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I meant to do this thing before surgery and forgot...

I meant to do this thing before surgery and forgot :(( Wanted to do this to help women who want BA done. Here it is......

Im 25, 5"2, 95lbs,1 baby 14mon, was 32B i dont like the feeling of 32 kinda tight i wore 34 instead, breastfed for 6mon, gained 40lbs during pregnancy, after breastfed my bra was kinda loose but know i wanted so didnt bother to buy A cup bra lol. 325cc silicone under muscle mod profile

Went in for my consulting some where in August. We tried on some implant. I honestly kinda like the 350cc how it look in cloth but afraid is too big. Went with 325cc silicone under muscle. My Dr said "you rather go small then too big and do it again" which im fine with in. Plus i heard sometime you go too big for petite. Little chance you can get capsular contraction also which i do not want. I know is our body but i tried to min my chance of getting capsular contraction in any way i can. Want to do it the day after Labor Day but Dr is out for vacation that weekend. Got some blood work done and nothing else. Dr said since im young 25th and no history of breast cancer i should be fine.

$5,500 for the surgeon. ALWAYS ASK IF YOU GET DISCOUNT FOR PAYING IN CASH. $1,200 for hospital fee & $690 for anesthesia which you pay when you get to the surgery center.

Sept. 18, day of to the surgery center in the morning. I heard you heal better with any kind of surgery in the AM. Surgery was about 1hr30min. Woke up feeling a little bit hard to breath for a min but not bad at all. Nurse told me i have to try and take deep breath. Went home took my pain medication every 3hrs felt asleep.

Sept 20, 2nd day ........ Went in to get the bandage off. Felt sooo much better. Pain medication every 4hrs. Went to the mall to return some bras.

Sept 21, 3rd day........ took my last pain medication in the morning & didnt need it anymore. Now it starting to bother me sleeping up UGH!! with pain medication it make you want to sleep so who care now off pain medication.

Sept 22, ............ my butt is hurting i cant stand it so i try sleeping on my back lol not comfy at all. Hate these bra.

Sept 23, 5 day post op....... Went to the dr didnt have to get any stitches out they go away by it own. What bother me the most now is my right one still feel tight or that swollen like & my left one is fine. Husband told me maybe i used my right hand more and it didnt get to rest. Tried to drive too that didnt work could not turn.

Sept 24, 6 day post op...... my right boob is still bothering me. dr said each side will heal differently. i can not wait for them to drop. not only that where the crease is on my right boob seem like i can feel small lump or edge of the implant wonder if this is normal. guess my right one is suborn. i do not want capsular contraction :(( hopefully the tight feeling will go away in a week.

PS: thru out the hold surgery is not bad at all. i would def recommend my dr. I love peoples who are honest. Dr is very honest. He told me how long implant last. 40yrs!! unless there is a problem or you want change. He told me there is a patience who got the scan thing done. Look like there is a leak, went in to see him and he told her to wait a yr and let see. A year later she came back is not there. What happen is sometime the shell fold and then it look like there is a leak. And unfold itself. i hated the sitting up, tightest on one boob, im a fast moving girl and now moving slowly. And i think everyone should do their homework before getting this done.

Sept 26, day 8......

My right boob still seem tight. I guess is still a lil swollen compare to my left :(( this feeling is really annoying. And inside the middle crease between 2 boob. Is almost like i can feel the edge of the implant. Hope is normal. Heard because is still swollen.

Sept 26..... Scar update

Here is the pic of my scar it doesnt look that bad and is very thin i think my room light is bad

Sorry here the pic press save by accident

20 days post op

3 week & 2 day post op

Havent buy any bra yet. Think i should be a C.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Comfy, caring & honest which i love. Will give you his personal phone after surgery & check up on you.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great!
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Thx u :))
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Your boobs look perfect!! Same size I'm thinking about doing. Im a 34b but want to be a 34 full C. No bigger. Keep us posted. :-)
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I cant wait until they drop completely
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When are you getting your done? Im happy with mine :))
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I'm thinking around first week of December. Im still going to see different PS. Seen two, have one more to visit next week. Then I will make my final decision. Then I will start my own review. Cant wait!!
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I was nervous almost wanted to stop the whole thing and think about all the negative things but glad i did it :)) goodluck to you
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Thanks :-). What made you go with silicone. I'm still undecided about saline or silicone.
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This should be Moderate,right?Great!!!
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Yes is silicone moderate plus
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very nice girls you got! Your scars are healing so well! I hope mine will heal as quickly as yours.
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I took green vibrance & vit c. Green vibrance is the worst drink ever but so good for you :)) have you got your done yet?
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             very pretty set!
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thx u :)) cant wait for them to drop especially the freaking right boob still feel tight and swelling
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You paid $5500 for silicone? Does that include the hospital and anesthesia? The quote that he gave me was $7000+. My procedure is similar to your procedure and there's nothing to lift. Nothing extra. That's a big difference from the quote he gave me. I was just there in February for a consult.
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My friend & i both paid 5,500 silicone under muscle. 1200 & 690 for the Montgomery Surgery Center. That you pay when you get there. You jusy pay him 5500 for implant. Could it be more for bigger implant? My friend got 300cc mine is 325cc. How many cc you want? And is he agree with the cc or wont do it any bigger?
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So total is 7300 for everything. Your is 7000 just for implant or total including with the other stuff?
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Go to your profile and you will see!!!
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How do i update & add on my day 7??
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i love your result.
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Yes i am very happy myself that i had no pain or anything like i heard. Glad i choose dr dick :))
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Congrats!Great result!!!
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Thx u
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