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TT with Lipo on Flanks and MR

My consult day is finally here! I'm waiting for Dr...

My consult day is finally here! I'm waiting for Dr. T to come in the room. Excited and nervous at the same time. I have tons of questions...hope I don't annoy him.

As I was typing this he just popped his head in and apologized for the delay and said he would be right with me. What doctor does that?? So polite. I already like him :-)
I have also consulted with Dr. T and LOVED him. I hope your meeting was good. Looking forward to hearing more!
So I had a consult with another surgeon in Reston. They made me feel all awesome and "sure...no problem!" about the surgery. Which I think is good. But Dr. T seemed very cautious and really set my expectations for how things could look since I wasn't as close to my target weight as he wanted. I think I respect that more - i'm not looking for a miracle, just want to get rid of this saggy mess!

Sleeping On It

So I had my consult the other day with Dr. T and I have to say the reviews on this site are spot on. His overview of the process and examination were very thorough. I had prepared a list of questions for him, but I didn't have to ask 80% of them because he went over them on his own!

I am not close to my ideal weight, but I have struggled over the past few years to get the weight off. The problem is, I work my a$$ off, going to the gym, dieting, etc., and I see results everywhere except for my tummy. Then I get frustrated and upset...and fall off the wagon. Then I get back on. Rinse and Repeat. Over and over again.

I took a picture of myself the other day to post here...and I was SHOCKED at how bad it looked. I think once you are so used to looking at your "imperfection" it doesn't seem as bad....until you see it in a photo. Oooooof. It made me want to cry. I will post a before picture soon...I just haven't reached that point mentally yet.

So now, I have the paperwork to secure my date. It's filled out. And for some reason I'm second guessing my decision. Anyone else feel this way??? I have been obsessing over this decision for months. I want it sooooo bad.

Every day is a struggle. I hate getting dressed for work. I hate standing up in front of a group of people to present because I am paranoid that they are looking at my belly and wondering why the hell I look five months pregnant.

I just want to buy a pair of pants that fit my waist...and don't sag on my butt and legs.

And yet, I have this paperwork and I decided to sleep on it before faxing it over. I'm such a weirdo.

I hope to use this procedure not as a weight loss strategy, but to jumpstart it. In fact, if I never lost another pound, but my belly was not a drooping mess I'd die happy.

I'm scheduled!

December 19th! Eeeek!!
Congratulations , so happy for you !! I will look forward to hearing all about your surgery and fabulous results !
Thanks!! It feels like it will be here before I know it!
How exciting! Congratulations! I think you have made a great decision to do this for yourself and I can't imagine going with Dr. Tattelbaum will be anything but the best possible care for you. Great news!

Paid. In. Full.

We'll I guess there's no turning back now! For some reason, it doesn't feel real yet. I haven't even begun to prepare.

9 More days...

9 more days and I feel like there is something I should be doing to prepare. In addition to working full time, I am in an MBA program, and that takes up a lot of my time. We just broke for the winter break, so I have some time to actually focus on my preparing for my surgery.

I know I want to do the basics - make sure house is clean and organized, laundry done, groceries shopped, and a few meals made ahead of time. My sister will be taking care of me for a few days, while the Hubby keeps the kids busy. They'll be out on Christmas break, so that will take some effort :)

Besides those things, what am I missing? I have gotten some suggestions from RealSelfers on scar treatments like BioOil and those silicone sheets. The PS office told me to start taking fiber supplements a few days before the surgery. When I had my c sections, I took Colace, so maybe I will also get some of that.

My mom's place, where I will be recovering has a recliner, which is awesome. I have read many posts where you all have said that makes life a lot easier, especially sleeping.

Oh, one question. So they said to wear a favorite underwear to get marked up in. The problem is, my lower stomach hangs over, so I don't really have a favorite underwear (because my "apron" makes everything look like crap!).

Do I do a thong, or a low rise panty?? So confused. Any advice would be appreciated Real Self Sisters!!
Wear the underwear you want to be wearing with your hot new tummy. It is for incision/scar placement. Think nothing of that old belly in those underwear, its days are numbered and will have nothing to do with your future! As for post-op supplies, I've heard many many posters say Milk of Magnesia ("MoM") was key for being able to take a BM. I don't know firsthand as I did not have any constipation issues. For me, a huge help was LOTS of pillows, they helped cushion all the sore and tender parts. And practice using your arms to help you get up and down- you cannot engage your abs as it is excruciating to do so for several days. Same goes if you sneeze or cough, so you might want to have some throat lozenges just in case. Best wishes to you- your time is almost here!!
Thanks for the advice! Cough drops is smart - I will definitely do that. My kids haven't been feeling well and have been coughing and sniffling. With my luck I will get sick right before my surgery.

