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Moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and...

moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and looking somewhat tired, with bags under eyes. I went to my Dr. to improve my appearance and look somewhat younger again.

I have always had pretty eyes, almond in shape and told I looked like Sophia Loren. My upper weren't that bad, but thought the removal of some fat, (never over 3 mil) wouldn't hurt. I remember stating to her the evening of my surgery, “please don't mess up my eyes, they are the window to your soul and my best feature.” She smiled with confidence.

My oldest daughter picked me up from the surgery, and immediately knew something was wrong. My eyes were surely swollen, and bursed, more than any photos she had seen regarding upper and lower eyelid surgery. One week later my eyes were still swollen shut and bruised. The Dr. put me on Steroids and that reduced the effects.

Weeks after the surgery, my eyes would not stay closed entire night during sleep. My daughter again was the one to notice, along with the altered appearance this surgery produced. My eyes were no longer almond, they were round and very wide. I looked like I was scared by something all the time. I have hollow eye sockets now and they still stay open when I sleep.

My entire appearance was changed to a negative effect, and with every visit I made to my Dr.'s office, I heard the same thing, "GIVE IT TIME". It became apparent after the 4-5th visit, she did not know what to do for corrections, nor was she going to admit any error. After conferring with another surgeon, I found out that she cut access tissue from my eyes, leaving a hollow socket. Too much fat was taken out as well, and leaving little skin, or muscle strength, to close eyes for the entire night. I can blink, thank god.

Since my eyes are wide and hollow, it has also changed my facial features. They are also hollowed in appearance, making face longer in appearance and my once high cheek bones adding to my skeleton look. My family back home did not recognize me when they first saw me. Only my voice indicated who I was. I have gone shopping in stores while visiting my hometown, running into old friends as they pass me by. I do not even resemble who I once looked like and too embarrassed and ashamed of what I look like now. I too, have looked in the mirror everyday and have a stranger looking back for the past 7 years.

Although I seek for some reversion type of treatment, they are more expensive than the original, and I could ever afford. I did have my own collagen injected into my upper lid, but only 20% stays while the rest is absorbed, so lasting effect was temporary. I've looked at Strip fat grafting, again the cost is too great and no guarantee this would work. I've heard all the statements, “why was I so vain,” and “I should of left my appearance alone“.

I remember over hearing my son say one day, “it must be hard for mom, she was once so beautiful and let that doctor butcher her face.” I've cried, thought what did I do to deserve this? Woman everyday have surgery done and it leaves a positive effect. I would not recommend this doctor for my dog. She maybe good at some work, but for eye lid surgery she ruined my life, and appearance.

Little can be done legally with elective surgery, and unless your left horribly disfigured, juries don't feel for you, and attorneys even less. I may still go blind one day from my eyes not completely closing at night. I have scratched my cornea during sleep at night, and have had to receive medical treatment for it.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK !!!! Do not assume because a doctor is Board Certified they know what they are doing. These postings are a great source of information. If I had pictures I'd up-load ,so everyone could see my “before and after“. I stopped taking pictures of myself 7 years ago. I rarely go out in public when visiting home. Not that I'll be recognized, but the mental and emotional effects are too difficult to deal with as time goes by, and little hope is left for any correction. Beware, of what this doctor performs on you. There are something’s in life, we may never recover from. For me this is one of them.

The pro's were to improve my appearance. Con's, I...

The pro's were to improve my appearance. Con's, I did not do my homework. Just because a doctor is board certitfed, does not mean they are up and familar with all procedures. Mine was a very negative experience.

Help and suggestions for revision surgery?

