Bags Under my Eyes - Eyelid Surgery Ruined my Life - Rockport, IL

Moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and...

moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and looking somewhat tired, with bags under eyes. I went to my Dr. to improve my appearance and look somewhat younger again.

I have always had pretty eyes, almond in shape and told I looked like Sophia Loren. My upper weren't that bad, but thought the removal of some fat, (never over 3 mil) wouldn't hurt. I remember stating to her the evening of my surgery, “please don't mess up my eyes, they are the window to your soul and my best feature.” She smiled with confidence.

My oldest daughter picked me up from the surgery, and immediately knew something was wrong. My eyes were surely swollen, and bursed, more than any photos she had seen regarding upper and lower eyelid surgery. One week later my eyes were still swollen shut and bruised. The Dr. put me on Steroids and that reduced the effects.

Weeks after the surgery, my eyes would not stay closed entire night during sleep. My daughter again was the one to notice, along with the altered appearance this surgery produced. My eyes were no longer almond, they were round and very wide. I looked like I was scared by something all the time. I have hollow eye sockets now and they still stay open when I sleep.

My entire appearance was changed to a negative effect, and with every visit I made to my Dr.'s office, I heard the same thing, "GIVE IT TIME". It became apparent after the 4-5th visit, she did not know what to do for corrections, nor was she going to admit any error. After conferring with another surgeon, I found out that she cut access tissue from my eyes, leaving a hollow socket. Too much fat was taken out as well, and leaving little skin, or muscle strength, to close eyes for the entire night. I can blink, thank god.

Since my eyes are wide and hollow, it has also changed my facial features. They are also hollowed in appearance, making face longer in appearance and my once high cheek bones adding to my skeleton look. My family back home did not recognize me when they first saw me. Only my voice indicated who I was. I have gone shopping in stores while visiting my hometown, running into old friends as they pass me by. I do not even resemble who I once looked like and too embarrassed and ashamed of what I look like now. I too, have looked in the mirror everyday and have a stranger looking back for the past 7 years.

Although I seek for some reversion type of treatment, they are more expensive than the original, and I could ever afford. I did have my own collagen injected into my upper lid, but only 20% stays while the rest is absorbed, so lasting effect was temporary. I've looked at Strip fat grafting, again the cost is too great and no guarantee this would work. I've heard all the statements, “why was I so vain,” and “I should of left my appearance alone“.

I remember over hearing my son say one day, “it must be hard for mom, she was once so beautiful and let that doctor butcher her face.” I've cried, thought what did I do to deserve this? Woman everyday have surgery done and it leaves a positive effect. I would not recommend this doctor for my dog. She maybe good at some work, but for eye lid surgery she ruined my life, and appearance.

Little can be done legally with elective surgery, and unless your left horribly disfigured, juries don't feel for you, and attorneys even less. I may still go blind one day from my eyes not completely closing at night. I have scratched my cornea during sleep at night, and have had to receive medical treatment for it.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK !!!! Do not assume because a doctor is Board Certified they know what they are doing. These postings are a great source of information. If I had pictures I'd up-load ,so everyone could see my “before and after“. I stopped taking pictures of myself 7 years ago. I rarely go out in public when visiting home. Not that I'll be recognized, but the mental and emotional effects are too difficult to deal with as time goes by, and little hope is left for any correction. Beware, of what this doctor performs on you. There are something’s in life, we may never recover from. For me this is one of them.

The pro's were to improve my appearance. Con's, I...

The pro's were to improve my appearance. Con's, I did not do my homework. Just because a doctor is board certitfed, does not mean they are up and familar with all procedures. Mine was a very negative experience.

Help and suggestions for revision surgery?

I have searched for revision on first eye lid...

I have searched for revision on first eye lid surgery for 8 years. On June 24th I went to my home town Plastic/Reconstruction Surgeon ,whom I should have gone too originally for this task. Dr. W has been in practice for many years and is a skilled, experienced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeron. He performed a mid face lift with focus on the upper area of my temples to elonggate my eyes and try tto give back my almond appearance. He used Pearl Grafting in upper eye lids, for volume and also tried to recreate my lid crease that had been totally removed my first unskilled surgeron. It has been over one month and I see some fat absorbing in upper lids, I am still very pleased with outcome, and family can also see a positive change, and softer appearance. I may need additional fat grafting to upper lids which is normal,and expected. I have taken photos to show and hope this of help to others seeking help in this area. I found his costs absolutely resonable and I am pleased with results this far. Very first pic: how my eyes looked before original surgery. Almond and long. Photo 2 is how my eyes looked after eye lid surgery ..Hollwed,empty,doll eyes,with hardness and no lid crease,round and wide. 3 photo is a side veiw of original surgery showing the hollwed eye socket and how I could almost place my finger in socket.Photo 4, day of revisio suregry.Photo 5,after surgery.Next photo showing third day out. Next photo of side, face appears fuller.

