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My experience with Exilis has been wonderful. I...

My experience with Exilis has been wonderful. I have had skin tightening treatments on my eyes, jowls and neck. I've had fat reduction on my upper and lower abs, back, flanks and thighs. I've lost somewhere around 6 total inches since the end of July and intend to continue. Follow the water/activity protocol!

Hi, I just wanted to tell you, that you might want to read about the Precision Tx. Several of the members have had it with good results, it is used for the neck and lower face area. I am scheduled to have this procedure on Sept 17, 2014. If you are interested, you can write me and I will let you know about my results. My PS said that it can take up to 5 months to show the final results, but some of the members saw results much sooner after the swelling went down. It is a fairly new procedure, per my PS the data shows results for 3 years but you could see results for 5 years, maybe longer. I think they are saying 3 years because that is how long it has been performed.
I had four treatments @ $400/each. Looked fabulous for about a month (following final treatment). If I had 6 treatments, the results may have strayed a little longer. Now (6 months after treatments), I actually think I look worse than before. The skin is more lax than it was pre-treatment. If you want to look fabulous for a reunion or wedding, without any surgical recovery, this would be worth it. It does have some pain. Some parts of the skin can get very hot. You also have to have the treatment area covered in thick, ultrasound gel. Having that goo slathered over my neck and face was probably the part I disliked most. I am tempted to go back for a 'refresh' but am afraid it will be a waste of $. If you could keep the treatments up monthly, the results would probably be amazing and a bit more 'progressive'. I, too, will save for a procedure with more longevity.
Look at my Exilis review before you do any more. It ruined my legs. I am so embarrassed and there is no way to fix it. I posted pictures.
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