11 weeks post-op scar & belly button pic. & has anyone experience Pain in Pubic Area like pinching, stabbing, needles tingling

Hello, I am 32 years old, I have 2 children 13...

Hello, I am 32 years old, I have 2 children 13 years old and a 6 years old I'm scheduled for TT w/flanks lipo and hernia repair on June 13.
i'm so so scared, nervous and have anxiety! I know this will be worth it. i decide to have tummy tuck about 2 month now. Dr T was the first consultation i did for tummy tuck and i like him i took 100 questions with me i didn't get to ask him any because he answer all of them before i even ask. my fiance said take your time do other consultation before you decide i told him his the one. before i went to consultation i did my home work i check him out and i love his work. I told my parents about this they said i'm crazy not to do it so now i'm hiding it from them it told them I'm having a hernia repair they will freak out if they find out my parents don't believe on having plastic surgery. then i told my fiance he said i'm crazy too...to do some crunch and that will do it. he don't see anything wrong with my stomach he still don't want me to get it but i already decide and i told him i need his support i have to tell him the truth because i'm need him to take a few days off to take care me. It's just 1 week away I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the pain i don't have no pain tolerances. so decide to joint real self so i can have some support I'm gonna need it since i can't tell none of my family member they all think I'm just getting a hernia repair.

Thank you so much ladies this mean a lot to me....

Thank you so much ladies this mean a lot to me. One week from now is my big day and I'm ready but I'm so scared, anxious, nervous I was hoping to get some comfort from my fiancé but his worse than me his freaking out too. I am having mixed emotions now. Did I make the right decision but at the same time I have high confident and trust my PS His very knowledgeable that put me at ease a little :) and he comes off as a skilled, technical and confident surgeon that why I pick him and I liked his before and after pictures patients that I seen.

This is it, 2 more days is my day I'm excited...

This is it, 2 more days is my day I'm excited anxious and nervousI can't sleep or eat anymore i think I'm losing it..

Tomorrow is my big day i just got the call to be...

Tomorrow is my big day i just got the call to be there at 9:00AM I have everything ready and good luck to all the ladies having their surgeries today,tomorrow, soon...ladies thank you for all your support it really help and pray for me please I'm trying to stay calm :)

Surgery went well home relaxing. day 2 post op...

Surgery went well home relaxing.
day 2 post op pain and sore muscles, getting in and of the bed it's the most difficult part for me right now i need hep for this but I'M doing well. will updated later,

Hello ladies thanks for all your advised coudn't...

Hello ladies thanks for all your advised coudn't make it without. u I'm still hunched over, my back is killing me and getting in and out of the bed is horible i can't take it no more I'm out of breath so fast when I'm walking around the house i want to take pic. but i can't stand straight to do it but it's comig soon The pain today is more tolerable .my Fiance and my daughter has been a tremendous help i cound't make it without them either sorry for the typo i have my alarrm on and been taking my pains med. every 4 hours i don't even know the date or the time..i just ask my daughter to take this pic. here there are

Hello ladies you see how freak out I was b4...

Hello ladies you see how freak out I was b4 surgery I haven't fell any pains at all i take my pain med. on time every 4 hours and swelling is not bad at all I'm so surprise how well I been handling this thanks to all of u..love u all. My diet soup,craker,Gatorade yogurt ,apple sauce. I have appt. tomorrow at 2 I hope they take this drains out i haved only one drain but its getting on my nerve I can't take it anymore beside that I'm felling great. Thank you ladies for taking me thru this journey I couldn't do it without u all.

Hello ladies it's been a week today yeahh i went...

Hello ladies it's been a week today yeahh i went to see my PS yesterday he wasn't there he had already told me he wasn't to be there i saw his assistant EVE she was very nice she said everythig look great and i'm not really swelling wish is great.the bad news i have to leave this damn drain for another week. i don't think I'm swelling maybe is my eyes playing with me. you ladies let me know and I'M not felling any pains either. sorry for the tipo I'm still on my med. here a the pic

Oh ladies i forgot for the pic.I'm still...

Oh ladies i forgot for the pic.I'm still hunch-over they told me not to stand straight for a another week I hope next week I'll be able to stand traight and give you a good pic.. And thanks for all your supports again couldn't do it without all your kinds words.

1 Weeks Post op recovering is excellent Im not...

1 Weeks Post op recovering is excellent

Im not felling any pain I'm bless the only thing I'm felling is soreness on my flanks from the lipo that it.
I was incredibly nervous about having this elective procedure, but I am so thankful I had it done and would do it again in a heartbeat. My stomach looks incredible. I would do my best to updated pic. ounce a week.
Over all i would say my experience has been great and i have a great support system here at real self.
I do not regret my decision My tummy tuck was the best thing I ever did for myself!
I hope this has been helpful. Dont be afraid like I was. DO IT! Take back your body (ladies or men ).

Good luck!

Alright ladies today was my 2 weeks appt. my PS...