Eight years ago I have aggressive upper/lower eye...

Eight years ago I have aggressive upper/lower eye lid surgery. She changed my face and life to a negative for emotional greiving and loss of my genetic indentity. A good plastic surgeon will never change the shape or appearance of your eyes. Only enhaonce them. This is not a skilled or good Plastic Surgeon, and I highly recommend "NO ONE" have this butcher cut on them.She never took responabiltiy for her aggressive and negative outcome, and hurried me through her office so ohter potential patiences could not see her work. She is cold hearted, and shouldn't be allowed to preform surgery until she learns how to do it correctly.

On June 24, 2010. I traveled to my home town of Rockofrd ,Illinois where a skilled and experienced Plastic/Reconstruction Suregon , performed revision upper /lower eye lid surgery. I have extreme hollwed sockets, and sunken eyes from the original surgery performed. Dr. W gave me pearl fat grafting to upper lids, and a mid face life with focus on the temporal vertigal pull to help re-create my onve almond eyes, raped from me by the original doctor.This drastic change made my entire face look gaunt, hollwed and changed my genetic identiy. I no longer looked like my family. Dr. W helped give me my old appearance back and recreate the natural crease that was cut entirely away.leaving skeleton sockets for eyes.She turned me into a freak that for many years mourned the loss of my face and the emotional roller coaster this type of unskilled work can leave the consumer.

They say photos speak 1000 words, and my photos say much today on how I look and feel. Thereis hope out here and never give up. Just be careful whom you choice to do any P.S. and look at there record. If they are a bad P.S. the web will have them on here with compliants. If it had been around for me 9 years ago, I'd of saved myself allot of heartache, money and pain. First photo is how I once appeared before original surgery. Second photo,how I appeared after the first surgery for enhancment of upper/lower eye lid sugery. Many years of sorrow and depression followed.

Photo Update

Rockford Plastic Surgeon

Do your homework. just because a doctor is board certified, does not mean they are qualified for all procedures, or stay up with new changes on procedures. I found Dr. W to be experienced and skilled in this area, and had confidence in his abilties.