'Twas the night before TT

Seriously can't believe the time is near. I have been so busy with home, kids, work and school that I haven't had time to mentally prepare. My surgery time is 10am. Have to be there by 9. Feeling nervous and anxious!

Skipped the work Xmas party to have dinner with my husband and kids. Didn't want to be running around trying to get things done. Can't drink alcohol so what's the point anyway right??

Here's the dreaded before picture. Barf.
Good luck tomorrow. I'll be praying for ally Realself sisters having their procedures done. I had my TT done today. Had Exparel injection so my pain level is staying nice and low.
How are you doing?? I feel like days 3-5 are the worst??
Doing pretty well. The Exparel has helped me a lot. My pain levels have stayed below 5. Each day I'm walking a little more up right. My brother asked for some family pics for a project and we didn't have anything recently, so a friend of mine helped us out and we got some nice shots. Amazingly my jeans were too big prior to surgery so they fit for the pictures. I'll post a couple later. Hope you are feeling better today.


So made it here on time - early in fact - and all the paperwork is filled out. Just waiting for the nurse to come get me. I feel like I should feel more nervous.

On the flat side...

So everything went pretty well yesterday! I actually got a good nights sleep despite my nerves. Although I have to admit I wasn't that nervous. Strangely enough I gel relatively calm. I think all these years of hating my jelly rolls, I couldn't wait to get rid of them.

The staff at the surgery center were AMAZING. so sweet. Arrived a little early and filled out all the paperwork. Then Dr T took me back to get marked up, take pictures etc.

Then they took me to the surgery room and before I knew it, I was OUT! Surgery took a little longer (3 hours) because apparently i was having trouble breathing due to the MT.

Dr. T had to loosen the muscle tightening a little. Also they had to give a catheter which I took home.

Pain was tolerable but I felt nauseous gave me some anti nausea meds, got me dressed and I went home! My sister has been my nurse since Hubby is home with the kids. He can't handle blood!!

I have been staying on top of my pain meds and walking hunched over, bit overall I am doing well!! Dr. t called last night to check on me. He was so awesome- I love his honesty and caring demeanor. Seriously, if you are considering him, CHOOSE HIM!

My sis took my catheter out and I have already peed - no BM yet bit I have been taking Colace to prepare :-)

OH - some of you have wondered how to clean yourself in the bathroom! When I had my csections they have me a peri bottle (I think that's what they call it); it's basically a squirt bottle. VERY HELPFUL to clean down there since you can't shower. Just FYI. I asked them for me and they gave it to me.

Anyway hope all my TT REAL friends had good surgeries yesterday. I feel thankful and blessed that things went well!!

Too scared to open binder..but looks good so far

Ouch :-(

Pain is really kicking in today. I thought I was mentally prepared but this is one of those days where I'm wondering what the hell I got myself into. I know it will get better but I'm tired of walking hunched over. It's killing my back!! Drain is not that bad...just want to open my binder but too afraid to do so. Have my follow up appt on Tuesday with Eve since Dr T is out of town. He did call me again last night to check in on me. He is so sweet.

How are you all doing??

How are my December 19th ladies doing?? This is tougher than I thought. Just woke up - it's about 5 am and I can't go to sleep. Just took some Percocet to help with the pain which seems to be at 8 right now. Feel like I'm being a burden on my family - although my sister says of course not. Thank God for her. Hubby,while good intentioned, would not have been the right person to take Care of me.

Skin starting to itch - assuming this is a good thing? Nerves reactivating or something technical like that lol.

Wish I could fast forward. I hate being this immobile.
Congratulations! I hope recovery gets easier for you. I understand your feelings. It's hard to be dependent on others and keep your chin up when you might be feeling like "I chose to do this to my healthy body??" But it will get better and you will be left with great results! Happy holidays to you!
Thank you! Trying to get through day by day. Harder than I thought!

Where is the #%?%#?!\ poop fairy????

Day 3 without makin a deposit. Ugh.

Mission Accomplished!!

Finally made a deposit!!! I feel like a new woman. Gonna try and switch to Tylenol today for pain. Still using the walker a little because my back hurts like. a. mother.!!

First post op appt tomorrow. Can't wait to see what's going on under this binder!
I had my own little celebration when I made my first deposit after surgery. To get there I was taking a stool softener twice daily and the night before I took two gentle laxatives. I was tired of playing around. Good luck at your first post op. I can't wait to see how you are doing.
Me neither. Have my first follow up today and will post pics.
Yay! Can't wait to see!!

Post Op Appointment

Had my first postop appointment. Dr T is in vaca so I saw Eve. How awesome is she?

