So I'm really excited to finally be getting my...

So I'm really excited to finally be getting my implants. I wanted them way before I was ever legally allowed to get them. I've always been active in sports--the last few years it's been yoga though, so that has left me very petite on top. However, I have a very muscular structure and a big butt, so I don't feel that my upper body is proportionate to my lower body. I have the most difficult time finding clothes that fit me becauseI am so narrow on top, and constantly have to get things altered. Due to age and financial limitations, I have had to wait until now to even consider getting them.

I don't want to look fake, although I realize that in a bathing suit they will be obvious. My PS and I agreed on 375cc HP silicone unders and I feel confident with that. Initially it was between 304cc MP and 375, but since I am narrow and I would like the upper fullness and they'll be under the muscle, I think they'll be perfect. I was looking for a full C, small D at the most, and I don't think they'll ever be bigger than that.

My husband is active duty Army and was just deployed for a year so I'm very excited to finally be doing this. I'm a little nervous because the Army is moving us the first week of May and I'm not sure how recovered I will be by then. We have to drive cross-country too! My PS said I would be fine to move as long as I am not too active and don't life anything heavy. I'm also a little concerned because I get surgery on a Thursday and have to return to work on Monday--I have a desk job though and don't move at all, not sure how my typing on a keyboard all day long will affect my pain and healing.

I've done a lot of research about how to prepare for surgery and what I will need post-op to speed up the healing process. If anyone has any tips to offer please do! I look forward to starting this journey in 16 days and to getting to know others on here!

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I forgot to mention what my stats are! I'm 5'3",...

I forgot to mention what my stats are! I'm 5'3", 115 lb, 32/34A, 25" waist. I measured 34A at my consultation but it varies. I think 375cc high profile will be perfect. I'm confident about my decision, just nervous now that everything is set and paid for in full. Surgery in 2 weeks...this is going to be torture having to wait now. I don't actually have a pre-op which is confusing because most other people I know had one. I have pre-op instructions and will send in my lab results and will hear from the surgery center the day before as to the actual time I need to be there. I'm still debating on how much time to take off of work too. I have surgery scheduled for a Thursday and was going to take Friday off, and then I would have the weekend, and if I really needed to then Monday as well. So 4-5 days if you count day of surgery. What do you guys think? I'm an admin assistant to a regional director on an Army installation, so I literally sit in a chair at a desk/computer all day long without moving. Hopefully ill be okay--I know everyone heals differently. Ahhh I'm just feeling so many things right now, like this is actually happening... :)


Hey!! My surgery is set for March 20th :) Im 5'2 and 107 so were around the same size :) Have you started buying and prepping stuff to be ready? I feel like time has gone by SO SLOW sense I set my date but I think that as the 20th gets closer I will be overwhelmed with things that need to get done LOL
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That's awesome! I'm about ten weeks post op and love mine but wish I went a little bigger. So if you were debating between 304 and 375 then stay with 375 cuz they lose about 5% with under the muscle and when they settle. I'm 5'2" 100 25 and I got 400 and I'm a 32 DD but seriously do NOT look like a DD. So keep in mind bra size is not really relevant. Hope you enjoy them and avoid picking up heavy objects and such post op. 4-5 days off should be perfect. :)

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So exciting. Keep us updated on your progress. I just scheduled mine for 3/28!
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Okay so now I am less than 2 weeks away from my...

Okay so now I am less than 2 weeks away from my surgery date and its crazy to think this is really happening! I feel like I'm not going to be prepared no matter how many lists I make or things I buy---that I'm going to forget something or underestimate the pain I'll be in. I've had surgery before though, abdominal laparoscopy for an ovarian cyst, so I at least know what to expect with that, but I'm sure this is way different. I did have 3 incisions with that surgery though, 1 in my belly button, one right about my public bone and one over my left ovary. I think it took a year for those scars to fade and even now I can still see them a little bit. Anyway, so now I am starting to question if I went with the right size...I have a feeling it's pretty common to do this right before surgery, but I'm thinking if my husband and I loved the way the 375cc high profile silicone felt, won't they be smaller when I get them under the muscle? Should I go bigger to compensate for that? Unlike some of your PSs, mine didnt offer to order multiple implant sizes for the day of surgery, but I know it's not too late to change the size. My patient coordinator had been really helpful in answering any random questions I have since my last pre-op, but I feel like she also doesn't know as much as my PS would and can tell she guesses on some things. My PS doesn't believe in using a drain pump or pain pump because he doesn't want to connect anything on the outside of my body to the inside of prevent risk of infection. That makes sense to me but I'm just scared ill be in a lot of pain since I don't do well with pain killers. Did any of you not take pain killers post-op? I'm thinking about trying to get him to fill Valium or a muscle relaxer or something for me for when I go pick up my prescriptions. Also, how soon were you able to move around? I ask this because we have a townhouse that is 3 stories and our bedroom is upstairs...will I be able to to up the stairs the day of surgery? I've officially put in my leave for work and am gojng back on Monday, Tuesday at the latest, and my surgery is on the previous Thursday. So 4-5 days later. I'm really nervous about that...but I did tell my boss about the breast implants just because she and I are kind of close and if I'm in a lot of pain I don't want to have to pretend like I'm not at work. Ahh it's just so close now. I want to get it over with so that I don't have any more time to second guess some of the choices I made or to obsess over them any longer lol.


I also live in a 3 story town home and the bathroom is upstairs. I was able to go up and down the stairs with no problem. Getting out of the recliner was more of a process than the stairs were. Hope that helps!
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Thank you! It really does! :)
Yes! Time has been going by SO slow! But I feel like as soon as a day or two before surgery hits, I'm going to be running around trying to get all of the last minute things together. I've made lists of everything I need that I haven't gotten yet and then everything I'm going to need during recovery, but I'm still afraid that I'm going to forget something lol. 14 days for me and 20 days for you! They're both so soon even though it doesn't seem like it right now. What size did you decide on or have you yet?

