7 months and loving it!

I am 51, have 2 grown children and grandchildren....

I am 51, have 2 grown children and grandchildren. I have hated my stomach for almost 30 years. I am just now getting serious about having it fixed - thus my "never too late" title. I have never been overweight and only gained 26 pounds during my pregnancies but my dr said it is just how my skin reacted to being stretched. I am fine with the way I look in clothes, I do P90X at least 4 days a week if not more, but the stretch marks and skin will go away as well all know. I feel like I have alot of good years left to wear a bikini and I want to do it again. I have read your stories and found a dr on here and have an appt on Feb 28th. I am very excited. The "add a photo" option is not working - any suggestions?


Time will fly especially bc nice weather is here. I can't wait to see ur post op pics I will be following u :)
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You are gonna look amazing in that bikini :)
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Thanks - wish I could go sooner

Ok, so I went into Vic Secs today for some new...

Ok, so I went into Vic Secs today for some new undies and although I have always bought sexy things in there (nasty stomach and all), today the thoughts of being able to be more confident in those cute things was overwhelming!!! I know it will be months away for me - but am so happy for some of you that can have fun shopping now!!! Woo Hoo!!! I have to keep focused on that and not the pain! My lovely daughter says "Mom, beauty is pain" Love her!!


This is your month! Excited for you and hope it goes smoothly- pre and post op. Enjoy your summer and ability to move freely and doing the max your body can normally do for the next few weeks. Many times recovery can be very emotional and requires patience for healing and seeing results, but long term it is a drop in the bucket. Keep that in mind as the summer eludes you post op. looking forward to hearing more. This Dr. Tattelbaum certainly carries a stellar reputation.
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Thanks so much - yes I am counting on that reputation - lol!
24 more days!!
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Hurry up and Wait

Well, I think I am as ready as I will ever be. The time has really flown and I have learned so much from all of you who have shared your stories. What I have learned is that no 2 of us are alike and everyone heals differently.

My granddaughter is officially 7 days late and I have changed my airline tickets to fly out this Wed in hopes of holding her before my surgery next week. Hope she is here soon. I am sure I will update again before I go in. Looking forward to recovery with the support base here!


You are brave to do both at the same time!
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Glad you made it through to the new you. Big hugs Shelly xoxo
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Thanks Shelly. This forum is even more important now than it was before :-)

5 days po today

Sorry it updated my title before I got to post. Anyway I am post op day 5 and this is my first post although I have been commenting and asking questions on the forum. I have been amazed to date that it has not been what I thought it would be. I started taking my pain meds right away and really never had any pain. Day 1 was fine and then on day 2 I didn't eat enough and got sick and threw up twice --ouch that was not fun. So make sure you Are at least eating crackers before you pain meds. I have been sleeping well but waking myself up to take meds and get up and move so I don't get stiff. Day 4 I had 1 pain pill at 9:30 in the morning and nothing since then. My neighbor came over to wash my hair and do my nails which was nice but I really had swelling from sitting up for so long. But it felt good. I am envious of you girls who have posted pics so quickly. I am scared to look. Lol. I go back for my post op July 2nd - tomorrow so ill post some then. All I know is that since I did implants and no lift I have frankenboobs and it will take 3-6 months to drop and fluff, he didn't have to do a verticals, he was able to get all of my old appendix scar out and I still have stretch marks but I don't know the extent. Those are all things dr t told me after surgery.

Oh and my granddaughter was born 10 days late on June 20th and I was able to make it for the birth - an amazing thing to watch. So that was a total God thing for me to be able to do before my surgery. So now I am comparing engorged feeling boobs with my daughter and sleeping habits with my new granddaughter..lol. We are even gonna compare bb when her umbilical cord falls off and I unveil mine... We will watch them change. Just a little humor. Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully pics tomorrow


Good to hear you are doing great. Can't wait to see your results
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Glad all is well. Congrats
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Yay! Congrats to you AND your new grandbaby!
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First pics post op day 7

Here are a couple of boobie pics - po day 7. started wearing the boobie strap yesterday to help them drop. I'll post more and some of the tummy as soon as I am brave enough to take the binder off at home


Hey hot muma!!! You must feel amazing. ..im so happy for you xoxo
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Your boobs look amazing! I'm very jealous. :-)
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Whoa! Mamma! Looks good...I'd be interested in seeing your Dr uses the strap---hmmm - some seem to and others don't--just personal preference I suppose. :0)
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po day 1- finally looked - new pics

A little scare today - felt light headed and very winded, my ps told me to go to the er to be checked out blood work, ekg and cat scan and thank God, everything was fine. not sure what happened and pray it doenst happen again.

