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Hi ladies, I had my surgery on Wednesday, May 15th...

Hi ladies,
I had my surgery on Wednesday, May 15th @ 10am. Dr. Tattlebaum is the best there is. It had been a year since our consultation and before he marked me up he told me he couldn't make me flat because I'm full-figured. He saw the disappointment on my face but I had to look @ the big long as I no longer had the saggy skin I'm happy. The good news is that when he marked me up he said I carry my weight in my legs and my waist is small so I would be happy with my results.

The time came and I my surgery was done and I woke up to ALOT of pain....OMG! I had a TT with muscle tightening and Lipo on my flanks and back. This is day 3 and walking hunched over is incredibly painful but my fiancee has been wonderful. He ordered my recliner and picked up a walker from a family friend. This is day 3 so I'm obviously walking better but I'm SORE as all hell. I'll post pics real soon but I'm getting sleepy.
Good luck with your recovery
thank you sarav59!
Thank you for sharing your story, please keep us updated.

7 days post-op

Hello ladies,

I wanted to share my experience last night. I hadn't had a BM since the day of my surgery so I'd been using dulcolax to help soften my stool when the time finally came. Well, boy was I wrong. I had the urge and nothing happened and slowly I began to feel weak and nauseausated. Istarted feeling dizzy and thank God my daughter was home I told her to throw cold water on my face hoping that would keep me from fainting. It helped for a short time but the unthinkable happened. I "fainted" in the bathroom. The ambulance was called so when I got there I was given an enema and turned out my blood pressure dropped dangerously low. I lost my appetite so I was only drinking Ensure. My advice ladies is to eat healthy but certainly a little more substance. The pain meds they give you constipate you so definitley consume plenty of fiber in your diet. OMG....I had a cough and sneeze attack after I came home from the hospital and I was like you've got to freaking kidding me this cannot be happening. It felt like a busted some sutures and was bleeding on the inside. My follow-up appointment is scheduled tomorrow afternoon so I'm anxious to discuss the recent events with my ever so-caring doctor. I've been slow walking and obviously still hunched over but it's getting better each day. I'll post new pics tomorrow and to those of you who are healing I wish you all a speedy and safe recovery. Chao!
Please make certain you eat properly. It is key to any recovery. At least you've 'moved' now. Hope you are feeling better now. I too have never seen such a long TT incision with the drain almost in your butt. Is that uncomfortable ? Truthfully, drains aren't comfortable anywhere..LOL! Take care of yourself!
Drains (donkey ball) I called mine I choose not to have mine taken out before I left DR I had mine in for 18 days what a pain in the ass but I had no draining from the opening once it was taken out at all
Dee2009, I'm feeling so much better now and not sure of the long incision but overall I'm happy with my results. I also had lipo on my flanks and not sure if that contributed to it. Yes, the drain is extremely uncomfortable. Thanks sweetie you take care of yourself as well!

2 Weeks Post-op

Well its been exactly 2 weeks today since I've had my TT and lipo to flanks and back. I'm feeling so much stronger and I thought I was well enough to drive myself to the bank and grocery store yesterday....guess what? NOT!!!!! my body cussed me out and said sit your ass down and relax. I paid for it dearly so I listened....anywho I'll be posting updated pics today and I'm still very swollen. I'm scheduled to have my drain removed tomorrow (keeping fingers crossed). I cannot wait to take a shower so I warned my kids that they'll probably be no water left after I'm done:) my drain leaks like crazy and I must say although I'm still hunched over I'm able to stand up straight about 75%....not bad for 2wks. If anyone knows where I can purchase a really good CG please let me know I'm desperate. The material with the CG that the doctor provided irritated my skin which explains the band aids from blisters I got from it. Well I guess that's enough for now and hopefully good news tomorrow. Bless all you ladies who are in the healing process and those scheduled for upcoming surgeries. My prayers are with all of you!
yeah for drains coming out!!! they say that is a big turning point
Have you heard its painful to take out?
not from dr t's patients. But on this site I have heard everything from doesn't hurt at all, to feels weird, to hurts like hell - lol. The only thing I have seen for sure on this site for the last few months is that there is not constant with anything about this healing process. You can read and learn all you want but every single person has a different story, so you really can't anticipate how you will heal. I think that is why I can't get excited or scared right now, because as much as I think I know, I really have no clue on healing or results even though I know more than I ever want to about this process :-)

2wks post-op pics as promised

Review made earlier....
Sexycubana, bummer that the drain didn't come out :( my dr said mine would be in 2-3 weeks (at least) not looking forward to that. But cheer up buttercup- that's what we're here for :) take care and hope to hear from you soon! XOXO
Thanks so much Ocbaby, I guess I shouldn't have went in thinking that I would have been an easier pill to swallow. I felt bad I lost my temper with the nurse and quickly apologized....sometimes the Cuban in me takes over. I've just got to focus on the positive and realize I have my girls on realself to vent and talk to....thank you sweetness:) XOXO back @ ya!
Looking good!

Photos of me so you ladies can see who you're talking to!

No drain out today and lost my temper but quickly apologized (I am Cuban @ the end of the day) no excuses I'm just for the best next Thursday's appt. Be well and take care ladies!

I accidentally put same photo twice...oops!

You look good
Thank you very much Golden404, What surgery have you had or having done? I gotta get rid of these fat ass thighs and huge arms tho...soon as I get the green light to workout....
WoWeee you look awesome

3 Week Update

Good morning ladies!
It's been three weeks today since I've had my surgery and I can't believe how fast the time is approaching....especially for an impatient person like me. As you all know I was unable to have me drain removed since I was doing "THE MOST" thinking I was good and had my bubble bust when told my cc's were too high....I learned my lesson that time and as I'm scheduled to return to another follow-up tomorrow to evaluate my drain being taken out. I've been doing very well and not going hard in the'm confident it's being removed. I'd like to thank jerzeejewel with the fantastic website I plan on purchasing my CG from Girl, you are so right they have everything but I still need to get a measuring tape so I order the right size. I'm a thick girl and the last thing I want to do is order the wrong size. I have to thank ALL of the "realself divas" for all of your support and encouraging words. It's been therapeautic for me to vent and talk about what I've been going through and seeing my transformation. I'm posting new pics. Oh, I can't seem to Vitamin E Oil anywhere which is odd cause I could find it when I don't need it but now that I do I can' find them anywhere. Do you ladies have any suggestions on what scar therapy seems to work? Mederma? has that worked for anyone? I'll keep you posted on my follow-up visit tomorrow and hopefully with good news! Chao my divas and happy healing to all of you and for those with upcoming surgeries....abrazos y besos (hugs and kisses) !!
Thank you anewmesoon, I've lost my appetite sooooo much that I pray loosing weight soon follows. Maybe I'll look as good as you one day;) sweetie you are looking fabulous....
Incredible transformation! You look so in proportion now. Tiny waist, you must be so happy!
Reply look "FABULOUS"! Thank you for sharing! I live in the same area as you, so I have heard of Dr. Tattelbaum. What a great summer you have ahead of you! A very confident summer, I might add!
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