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My eyes are VERY sensitive, so I was really on the...

My eyes are VERY sensitive, so I was really on the fence about doing this. I have a hard time even putting eyedrops in my eyes! I did this yesterday, so it is very fresh in my mind. I'm not going to sugar coat it, just like any invasive cosmetic procedure, there is an element of pain. The painful part for me wasn't the actual procedure. The painful part was all the rubbing with the numbing cream. I was sore before she even started using the needle. She was very experienced and told me everything she was doing as she did it. This helped since my eyes were closed the whole time. She alternated between the top, bottom, left and right eye to give a break to the area. When I got home I iced for 20 min at a time. I woke up this morning feeling even better but my left eye is gooey and tears up a lot. Even with the swelling I can tell the eyeliner looks good. I was told the black pigment still looks dark for a few days then will soften. The first pic is about 18 hours after I had it done. My eyes look uneven and puffy..however, I feel a lot better today the soreness definitely is decreasing.


Hi, I am getting my eye done Monday, didn't know about the cream ( oh well ) here I go. I hope it is worth it. Your liner looks great.
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I am getting my touch up in a week and I dread the topical anesthetic in the eye. There was no rubbing but the actual cream in the eye stings like hell. It also makes your eyes sensitive to any light and then I get a headache. The actual procedure was not bad its just that dam cream. I wish they would make something that did not need rubbing or did not sting so much. I love the results but hate that part of the procedure. Hope all is well with you now.
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Thank you for creating your review.  Now that does sound painful!
Definitely post the pictures as you heal.   
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Day 5

No burning or itching. I think I'm all healed minus a little of the crustiness. It's like when you wake up and you have sleep in your eyes. Feels great! Here's an updated pic of day 5


Looks SO good
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Completely healed


I just had eyeliner here and i love it. This place is awesome! I have an appt now for my lips and i cant wait!
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Looks great!! Thanks for sharing
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Will eye makeup remover hurt the ink when you start wearing mascara?
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