If eyelid surgery "ruined your life" you need a different perspective on life. Try to move on and look at things realistically.
Caitlin04, All I can say is I hear you and I'm so sorry you too are my sister in this emotional pain. Yes, my life is very anti-social,in solitude and I've aged as well. Time doesn't help with this sort of thing. I have almost given up hope, as time marches on. There has really only been a few revisions that have worked well for others, and they have taken much time and much money to perform. Everyone is different as well, so what worked for them, maynot for me. I get very afraid. Traveling all over the country, has never been an option financially, and that just makes it worse. Getting your procedure done right the first time. By a skilled experienced and caring surgeon,is all I can Scream! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I only hope others are listening. I too became lost, it changes who you are, or were. Your personality and how people now see you. A woman knows how she was once perceived by others, in particular the opposite sex. This negative change does not come gracefully, but all at once.I could see the changes within a month. To have elected to have this done to myself, for me personally, is the worse.A fire caused deformity, would be easier to except. I sometimes think I must have been a very bad soul, to have lost it in a hazardous waste container. It is a loss and grieving process. For some it lasts the rest of your life. I've been on and off of therapy, anti depressants and everything else, in the past 8 years. However, in the end your still looking at a stranger, lost as what to do next, who you are now,and left alone. Of all the regrets I have in life, this surgery ranks number one. And yet,I am not against enhancing your genetic appearance. Enhance, not change. Knowing I'm not alone in this situation or misery, is little consultation. Nothing can change this, for me or you. It's how to live from this point on, that seems to be where I got lost. I could never go on or figure it out. Sort of got stuck right here. Your eyes are the window to your soul, your expressions, your god given appearance, your family genetic identity, your children's eyes and face that once resembled yours. How does one get over that? How does one live with this mistake? How does one justify this surgeons ability to continue in practice and not miss a beat of her life, without regard, thought or responsibility for what she did to me? All these unanswered questions, just lead me further into the darkness,at times. There is no pill or therapist, that can anwser this for me, and yes, at times i must just go to bed, and stay there for awhile. Always telling myself in the dark, tomorrow's another day. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are some things in life we may never recover. For me, I know this is the one. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone and I am so sorry to hear of yours and your loss. My blessings are with you.
I'm so sorry you are going through this. I can relate to everything you have said. I had an aggressive facelift 8 years ago that has permanently ruined my once attractive face. Like you, I had complete confidence in my surgeon, I saw him 4-5 times pre-op just be absolutely certain he knew what I wanted and didn't want. He completely changed the shape and contour of my face, my features look odd and unbalanced. He eventually admitted he'd been aggressive...I'm still horrified to this day. The stress and depression have aged and worn me. I'm withdrawn and self conscious to the point of being antisocial. I don't even know who I am anymore..I've lost my identity; I never in my wildest dreams anticipated the far reaching impact on my psyche and life.

I have searched for revision on first eye lid...

I have searched for revision on first eye lid surgery for 8 years. On June 24th I went to my home town Plastic/Reconstruction Surgeon ,whom I should have gone too originally for this task. Dr. W has been in practice for many years and is a skilled, experienced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeron. He performed a mid face lift with focus on the upper area of my temples to elonggate my eyes and try tto give back my almond appearance. He used Pearl Grafting in upper eye lids, for volume and also tried to recreate my lid crease that had been totally removed my first unskilled surgeron. It has been over one month and I see some fat absorbing in upper lids, I am still very pleased with outcome, and family can also see a positive change, and softer appearance. I may need additional fat grafting to upper lids which is normal,and expected. I have taken photos to show and hope this of help to others seeking help in this area. I found his costs absolutely resonable and I am pleased with results this far. Very first pic: how my eyes looked before original surgery. Almond and long. Photo 2 is how my eyes looked after eye lid surgery ..Hollwed,empty,doll eyes,with hardness and no lid crease,round and wide. 3 photo is a side veiw of original surgery showing the hollwed eye socket and how I could almost place my finger in socket.Photo 4, day of revisio suregry.Photo 5,after surgery.Next photo showing third day out. Next photo of side, face appears fuller.

