Excited But Nervous For My Mommy Makeover 2/21/11 - Roseville, CA

I am 36 y/o with three children. I started having...

I am 36 y/o with three children. I started having my children very young in life, I would never recommend it to anyone but I'm glad I did. I have three boys 19, 18, and 11. After my first son my body bounced right back, I'm sure it's because I was so young. After my second son I was smaller than I was before I got pregnant. Then all heck broke lose with my third son. Three years ago my weight was up to 163 mind you I'm only 5'2. I lost 43 lbs and have been able to keep it off.

After the three babies my breasts are not where they should be, and I have that ever nagging pouch in the tummy area. It doesn't matter how hard I workout I can't get rid of it.

I decided to give myself a present and get a Mommy Makeover. After doing all the research I decided on a doctor. During the consultation he agreed my breasts are not where they should be and that I only need a mini tummy tuck. So.... my mommy makeover will consist of a breast lift with no implant, lipo on the inter and outer thighs, a mini tummy tuck with lipo and muscle tightening. I go in on 2/21/11, just three weeks away.

I'm excided but a little nervous at the same time. My Mom will be taking me to the surgery and offered to let me recoup at her house since I'm a single mom. Can anyone tell me what to expect and what I may need to plan for?


I'm counting down the days!!! Can't wait!!!!

I'm counting down the days!!! Can't wait!!!!

Went for my pre-op today and can hardly wait until...

Went for my pre-op today and can hardly wait until Monday. I just found out that my surgery time was changed from 10:30 to 9:30 which is all the better!!!

Hi ladies... Today I'm two days post-op....

Hi ladies... Today I'm two days post-op. Things are going pretty well. The pain has been manageable. I went for my post-op appointment yesterday and the PS took off all my bandaged off of my breasts and my lipo sites. I only have drains in my breasts, which he said I should be able to get out on Friday since I'm not draining much. My breasts have been a little sore but not bad at all. My abdomen has been the sorest part which I knew it would be. I've been keeping up on all my pain meds and so on just to beat any pain. Last night I was able to sleep until 4:15 a.m. whoooo that was good. My PS said I looked real good for only being 24 hours post op, he said I was walking around just fine and straight. I haven't really got to take a look at everything yer, but I'm totally happy. When I got to the surgery center on Monday my Mom asked if I was nervous, I said nope I'm ready! I asked her if she was nervous and she said a little bit.

For all the ladies that are getting ready for their proceedure this week or next week, you will be fine!!! I will get to see my kids for a little bit today so I know that will help me with getting back to normal.

Good luck to you!!!!

Today I'm 4 days post op and feel great! Went...

Today I'm 4 days post op and feel great! Went to the PS today and had the drains removed from my breasts. That was the worst part of everything, (I think).

So far I'm very happy with everything. I have noticed some swelling decreasing in my upper abs which is great. I'm so glad I did it.

Today I am 10 days post op. I am doing pretty well...

Today I am 10 days post op. I am doing pretty well. I'm still swollen and am at the point that I wish the swelling would just go away so I can see what my new body looks like. I have no patience. lol..... I am so very glad I did it.

Ok today is a bad day. I took all the tape off of...

Ok today is a bad day. I took all the tape off of my left breast today and was very disappointed. The bottom of my breast looks horrible. I wanted to cry. It's not round like it use to be. I was worried about this last week and my sister looked at it and told me not to worry about it because she thought it was just the way it was taped. Well guess what it's not the way it was taped. I called my PS today and will be seeing him today because I'm not happy with the way it looks!!! Please tell me it will get better. At this point I'm wondering what I did and if I really should have done this.

Ok I just got back from the PS office he said this...

Ok I just got back from the PS office he said this is normal for the skin to be wrippled at this point. He said the skin will eventually smooth out. He showed me pictures in a medical book of others that looked worse than mine at two weeks post op. He said if the skin doesn't smooth out or I'm not happy with it he will fix it. I felt much better after talking to him. He reminded me that I am only 2 weeks post op and to just concentrate on healing at this time. Wow I feel so much better.

Ok girls.... I took a good look at my boobs today...

Ok girls.... I took a good look at my boobs today and was like WOW the PS was right what a difference 1 day makes. The underneath of my boob is already starting to smooth out. Don't get me wrong I think it's still nasty but it's looking better than it did yesterday when I wanted to cry!!!

I didn't want to post any pictures of my...

I didn't want to post any pictures of my breasts right now because I don't like the way they look, but I thought what the heck I guess I will post it anyway. Maybe it will help me move forward and not dwell on it right now.

Today is a good day. I'm getting back to doing...

Today is a good day. I'm getting back to doing "normal" things lol... I try to stay off my feet as much as possible becasue the more I'm on my feet the more swelling I have at the end of the night. My breasts have been real sore the last couple of days, not sure why. The one thing I will tell everyone is to make sure that you are eating right after surgery. Try to stay away from salty foods because they will make you swell as well. Drink lots of water too.
I wish everyone good luck who went into surgery today.

