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I am a 38 year old mother to 2 children ages 10...

I am a 38 year old mother to 2 children ages 10 and 4. I was always pre pregnancy weight was 115 lbs. and I am 5'5. I had gained 80 lbs. with my 1st pregnancy, but was able to bounce back and only 50 lbs with my second one. I weigh 108 lbs. currently. However, my stomach has a lot of extra skin and I wear a 34 A cup bra... I had wanted a tummy tuck for many years, but was always putting it off. Well, no more...and since I am going under the knife anyway, I decided to get my breasts done as well.

Less then 6 weeks to go...

I should mention that I went on 3 different consultations before choosing my doctor. He was the only one that actually measured my breasts and tried on sizers. I think I decided to go with high profile silicone 300 cc implants. Bringing my best friend for my pre op to get another opinion.

I am very excited to finally be doing thus for myself, but also very nervous. I am not very tolerant to pain, so I am not sure how I will handle this. I did have 2 C sections and thought it was a breeze, but I think the tummy tuck recovery will be much harder.

My husband will be taking care of me and the kids post surgery and I will have him for 3 weeks before he has to return to work. I hope that gives me enough time to almost get back to normal. I should mention that I am lucky enough to stay home with the 4 year old is a very active child and I also worry how my husband will handle him.

Before pictures


So just got the nerve to post my pictures. My breasts look nonexistent and my stomach has so much extra skin...May 28th can't come soon enough... I actually wanted to schedule this surgery for early May, but my doctor is completely booked.

The hardest part at this point for me is waiting. It gives me more time to worry about the outcome of the surgery and the recovery ahead...I am so thankful for this website. Your stories make this journey so much easier.

Another thing I had to do in preparation for this is to quit smoking. My doctor wants me to be smoke free for 6 weeks prior to my surgery. This has not been easy, but I am happy to report that I have been smoke free since Monday. I want to do everything in order to give my body the right chance to heal...
Of course...This is very exciting...I just read your review and comments...did you decide on getting Exparel? My dr. Highly recommends it. I am doing that for sure.
I am also scheduled for may 28th so we can be surgery buddies! Best of luck to you!


So, I just found out that my dr. Doesn't require you wearing a compression garment or a binder after surgery until the drains are removed. He also doesn't put you in any type of a surgical bra. Anyone has experienced this? Does this give you the same results? I trust him, but this seems different from most all the otter drs.
Thanks for a very informative link...
Congrats on quitting smoking! Yes, I have heard of doctors who don't require compression garments after surgery. Here's some more info on that.

I'm glad you started your story here! Please keep us posted.

4 weeks to go

My surgery is exactly 4 weeks away. I think I am over obsessed with it. Just want to be on the flat side already... have been reading reviews on this site daily...driving my husband

Biggest concern is the recovery. For some reason I am not concerned about the surgery... Read come horror stories here and get pretty nervous...

Still trying to decide where to get the scar for my BA. Originally wanted the scar in my armpits but now (for safety reason) thinking in the fold. My husband does not want it there, so we have had some arguments over that. Will talk to my PS about this again at my pre op, which is in exactly 3 weeks. Ladies, any advice on this issue? Pros and cons?

Pre op

Had my pre op appointment yesterday...took a friend of mine along for some help in picking out my implant size...
This appointment made things real. I was finding it hard to believe that I was finally having this done. I am excited but very nervous. I have read so many of your stories and the recovery completely freaks me out... I am so not good with pain...I am hoping for the best of course and reminding myself that it will all be worth it at the end.

The appointment yesterday was almost 3 hours long. Had to wait for a long time in the reception area, then had to sign a bunch of paperwork. Took some lovely photos in the sexiest blue paper underwear. Talked to my PS. Tried on different sizers and decided on the 325 cc silicone HP implants. Will have scars in the breast fold. Paid my now there is no going back. Surgery will be next Wednesday at 11 am...not sure how I will deal with no coffee that day. Maybe I will stay in bed until it's time to leave.

Filled my prescriptions today, got my supplements all ready. Have to get the frozen peas and extra pillows for my recovery. Hoping to do that tomorrow.