This profile photo is how I look today after revision for upper/lower eye lid surgery that left me with hollowed, sunken eyes sockets and inability to close eye during sleep. Dr. Jerome Weiskofp performed my revision and although in time I may need more fat to upper lids, I see a resemblance of my old self once again. My almond eyes are back and you better believe I'm very happy... My family recognizes the old me and so do I. The road to revision has been along hard and emotional one, with days and nights of sadness,depression and despair. DON"T GIVE UP! There are allot of good doctors out here, and hopefully they will overcome the bad.So voice those that are bad. Victoria Vitale Lewis did this to me without skipping a beat of her life. Look closely at my second photo, and if you don't want to look like an aged, sunken eye socket, with wide, scary eyes that don't close, then BEWARE!!!
There is a grieving process that one goes through when your raped of your genetic being and no longer resemble your family or children. I will continue my education on this subject and warn others of bad P.S. This one featured above is "number one" on my top ten list :) Dr. Weiskopf then did Pearl Fat grafting to my upper eye lid. He made several tiny incisions and placed the fat in those incisions.He was trying to re-create the crease so neglently removed. I may need more fat grafts in my future, but am prepared because I've learned it is not a one time fix and may need seveal applications to remain viable and take on blood flow. You can see from my photos,especially on profile, this surgery has made a big difference in the softening of my appearance.Added volume to the two holes that "Vitale Lewis" unskilled hands created. I will be happy to answer any questions and give you info. on my surgeon. PLEASE BEWARE OF VICTORIA VITALE LEWIS...she'll turn you into Frankenstein!!! My down time was low and I was prepared for the face lift and what was expected. Actually was easier than I thought. Less swelling and bursing from this, then with original eye lid surgery performed by Victoria Vitlae Lewis that let me with what you see above. I am pleased with the outcome and will continue to read educate and inform others of new findings concerning revising, and "ware other" of this unskilled, so called P.S. Victoria Vitale Lewis!!! They say a picture speaks 1000 words. I had a positive outcome this far and not sorry I pursued it.
Hello Everyone. On June 24, 2010 I went home to Rockford , IL. and had eye lid revision preformed by Dr. Weiskopf. He is a skilled Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon. As you all know I have mourned the loss of my genetic identify cut away by the aggressive hands of Victoria Vitlae Lewis. It has been an emotional grieving process and depression that I'd wish on no one. Shes truly unfit to Practice P.S. As you can see from photo's above, i had a positive outcome this time. Dr. Weiskopf is amazing. I had a lateral,temporal face lift , with pulling on the temporal sides for a vertical and almond shape back to my eyes from hollowed sunken as seen in photos above.Photo two is how I looked after eye lid surgery by this surgeon featured.BEWARE!! He then place pearl fat grafts in upper lids to re-create the natural crease she cut away. A softer fuller look was once again regained. I Will be happy to answer any questions and yes, I feel wonderful and my expectations on life are great!!

Eight years ago I have aggressive upper/lower eye...

Eight years ago I have aggressive upper/lower eye lid surgery. She changed my face and life to a negative for emotional greiving and loss of my genetic indentity. A good plastic surgeon will never change the shape or appearance of your eyes. Only enhaonce them. This is not a skilled or good Plastic Surgeon, and I highly recommend "NO ONE" have this butcher cut on them.She never took responabiltiy for her aggressive and negative outcome, and hurried me through her office so ohter potential patiences could not see her work. She is cold hearted, and shouldn't be allowed to preform surgery until she learns how to do it correctly.

On June 24, 2010. I traveled to my home town of Rockofrd ,Illinois where a skilled and experienced Plastic/Reconstruction Suregon , performed revision upper /lower eye lid surgery. I have extreme hollwed sockets, and sunken eyes from the original surgery performed. Dr. W gave me pearl fat grafting to upper lids, and a mid face life with focus on the temporal vertigal pull to help re-create my onve almond eyes, raped from me by the original doctor.This drastic change made my entire face look gaunt, hollwed and changed my genetic identiy. I no longer looked like my family. Dr. W helped give me my old appearance back and recreate the natural crease that was cut entirely away.leaving skeleton sockets for eyes.She turned me into a freak that for many years mourned the loss of my face and the emotional roller coaster this type of unskilled work can leave the consumer.