Ok everyone I wanted to say thanks to everyone who...

Ok everyone I wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted or sent me e-mails to calm me down about my breast incisions. I'm sure you are all right, it's just when it's on yourself you become more picky....lol When I took today's picture I really felt that they are begining to take shape and can already see a difference in the incisions. The only problem I have is I feel like my left breast is larger than my right. Maybe it's just swollen still but it sure looks bigger to me. Thanks again for all the support. I love this website.

Today is 3 weeks post op. I feel great. I still...

Today is 3 weeks post op. I feel great. I still get tired easy but other than that I'm doing great. My mini TT incision is healing nice and I'm happy to say that my PS was right my breast incisions are starting to smooth out. They look better everyday!!!

I posted the picture of my breasts that I took...

I posted the picture of my breasts that I took today. The incisions are starting to look better but the skin still has not smoothed out all the way.

Hello all... I am 4 weeks post op and my breasts...

Hello all... I am 4 weeks post op and my breasts are looking much better!!! I'm still swollen just above my incision but I'm also numb there still as well. My tummy is flat and I'm loving it!!!I'm posting my 4 week post op breast photo so others can see I was freaking out early on over nothing. Each day they continue to get better.

Today I am 5 weeks post op breast lift with own...

Today I am 5 weeks post op breast lift with own tissue implant, lipo of thighs, lipo of upper and lower abs and mini TT. I worked out for the first time since surgery today wow it felt good to workout again. I took a new picture this morning and loved the way my new tummy looks in my shorts. I'm still swollen but that will go away in time.

Today I am 5 weeks post op breast lift with own...

Today I am 5 weeks post op breast lift with own tissue implant, lipo of thighs, lipo of upper and lower abs and mini TT. I worked out for the first time since surgery today wow it felt good to workout again. I took a new picture this morning and loved the way my new tummy looks in my shorts. I'm still swollen but that will go away in time.

I am completely swollen and hard just above my...

I am completely swollen and hard just above my mini TT incision. I went to the PS on Thursday and he said it will take time for this to go down. I just wish it would hurry up because I don't like how it looks right now. I think my tummy looked better earlier on than it does now. My breasts are looking a lot better. I have several stitches that I can feel, the PS said if they don't desolve in 4 weeks he will remove them for me. Uggggg I hate this swelling.

I am 7 weeks post op and still have lots of...

I am 7 weeks post op and still have lots of swelling just above my incision site. I'm also real hard where I'm swollen, PS states it will take time. I don't like how it looks. I ordered the Gelzone Wrap to see if that will help out with the swelling and speed up my recovery. I know I need to be patient, but I really feel likek my tummy looked better a couple of weeks ago.

Efrain Gonzalez, M.D.

