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I am a 34A, and so is my 12 year old daughter. I...

I am a 34A, and so is my 12 year old daughter. I am 33 years old, about 5'3 at 115. I have never had a problem with my breast, but after i accidently put on my daughters bra i figured it was time, and besides it will be a gret birthday present to myself as my bday just passed. I was advised to go 500 cc's per doctors request, the nurse who has them and close to my size suggested 450 cc's as i did but i think when i go in on friday i will change that to 400.

So today I went to pick up my Meds. I know there...

so today I went to pick up my Meds. I know there will be pain but I didn't think I'd get this much! I guess we shall see just how much I actually need! Im still reviewing other reviews pics just in case I can't go forward with the recommended 450cc

So thanks to the feed back from the girls on the...

So thanks to the feed back from the girls on the site, and looking at some results from some of the girls closely to my size. i have gone on to chose 425. lol Since i am torn between 400-450. I have one more day to make up my mind and then the big day is friday morning. I am still not nervous about anything. My daughter (12) asked me to document everything so she can see lol. i guess shes heard me talk about it so much. But i think the anxiety will kick in thursday. I will be posting my size as of today on the site by thursday. i want the new members to see the size before and after, that really helps in deciding your perfect size.

So last night i did more cleaning, laundry,...

So last night i did more cleaning, laundry, changed my bedding, washed my hair, cleaned out my closet (why i dont know), took some before pics of what will be the old rack (if you'd call it that) that i will submit by tomorrow and started packing my overnight bag. I really can't tell if i am nervous or not, i dont feel nervous i think i am a little anxious.

I'm ready to get this ball rolling. This site and the responses i received really help me on the decision on size. I guess i will update again tomorrow. I'm at work right now and needed a break and decided to give an update.

Can't wait for the day to be over. We have rain all week. That works for me. i hope the sun doesn't come out until i'm healed.

This is the morning before i have 24 hours to go...

This is the morning before i have 24 hours to go until surgery time. I am about 75% prepared. I am not as excited as i thought i would be at this point. I came into work early just so i can leave early. Not sure how productive i will be for them today. I think the excitment will kick in once i'm free from work.

And i have to go shopping for something to wear tomorrow sad, i dont have any loose fitting clothes. I have some button ups (fit snug) wont work post surgery. I have some sweat suits (fit snug) wont work post surgery. Since old navy is down the street from work i will take lunch and buy something comfy to wear tomorrow and for the weekend from there. They said wear slip in its storming down here in the bay not sure about in rocklin, but my uggs wont work? ill have my sister put them on and take them off. lol.

So i have been prescribed meds and was told to start taking the antibiotic tonight, and an anxiety pill i guess to calm my nerves but i really dont feel like i need that. But i will follow the docs orders

I have exactly 40 minutes of work left. i am so...

I have exactly 40 minutes of work left. i am so ready to go. I have been pretty productive but i think that is over with for now and i want to head out. Tomorrow is so close and i still have some last minute things to do. Ah how slow the time goes when you have plans.

I found the cutest bcbg sweatsuit to wear tomorrow...

I found the cutest bcbg sweatsuit to wear tomorrow I had no nice comfy clothes. Got a deal 45 out the door from ross yea....I just took the anxiety pill as instructed dont really feel a difference a little tired, but I think I was sleepy anyway. Well good night ladies.

Going to try this again, The bandage pink pic is...

Going to try this again, The bandage pink pic is me a few hours after i was released from surgery. My memory after being released was not very clear due to the meds. I do remember it being very painful. I didn't realize how much we use our upper body to do just about everything. It was hard to sit up,lay down, turn from left to right and even lift anything to drink. My surgery was over at noon and i was pretty much out of it for the rest of the day. I did wake up that night to take the pic for you guys (pink bandage) just for the site and i was groggy and barely making it. I stayed in a hotel that night due to having to see the doc in the a.m. and i was comfy. As long as you take the meds and rest the first night i think you would be okay.

Saturday (day after) i slept off and on from 3-7 a...

Saturday (day after) i slept off and on from 3-7 a.m. i had my sister and bff there with me so i used up all the assistance i could knowing it will end soon lol. I felt a lot better than the day before and i was able to get up and down on my own. The pain today was more like a shooting pain, my breast were very swollen, felt tight and warm to touch. I wanted to loosen the bandage so much because it hurt after having it on for almost 24 hours. The pics in the white strapless shirt, and bare breast are the very next day post op apt. The doctor said everything looked great, i went with 420 ccs, i had no bleeding just very sore. At times i wanted to cry but didn't want them to see me sweat lol.

After the doctor removed the bandage i was able to go shopping for sports bras, my pace was slow i was in pain but it was bareable. I was still ready to get home and get in my own bed. The day wasn't that bad i just wish they didnt feel so tight but had to realize it was only 24 hours after the actual surgery.