They say photos speak 1000 words, and my photos say much today on how I look and feel. Thereis hope out here and never give up. Just be careful whom you choice to do any P.S. and look at there record. If they are a bad P.S. the web will have them on here with compliants. If it had been around for me 9 years ago, I'd of saved myself allot of heartache, money and pain. First photo is how I once appeared before original surgery. Second photo,how I appeared after the first surgery for enhancment of upper/lower eye lid sugery. Many years of sorrow and depression followed.

Vickisue, OH PLEASE!!!! Move on lady. . . . Your pictures do speak for themselves, in comparing the last two pictures you looked better in the before revision pic than the most resent post revision pic! Get over your obsession for your own mental health!I truly wish you peace in this matter!
One more thing...My photos speak for themselves. Take a good hard look!!!

I looked like a Skeleton all sunken in eyes, rounded, hollowed.
Hell No, I will continue to warn others of this surgeon when ever given the opportunity.

I wouldn't wish my outcome with her or years of stress on NO OTHER HUMAN.
Hello Orlando, I only deface a surgeon when the disfacing fits. That woman took me into her confidence, and told me she would enhance my appearance. Explained doing both upper and lower lids when my upper lids were not drooping was irresponsible. Instead I woke to a swollen, beyond normal face, with closed, blacked eyes and pain beyond belief.
But that did not compare to the emotional pain that followed for the next 9 years.
She took way to much tissue and fat, and that My Dear has been explained not only by fellow P.S. but any web sight regarding this surgery and what happens when done aggressively. And here is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon , in practice for many years, that stated she knew how to perform this surgery.
It changed my GENETIC IDENTITY! And unless you have experience that first hand, you shouldn't form any opinions of me or the hundreds of other woman on this Web Sight going through the same. The emotional scars,and depression a negative plastic surgery can leave I would not wish on anyone. It is an emotional Trauma I would compare to PTSD.
And until you experience this and I truly hope you never do, please don't tell me or any of these woman they are obsessed as well.
I have a right to warn others of what happened to me. And find I'm not alone when it comes to this surgeon and eye lid,and facial surgery!
I am happy she did not scar you physically or emotionally or leave you facing a mirror each and not recognizing who is staring back.
But don't tell me I'm wrong,or obsessed because lady, I know I am NOT !!!

Photo Update

You look stunning xx
marilyn i am so very happy for you that you were able to find someone who could fix your eyes back to beautiful.i know how heartbreaking it is to have faith in someone and how devastating it is to be disfigured and not know if you will ever be able to not only find someone to repair what had happened but afford to pay to get it repaired. We women are almost completely judged on appearance most of the time,especially when we feel we have something important to one listens to unnatractive people sadly enough. I had good intentions for wanting to look less tired and more alert. i too did not want to change my natural appearance as i was blessed genetically also,before all of this. i do not know why this happened or even what happened. but i am relieved to see that you have found resolve and solace. and i am eternally grateful to you,a wonderful strong and obviously compassionate woman for sharing your story and for giving those who like you have had similar experiences. i wish you well and i wish you health and happiness thank you so much again you look phenomenol
I have read your posts, and looked at all your pics now. You are looking great. I am so glad that your eyes are back to an acceptable look. Mine were cut way too short too. They have hurt every single day for over a year. I massage the lids, try to get the one eyelid to come "down" and match the other...they are wide open like...and I could not see to drive, read or do much of ANYTHING for weeks after the surgery. The mass production surgeons rely on the internet for their continual supply of new patients. They often send their patients who write bad review on the internet "threatening letters, or actually file in court AGAINST THE patient. Be careful when you say or write anything...with your real name. Many people have been threat or actual lawsuit filing, defamation of character, allegations of ruining their livelihood and business, slander, libel... NOT easy in real COURT to write a brief or "answer" unless you have a legal background or hire a lawyer. Lose and you could lose assets, money, and more. There are 20-20 and other shows that show the BAD results of trying to get a jury to come down on your side...for "plastic surgery" that was not medically them. Sad...but most people on a jury are NOT going to relate to having $5-50,000.00 to spend on elective surgery so we don't "look our age". They don't care if our eyelids were drooping into our soup...if we could pin them up and "see" we should live with it. Sorry, but that's what I observed on the televised interviews of the people suing their surgeon for the butchered outcomes. I would NOT be surprised to hear that the surgeons who operate on people, and botch the jobs...and can't be touched by the AMA, or be sued successfully are dealt with by severely emotionally/physically affected patients in "take it into their own hands" ways. Every single day I suffer from tight-tight eyelids, can't wear contacts, have to massage eyelids constantly..but thank Our Lord, I can SEE again! When the eyelids don't CLOSE all the way and one has to put OINTMENTS or OILY OILY drops in their eyes so the pain isn't debilitating, it causes VERY blurry vision. Without the lubrication, eyes can dry out and be permanently damaged. Continue to put GOOD reviews of the good surgeons and outcomes, but beware writing things about your surgeon , with your real name ( or real pictures) that they may find ( or unscrupulous attorney may find) enough to sue you in court for.....( monetary damages may be awarded)!