Okay so only 4/5 more days until the BIG day!! I...

Okay so only 4/5 more days until the BIG day!! I am so excited! I actually just got back from looking at bras with my hubby :). Tomorrow I am starting on the Arnica and Bromelaine and grape seed extract, since I couldn't just find Arnica Forte (which has all of those combined). Then on Monday evening/Tuesday morning Ill start taking the mineral oil and dulcolax lol. I've been taking Vitamin C, Calcium, and a Multi for the last 2 weeks. I also plan to completely cut out sodium and sugar starting tomorrow--no more carbs either. I want to make this all as smooth as possible and not bloat too much post-op. Hopefully, the Arnica and other supplements with help reduce recovery time. I've had surgery before and I don't do too well with pain killers so my PS is gojng to give me Valium and other muscle relaxer prescription, and ill be taking Tylenol 500mg. I have all of my meals made/frozen and other essentials ready next to my bed. I know I am way over-prepared, but I feel like all of us are lol! We're just so anxious and excited that we get ahead of ourselves. I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

My PS told me I could come in an extra 2 hours before my scheduled time before surgery, so that we can go over cc last minute. I'm glad about that because I keep changing my mind. We're also going to talk about the incision location again. I keep going back and forth because I'm getting 375 cc HP as of right now and I'm worried that they will be difficult to place under the muscle if my PS goes through my areola. I don't want to do the crease unless it is safer and better recovery. Does anyone have any advice to offer on this--who got one or the other and had similar implants?

Please share any other pre-op ideas that I haven't mentioned! I'm always open to suggestions! Oh and I forgot to mention I'm a 32b now! I gained a bit of weight intentionally before surgery but didnt think my breast size would go up from a 34a to a 32b because I haven't changed clothing size. Still a size 0 or 2, but I weigh 120 instead of 115 now.

I will keep you updated the day before surgery and of course the day of! Pictures to come!


I would say when in doubt go bigger! Even if its only 25ccs. Nearly every single one of my girlfriends that have them wish they would have gone bigger! I'm going bigger by 25 and hoping I don't look too top heavy! I have a good size butt to even it out! Haha! Good luck! We are getting soo close!!
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I am only 2 days away from my BA! This time on...

I am only 2 days away from my BA! This time on Thursday, I will be prepping for surgery, yay!! I am feeling so many different emotions right now. Probably most of all excitement, but I am definitely full of nerves. I have had surgery before, but I never obsessed over it like I feel that I am now haha. I keep double-checking my lists of things I've finished and things I still need to do before Thursday. I thought for sure I was going for 375 HP silicone, but I've been talking with my PS about possibly 400 HP, but won't decide until the last minute, day of surgery. I am also undecided still about the incision location. I was pretty sure I was doing the crease, but then I have seen some nice peri-areolar incisions and even some ladies who had larger silicone implants, so it made me rethink. I would much rather do the peri-areolar as far as recovery and personal preference, but I'm scared that I will lose sensation or risk getting CC due to infection. Any advice from those of you who have done the nipple incision and have similar stats?

I decided I would share with all of you a list of things I still need to do and a few things that were recommended to me, in case any of you are looking for extra tips.

Pre-op & Post-op tips:
Cut sodium intake down to 2,000mg or less before, 1,500mg after BA.
Take Bromelain 800-1000mg (1 pill, 2 x day) 3 days before & 7 days after BA.
Take Arnica Montana sublingual 30x (1-2, 4 x day) 3 days before & 7 days after.
Take Vitamin C, up to 1000mg per day.
Take usual multi-vitamin.
Take Calcium supplement, standard dosage.
Take metamucil/fiber supplement (up to 4 x day) 2-3 days before & after BA.
Take stool softener (1-2 pills per day) 1-2 days before & 2-3 days after BA.
Take grape seed extract starting 1 day after surgery, up to 2 weeks.
Start back on other supplements (fish oil, etc.) 1-2 days after surgery.
Take 2-3 shots of mineral oil per day if still constipated after post-op day 3.
Aviod caffeine 1 day before & after BA.
Use Arnica gel/cream after incision healed/ sutures removed.
Use Vitamin A crea/Neosporin for stretch marks.
Elevation, massage, compression, and ice for post-op swelling/edema.
Eat BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) 1-2 days post-op if needed.
Take before & after pictures everyday.

I still need to:
Print more pictures to show PS and have during BA.
Buy bendy straws.
Buy post-op sports bra.
Buy desitin for surgical bra/armpit chaffing.
Fill script for Valium, muscle relaxers.
Shower morning of BA w/ anti-microbial soap (Dial).
Shave/wax everywhere morning of BA.
Leave one-time ice packs, heating pad, bucket, sea bands, pillows, arm rests, blankets, electronics, etc, next to bed.
Leave clothes, toiletries, meds, food, drinks, etc at hip height.

Let me know if you have anything to add to these lists!!
I can't wait to post pictures the first few days and see everyone else's pics--for those of you with close BA dates.


Mine is set for april 12th... kinda nervous!!!
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Natalie, I'm April 11th!
Definitely going to talk to my PS about 400ccs instead of 375ccs. Yeah, that is my biggest concern...I really want to be proportionate to my butt, which is a good size, so hopefully my measurements will be similar.

Oh my god! I am sooooo excited now. I was feeling...

Oh my god! I am sooooo excited now. I was feeling really anxious yesterday and all of today, but I just got the call from the surgery center, for my BA time for tomorrow!!! I have to be there by 7 AM...and I live about 1 1/2 hours away with no traffic. This is right in the DC/Maryland beltway so there is major traffic. I am probably going to have to leave at 4-430 AM to be safe. That makes me a little nervous, but at least if I don't get much sleep tonight it won't be a big deal haha.

