2 Year Old Tattoo - Romford, GB

2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very...

2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very painful on the finger and swells alot after but here is my journey so far am looking to now have the picosure tattoo removal and have an appointment for march, i can see the difference abit but want your opinion what do you guys think? will i get rid of this before my wedding in august this year?

Latest pic 2 weeks after treatment 4

3 Sessions of Pico sure.

So I have had 3 session of the Pico sure now I have my fourth booked in for next week. I had to cover with make up for the wedding last year but no one knew. I will update with a picture later but there is defo a good amount of removal. Just so expensive :/


As promised here is what the tattoo looks like now

Latest pic

So this is before my 4th pico sure laser.
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