She took off my binder for the first time since they put it on. I don't know why I was expecting something scary to be going on in there lol. She removed the gauze which hurt like a #%^>?! And I wondered why the hell i didn't take my pain meds before I left for the appt.

Anyhow things looked....pretty good! The stiches are definitely no joke. My c sections scars had been sealed with dermabond so this was an adjustment. However I noticed that my c section scar had been removed! Cool. The scar is pretty low although he did have to do an extended incision due to lower fat roll.

Still a lot of swelling but hardly ANY bruising from the lipo on my flanks.

So far I'm pretty happy although I hope things will flatten out more. I'm not skinny and Dr T said he might not be able to get me totally flat. I'm ok with that but a girl can dream can't she?!?

Here's a pic at my appt. I will post more once I figure out this whole selfie thing while looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame. :-) Happy healing ladies!!!
Looking good so far!! Keep taking it easy. I noticed as the days hit better I could stand up straighter. But then as I got toward the end if the day and was getting tired I would start hunching over again. Hope you had a Merry Christmas with your family.
Thanks, you too. Sometimes i feel i can stand up straight and it makes me excited and then hunched over later...not so much :)
Eve is awesome!!!! Good luck in your recovery!!

Feeling Blue and Annoyed With The World

One week post op. I'm still walking hunched over, my back hurts like a freaking freight train hit it and I am bored outta my freakin mind. I'm still at my mom's, with my sister helping me out. She is a God send. Hubby has been home with the kids for the past three days and while it has been quiet and calm, I miss them.

He's gonna bring them around today and I am considering going home. There's nothing better than the feeling of your own bed, your own space that makes you feel better. Maybe that'll help? I haven't left the house in a week, except for my follow up appt. Since I'm one of those people that can't sit still and am running my ass around everywhere, this prison sentence is making me freakin depressed!

I probably won't get my drain out for another week (%#!$#).

Last night in bed, I felt like my abs were so swollen they were about to split open. Is this the "swell hell" that everyone talks about?! In the pictures, it is hard to tell how swollen you guys are so I don't know if what I have is normal.

Overall, I thought I'd be further along than this, but I guess I need to be patient. I just want to feel better already....and wear something other than a pair of yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt!


Oh...and this BETTER be WORTH it! I am questioning myself now....
I totally understand where you are coming from. Feeling the same way today minus the exploding abs. I went for my post op today and was told I had to wait one more week before having my drain removed. They want to see less than 25cc per day for at least three days before they remove it. I was so frustrated I went for a walk, which I do when I have no control over things, and ended up going into swell hell. Otherwise my swelling has not been horrible. So I guess you can say we are on this emotional roller coaster together. At the end of the ride, it will be soooo worth it to have our sexy bodies back.
I sure hope so. I'm trying not to check progress or take pics everyday. I think week to week is a good indicator. I just can't take the ups and downs! My swelling is better today. I am trying to drink 100+ oz of water a day. That seems to help.
That feeling is compeletely normal..When the time pass you wil see it worths!Hang in there..Take it easy and get rest :) Happy healing!

Home Sweet Home & More Blues

Today I am having one of those days where I am wondering what the hell I got myself into. One day is good, the next day is bad...shouldn't it be getting progressively better?

My husband goes back to work on Monday and although I'll be working from home all week, I am really worried how I will be able to make it to school on 1/3.

I am still walking hunched over and I am SWELLING like a thanksgiving day balloon. I keep telling myself this is normal but I don't believe myself.

I came home yesterday from my moms and hubby has been awesome. I know he thinks I am crazy on some level. Last night I was sitting and folding laundry while we watched TV together. I pointed to my and and said "see! No rolls when I sit down. I know it's a lot of pain but I'm happy!" And hubby said, if you're happy I'm happy." He kills me when I least expect it!

So yesterday I'm happy today I'm miserable. Period is coming soon. Maybe that is why? Have you all experienced this??

Somebody Really Likes Me

I guess Somebody up there feels I deserve a good day. Woke up feeling pretty decent and walking easier. Not really feeling any pain, just swelling as usual. My drainage is going down day by day. Hopefully should get it out by this thursday (fingers crossed!)

Swell check

When I take a picture full on, it looks flat. But the side view tells a different story. Anyone have this much swelling??
Yes me. My swelling is awful. Worse than yours. You can see a pic in the doctors questions section. I'm just hoping it's extreme but normal?
Wow. Yes I would follow dr advice and call your doc again. That looks very swollen. Let me know what happens!!
They were taken a few days ago it's not quite so bad now but far from flat, and still that big lump on one side. Thing is it doesn't feel like an emergency and so feel a bit of a pain ringing the hospital if it's just swelling? Have emailed some pics to PS assistant but think she's off for the hols.

crying game

Took another shower today, this time with the shower chair my mom sent over. I didn't want to get out!! Felt so good. When I was done, I sat there and was drying myself....I had a good cry. I was like where the heck is that coming from??? I think we all try to hold ourselves up to such high standards. My house is not up to my cleanliness standards, I can't really cook and I wanna get the heck outta this house!!! I know I will look back on this and hopefully laugh at myself. This too shall pass.


