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Hey everyone I love reading these reviews . I am...

Hey everyone I love reading these reviews . I am supper excited about my procedure coming up . I am 29 years old with three kids and breastfeed them all . I am a full deflated C cup . I am going for a 36 DD . I will keep u updated will my results August the 10 th . My husband is going with me to take care of me . My sister is watching the kids so I can get a little rest when i get back . It will also be nice to spend some quite time with the hubby .
Yup. 600 outta do the trick!! A c cup with 600 cc's, I'm thinkin DD or DDD even. You will love em!! My money's on a DDD. Lol keep us posted!!

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Glad to hear you have everyone lined up for recovery. Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Do you know how many cc's you'll be getting to achieve your DD cup?
Looking forward to your updates!

I am thinking 600 ccs is what I am going with .


Well thirteen days away til I head to Atlanta for my procedure . Yay
             saline or silicone?

Going crazy

Well everyone I am so happy to see everyone's surgery going well . I am 10 days away before I am off for my surgery . I am so impatient that I can't sleep . Ugh wish time would go by faster.

Almost here

Well this coming week is my time . I am so excited !!! Wednesday is the day I leave out yay !!!! It's gonna be refreshing for three days I won't have any kids around . I don't know how I will act with out hereing a loudness . Well tomorrow gotta get everything together for my trip this coming week .

New pics

Almost time

I am so exhausted with this crazy ass time just to get my boobs done . Ugh plz lord let the rest of my trip to better after my surgery .

Day of surgery

Well I did sleep a little so that's good . I am super nervous plz come out the way I want . Everyone thanks for all the reviews cuz it really help to tell my doctor exactly what I wanted . Wish me lucky .
Yay. Good luck today!!!
Yay....happy healing


Well everyone it went great . I got 625 cc in right breast and 600 in the other one . I am very happy so far .
I see you have a smile on your face the day of your surgery so that is a good sign... Did you get silicone or saline? Can't wait to see your progress

One day post op .

Well I am doing good !!! I don't have any pain just a little uncomfortable !!!! Happy healing to everyone that is going thru the same thing .
Looking good!


Well it's been 3 days since I had my boobs done . I havent had any pain really and the bruising is going away fast . My implants have dropped a great bit . I am happy with my results .
He only takes cash and he would take let u make installments until u paid in full
Sounds good!!....are the post-op visits charge/fee included in that price?
Hey, just wanted to say that your new pair of twins look awsome!!!!....i live in Atl, GA and id like to know if you would recomend your dr who did your BA?....&does he accept payments or he wnts it all cash upfront?

One week post op

Well it's been one week since I had my breast done . I really like them !!!!

Healing well

Well I am just had stitches taking out yesterday and I am very happy with the results . It keeps making me happy everyday they get better .
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