The nurse said I would be able to meet with my PS again, before prep, so that I can make last minute decisions about implant size and incision, etc. I feel such an adrenaline rush right now! I can't believe that tomorrow morning I will have ACTUAL TITTIES! I started out only wanting a mid-C cup, but throughout this process I realized I want something bigger than many of you have expressed, I don't want to go through all of the pain and recovery, not to mention money, to not have gone up in size that much. I'm like a 34A/32B right now and I'm hoping for a 34D once I have fully D&F. We originally discussed 304 moderate silicone or 375 HP silicone because of my width, but I know I will be going to at least 400...I just don't want them too high profile and fake looking.

Who else is getting their BA tomorrow?? I can use as much support as idea how it will be when I wake up. Some people seem to have little pain and recover quickly, while others suffer horribly.

I CAN'T WAIT TO POST PICTURES! I will post a couple pics as soon as I am coherent enough, tomorrow. No promises though, but I will def be posting as many pictures as possible in the beginning of post-op so others have something to go off of.

Okay well I'm at work right now (jumping out of my chair) and I need to focus again, but just wanted to share this with all of you! Wish me good luck!

See you all on the other side :)!!


Tomorrow is the big day!!!! :D yay!! The waiting is the hardest part! Once the ball gets rolling it goes SOOO fast! Good luck! I can't wait to see them!
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good luck tomorrow!
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Hey it's finally here! Prayers for a smooth surgery and recovery! Keep us updated yayyyy
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Hi everyone! Well I made it through and with no...

Hi everyone! Well I made it through and with no pain meds at all. I don't do well with anti nasuea medication and pain meds. They gave me something before I left though and I'm about to take a Valium.

I love them! Or what I can see so far lol. I'm in a surgical bra and ace wraps. We decided on the 400cc high profiles and through crease incision. I'm in a good amount of pain since I'm not really taking anything. Feels like bad heartburn and then a lot of burning and in armpits. I have range of motion in my left arm but limited in right. The right side hurts more too. My back hurts almost as much as my chest.

I had surgery at 930 AM and was awake by 11AM. I livr almost 2 hours away so got home around 1 PM. Had a few crackers and some water but that's it so far. My hubby has taken such good care of me and I am so lucky to have him!! :)

I posted one pic post-op at the surgery but will post more later!!

Soooo happy that I finally have them.


You look so happy in your post-op picture!' :) yay! How do you feel about them?! I haven't even seen mine and I already love them!
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So glad to hear it all went well! You look very perky in your pic! Get lots of rest and I hope you continue to feel well. Take care
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Thank you sooo much! I will post pics later. I love my new boobs already n feel like they r par of me, like thery had been always there. I guess I have no pain because I'm taking my pain med round the clock. I took the first one when I left the clinic to be ahead of the pain. The words was last night trying to sleep almost sitting in bed with few pillows on my back....oh, and this horrible bra I have to wear day n night but is totally worth it!!!!! XO

Hey girls! So this is technically post op day 2....

Hey girls! So this is technically post op day 2. Unless surgery yesterday morning doesn't make it post op day 2. I thought I would be fine but we in immense pain on both sides last night. I kept waking up every 30 min- and hour. I even threw up throughout the night. It was horrible.

But this morning I woke feeling a little better or maybe just being able to handle it more. My right side doesn't really hurt and all, including my right side of my back. My left side...especially my back...there is no relief to's cramping like crazy. Did anyone else have this?

I feel better overall then yesterday but worse in other ways. I'm excited I can take my bandages off to take a shower. I haven't even really seen what they look like yet. There really isn't anything else to post at the moment as far as pictures. But one ill try to tomorrow for sure!!

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So I'm already feeling a little better because ...

So I'm already feeling a little better because I've been moving out and moving my arms. Hubby has been giving me more back massage and I've taken a couple of Valium so far, but that's it. I finally broke down and took my ace wraps off just to be able to take a couple of picture and be able to see them. They don't look too much bigger than what they were before but I know they still have a long ways to go with dropping and fluffing.

Added a couple of pics from just now. Let me know what you think!!


I like your results, they look natural and not like bolt got lucky!
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You look great!!! Congratulations!! I'm getting more and more comfortable with the 400HPs everyday:)
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Oh and forgot to say that I'm really glad I went with the 400cc HP, instead of 375cc. I want to be between a C and D. So hopefully that's where I'll get to in the next few months :)
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Just a pre-warning that I'm a little drugged so I...

Just a pre-warning that I'm a little drugged so I am not sure if I keep repeating myself or not lol.

K so I feel 10 times better even from earlier when I posted. Not exactly sure why, but something happened and I'm so happy haha. I've been sleeping off and on today...alternating between tylenol, a couple of vicodin, and valium. I took ambien to help me sleep last night and it definitely did the trick. I've been trying to walk around every few hours and move my arms...and of course having my hubby give me back massages to take away the pack tension, every so often, helps even more :). I found that moving from my comfy memory foam bed, to the hard futon has actually made my back pain go away. If I just sleep with a foot rest, I think I'll sleep even better tonight. Yesterday was probably the worst day (post-op day 2), which I think most of you agree with. I feel like I'm on the downward slope now.

It doesn't look like I gt 400cc HP submuscular, even though I did. I just think my muscles are super super tight. The implants are still pretty high, but not as much as I was expecting. I've been taking my antibiotic, arnica montana, bromelaine, vitamin C, multi-vitamin, and probiotic religiously. And also switching between tylenol, vicodin, and valium. I have also been using the arnica cream a couple of times a day.

I don't have my first post-op until next Thursday (week after surgery), to get my stiches removed and learn some massage techniques. My PS told me not to ice them or do anything because they are still numb and I might injure myself. I have been lightly massaging the top though and keeping the ace bandage above my breasts to help push them down. I cannot wait to take a shower tomorrow morning though!

I am still a little nervous about going back to work Monday I may have to call out and take an extra day, but I only have a desk job, so I don't know.
Have any of you gone back to work after only a few days? It will be my post-op day 4, or 5 if you include the day of surgery. Any advice?

If anyone has any suggestions for what I can do to help heal even quicker and get these boobies to D&F even quicker, please let me know!

