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Hello everyone, I am 35 years old from Italy, had...

Hello everyone, I am 35 years old from Italy, had my implant (300 cc Mentor silicone anatomical shape over the muscle) in 2002, after the birth of my first son. In 2007 I had my second son and couldn't feed him (I've fed the first for one year with no problems).
I didn't have any health issue from BA, but since four years from now I have started to miss my little breast, and feel this implants are heavy when I am braless and I don't like them anymore. The problem here in Italy is that the doctors are not used to simple explant. I went for a consultation and one Doc told me I would look scary without implants, and that I have to have a lift and a smaller implant inside. I was really sad and started to try to accept that I had to keep implants forever. Every night when I went to bed I looked at this plastic balls on my chest, and felt sad.
Then I found this site, it was my biggest luck, because here there are so many reviews of people who explanted and ended with perfect acceptable natural soft little breast.
So I looked for another surgeon, and found one who said that he agrees with an explant, because it is easy that in six months or so my breast will regain a nice shape. The only thing thak makes me worry is the fact that I have subglandular implants, and have read that the breast end up more ruined (I am sure to explant, anyway, everything will be better for me than keeping this heavy fake breast).
I am looking for words from people who underwent eplant starting with my same implant placement. Thank you so much.
I'm excited for you as well, I had mine for almost five months and I can say some of the ladies that have had them for year have turned out just as good or better than mine . My mucles feel like there contracting sometimes feel tight and weird I think it's pahealing and your breast envelope does contact shrink one doc said on here. Good luck .

I'm so happy you found us and started your story! And that you're getting this done for yourself. You might want to check out this post by Green Temple about her experience.

I hope you'll keep us posted throughout your journey.

Thanks for sharing your story. I got a funny look from my surgeon about explanting after only having them 3 months, but he knows I've been going through a lot of problems and agreed it would probably be best in my case. He said that he ultimately wanted me to be happy. So, they are coming out next Tuesday the 16th. I'm doing a simple explant, no lift, no capsule removal, no drains. Just taking them out and home I go! I can't wait. I haven't liked them from the beginning and I've had so many problems since the moment I got them. Can't wait to just be me again. I'm glad you found someone who agreed with your explant goals. When is our consult/surgery?

Last consultation pre-explant

Hi there,
yesterday I went to see the doctor who will perform the explant (that is not the same who did my BA). He took pictures and explained to me that, since there is no rupture, he doesn't need to perform a capsulectomy, so everything can be done in local with sedation, I am brave enough (will I be?). He said that he will reopen the old scars (under the crease), take the protesis out, and then do some little abrasions on the capsules to make them close afterwards (brrrr), put some stitches inside to help my gladular tissue to go back in the old position, and close. He also said that he will put drains, to keep for some days, and then I will have to wear a special bra for some weeks. The price must be around 1000 euros. About the results, he said that since this protesis are heavy for my frame (not 300 cc, but 375), my breasts will be relieved from taking them out, and, with some time and patience, should regain a nice natural shape. I am really relieved too. For now I have to do an ultrasound and, one week before procedure, some blood tests. We agreed to keep in touch to choose a date in september.
I am only a little concerned for the local anesthetics: will it be completely, absolutely painless?
Hello! I think I've read that it's easier when your implants are under the muscle! Supposedly you will have better tissue in the breast itself to heal better. Mine were supposed to be under but when the surgeon went in he said they were not!!!! I love the way they look now and can't wait to buy new bras in a couple of months!! Forza e coraggio che tutto va bene!!!!

surgery booked

So now I have a date: 16 september, afternoon. I agreed with the surgeon to do it under local with sedation. I'm happy to know it will happen soon, but at the same time all the fears are starting to appear on the surface. Will it be painful or somewhat scary? Is it really possible that my breast will look nice after eleven years with these heavy things in it?
Take a look at my images, I had 300cc over the muscle for 19 years... I think I look pretty darn awesome!!!! best part I'm already feeling all sensations on my breasts... I had day surgery and had ZERO pain, I took 2 Tylenol 3s on the first night, nothing since =) ... Good Luck!
Thank you B4ever, your images make me feel so much confident, I'd be really happy to have a result like yours!


I am so happy it is all done, I hardly believe it is true.
I was a little nervous this morning, but nothing terrible. I was only scared about the sedation, because I never had it before. They took me to the OR, put the IV and I remember only that they woke me up saying "it'all done". The implants weren't ruptured, so the doctor performed a simple explant with no capsuletomy.
It all started at 1.30 pm and I was home at 15.30 pm.
Now I feel perfect, normal, but have drains and compression gauze, so I didn't see my breast yet. Doctor said they are deflated, but not deformed at all.
Fuck all the doctors (too many) who say that you can't explant without being deformed. Really, if it wasn't for all the reviews of you ladies in Real Self I would be still blaming for my heavy ugly implants.
Thank you all!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and welcome to the natural side... happy healing!
Thank you!!! I feel like nothing is happened, no pain, I also went to walk my dog as usual, but feeling so incredibly light. xx

here they are

I couldn't resist from taking a look at the results. My breast feel a little itchy inside and warm and swelled on the outside, but very soft, and I think it will take time to shrink and loose the shape of the implants. I can't take off the bandages from the bottom, so it is impossible to determinate how droopy they will be. For now, I think they look fine, and I am so happy to be free.