It still doesn't seem real. Almost want to pinch myself...6 days until surgery...but who is counting:)
Best wishes! And a speedy recovery.
Thank you
My surgery is on the 28th also! Best wishes for a smooth recovery!

Really nervous

So it's almost 10 pm now and my surgery is tomorrow at 11 am. Today has been a whirlwind of emotions...from being completely excited to completely terrified. I have run all my errands, the kids are covered. Had a serious conversation with my 10 year old about this surgery...I was shocked on how well she took it.

Went out with a friend to one of my favorite sushi places for dinner. I might regret that in the middle of the night when I am thirsty:)))

Just wish this was done already. I have too much time to think of things that could go wrong. This time tomorrow I will be on the flat side... When I was getting dressed this morning I realized that that was the last time I will put on a 34A sized bra...also was petting my stomach in the shower today. Guess I am saying good buy to my body the way I know it!!! Here is to a brand new and improved me!!!

Good luck to all who is having surgery tomorrow and later in the week!!! A speedy recovery to all of you!!!

Will try to post tomorrow or soon thereafter. Your posts have kept me sane in my insane quest for a better me. I want to return the favor and share my journey with you!
Good luck I have surgery at 9!

Flat side

So I am one day post up today. Wanted to update last night but by the time I got home it was well after 7 pm.

So here is what happened yesterday... Got to the surgical center around 11 am. Signed some paperwork. Took a pregnancy test. PS came in and marked me. Took some more lovely photos in the blue surgical underwear. Walked over to the operating room. Remember laying down on the table. Anesthesiologist slapped an oxygen mask over my face and got the IV started. Next thing I know I was being woken up.

Woke up with intense tightness on my belly and horrible pressure on my chest. I would say the pain level was an 8. Nurse gave me a Valium and they kept me there for an hour, at which point they dressed me and sent me home.

I am not wearing a binder or a surgical bra per my PS. Got home and popped in a Percocet. Only taking 1 every 4 hours. Afraid of getting sick.

Actually slept ok last night in my bed propped up, but do need hubby's help getting in and out of bed.

Today has been more or less ok. Hubby has to deal with the drains since I get so queasy... Have not taking any pictures. My stomach is covered in a dressing which I have not changed yet, so I have not seen the scar. Boobies are high and pointy at this point. Wonder how long it will take for them to drop. The MR is what is giving me the most pain. Hoping in a few days I will be able to get in and out of bed on my own. I feel so helpless. Getting tired now. Will go take a little nap. Will update tomorrow.

Another day

Today has been pretty much same as yesterday. Really not much new to report. I have basically slept for most of the day. The output in the drains is not quite as bloody and not quite as much.

Still exhausted. Even the trip to the bathroom tires me out. My husband changed the dressing on my belly today. I can not believe that I am flat. I was crying happy tears when I saw... Didn't even look at the scar, was too busy admiring the taught skin.
Congratulations! Can't wait for updates! You will enjoy the new you soon! (I am 9 days post op) still recovering here but I know it will be worth it!!


This might be TMI, but I finally managed to have a BM today. All it took was 3 doses of MOM. Worked like a charm.

Nothing new to report otherwise. Still in a lot of discomfort. Feel like a 95 year old lady. Managed to take a pic of my breasts today. Kind of rough since I can't stand up straight.
Your photo looks great so far! It does get better with each day. Taking short walks will help you. Is your husband okay with the choice of placement of the implant under the fold? happy healing! Can't wait to see more photos!

Another day

Guess this makes it 4 days post op. Time is going slow. No new improvements. My back is killing me from walking hunched over. Also, I can't seem to sit for any extended period of time. Skin seems like it will rip off my body. I have been in bed for most of the days. I have stopped taking any narcotic drugs since yesterday, and the pain has been manageable. Just get tired so fast and from absolutely nothing. Not even functioning at 20% of my old self. It's pretty frustrating. Hoping for a better day tomorrow...

5 days post op

So today was a big day. I got dressed by myself. Actually went downstairs since my surgery. Also, ventured outside to my mail box. Haven't gotten the mail since surgery day. Even watered my neighbors flowers, since she is out of town. Whole thing might have taken 10 minutes. I was completely exhausted when I got back inside.

