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As to pain, it for sure hurt. I've had botox,...

As to pain, it for sure hurt. I've had botox, Ultra Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, and 3 root canals with crowns, and this hurt the most! But next time, I'll insist on a Lortab before the treatment, if my doctor will do it. I will see. If not, I'll still endure it.

I've had one treatment, and I'm about 30 days out, and for $90.00 a syringe, and it took 3 for my laugh lines.

Sculptra actually stimulates collagen production, which starts about 30 to 45 days after the injection and varies according to each individual's response, according to my internet medical research. Therefore, on spot perfect filler-plumpness, I don't believe Sculptra would my choice but to cover deep indentions with natural collagen, for 1 to 2 years before new treatment is required.

As to lumps, so far, I have none. The key, according to my research: an experienced injector, message, dilution of the product, and facial placement. Sculptra should not be used in shallow muscular areas: the eyes are a no-no area. In the past, the dilution ratio was much lower, so the lumps/nodules were higher. I believe the risk is 8%, according a medical article I read. My doctor states it is 6%. I guess, it depends on the study.

Rome Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is very informative with Sculptra, and has years experience with it. He was very comfortable discussing the pros and cons of Sculptra.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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What's with the bad photos. I can tell with blurred photos how it looks.
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I have a questions i hope someone can answer, I had 3 Sculptra treatments; the last 2 treatments I forgot to message. I have no bumps but am wondering if the product will still produce collegan in my areas of injection. Can I get some input if the product still produces collegan with no messaging.?
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Are you sure you put the right aount that you paid? $270? One syringe is more than that. And one vial which is three syringes costs close to a $1000. And usually nobody gets less than two syringes. So I'm thinkin you left a zero off there?
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So is the last pic recently ? It appears to be working great for u :)
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I would love to see your doctor. could you please forward info. I live in Atl but will drive for good results.

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I still love it. I haven't had any problems and I still see the results. I went to Dr. Marc Weatherington in Rome, Georgia. Here's his website: wetheringtonplasticsurgery.com

Sorry for the late response; I believe my email filter has been over-filtering.
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In the northeast, they dilute a whole vial and maybe get 10 injection points per vial. I suppose it could be diluted more but it has to be used within 24 hours.
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May I ask who your doctor is? I want one with happy customers and who does not charge an arm/leg for it. Thank you
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So you had Sculptra at 90 dollars a syringe? Was it a really small vial, because the average rate is 800?
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Actually, a vial is $782.00 with my doctor, but one (1) vial makes many syringes, because Sculptra is a diluted product, so the cost at each doctor really depends on how much your doctor dilutes the product to determine how many syringes in a vial. So, I guess, I really haven't had to have that much Sculptra. I'm 40, and my profile pic is before the Sculptra injections. Another factor to consider is some people produce more collagen formation in response to their bodies' absorption of the Sculptra. Generally, the younger a person is then the more collagen produced.Therefore, one vial is not going to have equal response in different people. If you're interested www.scholargoogle.com has many studies on Sculptra. BTW, I have now spent $540.00 on six (6) injections. So, I still haven't even been treated with a full vial.
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Susan7206- Your comments are interesting and helpful. Could you please send me the name and contact information of your dermatologist? Thanks in advance! *********@****.com

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Britt: I'm actually going again the 12th I believe. I had the topical pain med and an injection but I still felt pain, and I didn't feel pain when I had 3 crowns on abscessed teeth. The only difference is that the dentist gave me Lorcet before. I'm going to research it soon and see if there is anything I can get before this next Sculptra treatment, because I just dread the needles and pain:-) but love the Sculptra. I'll update after the next treatment.
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Yes please do!

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Would be really interested to get your Dr's name...rates sound reasonable, and if you're pleased with the results, great....

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Thanks Susan for sharing about vials vs. syringes, etc. that was news to me regarding Sculptra options. Regarding your comment about pain, my first Sculptra injection was more painful than the following ones which I had done elsewhere. I told the second surgeon my first injection hurt too much and described how the needle was inserted then pulled out a little moved and inserted again several times in a row and that really hurt eventhough I had numbing cream. He told me there were different injection techniques and that surgeon used the "fanning technique." He told me he preferred to pull the needle out each time and insert right next to the last one if he is doing a large area. When I ended up at a third surgeon's office for a lump excision not related to the Sculptra treatments and he offered to continue my Sculptra treatments his work ended up being almost pain free. His topical anesthetic cream numbed me just like my dental injections numb me and there was additional anesthetic in the needle so each time he inserted I'd get more numb in that area. He did a total of 4 more vials and I didn't dread the treatment like I did after the first two surgeons. So maybe the key is to ask for extra numbing solution and skip the "fanning" technique. Good luck on your next treatment!
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Hi Susan,

Welcome to the Sculptra community! Wow, you look great! Thanks for documenting your recovery in the pictures. You are not the first community member to mention the pain, others  have and some say they have a topical pain med put on and wait 30-45 minutes for it to kick in before their procedure, maybe for next time. Are you going again in the future if needed? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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