Still going Strong !

It has now been 4 years since eye surgery revision by Dr. J. Weiskopf , Rockford, Il.. I am still very pleased with the outcome He is a very skilled Plastic/Reconstruction Surgeon. My original surgery by Victoria Vitale- Lewis , of Melbourne, Florida, devastated me and created severe, Emotional, Mental Health issues. Deep depression and raped my genetic identiy. But I found the light and strength, pursued revision and founda GREAT doctor, that helped change what Vitale /Lewis created, into something soft, and recognizable and pleasing. Please beware of whom you allow to cut into your face. It can change your life.
So sorry you had to go through all of this! :( I know it doesn't make up for years of feeling "ugly" etc, but you look so good now! Hard to believe your age, you are older than I and look like you could be my daughter ;) Good for you, glad you have some resolution now.
Hi Vickisue, Im glad to hear you finally got the results you were looking for. Currently, I'm in my research and saving money phase. What I need to address is the dark circle under-eye hollowness that I have, and am looking for a permanent solution such as fat to fill it in. I've heard of this surgeon by the name of Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS who is based in Boston and I'm slightly leaning towards him. He doesn't do the typical fat injections that majority of ps do, his technique is quite different and from what I've read; it's an older technique that most surgeons no longer do. Dr. Seckel places a fat graph (which already has a blood supply) and uses that piece of fat (intact) and places that under the eye. He does not inject it as he uses the graft itself. I'm not the best at explaining his method but you pretty much get the picture. He explains it better. I will attach the link below if you're interested (it's from his comment). I was wondering if you had any thoughts on that or his methods. Any input you have would be beneficial, like yourself I've been doing quite a bit of research on fat and which method/dr would be best for me. Here's the link below. Actually, I'll attach his quote and a couple links as well. Thanks for your time: "Injection techniques around the eyes are "blind procedures" and accuracy is difficult to achieve. Injections around the eyes are traumatic and often leave visible lumps and discoloration of the eyelid skin. Blindness has been reported following filler injections around the eyes-the filler material enters a blood vessel and disrupts blood supply to the retina. Fat injection techniques kill a great many of the injected fat cells so that survival of the fat is very difficult to predict. In addition lumps and irregularities are common following fat injections in the eyelid area-the eyelid skin is so thin that any irregularity beneath the skin is very visible. For these reasons and to achieve the best result when treating hollow eyes after blepharoplasty or treating dark circles under the eyes, I use a fat transplantation technique in which a whole piece of fat of proper size to achieve restoration of volume is surgically transplanted under direct vision into the appropriate position, through a small laser incision on the inside of the eyelid. Placing the incision here avoids disrupting the lower eyelid support by making an external incision and cutting through the muscle. The later technique causes the sad eyed look or ectropion." Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS Link 2 Dr.Seckel's blog on "Removal of Dark Circles under the Eyes": Link 3, Dr. Seckel's article on "Open Fat Grafting For Correction of Hollow Eyes and Dark Circles" :
Rockford Plastic Surgeon

Do your homework. just because a doctor is board certified, does not mean they are qualified for all procedures, or stay up with new changes on procedures. I found Dr. W to be experienced and skilled in this area, and had confidence in his abilties.

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