Tomorrow my mom is coming over to cook and maybe do some laundry. My husband is completely helpless when it comes to house work. Also, my friend is coming over tomorrow to wash and blow out my hair. Can't wait. Have not showered since surgery day. PS said I could as long as I protect the drains, but I think I will wait until they come out. Should get one out this Wednesday and the other a few days later.

Have not taken any Tylenol today. The only pain I have is back pain from walking hunched over. Don't think Tylenol will do much for that anyway.

I am so hoping I am drain free by this weekend. They have not been as bad as what I thought, but I want my freedom back. It's those small victories that count. Happy healing ladies!
Good job with day 5! I bet you are so happy to have company tomorrow! Get some rest and don't over do it when they come in! And hey, my back still hurts too :'( took a hot hot bath tonight to help! I thought I had been fixing my posture but honestly maybe that is why my back is flailing up again. Lol!
Thanks, hopefully I can take some when I get rid of those drains

One drain out

Had my post op today. So excited to get one of the drains out. Other one coming out on Friday. Maybe I can wear human clothing again. It was nice to do my makeup today. First time in over a week. Also, went to Target to get some sports bras. Tried on a few regular ones for fun. Fit both 34 c and 34 d. I know it's still early, but I am thinking I will be a C cup.

Removing the drain was not pleasant, but was quick enough. PS said everything is progressing nicely. Only hitch in the road seems to be redness on my stomach. He prescribed 2 different antibiotics just in case, but he does not seem to think it's an infection.

Other thing I should mention is that I did end up with the vertical scar. Apparently I was too thin and didn't have enough skin. I kind knew that might be a possibility. He did mention a possibility of revision down the road if I so choose. It's too early to say at this point. I want to see how it will heal.

Adding a few pics I took of the bras I tried today. Happy healing everyone!!!
I think I overdid it Just wanting to get into the swing of things. Back still hurting me. Not sure there is a fix for it. Hang in there!!! Results are so well worth it...
Yes ma'am!! :D

8 days post op

Not much to report. Feeling about the same. Still get tired easily and back pain is pretty bad. Going to see the PS tomorrow for the other drain removal. Finally took a pic of my stomach. Will take a better one when drain is removed.
Lookin good! I don't even see your vertical scar in your PO Day 8 photo, so fingers crossed for you that it's hidden in a bikini! The back pain was the hardest part for me once I got over the "major" hump. I found going for a pedicure and sitting in the massage chair to be heavenly. If you can get yourself out, I'd highly recommend it and go during the down time and maybe they will let you sit there and enjoy it a little longer. I could have sat in that chair for hours, I felt amazing. They could have painted my toes with a roller brush and I wouldn't have cared.... but ah, the chair! :)
When did the back pain subside? Also, when were you able to stand 100% straight? I think those two might be correlated:)
I agree with the pedicure! I haven't had one in two years and a girlfriend and I went Wednesday and oh my that chair was heaven indeed! But Chicago mom, I am 16 days PO now and my back is feeling better! (maybe it was that chair, lol) But I no longer have much pain throughout the day and I found that a heating pad for 20 minutes in the evening makes me feel much better. ps, below I said about taking a hot bath but my dr informed me not to do that for a while because of the incisions and fluid. :/ hence the heating pad now! Another hint to help your back is to stretch. Place your feet and back against the wall and hold your arms out elbows bent and touch the wall with your elbows. It helped me too but it sure did hurt my breast muscles at first ;) Good luck!

9 days post op

I am free. The last drain came out this morning!!! Can't say it was an awful bother to have them in, but it's nice not to have to think about hiding them and getting them caught on anything. Will finally shower tomorrow!!! That will be a reason to celebrate:)

Can't believe how far along I came in just 9 days!!! Hoping the worst is behind me...