I finally took the binder off yesterday and have posted new pics. I am happy with everything I

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oops hit the wrong button

I am happy with everything I am seeing so far. scar looks higher to me in the pics than I think it looks in person. boobs have a lot of dropping to do but in a couple of the pics I am holding my arms back and that makes them look a little better


How is your recovery going? I hope you are doing well and things are going smoothly. Congratulations on your new granddaughter...such an exciting summer for you. I had a consultation with Dr. T today. What an amazing man, just so sincere, informative, knowledgeable and kind. I see why he is so highly regarded on this site. Take care!
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I would recommend him a million times over! I don't think they get much better. I love my results at 3 weeks. I am doing well back to life and work. Swelling a good bit but that is normal. I go back for my 4 week check up next Tuesday I took some pics last night so ill get them posted this weekend. I didn't realize how bad I looked before until I compare my before and after. Did you set a date?
You do look fabulous but you did not look bad at all before! But of course, our self-images vary, it's all relative and what bothers one person is different than what bothers the next. I understand why you are so thrilled and why you'd be a fan of Dr. T's. I have not set a date yet. I have already had a TT, now looking into a BL. He actually "undersold" me on what I went in thinking I was looking for, meaning suggested less procedures than I expected to want/need. Everything he said just made sense and I felt like I was his only care in the world. Happy that your recovery is going well & thank you for sharing so candidly!

4 weeks!!

Went for my 4 week apt yesterday and Dr. t is pleased as am I. Other than a little light headedness occasionally (not sure what that is about), I am doing well. Swell of course and still hunched over when I first stand up from sitting for a while. Back to work at 2 weeks. I am cleared to start back on my supplements and to do some light walking on the treadmill and light upper body workouts. Need to be a little more aggressive with the implants since they need to drop some more. posting a couple of before and after


You look beautiful! Seriously great results! But you looked pretty darn good before! I would never guess your age. Keep up the good work, you're super hot. I can't wait to start working out, need to tone up!
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Wow, I think you look fantastic! Great results. Loving your new bod!
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2 months today - new pics

hard to believe it has been 2 months. I feel back to normal for the most part. I have been walking on the treadmill and doing arm exercises with only 10 pounds. I am back on my supplements and will start working back into P90X next week. I am wearing spanx during the day and nothing at night. still wearing the boobie band although the girls are dropping nicely - left one still has some work to do. I am SOOO glad I didn't do the lift. I am totally happy with everything. working on the scar now. I am the "worth it" point!


Love the outfit that you wore to answer the door! Confidence makes it that much better! Hope your man LOVED IT!! :)
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missed these pics

I hope everyone is enjoying their new bodies as much as I am!!


You look amazing!
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Love your new pics! You're looking beautiful!
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You look amazing!!!
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7 months and thrilled

well, I have hit the 7 month timeframe and am extremely happy! I feel back to normal and am exercising pretty much the way I did before - some moves are still difficult and I don't push it. I am up 8 pounds since the surgery - most of it over the holidays. I have a side by side before and after and I still can't believe it. This was totally worth it! heading to mexico with 5 new bikinis - will post some pics of those later - so fun to shop now! Take care everyone!

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new suit from vic secs!


You look beautiful in that swim suit.. Totally rocking it.. thanks for sharing :)
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U look great
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He did a great job on you! Your boobs look really natural! Do you have a profile shot? I might eventually go for that but I'm a 34D so I think a small lift is all I will want. Anyway, Dr. T dies amazing work!
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Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough about Dr. T. I loved the pictures of people that went before me and I love my new body. He is extremely skilled - great belly buttons and I don't know of any revisions that have needed done on the tummy tucks. I felt I had amazing care and would recommend him to anyone.

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