Sunday - (yesterday) i was a lot better, i was...

Sunday - (yesterday) i was a lot better, i was able to take a long shower. I still had the incision (areola) covered and i can't feel that at all. i think i am happy with that decision. Overall the process minus swelling and tenderness was a breeze. Today i feel much better, i was able to play around and try on some new shirts i bought last week.They look good, i was told that i will probably be mid c, possible d, but i actually like the size now. I posted a pic of me in the sports bra (day 2) post procedure. They are still swollen and i keep ice on them at all times. I think i am going to take one more day off from work and return on wednesday. All i do is sit at a computer so it shouldn't be bad for me. I'm ready to show them off. Sorry i am so late with real time posts i had some problems with my computer. The pick in the white sports bra is me 2 days later.

I am going to post a pick in a few days to show an...

I am going to post a pick in a few days to show an update after a week time, hopefully the swelling goes down. And from then i will do month post up until month 6. I'm sorry i wasn't able to express myself as things were happening had issues with updating so if you have any questions or concerns that you think i can help with let me know.

I'm back to work its wednesday 5 days after the...

I'm back to work its wednesday 5 days after the surgery. I feel fine today. I will let you know how things go once the day is over. I think i'm healing pretty quickly. I am not sore just a bit swollen now, i dont have the sharp pains anymore, but can feel when i pull something. I'm overall okay.

5th day and first day back to work! if you can id...

5th day and first day back to work! if you can id say take a full week the day for the most part was okay. by the last two hors of work my chest started to feel tight i figured it was the end of the day and took a muscle relaxer that helped until i was able to get home. i wish i was able to set aside a full week of recoop time but i think ill be okay i have two days left until the weekend.

2nd day at work, today i feel much better than...

2nd day at work, today i feel much better than yesterday and using my arms a lot more, yesterday my chest felt really tight today it feels weird, not hurting but sort of like the muscles, blood, implants are doing there own thing in there. I can't explain sort of feels like a massager is in my chest and moving around. I'm assuming its progressing and taking its shape or form. I go in tomorrow to have the steril strips removed so ill ask those questions at that time. It actually feels good lol. I hope that is what is going on and nothing serious. My process has been a good one. Even my sleep last night was great, i can sleep on either side and it doesnt bother me, when i lay flat they tend to tighten up. Getting up from lying use to be an issue now i dont have any pains when i get up or lye down. Sudden movement i get what feels like a stretch feeling in the inside but its not burning pain.

I haven't given an update in a while but i guess...

I haven't given an update in a while but i guess its because i really dont have much to complain about, everythin is super well, i really stopped having pains 5 days after surgery, i was back to work on the 5th day and only rested the weekend after surgery because it was storming out. I plan on going out for the first time on saturday i will be sure to explain the feelings i get if any. Other than that I am fine and the process was a breeze. I hope this isn't a begining to years of PS. I must say i have been caught twice by my daughter bursting in my bedroom and i'm trying on tops and dresses to see how i look now. Really embarassing, but i was like oh well.

So i missed my apt on friday to take the sterile...

So i missed my apt on friday to take the sterile strips off and check up, and i went in yesterday. I had the incision at the areola (no pain after AT ALL) and look the new pic shows i have no visible scar. The red underneath is some brusing that reappered after massaging. The doctor said that the majority if not all of the swelling is gone and i have progressed very well. He says that one appears a little higher than the other and to keep massaging it. And of course i asked the big question about the size changing during the settlement process and he says i am good as is/so i take it i can go bra shopping this weekend yes. I will be sure to let you know what size the 400's results in. Lucky me my family chipped in and got me a victoria secret gift card i can't wait to use it.

So i went to purchase my first bra at VS and i am...

So i went to purchase my first bra at VS and i am a 32 DD, WOW WOW WOW.... i compared the old 32A HUGE difference.

I havent been on here like before since the...

I havent been on here like before since the procedure is over. I haven't had any problems at all, everything is going smoothly and i love the new look. it has been 1 month and 8 days since the surgery and the results are the I have posted the update pics of the more settled look.

Havent posted in a while things are fully back to...

Havent posted in a while things are fully back to normal no problems

It has been 3 months since the surgery and i feel...

It has been 3 months since the surgery and i feel like i have had these things for life. I have no had any problems. The only thing i noticed is that one breast is alot softer than the other. I am working on massaging hopefully it isn't too late. you can't notice it i just touch them alot and have noticed a diffrence.

I havent posted an updated in a very long time. I...

I havent posted an updated in a very long time. I am doing well, these girls are settling and they feel and look great. I have updated a pic of me in the bahamas with my new body.