How are all of my boobie buddies doing? I know many of you got yours around the 14th as well.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my PS is amazing! I have virtually no bruising and he keeps calling to check up on me. I would highly recommend him.

One last question....does anyone have any suggestions for bras that are really comfy for the first few weeks? I know of the danskin foam sports bra from Walmart...but anything else?

Thanks ladies! And thank you again for all of your support! :)
Happy recovery!


You look great! :) glad your recovery is going very well for you! It's so weird how i was looking on here and seeing all of you ladies loving the results and the pain is not to to bad.... And I myself have the worse luck possible I had my BA on feb 26 went with 371 silicon mp under muscle. Well right from that day of surgery pain that was so intense and was getting worse by the day horrible had been to the er repeatedly and to my ps repeatedly to finally after 12 days of hell i was rushed into surgery! Hemotoma, blood clot, severe infection because the er and my ps just kept telling me I was ok! I'm still struggling its very sad and upsetting! Just be careful and always listen to your body if you at all feel something is not right or is more pain than you feel it should be! No one should ever be ignored after surgery! Well I'm not trying to scare you please don't think that it's just so you are aware of pain that may or may not come if at all you feel it's to Much speak up immediately! Good luck in the journey to having new boobies!!!:) your doc seems amazing and I've heard good things about him... Happy healing:) lots of rest!!!
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Omg :( scary
Your doing great! I love reading your forum and checking on you! Still learning how to use this site! They look great! I get mine April 12th. I'm really nervous. Have you had any shortness of breath?
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Hey girls! So this is the first day that I decided...

Hey girls! So this is the first day that I decided not to take Vicodin or Valium for pain. Just arnica, bromeliane, and Tylenol. I've also been taking my usual supplements to speed up healing.

I decided to take off the ace wrapping and surgical bra and just go bra free. But I'm still using the ace bandaging as a strap under my armpits/above my boobs to help push them down. They're still pretty high up and hard/tight but I'm making progress :). I think I might call my boss and see if I can telework for tomorrow. I feel that I might be up for going back to work tomorrow, but I would be safer going back on Tuesday instead.

I don't remember everything I just typed haha, but if I haven't already said it, just let me say that I LOVE MY NEW TITTIES. I have no idea what size I am right now and probably won't go to be sized until after my first preop which is this Thursday, but I've tried on a couple of tops that were huge on me before--posted them on here. I've finally found back relief as well and just took my first shower....yayyyy!! About to venture out to Walmart to get one of those danskin foam bras everyone keeps raving about lol.

Question though.
Are anyone else's super warm to the touch? Like I don't feel like I have a fever or anything but my breasts are just super hard, tight, and really warm to the touch, compared to the rest of my body. Any insight would be much appreciated!!


Glad you are doing well. I got my surgery on the 13, 300ccs HP submuscular. I feel a bit sore today but no pain at all (crossing my fingers) just feel tightness and can't wait for the boobs to get soft. They are hard as a rock and still riding high. I got a couple of sports bras from Target $11,99 each , super comfy and I wear it constantly. I will probably go back to work Wed. or Thurs., I also have desk job though I have to walk around and talk to a lot of people so we will see how I do. I'll have my first post op tomorrow and the nurse will teach me how to massage the girls, ouch not looking forward to that!. I did notice that after I move around and move my arms the boos get more swollen so I have to learn to do NOTHING today lol Hope you have a good day and feel better today. XO
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You look great right now!! Mine are the same way!!! If you have the ace bandage or a strap then just keep wearing it to push them down a little bit. Glad you're just a little sore and not in a great deal of pain. I can't wait to see how we both turn out a week or two from now! I feel like they change daily. And yes I was thinking the same thing about work. I constantly have to get up and down to help people, even though I'm technically at a desk/computer most of the day. Ill have to take tomorrow off and go in on Tuesday. I tried making mybed this morning and getting food together...big mistake, now I'm paying for it...all swollen haha. I LOVE MINE though, so I know it can only get better from here. Take it easy today :) XO
Well don't you look fabulous! :) good to know you're feeling good too! I've been slacking on my updates with traveling all day yesterday and finally being back in my own house in my own bed! I was going to update yesterday but I was exhausted! I'm supposed to go back to work Monday too, but I'm a bartender! Yeah that's not happening. Good thing my managers are being really nice and cool about everything!! I'm getting anxious for the drop & fluff too! :) just be patient! Also make sure and talk to your PS about the sports bras. I went and bought like 3 of them and he didn't want me using them because of the pre-formed foam cups! My aunt bought me a really comfortable one from Dillard's that doesn't have pre-formed cups and zips up the front. It's really comfortable! Hope your healing gets better every day!
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So the girls feel a little softer today, but still...

So the girls feel a little softer today, but still really high up...almost more high up than they did before. I think they're more swollen because I've been too active. I had virtually no bruising, but this morning I woke up and noticed two bruises on each side of my left crease incision. Has anyone else had this? I only have low grade fever (99.4) and and am not in too much discomfort, just thought it was weird that the red/purple bruises showed up around the incision randomly. I have my first post op on Thursday, but any ladies who have experienced this, or insight would be appreciated.

Thanks! I'll post more pictures when things have changed...hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hope everyone else's recoveries are going well!

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Quick update before I go to sleep...have to be at...

Quick update before I go to sleep...have to be at work tomorrow no matter what. But just wanted to add that I picked up a couple of those Danskin foam sports bras from Walmart tonight...all the had was 34B and 36C. That wasn't ideal because I think I'm more like a 32/34C if that even. I can squeeze into the 34B because of the upper pole fullness but it hurts. So I'm going to wear the 36C for a little while until I can find a bra that fits better...and once I settle a little more.

Is it totally bad that I don't think I'm very big? I was a 34A and I got 400cc high profile under the muscle...and I really don't feel that big/different. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but I just wonder if I should have gone bigger haha. I know, I know...join the club. I just thought that 400cc HP would have been a lot bigger than they are. I know a lot of settling and d&f has to happen before I can be sized...probaby another 3-4 weeks, but still. I'm just unsure.

