Clear Choice is Overpriced & Not a Quality Care or Caring Place--look Around You Can Do Better -Rockville, MD & Atlanta, GA

I had the implant placed in February in Rockville,...

I had the implant placed in February in Rockville, MD. Clear Choice was by far the most expensive, $5,000, upfront for the implant and crown. They advertise that the implant & crown can be done in one day. Not so, that' only for a full set of teeth. I moved to Atlanta in March and have been dealing with the Atlanta Clear Choice office since May. It can take a month to get an appointment for a particular tiny part of the process. I was floored when I was told that a dentist that takes the impressions was only going to be in the office two Thursdays in the next month and it would be just a few hours of appointments on those two days. I finally had the crown put on yesterday (October 19--that's 8 months later--I was told it would take 3 to 4 months). The first crown wouldn't stay on my tooth so it took another month for the crown to come in. The crown looks, well, I guess I would give it a C---they didn't care. And, after all that I had been through, all they told me yesterday was that I needed to sign a form that I received the crown and they were done with me. I don't know what the crown was made of and I was given no care instructions or information on how long the crown/implant would last or even that they did a good job.
I only saw one dentist twice

While I was going to Clear Chocie, I only saw 1 dentist twice. I am now getting a dental implant from a provider who is the only dentist there. I think that is much better. The dentist is responsible. In Clear Choice, it seemed to be more about working few hours, receiving benefits and having Fridays and weekends off.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi MBB1, I am sorry to hear your experience with C.C didn't go well. I am thinking about getting implant with C.C. but after reading so many bad reviews about implants I am now afraid to get them. I have read several patient's reviews that implants and the material use causes many health problems such as, immune problems, neurologic problems, chronic fatigue and cancer. I was hoping you can help me with making a decision. How is everything going so far with your implant? Did you encounter any health problem? would you recommend anyone to get implants? thanks!
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I'm so sorry to hear all of the problems you've had getting your dental implant.  Thank you so much for sharing your story.  Your experience may be able to help others.  I'm a little bit confused as to what happened...are you getting your implant from a Clear Choice provider?  Or did you decide to go with a dentist outside Clear Choice?  And are you having to redo something with this dentist, or was that just how you got it all done in the end?  It sounds like you got an implant in Maryland, but not the crown, and then got the crown in Atlanta, but maybe went to a different dentist than Clear Choice for that?

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I got the implant at Clear Choice in Rockville, MD in February. I just got the crown at the Clear Choice in Atlanta (8 months later). Scheduling, treatment, re-treatment, impressions, and even the crown had to be done and redone. I paid the $5,000 up-front and after that, treating me became somewhat of burden. Also, don't expect any dentist-to-patient relationship--I only saw the same dentist for two of the appointments. In summary, I think you could do better all the way around at another dental implant center or dentist--better price and the implant and crown done in a more timely & high quality way. Does that clarify my comments?
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Yes, thank you for replying. :).  Are you going for another implant from a different provider now?

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I have to look into having implants for dentures due to a cleft and radiation treatment when I was young. Apparently normal dentures will not work due to jaw alignment being offset. Due to the lack of medical medical information at that time, I am currently 52, we were not able to get the proper dental or medical treatment that others are able to obtain today. I would like to get a full set of teeth so that my parents, who just turned 70, can see my true facial features before the end of their life. Yet, at the price that is being charged I do not believe I will be able to give that dream to them. I have disabilities that prevent me from working. With my wife's preschool teacher salary, our current health and dental insurance, being underwater with our mortgage, I can not afford $35 to $38 thousand dollars for a full set of teeth that I have not had since I was a child. I cry at night hoping that one day that GOD or the LORD JESUS will answer my prayers. Yet I know he is busy and has other more important matters to attend to. Thanks for hearing me out.
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Yes, I had a crowned tooth break off at the root. Dr. Frank Roach, Dentistry of Norcross, placed the implant about 5 weeks ago. So far, everything about Dr. Roach's practice and the cost (60% of the Clear Choice cost) have been superior to Clear Chice.
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I have been given quotes for as low as 24,000 dollars for 3 upper & 4 lower complete implants and dentures. I can not afford that either. That is why when I see such a high price I become even more discouraged that I may never have a set of teeth to be proud of.
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I live in a small town in Utah. My dentist has been doing implants probably as long as anyone in the state. He uses high quality materials from suppliers that have been around for years, not from some of the newer upstart providers (he wants to be sure they will be in business five years down the road if there are any treatments required in the future. The cost at this reputable dentist is $2000 to $2500 per tooth. I needed 6 teeth and opted for partial dentures until I can afford the implants. Keep looking, there are good dentists out there will make you happy.
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