Alright ladies today was my 2 weeks appt. my PS took my drain out. Since the tummy tuck i been doing real good but today I'm SO SO DOWN and i don't even know why. Today is just not my day it's one of those day. Anyway i bought this dress about 2 years ago but never wear it because everytime i try it u will think I'm 5 month pregnant even do I'm really really donw today i decided to try the dress. I said the drain is out i want to see how this dress look on me now. I want it to show u ladies too I'm a still look pregnant :)

3 weeks post op I saw Eve today she said...

3 weeks post op I saw Eve today she said everything look good I'm healing very fast and I can start using vitamine E on my scar.

Today was my four weeks appt. with Dr T. Still...

Today was my four weeks appt. with Dr T. Still swelling on my flanks and lower AB and I probably will he said for the next 6 month to a year. I'm still sleeping on my back I went back to work this Monday I do desk job and my back Is killing me by the time I get off work at 5pm. when I get home I can't not do anything but to get on my bed and all I want to do it's scream this back pain are no joke Dr T. said I may fell that back pain for the next 3 to 4 weeks to take the valium when I get home it will help with the back pain he said it's because of all the skin stretching he did and the more I'm trying to walk straight the more my back will hurt I'm almost walking straight right now. And he said my belly button look good I didn't take pic. Of my belly button I'll do that next week. Someone ask me to get a closer pic. Of my scar that how close I got I hope that help. Happy healing ladies.

I saw PS DR T. last Thursday my belly button was...

I saw PS DR T. last Thursday my belly button was looking perfect I was in love two days later this think on the right side start growing its beige stuff coming out of it I'm freaking out my fiancé think it's infected he think I should have been covering it they never told me to cover it when I take shower. My PS he did told me last week he wasn't going to be there this week his traveling to contact his assistant if I need to come in or anything I just call she's out too today now I'm here freaking out I did spoke to her Monday she ask me to put gauze on top of it that what I been doing but I'm not seeing any change. Now let’s go on my left flanks it refused to go down it seen like it's the only place still swelling since my surgery but I’m so worry about my belly button I don't even care about my left flanks right now. I forgot to mention the only think I'm using right now it's vitamin E and I was putting it on my belly button so that may cause whatever it's happening right now. I knew everything was going to perfect on a good side I weight myself this morning I lost 15 pound since the surgery.

Hi Ladies I just come from my PS office my PS...

Hi Ladies I just come from my PS office my PS still not back but I saw his assistant she said it's
definitely not infection it's just Scar Tissue Stitch Trying To Work Itself Out she try to see if maybe I still have some fluid but nothing came out so she said I'm good no fluid and I can start again the vitamin E only on my scar. But she still want me to come back Tuesday my PS will be there so he can check it out too. So for now she said just keep the gauze on I'll give you updated Tuesday once I leave the office.

I can't believe I'm already two month post op. You...

I can't believe I'm already two month post op. You all remember how I was freaking out few weeks ago about my belly button. I love my new little belly button, my flat tummy and no more muffin top yeahhh. Love my new body everything looks great I'm feeling like I'm on my teen years all over again LOL :) still having swelling on my left flanks that swelling refused to go away but it's not tight anymore and the swelling is not that bad . I'm already sleeping on my side but I can't wait to sleep on my tummy I don't know when that will happen :( .I'm finally feeling like myself again no more walking bind the pain and swelling come and go but they not bad. I saw my PS last Thursday he said I love your result I told him so do Iol. He start seeing me every 3 weeks so I want to start doing monthly updated. Good luck ladies hang in there and happy healing :)

11 weeks post- opt today everything is going well...

11 weeks post- opt today everything is going well but this past 5 days I been feeling stabbing and pinching pain in the pubic area it's very painful it hurts like hell all I want to do is scream the pain come and goes away I may feel it every 20 or 30 minutes for like a minute. I am experiencing extreme sensitivity, burning, shocking feelings throughout my pubic area. I don't know how to calm it. I call my PS they told me it's nothing I can do what I describe is very normal and typically the discomfort will resolve that region is very tender. It's the nerves repairing and becoming accustomed to their new positions. And it's indication that nerves are intact or growing back and When it wakes up you feel that pins and needles tingling sensation. Is there anything I can do to ease these feelings?
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