I can't wait until my post-op so I can ask my PS about the pain/hard was on the sides of my breasts. They just happened today from being too active I think...but very tender and hard to the touch. And bruises. Hopefully that will go away.

Any insight girls? I know I just threw a bunch of info out there for you. AND don't get me wrong....I LOVE MY NEW BOOBIES...because I can actually say I have some now :).

Ill post some pictures tomorrow morning before work and then after, in my new foam bras.


I got 400 also :) I think they look good naked but I feel small with clothes on. I could have only gone up to a 425 and the size scared me. I have questioned my size though too. You look great! I have also had the side pain, it comes and goes depending on the activity. Sometimes it feels as if I'm being stabbed, sigh.
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Hi welcome to the 400 club. I got the same asyou but feel tthey are huge. You look great!
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It's funny because I keep telling my husband that they don't look that much different....he gets wide-eyed and thinks I'm crazy. I think it's because I'm so full on the upper pole and swollen in armpits that the bottom of my breasts haven't filled out yet...and won't for a while. I don't feel huge at all though haha. Wish I had go a a little bigger to be honest...

Hey guys...don't have much to update other than...

Hey guys...don't have much to update other than that I think I've been a little too active and I have a lot of red around my steri-strips. I talked to my PS and he urged me to see him tomorrow morning to make sure I don't have an infection....if it were to be an infection it would only be superficial though because I only have a low-grade fever. He thinks my skin is just sensitive and doesn't like the strips, so it is blistering. I think I have read about others on here who had similar issues with the strips. Either way, it sucks because I have to take more time off of work.

Surprisingly, I had a long talk with my boss today and she was mad that I didn't take more time off of work. My PS recommended at least 5-10 days, and I went back to work on my 4th day PO. She said I was crazy to do that and wish she had known, so she's letting me telework from home for the rest of the week. I didn't think she would be understanding since it's not like I needed was elective. I got breast implants.

It really surprised me how supportive my coworkers, friends, and family have been. I was almost trying to pretend like I didn't even have surgery and just cover it up as much as possible. I am not realizing that I should be proud of my decision, and even if it was elective, it was still surgery, and I deserve to recover the same as everyone else.

I realize people might be supportive to my face but gossip behind my back, but I don't really care, because I know I love my boobies and will love them even more once they D&F. Anyone who is negative is just jealous or close-minded. I just don't care what people think anymore.

One thing I am having trouble with is clothing....since I got 400 HP, you can really see the upper pole even with the surgical bra, through my clothes. So it is kind of awkward to go out in regular clothes because the profile of them look distorted right now. Does anyone else have that issue haha?

I bought a 34B and 36C Danskin foam sports bra like people recommended...and neither fit perfectly, but that is all that was left. I think the 36C was actually way too tight on top but I didn't full fill out the I'm thinking that I'm at least a 32/34D right now with all of the swelling. Once it goes down I'll probably be a 34C....not really sure what to do about a bra right now.

Do any of you have recommendations that aren't actual cup size bras and are stretchy enough to accommodate the change in size? I'm really lost when it comes to that right now. I know I'm only a week post op, but I'm allowed to wear other sports bras, just don't know where to start.

Any help would be appreciated!! Happy recovery to my boobie buddies! I hope you're having better luck than me as far as your incisions. And good look to all of you who are scheduled for surgery this week :)!!!


Try the sports bras from target! They are amazing! I had a bunch from before I had surgery and they are perfect right now! :) you look great!
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I'm glad you feel that way, at least is better than how I feel right now. I got 300ccs HP under the muscle too and I feel like they are huge. I love them the day I came home, then they started getting bigger and bigger and now they are huge. I just hope I'm still quite swollen and most of this will go away because I can't believe they are this huge with only 300ccs. Hope you are doing well today. I guess I woke up with boob blues and I'm a bit down. I have to go to with tomorrow and I just hope no one notice! Big hug!
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You will totally go back down in size!!! I think the swelling is worse the first week or 2...maybe even into the 3rd week depending on your post-op instructions. No boobie blues! I try on all of the clothes I couldn't fit into before...and "window-shop" online....cures those blues for sure. Let me know how the swelling goes! I'm battling with a lot more swelling in one breast than the other, so I feel ya!

I'm exhausted from today so not much to say, just...

I'm exhausted from today so not much to say, just that I went in for my post-op this morning and had my sutures removed. PS said they were looking really good...but gave me the dreaded strap lol. It's actually not as bad as I thought though. I told him I couldn't wear that surgical bra anymore, it was too uncomfortable. He said I was only allowed to buy "loose" sports bras or bralettes, or else should go braless. He doesn't want me wearing anything that will hold them in or up like the foam or compression bras that everyone has been talking about...and that I actually bought the other day.

So hubby and I went to Nordstrom to get a few really cute and comfy bras. I think I got like 5, but they're all spandex and stretch so even if my size goes down when inflammation goes away, they will still fit.
Splendid, Zella, Gap Body, and a couple other brands I don't remember now. I posted pictures of them!!!

I'm still really high up, and my left breast is higher than the right...also more swollen. Funny story behind that is that my left breast is actually smaller than my right, naturally. I got 400cc in both, but because of the way they are healing they look the same size now haha. Not for long though....

Let me know what you think about the bras! Happy healing everyone!!