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marilyn i am so very happy for you that you were able to find someone who could fix your eyes back to beautiful.i know how heartbreaking it is to have faith in someone and how devastating it is to be disfigured and not know if you will ever be able to not only find someone to repair what had happened but afford to pay to get it repaired. We women are almost completely judged on appearance most of the time,especially when we feel we have something important to one listens to unnatractive people sadly enough. I had good intentions for wanting to look less tired and more alert. i too did not want to change my natural appearance as i was blessed genetically also,before all of this. i do not know why this happened or even what happened. but i am relieved to see that you have found resolve and solace. and i am eternally grateful to you,a wonderful strong and obviously compassionate woman for sharing your story and for giving those who like you have had similar experiences. i wish you well and i wish you health and happiness thank you so much again you look phenomenol
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I have read your posts, and looked at all your pics now. You are looking great. I am so glad that your eyes are back to an acceptable look. Mine were cut way too short too. They have hurt every single day for over a year. I massage the lids, try to get the one eyelid to come "down" and match the other...they are wide open like...and I could not see to drive, read or do much of ANYTHING for weeks after the surgery. The mass production surgeons rely on the internet for their continual supply of new patients. They often send their patients who write bad review on the internet "threatening letters, or actually file in court AGAINST THE patient. Be careful when you say or write anything...with your real name. Many people have been threat or actual lawsuit filing, defamation of character, allegations of ruining their livelihood and business, slander, libel... NOT easy in real COURT to write a brief or "answer" unless you have a legal background or hire a lawyer. Lose and you could lose assets, money, and more. There are 20-20 and other shows that show the BAD results of trying to get a jury to come down on your side...for "plastic surgery" that was not medically them. Sad...but most people on a jury are NOT going to relate to having $5-50,000.00 to spend on elective surgery so we don't "look our age". They don't care if our eyelids were drooping into our soup...if we could pin them up and "see" we should live with it. Sorry, but that's what I observed on the televised interviews of the people suing their surgeon for the butchered outcomes. I would NOT be surprised to hear that the surgeons who operate on people, and botch the jobs...and can't be touched by the AMA, or be sued successfully are dealt with by severely emotionally/physically affected patients in "take it into their own hands" ways. Every single day I suffer from tight-tight eyelids, can't wear contacts, have to massage eyelids constantly..but thank Our Lord, I can SEE again! When the eyelids don't CLOSE all the way and one has to put OINTMENTS or OILY OILY drops in their eyes so the pain isn't debilitating, it causes VERY blurry vision. Without the lubrication, eyes can dry out and be permanently damaged. Continue to put GOOD reviews of the good surgeons and outcomes, but beware writing things about your surgeon , with your real name ( or real pictures) that they may find ( or unscrupulous attorney may find) enough to sue you in court for.....( monetary damages may be awarded)!
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Hi, I'm sorry to read about all the emotional pain due to a bad job done that a few people have shared. It is because of all these negative reviews in the past several years that I've wanted my eyelids done, that I've not done it. I find many good reviews about doctors that don't live in SF or near me, and I don't want to travel because of cost, so basically quit researching for awhile. I wanted to ask if any of the people who had bad results if their doctors were members of ASOPRS? (American Soceity of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). I've read that its probably best to use a doctor that has this credential. but who's to say that they have more experince doing eyelids than a regular PS.? I live in SF so there are probably too many PS to chose from, unfortunelty there really aren't that many reviews for any of them in particular and I don't know anyone personally so its harder for me to decide on whom to go to and to be able to afford a consultation fee with more than one. I mainly want to know if the surgeons you chose had a lot of good reviews or if they were regular PS or had ASOPRS credentials. thank you.
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This is for te Gal asking me about Dr. Steinsappire. Yes, I've heard of him. He is also on this Sight, or was. He recommended a P.S. in West Palm Beach,Fl for me to seek out, but it involved a procedure I felt too invasive and really did not address my upper lids, where the problem lay. He has good reviews, and apparently does great work. Revisions for upper lids is not clear, but he seems to improve lowers using Restylane and has his own mixture that works well. Only bad report I've read is he can over-fill, which can be corrected.HE IS EXPENSIVE.
First thing is to have a consult, write down all your concerns and address them at that time. Ask to see photos specific to your problem, if he has any.Bring photos of what you looked like before the surgery your trying to correct, if possible. This doctor sounds credible, but none are GOD so enter with realistic expectations, and rather focus on what you use to look like, focus on what truly needs repair and softening.I'm sure this P.S. has some bad reviews like most all do, but if they are only a few, and it is repairable, don't let that deter you. He sounds like he knows his stuff, been around a long time, and experienced. Good Luck
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Thank you for responding Vicky! What do you mean by he can over fill? Where do you read that? Again, thanks for your response!
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Thank you for your warm wishes and yes, it is an on going Journey, but there is hope.

I agree this Web-sight has been a place of venting, knowledge and healing. Also to know there are others still in pain, and the support given is outstanding.

Best wishes for you as well.
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Wow. That is an incredible journey. You look wonderful now that you have had the reconstruction. Thank God for this website. It is a place for knowledge and healing.. Best wishes to you Vickisue.
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You are beautiful, resting in Gods arms will do that. You have been there a lot. God bless you
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You are very beautiful, looks like you have always rested in the arms of God. God bless you.
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Thanks for letting us know. I know how you feel cuz I also have a nitemare story to air.
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Thanks for sharing your story. I know it must have been painful to write everything down and post the photos.

Other people have said you must have mental problems for being upset about this for all these years... I think you would have to be crazy NOT to be upset! Of course you're going to be upset when somebody permanently maims your face, especially as a woman. Its not right that there are plastic surgeons out there who ruin peoples faces and lives without ever having to pay any consequences. There should be some sort of law put in place - that if a doctor disfigures you in anyway, and cannot fix what he/she has done, a full refund of your money should be given, PLUS the extra money it would take to fix what went wrong in the first place. Its just not right that the victim is the one who has to pay for the damages.

Anyway, I'm just glad that your story has a happy ending. You look truly stunning after the revision surgery.
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I would wait as long as possible to heal and see the end result. Skin may stretch over time. It took several years for me I think to really like the end result because at first there is redness and hollows. All that went away eventually. You ve had a lot done recently so just wait. Then if you really hate it see for some changes but make sure it s what you want.
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I'm also struggling on a daily basis with my eyelid surgery. I got the upper eyelids done a few years ago and the sutures broke in front and I got them redone. This time I cut some of my inner corner of my eye (medical epi for those of Asian descent) per the doctor's recommendation. I trusted him and I constantly feel them stretching and moving. I even think one of the stitches is loose and constantly worried about my eyes coming loose.

I've been wearing glasses more and just talking to friends and reading various forums to cope. It's been 4 months since my revision surgery. I don't know if I should get it fixed or just let it droop to go back to it's natural state.

