Uneven Breast After 2 &1/2 After Breast Augmentation - Rome, GA

I got my breast done a little over two months ago...

I got my breast done a little over two months ago and my right breast seems to drop but the left is still higher and looks smaller. Will this change and even out? I had 475cc on left breast and 450 on right gels implants. Now I was uneven before but the doctor knew this I just hope that they will look more even cause with a low cut shirt you and see the different with my cleavage. That's bother me a lot????

Uneven breast after 2mth breast augmentation

Ok I had my breast done 2 months ago and I'm still concern that they won't even out. It's very noticeable in my shirt. Is there anyway that this problem can be fix or will it drop over the next couple months?

3 mths after surgery still uneven

three months later and still uneven and unhappy. My doctor suggested for me to start using the ace wraps again and rub the higher breast every day. But I'm starting to dought that it will work. I can't stand the fact that they are still uneven. Urrrr it's a pain in the butt. I have to put a pad on the higher smaller breast do it will look even. If this wont work I really hope that when I get revision will do it and won't cost me more money. I paid lots of money for this unevenness to be resolved. :( I will keep y'all posted in pic.

Almost 4 months breast augmentation

I will be 4 month aug 7, they are still uneven but they are looking better and better. I am having some werid shooting pain on the higher smaller breast it might be dropping so I hope. But I'm always rubing them. Lol guess im not use to them... Lol

Before boobs

This is me a month before getting breast augmentation. Very flat!!!

U can barely see sorry about that

sorry i just needed to put up a different were you can see..

4 months breast augmentation

I'm starting to hurt uncomfortable on the higher smaller breast and I have no clue why!!! Has anyone experience the same thing??

4mths in good light

4 and 1/2 month

I just seen my doc and he said to massage the hack out of my higher breast to get it to drop and ware this uncomfortable wrap. I will see him in two more months for my six month check up so I hope this will work cause I really don't wont revision surgery unless I totally have to..

5months now

Not sure if the wrap is even working and all the message. It look like to me that my left breast is a cup size smaller.

oct 18 uneven a lot

I don't know what's going on but my left smaller breast look like it getting smaller..what is going on???
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It was ok until I seen my breast uneven.

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Your bobs are BEAUTFUL! Keep on massaging your higher one & wrapping the ace bandage to help it drop sooner! Good luck
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Thanks yeah I hope it will work too.
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Your boobs actually look great! Hopefully the higher breast will drop with the use of your strap.
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Yeah I be bother by it cause it look so different especially in shirts.
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Hoping that with time higher one drops. Still look great to me despite that!
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Your breasts will even out sweetly, I am sure of it! Massage those babies and it'll bring the higher one down. Mine are still a bit lop sided, it's normal! :) they look amazing!
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I completely understand how you feel. I'm right around 4 weeks and have similar results to your earlier pics. I've also been told it's not significant, but of course that doesn't change the fact that it drives me crazy! I'm so happy to hear that yours are evening out for you. Gives me some hope!! :-)
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i just dont flipping get it !! i got 490 and 510 and i dont look nearly as big as you!! your boobs are beautiful! honestly. I understand your freak out though because my ba was june 14th and they are still so high, hard, and just not natural feeling/looking. they look like rectangles on my chest, espicially my R one. Its so much higher and harder, and i think still swollen, than my L so i completely understand where your coming from. Im starting to get really worried. Ur story gives me hope :) glad to hear that ur starting to see a difference and are getting happier w them !
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oh yeah what profile did you go w??
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I wanted a natural look. I told him I want it look natural but have a sexy cleveages. I look t ur pic u look really great. Ur breast before ba looks like mine before I got my done, so it's going be really beautiful! I think the look great and they will still drop so just give it more time. At least until 6mths..
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thanks! i hope so i just really want them to look like boobs already! what profile did u get?
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I believe mondering plus.
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ok me too. just wondering because i love how much cleavage you have!
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Yeah that one thing for sure I like about them. It like a butt on chest lol
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hahahaha that made LOL... what size band are you??
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Band?? I ware a 34c or small d
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ya band is the # so ur band is a 34. i was just curious to know because we both got mod plus so i was seeing if my boobies might turn out looking somewhat like urs, and ya im a 34 too so im hoping il drop and fluff more to get some awsome cleavage like you.
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Lol yeah u will have nice cleavage just give it time. But seriously ur boobies look amazing! I was like wow beautiful! And they still on goin to drop so they going to outstanding when the final result comes..
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thank you so much. its really reassuring to hear that. My boyfrined says they still look "weird" which i know they do, but i just dont want to heat that, ya know? so yeah thanks for those kind words. Keep me updated on your progress so i can have hope for myself! LOL
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I sure will girl friend. I see my doc in a week or so. I differently will post more update. Encouraging word to give u try not to look at so many negative results cause that will depress u. The first month I became very depress thinking to myself what had I done to my body. So I had to stay off the computer for a while. Don't get discourage ok ur beautiful and u done the right thing getting them done. Is women wants to feel beautiful and our breast is one way to make that happen. I pray everday asking God to help me through it all and with that I put my faith in him.
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Went to my 2 month post op, although im more like 3 months, 2 more wks and il be 3 months, anyways my R breast is smaller hard and higher, im having the same problem as you. Is your higher breast also harder? my doctor said she could feel scar tissue beginning to form, and put me on a med called accolate and also vitamin E to help it soften and drop, then she said to come back in a month, so she could perform a capsuloctomy or something weird like that, i guess she physically pushes the implant and manipulates it into place?? Has your doctor said anything about any of this? your the only other girl iv seen on here thats having the problem w dropping so im trying to see if maybe we can help eachother out. its good to know im not alone. im really freaking out :( im going to get an ace bandage like you have and try that too, maybe just at night... let me know if you notice any progress, GOOD LUCK!
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When I went to a consult I asked about CC and she said they put patients who seem to have it starting on (my mind fails me) an allergy med I think and it reverses or stops it. I'd have to look up more info but might be worth trying before surgery.
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thanks for your reply. ya the accolate actually its singulair they are the same is the allergy med ur talking about, She put me on it and also vit e for a month and then shes guna try and break up the scar tissue manually, like while i lay on the table, sounds pretty frightening but anything before surgery. but thanks again for the advice.
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I just want to say your breasts look awesome, I don't notice the unevenness, but I know it probably does bother you. I wanted to comment on how natural the shape of your breasts look. I'm more concerned that my wont look natural.
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Thanks yea the are looking more natural. Now in the beginning I was freaking out cause they ware so high and shape weird. I'm starting to like them now
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