Just looked at your last pics and you look fantastic! I haven't post new pics lately because the girls haven't change much. They are getting a bit softer and very slowly dropping. I guess I'm getting use to them because I'm starting to love the size!. Man the first week it true that we go through up and downs, one minute I was trying to calm myself thinking they still had to change and bla bla bla the next minute I felt I was huge, the next one I loved them and after a week mark definitely love them!. My PS already told me that all women go through all this up and forms after surgery, he says for some it happen the first week for other later on like on week 3 or 4. Anyways I think I'm over those mood changes now!. I feel a bit sore right under my right breast like something is pulling inside, I guess is part of the healing but I wanted to ask you, do you feel like your back muscles bother you? I feel like the muscles in the back are tight, I don't know if it is because of the horrible sleeping position (still sleeping with a couple pillows on my back) or because the pectoral muscle is stretching and is pulling from the back!. Anyways, stitches will go out Monday, I can't wait!. Will put more pics. Monday. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and happy healing!!!! XO
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Hey girl I'm right there with you. I have had so many ups and downs--not even in days but within hours lol. One minute I love them and think the worst is over and I'm happy, the next I'm in pain or freaking myself out over my low grade fevers I keep having at night, and thinking I have a hematoma. I had no bruising and then all of a sudden bruising and pain and a fever near incision, but PS said its all "normal". Whatever that even means. I will say I haven't had much "breast" pain, back pain HAS BEEN THE WORST. I have been trying everything to relieve it. Best advice is heating pad, doing back stretches and trying not to tense your shoulders or hunch over...posture helps. You should sit flat/straight up not curled in. And have someone so light massages of your back muscles to help with tension. I know ib profen would take the pain away in a minute....but of course we can't take any of that for a while still. It is because of how you're sleeping too though. Once you're sleeping normally again it'll go away. Just don't stay stiff :). Yay for your stitches out!! That was the best part for me. Please post pics soon and have a lovely weekend yourself!! You deserve it after everything! I'm excited that were both happy with our results so far though. I really think you look amazing. Happy healing :) *hugs*
That last bra is super cute! Sorry you still have to wear the strap. Blech. But at least it'll help push those babies down. You're looking great!!
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All of a sudden have some pretty bad post op...

All of a sudden have some pretty bad post op bruising under just my left incision side and its painful...was afraid it was a hematoma maybe but PS said just from being too active probably. My right side is completely pain free...doesn't feel as tight as my left. I'm feeling a little down today just because I wonder if I screwed this up or myself by trying to do too much too soon...and I shouldn't have. I hope it doesn't affect the healing. Obviously I'm still VERY high and tight, but I don't even care about that at the moment, just want the pain and bruising to go away. It only got bad after he took the steri-strips off and sutures (PO day 6) I don't know. I'm not allowed to wear even a bralette right now though and have the wear the strap which is just increasing the pressure and pain. I can't even manage to do the massages my PS told me to try.

One funny thing, I think my husband is afraid to touch them lol. Like he doesn't want to hurt me or do anything to them, because when he helps me massage, he's super delicate and concentrates. I think it's cute. I told him he is allowed to touch them, he just usually stares :).

Hope everyone else is healing well!! I'll post a pic of the bruising as it it is today.


hey girl how is the bruising?
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It's alright. It's slowly...very slowly...getting better. Can't tell too much of a difference yet. I went in today to my PS because one of my incisions wouldn't stop bleeding, but he says its fine now :). Otherwise they're healing really well! I haven't posted a pic in the last few days because they don't look very different haha. It's a slow process....must practice patience...which I'm not good at lol.
I hear you, what i fear most is not tolerating pain. Hope everything works out soon!

Okay so I'm reluctantly posting on the day after...

Okay so I'm reluctantly posting on the day after my "2 week post-op" date. So 15 days post-op. I am so ready to see some changes. I posted a couple of pictures that make my boobs look so weird. I hate them right now :(. And my incision is still bleeding. The other side you can't even see where the incision was...that's how well it was stitched up and has healed. So it's annoying. The bruising is almost completely gone except for the yellow-ish look.

I just hate that I can't wear anything right now! I'm still so high up and weirdly shaped that I don't fit into any bras or tops and am too big on top :(. I guess my skin and muscles are just super tight. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Only pain is near the incision at this point and I'm still right and high obviously. I'm not allowed to out a steri-strip or anything on the incision even though it keeps opening back up from me moving around! I just get to use gauze and tape. Ughh. Can't really post anymore tonight because I don't even want to think about them anymore.

I've been looking at all my boobie buddy's recoveries and I'm glad everyone is healing well!! You all look amazing! Hopefully ill get there too. :)


We are just a bit out from 2 weeks post op...there's still so much shaping, dropping, and changing that our breasts need to do. It's so hard to be patient! I try not to look at them too much because right now, the left breast is a LOT higher than the right. Markedly. I'd say a good inch. I start to stress out that the incision/pocket was made too high and that I'l have lopsided boobs forever. Hopefully that isn't the case. I can understand your concern...but you did pick an excellent size for your body, and once they drop you will love them!!
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Thanks Naturesavor. You are SO right!! They will definitely change a lot in the next few weeks. I think most the changes will occur within the first 6 weeks, so I'm hopeful and excited to see where we are at! My left is much higher and tighter than my right as well. And I noticed that even though I'm right-handed, I still use my left arm for more things. Good news is that my incision finally stopped bleeding, as of tonight!! I've been trying not to look too much either, but it's difficult when the slope (side view) looks so strange haha. You made me feel much better :). You look amazing though by the way.
Just checked your pics really do look good. Nice shape and very well proportioned to your frame. You did a good job picking them out. Well done, and they look great!
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So...had a post-op with my actual PS (the one who...

So...had a post-op with my actual PS (the one who performed my BA) today because he was finally back from vacation. He said I had a small hematoma and possible stitch abcess. My incision was finally closed but he forced it open again and tried to get a little blood to come out again. He put me on more antibiotics as a preventative measure...since I definitely don't have an infection right now. He said my implants look great and there are no signs of hematoma or infection near the implant--only superficially (locally) near the incision. He said it should be healed up by the end of the week after doing whatever it is that he did....I wouldn't know because I was in complete panic and my adrenaline was pumping. I had my hubby with me and he was watching my PS stick a needle in and squeeze the blood out...TMI I know. I'm glad I couldn't see what was going on.

