 days here in a few min. Although it gets better everyday. My drains are supposed to (hopefully both) come out tmrw at my appt. will post update and photos after. But on a good note I am only 10 days post op and some spots of my incision are completely healed. Small spots but u can hardly see anything there!! The incision itself looks good and is healing well. Updates later!
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If you're looking to sell your walker and recliner I would be interested in purchasing them from you. I won't need them until the last week in Dec. Let me know.
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I would definately be willing to sell the walker. I only used it for 5 days and its still almost like new. I paid $45 for it would u just pay me the same? I would be willing to drive it to u as well. Just let me know.
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How are you feeling? Hope all is well!!
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I am feeling much better now on my 10th day. I was able to drive 4 days after surgery (don't do if if pain killers effect u negatively) but was still using a walker to walk. Now I am mostly walking unassisted and even cleaned a bit of my house and put away a ton of laundry today almost by myself.
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That's awesome to hear!! I hope I'm doing as good as you are after 10 days. I want to go to thanksgiving with my family, but u don't know if that's gonna happen!
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When is your procedure?
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Nov. 18th, my family doesn't know I'm having surgery, they would defiantly know something was wrong with me!! I'm just going to tell them I'm sick :)
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You might be able to go but u would have to wear loose clothes to hide the drains. But that's all depending on how u are feeling. And remember, when u start to feel better, that's when u can overdue activity. Trust me. Take it as easy as u can because if u over do it u will feel it a few hours later. Good Luck!!
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Thanks for the advice!
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Congrats on your surgery. My surgery is in about 5 weeks. What's items are must haves that I should start purchasing??
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Ok so first thing that is most important to have is a good recliner chair. One that is comfortable to sleep in and make sure u can put up and down the foot rest with little effort or u will need more help. Also, purchase a walker. One with 4 wheels and a seat. It will be ur 2nd best friend. Don't rent one or buy one new. Check thrift stores or Craigslist. I got a brand new one ($155 walker) for $45 from a thrift store I found on Craigslist. Also make sure u have plenty of food that is not too messy and easy to make/eat. I lived on the Campbell's soup in hand cups and ritz crackers for like the first 2 days. You will want old pj pants that u can wear low and not be too tight or too long that u will trip on since u will be wearing them lower than normal. I actually safety pinned some and cut some of my older ones. Don't wear anything u don't expect to get fluid on or smell. Tank tops (loose ones) are great to have too. If u have any questions about what to eat/not eat or drink or drugs to not take/take pre-op I have all that info as well. I am also a newly non-smoker.
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You are awesome. Thank you so much!! I'll take any addl info you might have. I have a recliner but realized the other day that it won't be easy enough to put the leg rest back down. I'll have to search for another one.
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No problem! Just posted my before photo. Any questions feel free to ask.
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