10 days post op

Went out to dinner with my hubby tonight. Half way through the meal I was wishing I was home in bed. Thought I had such a nice day today. Almost felt like my old self. Still this tiredness catches me off guard every time. Took pics of my scar today. Not loving it. Seems very high. Thoughts?
Your tummy is so flat and BB is healing so good! After all the swelling goes down you will see the results more..... I hooe you feel like you made a good decision because I do! :)
Thank you so much. I know I made the right decision, I just wish I did it a long time ago...
Personally I don't think it is too high when I see your panty line. It is so straight and I think that is better than a curve line. When you get a couple months down the road with the scar treatment I don't think you will feel the same. Your tummy is so flat and looks awesome! We go into the surgery knowing that there will be scars of our journey. You will find the perfect bathing suit thT you won't see any indication of surgery ;) get your rest but glad you got a date with hubby tonight!!

12 days post op

So I feel like I had a major set back today and it's completely my fault. We have 2 parties to go this week to and I needed to purchase some presents. Went to the mall in the morning to look for one of the presents and ended up going from store to store trying on clothes. I just couldn't stop. Everything looks amazing. I feel like I have a body of an 18 year old. Came home for an hour and went out in search for the other gift. I just collapsed into bed. I feel like I can't move a muscle.

I have a cleaning lady that comes in tomorrow, and I always clean beforehand. This is not happening at this point. Guess my embarrassment is a small price to pay for my well being.

Lesson of the not over do it!!!

22 days post op

Hello, Ladies! It's been a while. There was not much to report. I was not in any pain for a while now, but still couldn't stand straight and my energy level was very low. I was kind of getting discouraged. Couldn't do much around the house because most of these things would require longer periods on my feet. Had my 3 week post op and miraculously was able to stand up more or less straight yesterday. Maybe 21 is a magic number:). Hubby going out of town for 11 days starting tomorrow and was worried I wasn't going to be able to take care of the kids and the house, but now thinking that I will be ok. On the bright side. I looove my new body. I was able to fit and look great in clothes that I had pre kids and wouldn't be caught dead wearing even a month ago. I got my confidence back. Was intimate with hubby last week, which was a disaster. Was pretty uncomfortable, tried again yesterday and successeded. Will post pics later. Hope you ladies are recovering well. To all of those thinking about doing this surgery....although it's not the easiest thing both psychologically and physically it's the most worth while thing you cam do for yourself.
You are looking great!! I totally understand going from store to store trying on clothes! I will probably do the exact same thing! I am having my mm August 4 and I can't wait to be where you are now. Wish I could just bypass the day of surgery til about week 3. lol So glad you are doing so well. Keep the updates and pics coming!
The worst part is the waiting....good luck to you!

1 month anniversary

So much has changed in a month. This surgery was the absolutely best thing I did. I feel beautiful, sexy and confident again. I am in absolutely in no pain and can stand up straight. This road was not easy, but absolutely worth it. I am lucky I had no complications and had very minimal swelling. So enjoying my body!
So glad you are doing so well! You look amazing! I hope my results are similar. I still have a little weight to lose but ps said it wasn't necessary for my surgery. She said if I hit the gym afterwards I'd be fine. Blessings to you on your continued recovery!
Thank you.

7 week review

It's been a while since I updated....but had my pits up yesterday, so thought that I should write. My breasts are coming along beautifully, although they really don't look natural. I am hoping it's still early in the game and that will change. I am finally allowed to wear a regular bra...went to VS and got measured. Didn't believe the measurement when I heard it, but it's true!!! I was a 34A prior to surgery and got 325cc HP implants. Wanted to achieve a C cup, as to look natural and proportional with the rest of me. I measured a 32 DD. Still in shock. Purchased 2 bras. PS said that breasts might still change in size by about 10% before the 3 month mark. Also, purchased myself a couple of bikinis. None of the ones that I tried on covered the small vertical scar, but it really does not bother me. It's fading pretty quickly. Hoping by next year it will not be visible.

As far as the tummy tuck recovery, that has not been as easy... I was finally feeling great at about 4 weeks, but at 5 weeks started to get this pain by my belly button. Thought it might go away, but it didn't so I so the PS and he thinks this is the way that my body is reacting to being sawn up and it should go away by 3 months time... Here is hoping. Adding a pic of 1 of the bathing suits I bought. The line u see is from my pants:)
You look incredible in that bikini! Congrats!
Thank you
You are looking so good in the swimsuit. Maybe you should massage your tummy area but I wake up the nerves and help the swelling.... just a thought
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