A have an excellent PS DR. TALLELBAUM you the best right After my surgery he came to check on me and maybe 2 hours after i got home he call me to see how I'm doing and if i have any questions he goes extra miles. And my nurse her name is HOPE she's the best i will give her a 10*star she take such a good care of me. DR Tattlelbaum was professional, kind, and informative. He was extremely sensitive to me i didn't express how scared i was but he knew i was scared he comfort me. He works in a beautiful and clean office. The entire staff they very nice and amazing! I can only say good things about Dr T. He is a very honest and is truely skilled he give me my body back. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure, the risks along with the benefits and gave me realistic expectations that I feel were fully met. I am so glad that I choose this Doctor. And i will come back for my breast reduction and lift :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your pics look great - are you still following real self, if so give us an update. Thanks
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How are you doing? Has the tingling & pinching feeling gotten any better?
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Hey Nayd80! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues. I just made it to the flat lands only to find my wingman in pain! This can't be! I really hope that you get some relief soon. I will keep you in my prayers!
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HI Cherrybabi I been having some nerves pains it's the worst pain I never have but it's getting better. U did it cherrybabi I'm so happy for you:)
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You look so good!
I too am experiencing the electrical tingling feeling it pretty much comes and goes. It all happens in my incision area. I don't use anything since, the tingling isn't bothersome to me. My PS says its all part of the nerves repairing itself.
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Thank you Ready2XOver. I feel it around my incision area and my pubic area it move around i wish i was lucky like you but my bother me it hurt like hell my PS said the samething it's the nerves I took ibuprofen yesterday it help but today it's not helping that much.
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Hey nay you look really good. Are you working out? and do you still wear your compression garment? Im coming along great, still trying to remain patient with my issue of the doggy ears tho.
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Hi New York2952 thank you. I saw your pic. you look real good that stomach is so flat. Right now I'm wearing spanx when I'm at work that it. we have to be patient we going thru so much with this TT but we look good :)
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Hi! You look absolutely gorgeous!! For my stinging and tingling (which i still get 10 mts out) i use arincare arnica gel! It works great, even works pretty good for the swelling! I brought a tube but not sure where i got it at. may have ordered it off line (maybe ebay). I haven't had to buy anymore cause its a pretty big tube and its lasted.
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Hi Tmonie12 thank you for the advised I used arnica gel a month after my surgery to help with swelling but I'm out I been thinking about getting another one. I'm glad to heard I'm not the only one going thru that stinging and tingling I never heard it before so I was like what's going on right now I'm using ibuprofen it's helping a little. thank you Tmonie12
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No problem! My PS said it was my nerves reconnecting and it may continue for up to a year! Good luck!
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Hi Nayd80 no I haven't heard of this! the leg nerve pain yes but not what you are saying down there. Have you tried swimming yet? I went and it was the weirdest feeling. Try to do some swimming and it should give you a good idea where exactly this pain is coming from. The weightless ness make me feel every muscle repair! I feel like I have a ab of a teenager but only when in the water. I hope this may help you! You're rocking those dresses!
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Hi Newsue you 4 weeks post-op already you look real good you so flat. Sue I never heard about it either until it happen to me my PS is telling me it's my nerves waking up it hurt like hell. I been thinking about swimming than I get scare my muscle may hurt. But I'm give it a try since you already swimming and you fine. Thank you Newsue
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Hey nayd just read your update. I was having the same sensation in the same area. My PS told me the same thing. That it is normal and the nerves are readjusting themselves. The pain will not last very long. I think I had it for about a week. There is not a lot that can be done when it happens. I massaged the area, and a mild pain reliever might be helpful.
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Hi wonj I'm glad to heard I'm not the only one I never heard anybody complaint about that before so i was like what's going on I try neosporin, tylenol and massage with vitamine E but nothing help. Someone told me to try ibuprofen this morning I did and it's helping the pain it's mild now I hope it stay like this. This pain is no joke. Thank you Wonj :)
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No problem! :)
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i just wanted to say, that u look awsome...u could walk down the red carpet any with all the other gals..........i too just told a few people also for the same reasons as yours.....I m so lucky to hav my husband, who has been my best support....i have been thinking about a tt for over 2 years, and finally one day, it popped in my head to do it and I made the appt. and forward I went.I m now 12 days po and will go and get some stitches out tommorrow at my appt. i m so so happy that i did this for myself, it is nice to look at my new belly and not feel all that pudgey jelly belly anymore......wishing you and everyone to have happy days ahead..........:)
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Thank you happygrammy it does feel good not having that pregnant looking belly of my anymore :) I still have long way to go my PS said. I'm happy for you and happy healing to you too.
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Thanx, nayd80, it sure is nice to connect with other tt gals and what they r going thru too. i raised 4 children, youngest is 22 now and gramma to 3 grandbabies. My birthday was in July and turned 54 and got myself a birthday present....my tt........so so worth it.....i like you looked prego and even was asked about if I was............the only way i kind felt good is if i at like a bird........lol..and i snow ski,run, work out , do gardening, etc............take care
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happygrammy we have to treat our self from time to time you give yourself a nice birthday gift nice move. I said on my 35th birthday I'm treat myself with a breast lift I'm done with having baby's now I want my body back. Take care :)
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ihi Nayd80., just got most of my stiches out today and my ps, said how well i m healing, He did a super job I told him. I so agree we need to take care of ourselves, we so deserve a treat now and then. That was a thought in my head to do next....Mayb for my 55 birthday and the loan for this tt is paid....heheheheh........Happy healing to u girl...now off to the dentist.....yea...........
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Hi happygrammy how you feeling now that you got your stiches out?
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You look so very good, your body is beautiful now!!! I know your happy!
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Thank you foxxsey1 I'm happy with my result I still have long way to go :) and you look good too. My next goal is breast lift I already have consultation with my PS he said my breast are too big and heavy I need reduction first. If I get result like yours that would be great.
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You look AWESOME!!!! :)
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