Granted I know my case is not the same as yours but I wanted to thank you for your post. Right now, I'm having a hard time looking at myself or doing makeup since my eyes are impacted there. I regret it everyday but feel hope in the sense of community we have here.
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Thank you....Most do.
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Orlando obviously works for VICTORIA VITALE LEWIS. Vickisue ignore the bashing from this twit, your photos speak for themselves. I know I believe every word you have written and am grateful for your valuable insight.
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Clt4290, for as many nightmare stories out here, there are as many success. I am a big Advocate of P.S. and with a skilled and experienced surgeon, it can change your life into a positive experience. Finding the "Right Surgeon", is key.
First, I'd give your situation enough time, to see all has healed on it's own. Then listen, as stated before if there is a good P.S. in your town or near it, you will hear about them. Word of mouth is a great beginning. Experience with others whom have used the surgeon. Internet another, know your procedure and what to look for, questions to ask.
If a doctor has a bad rep. such as the one whom changed me so negatively, you will hear about them. This is only one of many sights that rates doctors. When a doctors name starts to pop up, and they are not from happy consumers, with negative outcomes, it helps you in your search, and those of us that did not have those tools available.I can now warn others.
Good Luck, you'll make the correct choice and decision when the time is right.
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Thank you Madison5269, it has been a nightmare that I would not wish on anyone. That is why it is so important to choose the right, skilled P.S.
Some efforts for those having a botched P.S. was gained this month when a woman was awarded money because her eyes do not close. I know too well how that feels, and an experienced P.S. should as well.
Only those that are unskilled and aggressive in there approach leave a consumer with that nightmare.
My issues are on going and more fat will need to be applied to upper lids.
My original surgery was so aggressively, unskillfully and carelessly preformed, that she did not leave much tissue or fat to work with. My eyes did not close and only became more hollowed and sunken with time.
But in time I will be happy as each application of fat, more remains in my upper lid.
I write my story to warn others, and also a form of therapy for me. Only until one experiences this horror, can you possibly relate to the trauma it leaves behind.
I am much happier today, have a softness and a resemblance of my genetic self.
I can only hope more careless aggressive unskilled Plastic Surgeons will be held accountable, until that day all I can do is warn you, and others of the Surgeon that caused me so much physical and emotional pain.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am so happy you are doing so well!! You look wonderful, from your eyes to your mid-face lift results and even your hair color. You look nowhere near your age and deserve nothing but good fortune from here on out.

I am just 40yo and am pondering eye surgery for extra loose skin on my upper lids. I've had allergies that remained virtually uncontrolled for 20 years even with allergy shots and meds. I've finally discovered I have food allergies that was leading to my eyelid swelling and eczema. Now I am left with all this extra skin that makes my eyes look older and tired. I'm not sure if I should risk the surgery or not after reading some of the nightmare posts on this site.

At any rate thanks again for being brave enough to post pics and updates of your entire experience. It's so helpful for those of us who need to see real world stories.... good and bad. Warmest of wishes to you.
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Go to an oculoplastic reconstructive plastic surgeon. They know eye anatomy the best! I went to a general plastic surgeon and he cut my levator eye muscle then tried to fix it and my eye wouldn't shut afterwards. I went to the specialist for a revision six weeks later. Smartest move I ever made. Besides, my blepharoplasty and brow lift the general plastic surgeon did doesn't even show after 6 months except for more asymmetry. These docs have great websites and screen out anything less than five star!
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Vickisue, I too had overly aggressive upper and lower bletharoplasty. I am new to Realself just this evening and I posted a bad review of the Plastic surgeon. I have just begun to fight per se and become proactive. I've been severely depressed. I don't have a lot to say this evening as my eyes hurt and I'm tired. But I've been reading your story. You are an inspiration to me. I feel optimistic now. Not totally but I have some hope. If you were here I'd give you a big hug!! ♥ Kim
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Thank you, it is an on going process:)
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Hello, I would not have it done. There are just too many things that can go wrong - and look at all the stories here. I also had a bad upper bleth and I have not met many people who are happy afterwards. My advice is to leave it alone and love yourself and accept yourself for who you are and what you look like, nothing is worth the problems that you can have afterwards and these are the only pair of eyelids you will ever have. Be thankful that you have eyelids, I only have 1 1/2 eyelids after a bleth and it is something that I have to live with for the rest of my life.
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I am so sorry what you have been through - it sounded like a nightmare!! You look so beautiful now!!
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Orlando, You don't know what it's like unless you go through it,
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Vickisue, OH PLEASE!!!! Move on lady. . . . Your pictures do speak for themselves, in comparing the last two pictures you looked better in the before revision pic than the most resent post revision pic! Get over your obsession for your own mental health!I truly wish you peace in this matter!
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