bye bye implants...

and here is a picture of the implants, 12 years old (intact, but they turned yellow in these years...), mcghan silicone anatomical 280g.
I am 5 months post op, had implants for 40 yrs, they we're sagging badly. I had the explantation, reduction and lift. A couple months after I had to have a lump drained with needle in R. Breast. Did not have drains . I love my size and feelings back in nipples. However, my rt breast has lumps , not hard, able to feel the softness when I massage them, but are not decreasing in size. I went for my mammogram and they did Talk me out of it until I see my PS They said the radiologist findings would be inconclusive and order me to have ultrasound and possibly a biopsy...and it would be costly. They suggested I see my PS first for his examination to determine What needs to be done.... Please share if any of you gals have experienced any of this??? Thanks and best of luck to all of you...angelface1
angelface1, I saw my PS yesterday he told me I should wait for mammogram for at least one year and massage daily if I feel any lumpiness.after a year the breast tissue should settle ;)
I think the best thing to do is to go to see your PS, who will know what to do. Hugs, xx Vale

drains are out and new pics

four days post op. feeling great. breast fluffing a little, less looking like two sole fish :)
Oh my gosh! Great result! You mst be so happy! Yay for you! I, too had docs tell me I was making a big mistake explanting, without replacing. So glad I got more than one opinion:) you really look beautiful!
Really good results! My surgery is in 4 days...I have tiny breasts and am anxious about the surgery. I have a rupture on the right breast (PIP implants) and am relieved, no very relieved to get them out. You did the right the thing! My doctor is also an oncology surgeon but he said I would HATE my breasts afterwards which did not make me happy. Oh well....send me your good look fabulous!
Ruby, for sure your surgeon is great at his job, but in one thing he is wrong: you will no hate your appearance after explant, I am quite sure about this. You will love it instead. It seems to me that smaller the breast, smaller the implants, better the results! I send you all my good thought and hugs.

8 days post

everything going superwell. I only noticed that if I stay up all day driving around etc. I feel like my breast swells and feels itchy inside. Maybe it is because the pockets need time (weeks? months?) to seal. To prevent this I've started to wear a very tight sportsbra... did anyone recently explanted experienced something like this, feeling like there is a soft empty space inside the breast that need to be kept tightly squashed? big hugs to everyone here! v
You look great!!! You have plenty of natural tissue left!!
They are larger than before implants, I'd love to have it tiny like yours (Kate Moss style :), I love tiny breasts :). But I am really really happy to have discovered that is possible to have a nice results after 11 years with toxic bags inside :)).
thank you so much mamakas6 (and no, we don't have listen to most docs opinions about our tits appearance anymore :)))

16 days post (pics)

A little more than two weeks have passed, I feel like I had never had implants. I wear a wireless bra to feel more safe when I go out or cycling, and stay mostly braless at home (freedom!).
Your natural breasts look awesome!! I have the McGhan implants, too and I've had them in since 1991!! I experienced capsular contracture two years after having the surgery, which really bummed me out. Also, my incision was in my areola, so I lost any sensation from the lower nipple and down to the bottom of my breast. My breasts feel like I have a baseball in them when I hug people, so I try to not give a close hug! So embarrassing AND uncomfortable!! I hate these foreign objects inside of me! Now, I am having increased pain in my left breast. Almost like I have an infection under the implant. No swelling, but just some pain. I found a great plastic surgeon nearby (in live in the SF Bay Area in CA) and my explantation is scheduled for 4/11/14. I'm waiting to hear back from my plastic surgeon's office to discuss the discomfort I'm feeling right now. I just want to be sure we know what's going on before I go into surgery. I'm glad you included a pic of your implants after they were removed. I'm wondering what mine will look like. I heard that someone's implants were ruptured and full of mold! Yikes! I hope mine aren't like that. Our imagination can sure get the best of us, sometimes, can't they? Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and to tell you how good you look now! I can't wait till my surgery is over with too!
You look really GREAT!!! Very nice, natural, beautiful shape!! Congrats on your explant
Ciao,avrei bisogno di parlare con te perchè sto vivendo un incubo,vorrei rimuovere definitivamente le protesi,ma fino ad ora qualunque chirurgo mi ripropone di reinserirle...cosa che io non voglio assolutamente. mi potresti raccontare un po' della tua esperienza. il mio indirizzo di posta è,ti ringrazio anticipatamente.

11 months post

Almost one year has passed since the explant.
I feel like I have never had implants. Always grateful for Real Self and the reviews that made me go for explants.
Your story is very inspiring! They look so good without implants and in the future I'd love to have mine removed.
You look wonderful! Congratulations!
Wow! You do look fantastic!
Dr. Massimo Vergine

Dr. Vergine is a roman plastic surgeon who works mostly with oncology patients (he does a lot of post-mastectomy reconstructions) in a renowned public hospital. He performs also esthetics procedures in the OR of the private medical center where he has a study. Everything went exactly how he told me before the operation. Very satisfied.

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