JUST when I thought I was finally pain free and healing...only concern was my implants dropping more. Nope, now I have to deal with the incision again. I'm at post-op day 19 *sigh*. BUT I am really starting to love my boobies overall, so that's one good thing right? haha! I do love them now and think I will more and more each day. I just need to work on healing the incision so that there is no "worst case scenario". I can't have surgery again :(!! My husband and I are moving from Maryland to Colorado at the end of the month...the Army is making us, so we don't have a choice.

As always, I hope my boobiful friends are loving their new additions!! I will post more pictures this weekend because I think a lot will change in the next few days.

Happy Healing!! :)


Hey Rach0806! Sorry you have to keep dealing with the incision but stay positive and hopefully in few days it will be all close and good. I hope you are not having pain. I'm feeling great just some stiffness when I first get up in the morning but it goes away in few minutes. Last night my breast were super itchy and my nipples are very sensitive I guess because of the constant rubbing with the material of the bra. Can't edit until they let me take it off at least to sleep. My PS told me to remove it only to shower, needles to say I take long long showers lol That's exciting about moving soon!!! Good luck and happy healing, have a great day!!! XO
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Hi Mermaid05! It's PS calls me to check up on me. I'm supposed to call him again tomorrow to let him know the status of healing. If it hasn't improved, I have to go back in on Friday....lets hope the next 2 days are the BEST 2 days haha! I'm glad you're not having anymore pain :). I know how you feel about nipple sensitivity. For me, it's not so much things rubbing on them, but whenever it's cold and they get hard they hurt soooo bad. Are you talking about your surgical bra that you can't take off? I would be taking long showers too, if I were you! I couldn't imagine that. Thank you!! I'm excited about moving...only have a couple weeks left at work so I'll be busy. I hope you feel even better by this weekend and get to stop wearing the bra 24/7 soon!! :)
You're doing great! I know that I would be feeling very similarily if it were me. They do look lovely, by the way. Did he give you any take-home tips to help your incision heal? I think between the draining and the antibiotics, plus extra TLC, your incision will be healing up in no time. It's such a slow process though, isn't it?
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Hey girls! So I'm finally going to be better.....

Hey girls! So I'm finally going to be better...hopefully hah. Going in tomorrow to have my hematoma surgically drained. PS told me he would take me in the operating room, use local anesthesia, insert a catheter to drain the blood, and then stitch me back up. And then I should be good as new!! :) There are no signs of infection and the hematoma is localized next to the incision, so it's not swelling or pain either.

I'm not going to lie, I'm actually really relieved that I'm finally going to get some relief and heal. I'm excited and nervous...but mostly excited! Hubby has to take me because I was asked to take the valium beforehand to help with anxiety. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow! :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for all of the support throughout this process. It has helped so so much!


Hope the draining went well! Happy healing!!
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I hope everything went well with the hematoma drain today!!! Hopefully now your recovery will be smooth and easy!!
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Hope everything goes well.
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Hey girls! Hope everyone is having a great...

Hey girls! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm doing alright. So so relieved that I had the hematoma drained. It was really scary when I was being cut open again while I was still awake. The shots of local anesthesia were the most painful and worst though. My PS said it was just a localized hematoma that wasnt in or under my implant. He was able to suck it out and stitch me back up. He did take a biopsy though just to double check that there was no infection, but I haven't shown any signs and I've been on an antibiotic this whole time. He also said my boobs look perfect and symmetrical and are healing better than he expected.

The only thing he didn't warn me of is how much pain I would be in once the local wore off...not like the first time I had surgery when my lower part of my breasts were literally numb for a couple of weeks. Nope...I could feel everything. It was the worst pain and burning sensation I've ever felt. It's really bad again right now but nothing like last night. I thought I would be good to go this weekend haha!! Looks like ill be recovering for the next week or 2 again, but have to be very very careful. He also said that since I already had scar tissue forming and healing, that the incision wouldn't take as long to's not like starting from scratch. So that's good.

On the plus side...getting my hair done today, so I think that will make me feel much better :). Thanks for all of the support and kind words, you all help me get through will only get better from here!!


I LOVE YOURS!! lol I hope mine turn out as great as yours! I have my surgery next week and I am soooo sick of waiting!! I need to get my before pics up! I'll do that now lol
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You look great. I think these boards are making me crazy! I've been reading for 4 hours! I decided on 375 but now am thinking 400. Ahhhhh!!!
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Hey Rach 0806! How are you doing? I hope you are healing well and feeling great! I know how you felt after the Dr had to open again. I was very afraid of the surgery thinking if the pain because I had a breast biopsy done last year and it was super painful after the anesthesia wore off but surprisingly this whole process hasn't been painful. I guess because the Dr cut some nerves when he goes in to put the implants and the lower part of my breast is still a little numb but no pain at all. Definitely the tiny biopsy was way more painful! Hope you have a fantastic week. Oh btw you made me laught lol I have an appt. to get my hair done too this Friday and can't wait, it always makes me feel way better! Happy healing and have a fantastic day! XO
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Hey everyone. So I'm 4 weeks post-op today and I'm...

Hey everyone. So I'm 4 weeks post-op today and I'm doing really well. Still kind of starting over on my left side since I had to have a surgical hematoma drain last Friday...putting stitches in again pulled the skin a little tighter and bruised a tiny bit, so it will take a little longer to look the same as the right, but I'm relieved. I'm not allowed to do anything for 2 more weeks...that will put me at 3 weeks post-op for the hematoma draining and 6 weeks total since my surgery. I wish I could start working out, but I'm definitely not taking any chances on raising my blood pressure. I want things to go smoothly this time lol.

