2 Year Old Tattoo - Romford, GB

2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very...

2 Year old tattoo had four treatments so far, very painful on the finger and swells alot after but here is my journey so far am looking to now have the picosure tattoo removal and have an appointment for march, i can see the difference abit but want your opinion what do you guys think? will i get rid of this before my wedding in august this year?

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Latest pic 2 weeks after treatment 4


Hey there, just checking in for an update, have you had anymore treatments?
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I see definite fading. I too have a tattoo on my hand and wrist that is being tackled. I have lidocaine shots as the clinic doesn't want any pain. It does swell up a bit but I keep it bandanged for 48 hours afterwards and then keep it moist with lotion. I think you'll have definite fading in time for the wedding, but you may need some additional help with cover makeup. There have been some women on this site that use mineral makeup and it covers extremely well. There's a woman on here that has photos of her arm covered with clay mineral make up and it looks well covered. I would consult with a make up professional for the big day. Photographs can be photoshopped, tinted, technology is wonderful. You'll do just great. The extremities/hands and feet are difficult to remove because of circulation, but it takes time. Good luck, stay positive, your fading is looking very good, it'll take some time. Enjoy your wedding planning, the big day, the celebration and your new life with your sweetheart. aloha...k
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I think i see the fading more some days then others but hopefully it will get there. thanks for the info on the makeup i will have a look.
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