One year later they are perfect

The work speaks for itself I'm loving them
DR. Efrain Gonzalez

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Do you have Silicone?
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They look perfect!!
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Looking great
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Hey girl! How is everything going? I was just looking at your pics, I'm thinking about going your size.
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You look great. Congrats. Its exciting to get a new pair of boobs. Smiles. Im 19yrs old and I just got my new boobs too not to long ago. I used to be a 32A. I was that way growing up. I always thought I was really really really small. They looked small on me. So I wanted bigger fuller looking boobs. I wanted to make myself feel better. When I was 18yrs old. I said I am going to get me new boobs. So I did some research and looked everywhere and talked to several doctors. After my 19th BD. I said it was time. So I did it. I am so glad I did too. I feel so much better about my self and my body. It has changed me alot. I dont have to wear padded bras nor feel out of place. I can really wear a bikini top that looks good and feels good. I know there is a big difference in weight in my new boobs now and size. I would recommend to mothers that have daughters that feel bad about themselve to look into implants. It will change the way the feel. I went with the contoure style, Saline and under the muscle. I wasnt sure about the gel. I wanted to play it safe and get saline incase something were to happen. I wanted tear drop style, but the doctor recommended that i get the contoured style that it would make it look fuller. Im so happy i can buy bigger bras from VS, i have cleavage and feel sexier about myself. I wil have to keep posting pictures too. I only posted a few, didnt want to make it to gaudy. I didnt get to much bruising. A little.. I was sore though. It was hard for me to sleep right after i got them. I like to sleep in my stomache, and that was hard to not do that. I didnt care for the pain, i was glad when it started to subside and go away. Im glad that my doctor showed me massaging techniques. I cant wait till summer comes around when I can wear my new bikini to the beach. It will be my first summer at the beach with my new improved boobs. The cold maked my boobs feel colder then my body. I dont know if thats the implant getting colder, therefore making the muscle colder or its just the boob itself feeling that way because it different now. My nipples are also more sensative then they used to be.
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Beautiful! Thanks for the updates and pics! Helps me a lot/gives me some reassurance...I'm having my BA next week, 450 cc HP, unders. Hope mine look just as good!
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Great everything should be perfect you'll be back to normal no time! I sware it seems like I've had these things all my life
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Hi SistaGal...You look great! I just got mine done 2 weeks ago today. After the swelling went down did the size of your breast drop in size?
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Not too much they were hard n looked weird my bra size didn't change at all. If they did get smaller it wasn't enough to tell
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You know my bra size didn't change much at all. The swelling went down and they softened. If the size changed it wasn't enough to notice
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Hiya sista, lookin' good girl!!! You fill out that bikini nicely. (so jealous, wish I could afford to vacation in the Bahamas Lol) How is your nipple sensitivity at the 6 month post op mark? I had my BA 10 months ago...still experiencing some numbness issues. Other than that I am very pleased with the results.:-)
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Thank you thank you. You know what the first month they hurt. And then one night i went out and had a shirt with the back out and needed nipple coverage and put tape over them and when i pulled them off they felt better lol. home remedy. From then on they were no longer sore, but when they are touched it isn't the best feeling feels tender, i can totally feel it.
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My 6 month update is here. I am so happy with my decision. Love these things. So sad summer is over and they will be covered, but luckily i am in california so i will have a few chances to show them off during this winter.
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You look soooo good! We are almost identical...I'm a few inches shorter. I have an 11 year old and she is bigger than me =( I'm afraid to go over 400 but I just may consider after seeing your results.
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Thank you so much. I went with 420 and was nervous as i wanted 400 and they suggested 450. I think they are perfect as is, and i am always complimented on them. It has been six months i will post a pic from august. I think you will be fine with 400, i wouldn't go any bigger than 420 just my opinion. Sometimes i think i could have even been fine with 380. but i dont regret a thing. They are settling just fine and feel real more and more monthly. Well as real will get.
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I'm actually apprehensive about going over 350 but everyone and everywhere I've read says go slightly bigger. Yes, definitely post an update pic. I would love to see how they look now.
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hello, thank you. I have posted my 6 month update thanks for the note otherwise i would forget. I went 420 they suggested 450 and i was teetering on 380-400. I am super happy with the 420. They are great and feel great. I am so happy with my decision.
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I posted a pic for you. the most recent one i have.
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The pic is up @angel1981, hope this helps in your decision, this is 420cc
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Yeah, you do look great! I hope everything is ok with that one boob~
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Thanks My boo was the One to point it out lol they were fine to me i do need to consider i stopped massaging them after the first week n i dont sllep on that side.
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Good thing he caught it! So do you think you can just start massaging that one to soften it up?
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Im sure going to try and see what happens i will give it a little time before i freak out.
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Yes everything is fine. They are settling great. Thanks for asking.
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You look great! glad to hear your doing well!
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