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As I read through the comments here, I just wanted...

As I read through the comments here, I just wanted to share my experience with the progress and why I selected Clear Choice, When I 1st enquired about implants over a year ago, I got a quote from a dentist that advertised that they did implant surgery and another competitor to CC before I went back to Clear Choice recently. I'll just say this, I'm getting the work done at CC because the Rockville Maryland office made me feel completely comfortable from the moment I arrived at their office.
I entered the office for my free consultation as the receptionist (Jennifer) was fielding a phone call about someone enquiring about the cost as I had a year ago. Once she checked me in, I was seated for a very short while then a Clear Choice consultant by the name of John came out, gave me a tour of the facility before he took this state of the art imaging machine took all of these pictures of my bad smile and teeth. I thought the cost would be probably out of my comfort level and I was 100% correct. It had taken me a year to put aside as much money as I could save took the year and saved as I was going through a divorce and my credit took a hit in the process. They had options to suit me without having to use a finance company and let me say this, if it was so easy, every dental office would offer implants without jerking you around with outrageous cost and having multiple visits not to mention having to go without teeth for weeks, My dentist tried to discourage me from getting implants to get dentures and I was clear with them before I made the appointment, go figure,
I had my initial visit with Dr. Wilson at Clear Choice yesterday and I knew I made the right choice from the moment I sat in that dental chair and she said "I'm very excited with what we have planned for you". After years of not being able to address my losing teeth loss from being diabetic. You would never believe you were in a dental office in this place. The atmosphere is very calming and the staff was nothing less that professional and polite, I almost forgot I was at a dental implant center whereas the competitor's office (in Northern Va.) was totally the feel of a dentist office not to mention it took almost a week to get a return call after leaving 3 voice messages. I'm telling you it's like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Kia, a world of difference when you try to compare an innovator to an imitator. You go in and leave with a full set of teeth all in the same day and I'm looking forward to being able to smile again.
I am scheduled for surgery later this month and anxiously I await this procedure. My only disappointment was that it couldn't be done sooner. I encourage anyone that is seriously considering dental implants to do your homework and save save save.
UPDATE.... Sorry for not being able to follow up sooner but I had my surgery on March 31st I don't regret a thing. ABOUT THE PROCEDURE...... I arrived very early (about 8 am) and I was nervous. I wasn't sure what I was about to encounter, how much pain, and basically anything to do with major surgery. I was briefed by the surgeon (Dr. Shepard) in a private waiting/recovery area15 min prior to surgery and he really eased my mine about the process. I remember getting into the dental chair with 2 techs/assistants assuring that I was extremely comfortable. I remember looking at the clock and being IV sedated at 9:14 and shortly after that I was in Tahiti (lol, he told me to think about somewhere on the beach relaxing with one of those drinks with the little umbrellas in it). It was about 10:45 when I started to come back. and he was done. Told me he'd put 5 studs in the bottom and 5 on the upper after I'd been moved to the recovery and more aware that I was no longer in Tahiti. The full bridge sets were screwed in after about an hour and when he put the mirror up for me to see the results, it was a feeling I would never forget definitely priceless. Shortly after I given my healing and care instructions which was way too much to take in at that time and after a few x-rays I was on my way home at about 3:30 with a full set of teeth. I remember still being numb and a mouth full of gauze for the bleeding. Very hard to eat anything and probably for the 1st time in a long time, I craved applesauce as if I never had it before. The bleeding stopped around 9:30 pm or so and I think all of the numbness had worn off not long afterward at which time I was expecting the severe pain to begin. It never got that bad. I was prescribed some heavy stuff along with 600mg Motrin but I only need the Motrin as the pain was not bad at all. I got a call from Dr. Shepard (yep, he call personally) to check on me and to encourage me to try to eat something leafy and healthy. Overall, the experience was awesome. The people were extremely friendly, super nice and very personable from the very 1st time I walk through the door. The receptionist knew my name before I got to her desk. I mean it was "Hello Mr. Grays" as soon as I walk up to desk. Again.... I'd recommend this office to anyone and all day long. I'm going into my 4th month since the surgery and nothing's changed except I'm probably smiling more than I have for years. I'm happy to say that Clear Choice has changed my life. I still get a periodic call from the office and the niceness is always appreciated. Hope I answered any questions and erased any 2nd thought as I was constantly told by people that I was spending way too much money but I'll say this.... I don't regret spending one dime of it. I did this for me and they gave me back the self confidence and self esteem that gradually faded when I refused to openly smile. The payment arrangements were very acceptable as they worked within my budget and I didn't have to finance any part of it. They put me on a workable, no interest payment plan they have been great in allowing me to get this feeling back.
Thank you for sharing your experience. You really did give a clear picture of the whole process. I am glad that you are happy with your results.
ZackG - Did you have your surgery at CC Rockville? Please share an update. Thx.
Dr. Wilson

Very polite, professional and extremely educated in the dentistry field. Her assistant (sorry I didn't remember her name) was outstanding as well. (her smile was awesome)

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