The entire staff was so nice and friendly. The office is nice and clean. I would totally recommend him to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks! I'll have to go take a look - I'm wearing the spanx that go from under your boobs to mid thigh right now - and I got some Flexees (but will save those for dresses or something, don't do bones for too long!!)
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Fun in the sun - I'm afraid swelling without my binder on is going to be my biggest issue. I have spanx, but they don't control the swell. What is the binder you go that you can wear with shorts?
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Hi Momof2inGA... Funny that you ask about the garment, because I just got home and there it was waiting for me on the doorstep. I purchased it on hourglassangel.com I got style 303. This is a lot like the full body comression garment I had and loved. I havent tried it on yet, but I was told they run small. I got a Med when I really wear a small. Good luck to you!!!
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Ok I tried on the Med just now and I love lit but I really think a small would fit better. I put on a pair of short shorts and it doesn't even peek out the bottom of them. I have a 10% off coupon code which is 04save10 but it expires on 5/6/11.
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Hey Fun in the sun...did you use the wrap? How did you like it? Keep me posted girl!
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I used it last night when I went to bed. I don't think I put it on tight enough. It will take a little getting use to in order to get it right. I ordered a new compression garment that I can where with shorts, it should be here today. I hope one of these will do the trick for my swelling.
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Yeah the first night I used the wrap I must of had it to loose..cause it pucker at the top and wasn't laying flat on me..the next day I wrapped it tighter and (hard to describe) but I would wrap around me and then when wrapping the second time I put it up a little so it was covering my belly button scar as well (if that makes since) I will try to get a pic to show ya..you sound like me..I keep buying different things! But I really like the wrap..so try making it tighter and see if that helps..how far along are you now?(sounds like I am asking someone who's pregnant!lol) I mean how many weeks post opt are you..about 8 right?
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I just came from seeing my PS...he said the swelling will go away the more active I become. I started swelling above my navel that's why I went to see him today. I think I'm going to buy the gelzone wrap also. Did you start working out yet? Does your left breast looks larger than your Rt Still?
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Hey MsG!! I noticed you said that your PS said the swelling would go DOWN the more active you are? I wish all PS had the same idea on things..scar treatments, to massage scars or not, binder or no binder etc. The reason I asked was because last week when I worked out (walk/light jog) on treadmill for about thirty mins when I was done I was swollen like a blue berry!! LOL.. but if I need to be more active to get this swelling to go down,heck I will!!hehe! Oh and I also got the Gelzone wrap and love it! It made one of my raised scars on the right side lay flat! It also helps me with swelling! I have had it for almost a week and noticed a HUGH difference! Would recommend it if your thinking about one. By next month you should be fine for the Bahamas you already look great now!! I went there about 6 yrs ago and everyone will ask " to braid your hair" so watchout!LOL
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Hi Ms G.... I seem to swell more when I'm active... oh well... I will try anything to get rid of this swelling. I started working out last week and a little bit over the weekend and yesterday. I think my breasts are even now, I must of just been swollen more on one side. Thanks for all the info!!!
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Hey Funinthesun
im a month post op and I feel the same way about my TT. I THINK it looked better the first week. Now it seems to be swollen all the time above the incision. I don't see my PS again until the 19th. I'm not having any pain any where so I guess everything is ok. I'm going to the Bahamas next month I hope it goes down by then.
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Sorry for the way I spelled your name
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I think I'm going to order the Gelzone Wrap to help with the swelling. I've read on here that several have had great luck with it so I thought I would give it a try. Have fun on your vacation. I'm so jelous.
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Hey girl! How are the lift scars healing?
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They are healing up real nice. I had my 6 week post op appointment today and the PS told me see I told you. I had to laugh because he was so right. How are you doing? Thanks for checking in with me.
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Ohhh you look great!!!! I am so happy for you!
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Thank you so much!!!
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A New Me its easy to wear the GelZone under your clothes. As far as the exercises well I cant find the paper they gave me of course..oh and never did any of them anyways oops. My upper muscles were still sore. I need to find that paper though ehh. Love your new bra its so pretty! I may have to break down and buy myself one too haha Im guessing pricey right???
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Thanks Bridg..I can't wait till it comes in the mail..should be by mid week!!! Yeah the bra Le Mystere No.9 is pretty pricey...I paid 82 for the one in pic (and when I saw the price tag I was like " dang this better massage my boobies or something!lol) and the other one I got was 66 bucks!! But they are very comfortable and I was having issues with finding a bra in my size that was comfy. So now I know the style and brand I can look online for cheaper because I can't afford to continue to buy them bras!! Lol...and you better find those exercises girl and do them!! Wink wink! Lol..sounds like me Thanks again for telling me about the Gelzone..I will have to update once it arrives!!
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My surgery was the day after yours :) You look awesome! Did your PS give you tummy exercises to start doing? MIne did but I havent done any yet. Your stomach looks defined already woohoo!!!
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Thank you so much. How are you doing? No my PS didn't give me any exercises to do. I started back on my elliptical this week for a little bit. I noticed that I was really swollen yesterday. I wish the swelling would go away already. uggg... It has been shorts weather and it sucks because I can't wear shorts with my compression garment because I had lipo on the thighs so I have to have a garment that goes below the knee right now. I see the PS next week 6 weeks post op, and will ask if I can go to a panty compression garment so that way I can still help reduce the swelling and wear shorts. I'm also using arnica for the swelling. How are your scars?
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Ahh what I'd givr for some warmer weather right about now! Its chilly in philly lol. Well my scar is ok I guess. Red but flat.. I have a vertical scar going down from my belly button into my horizontal scar. I sometimes get a lil bummed about the vertical scar but I keep reminding myself what my tummy looked like b4 the TT!! Just hope it fades nicely. I massage it w/ Mederma 3x a day.
What are you using on your scar?
The swelling can be a real you know what! Thank god its not permenant though..us women are not very patient haha
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Fun in the sun..I have the same issue..I am wearing a garment that if I were to wear shorts (the weather today was 88 if that tells ya anything) but I wear capris! I got this thing called the "squeem" waist crincher and I am going to ask my PS if I can wear that! I also order a Gelzone wrap which Bridg told me about (heard lots of others talk highly of it too) but I am going to use that at night (I think)..
@Bridg-what type of exercises did you PS tell you to do? I am 4 weeks and wasn't giving any exercise to do for tummy! I know all PS are different and that's what makes it hard to know what to do or not do when talking to others!! Oh and the Gelzone wrap is it easy to wear under clothes? Trying to decide to wear it at night or during day? Guess I have to wait till it comes in mail!!
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I'm not using anything on my scars yet because I have a spot that hasn't quite closed all the way. I'm a little nervous when it comes to those things so I would rather be safe than sorry. I have some scar silicone cream that I ordered off Makemeheal.com. My breast scars are looking much better. The only thing I'm using on my breasts and my TT scar right now is pollysporne. Your pics look so good. You are so right about this darn swelling. ugggg....
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A New Me... Where did you order the Gel Zone Wrap and the Squeem waist cincher? I would like to check those out. I was wearing capris this week as well but I get so darn hot with them and my garment on. How are you doing? The post op time flys by huh.... I will be 6 weeks post op on Moinday, it's so hard to believe.
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