Over all, I'm loving the girls. They are finally starting to drop and shape a little more, so they don't look so weird. They're definitely still high and probably will be for some time, but I'm really falling in love with them now. :). I hope all my boobie buddies are loving theirs as well and are healing!! Good luck to the girls who are about to get their BA or just had it!! XO


I love your results!! I have been searching the site so much looking for ppl that are my height or weight. One ps suggested 425hp. I am starting off a small b Im pretty sure but sometimes I feel smaller than that and tired of being flat when I take off my padded bra. Im 5'2" and 125lbs. don't want to be too big though. Your size is is perfect.
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Thank you!! I Was nervous that they would be too big, but they aren't at all Your pre-op size is basically what I was the day before surgery. I think it depends on how narrow your are? Because the higher up in cc the wider the implant. Unless you're going for that look then you don't want them spilling over the sides too much...with that said, HP implants are higher volume with a narrower base so that's great!! The highest my surgeon would go to still achieve a natural look was 400cc hp. I think you should go with whatever your ps recommends and that you feel most comfortable with. You'll look amazing!! :)
Your breasts look great!! I'm tripping on on how much BIGGER they have got from your first few pics post op...looks super good:-)
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Hey everyone! So I know I haven't been updating as...

Hey everyone! So I know I haven't been updating as much anymore, but that is because there hasn't been much change. I was 5 weeks post op yesterday, but only 2 weeks post the surgical draining of my hematoma, so my left incision is still healing. I'm waiting until next Friday for my final post op appt with my PS, to clear me to resume all activity. Because of the complications before, he won't let me exercise yet or lift anything, or take any NSAIDs. I am totally okay with that since I want to heal completely this time. From what I can tell, my incision is still healing...I hope it will change a lot in the next week though because my hubby and I are moving to CO and I won't be able to see my PS anymore after this. I'm praying that there is no infection and that the incision is healed. My right side has really dropped and I can start to feel my natural breast tissue again already. My left is still right because he made it that way when he stitched me back up...I think. It still had a little ways to drop and fluff out a bit. However, I am SO thrilled with my boobs. They look amazing finally and I don't notice them as much anymore. The great part about that is that I know they will only get better from here. I have yet to get "officially" sized. I was waiting until my 6 week appt since mine have taken longer to drop. After that I will be getting a new bikini too. I can't wait!! I might even go to the gym the same day if he says its okay too haha. I need to for my own sanity! I will keep you all updated on my final appt and will post pics of anything I buy :).

I hope you are all having a boobiful weekend! For my buddies, you're all looking even more amazing than me. For the girls who just had their BA, be patient, you will love them!!

Thank you for all of the support...I don't know what I would have done without this website and all of you beautiful ladies. :)

PS: I posted a couple more pics.


I'd love to show your review to every lady who really doubts her decision based on 2 weeks post op results. When I look at yours then and read how unsure you were, it's a great pleasure to see a pic just two and a bit weeks later and think "wow, I'd love those!" You had outstanding results, they look soft and completely part of you, just like you were very lucky from puberty :) well done, you look gorgeous.
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You look fantastic! The pictures of you laying on your side look so good! Very natural and effortlessly sexy, congrats!!
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Hey how are you doing since your last update ??
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6 months post-op

So it's been a really long time since I've posted on here, but I'm about 6 months post op and in love my boobies and my body. It doesn't even feel like I have implants, they feel so natural and a part of me. I can do everything I was able to do before surgery and have had no complications since the first few weeks. I'm about a 34c in some bras and 34d in others. I have no stretch marks or sagging...they're as perky and perfect as ever. Ill post a couple of pictures tomorrow, I just wanted to post this tonight.


lov your results!
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I love your results, how are you?
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Wow I love love love your shape!! Any new updates?
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Sorry I haven't been on here for, literally, months, or responded to anyone. I was reminded that today was my 1-year surgiversary haha so I thought I post some more recent pics and let everyone know how I am doing.

I was a 32d/36c for a while, but I've lost some weight and also done a lot of strength training so I think I went down in size a bit more. I'm a pretty solid 34C right now but depending on the bra I still wear 32D.

I don't even notice my implants unless I am doing push ups or something that really engages my chest. Even then, there is no pain, but sometimes my left implant area is a little sore after (left side was where I had to have the incision opened back up right after surgery. I do think there might be a little scar tissue because my left implant never quite made it to drop as low as my right, but only I notice that haha. Whenever I get a little sore, which I think it's mostly just nerve sensitivity (read that the nerves get irritated from the implants), I just take 1 IBprofen and I'm fine.

I should mention that I have absolutely no stretch marks from the stretching of my skin and my incision scars have healed up very nicely. You can't even see them.

I'm actually in graduate school right now and doing ROTC, so it's nice to know I can have my implants and still be physically active in the military.

If anyone has any questions or concerns or even comments, I promise I will respond from now on!!

I still can't believe it has been a year since the surgery. Time has gone by so quickly and I could not be happier with my results.


This makes me feel so much better! I look the same as you and I am 15 days post op today. I was worried that I would be saying I wish I went bigger. But now seeing your results after 1 year I feel so much better. Did you have these concerns as well?
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I looked the same as you when your were 15 days post op*
You look amazing! I love your results thanks for sharing :)
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Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I actually found Dr. T through RealSelf and I really liked the work I saw on his website. His explanations for how he operated were very thorough as well. As soon as I had my first consultation with him, I knew he was the one. He is extremely knowledgable and very understanding and caring. I did not feel as though he rushed me at all, and took the time to let me try on many sizers, ask a million questions, and explain as much as he could. And his consultation was free too!! He called me several times before I had my surgery to make sure all of my questions were answered and I felt comfortable about the procedure. He wasn't just another PS looking for money...he wanted to make sure my implants would be proportionate to the curves of my body more so than what the cup size was. Oh and have I mentioned Pei? She is the best patient coordinator ever!! She seriously emails you or calls you back within minutes! I constantly had questions and was surprised at how quickly she got back to me. She was so friendly and helpful, and made the overall experience that much better. I would recommend Dr. Tattelbaum to anyone on the MD/DC/VA area...or even anyone further away. I know he has a lot of "out-of-towners". He offers a military discount too which was helpful for me. He did an amazing job and listened to everything I wanted. I have little to no bruising or inflammation...they are healing perfectly!! Although I'm moving in May, I would certainly go back to Dr. T if I ever needed anything else. He's the best!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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