"My buddy, my buddy, my buddy and meeeeeeee!" I feel like I will never get rid of this drain. I am officially 2 weeks PO and had my follow up with Dr. T today. Oh, I love that man. So sweet. Love seeing his smiling face....until he looks at my drainage chart and says, "I don't think this is coming out today, I'm sorry to say. We're not trying to punish you, this is for your safety."

My health? My safety? Can't argue with that. Can't say I wasn't upset. Damn I want to get rid of this thing! I guess it didn't help that he milked the drain and HUUUUUGE blood clot came out. Wonderful timing, you long slimy red traitor. Damn you to hell!

So now I have class tomorrow and I have to figure out what to wear that will conceal it well. I was thinking of wearing a dress and running the drain down the inside of my thigh and let it hang there like a ball, a la Lance Armstrong? Any thoughts?!?!?

Follow up on Monday again with Dr. T and hopefully I can hold a funeral for this little plastic bastard.

On a side note, swelling is going down, and I am starting to feel MUCH better. Just have to remember to still take it easy.

I would wear an empire waist dress and clip it to the top of my binder under my breast. It wasn't as noticible. Especially if the dress was a little loose at the waist line. I feel for you. I was told 1-2 weeks I was so hoping to get mine out at the 1 week mark and was told when it drained less the 25 cc per day for three days in a row, then it is safe to remove it. It prevents getting seromas. Good luck to you.
Thanks! I ended up clipping it to the side of my binder with a dress. I wore a cardigan because and it camouflaged it well! Thanks for the tip! And definitely don't want a Soroma ...better safe than sorry!
Same thing I would do if I went out in public. Dressing in layers hides a lot.

RIP Plastic Bastard!

Officially. Drain. Free. The world seems full of so many possibilities! Like not thinking about how to go to the bathroom without yanking on my drain. Sleeping on my side! Not having to think about how to camouflage this annoying appendage when out at social events...

Eve was awesome at pulling that sucka out. It didn't hurt at all!

Back to the office tomorrow and I hope I can stand up straighter than I am now!
You look great! Sorry you are sick too! How is your healing going?
Thanks! Feeling like crap right now but healing is going well! I have noticed the swelling on flanks from the lipo has gone down a bit. Still feels a little sore though.

Almost 4 weeks post op

Had my three week checkup with Dr T on Monday. Everything looks good but he thought I might have some fluid. Said it was hard to tell in fuller figured women like maself...;-)

Anyway, he did put a needle in just to be safe and looks like nothing came out.

He have me the go ahead to start using scar therapy. He recommended vitamin e and cocoa butter and massaging it. He said I could buy all sorts of expensive "potions" and creams but he doesn't really endorse that. Just speeds up the process but doesn't change actual results. My scar seems to be pretty light so I think I will be happy with it.

In other news I got the flu this week and between the coughing and sneezing I am sure I busted a stitch or something. Not feeling too good about that.
You are looking good. Sorry to hear about the flu bug. At one of my follow up appts we were talking about how laughing and coughing hurt, then the gal asked if I had sneezed. I'm like noooo. Then a day or do later I sneezed and thought I was going to die it hurt sooo much. I learned if I fold in half it didn't hurt as much. I hope you feel better real soon. Take 1000mg of vitamin C and drink lots of fluids.

6 Weeks PO and A Minor Crisis!!

Starting to feel better today when I noticed that my stitches have open on one side of my belly. WTH!?!?!? The incision has opening a little and I am freaking out. Just left a message at the doctor's office. Of course this had to happen close to 5 o'clock.

I HOPE someone calls me back today!!

I thought i've been being careful...have I been standing up too straight?

Having this bad cough for three weeks probably hasn't helped either.

I am having visions of this huge would opening up and I swear I will freak the f*#% out if that happens!!


Dr. Adam Tattlebaum

I am so happy I picked Dr. Tattlebaum. He's careful, thoughtful, and commits to doing the BEST job he can do. His education, training and experience is impeccable. All things to consider when you consider giving over your body to someone else's hands! He is also compassionate, and more importantly, he is HONEST. He's not going to sell you a dream that he can't achieve. I appreciate that he is set reasonable expectations (and then surpassed them). If you're in the DC area and even considering plastic surgery, you must at least do a consult with him!

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