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My eyes are VERY sensitive, so I was really on the...

My eyes are VERY sensitive, so I was really on the fence about doing this. I have a hard time even putting eyedrops in my eyes! I did this yesterday, so it is very fresh in my mind. I'm not going to sugar coat it, just like any invasive cosmetic procedure, there is an element of pain. The painful part for me wasn't the actual procedure. The painful part was all the rubbing with the numbing cream. I was sore before she even started using the needle. She was very experienced and told me everything she was doing as she did it. This helped since my eyes were closed the whole time. She alternated between the top, bottom, left and right eye to give a break to the area. When I got home I iced for 20 min at a time. I woke up this morning feeling even better but my left eye is gooey and tears up a lot. Even with the swelling I can tell the eyeliner looks good. I was told the black pigment still looks dark for a few days then will soften. The first pic is about 18 hours after I had it done. My eyes look uneven and puffy..however, I feel a lot better today the soreness definitely is decreasing.

Day 5

No burning or itching. I think I'm all healed minus a little of the crustiness. It's like when you wake up and you have sleep in your eyes. Feels great! Here's an updated pic of day 5

Completely healed

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I just had eyeliner here and i love it. This place is awesome! I have an appt now for my lips and i cant wait!
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Looks great!! Thanks for sharing
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Will eye makeup remover hurt the ink when you start wearing mascara?
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I had the eyeliner and lips done in 1991. Before I got it done, a guy I was dating said do you want to look like that when your 80. I told him yes. Eyeliner was the only make-up I wore. The way it is holding up I guess I will have it. But I don't think the rest of my body will hold up that long. I like looking the same all the time. When I wake up, get in the pool, etc. I wouldn't do it if I was going to be an actress. The eye liner looks great and I wear mascara about once a year. The lips have faded some. I got the whole lips done without the liner. It would have looked awful faded. I still have the tube of lipstick they used to match the color in case I get it touched up. They matched the color perfectly. I got a natural color that just looks like you have been kissing a lot. It stood the test of time. I still have color. If I put on lip gloss, I look like I'm wearing lipstick. My only mistake is that I got silicone injections in my top lip and I should have done it on the top and bottom. My lips feel soft and look normal. It's just the proportions that are off. Most people don't really look at other people anyway. I'm 63 and my lips are thinning and my top lip is the same size as my bottom. Next time somebody asks me "are you sure" I'm going to say I'm not sure. If I had said that to the Doc my lips would still be the right proportions. Now silicone injections are illegal in this country or I would get it redone. It only cost me about $40 and I had to go three times. But, they are still fine like they are. Now, the Docs are charging a fortune for temporary injections. Everybody who I have talked to who had the eyeliner loves it. I know a middle eastern woman who is so conservative that she has trouble finding a swimsuit because she doesn't want any of her breasts to show. She got it. I was shocked when she told me. When I got it done, it was legal in Sasolito, CA and Birmingham, AL. I had to drive from Atlanta to Birmingham to get it done. I drove myself back with teabags and ice packs. My eyes were like slits and I looked like somebody had punched me in my mouth. It's a good thing a cop didn't pull me over. It hurts to have it done. I think the people on TV shows getting tattoos on other parts of their bodies are whimps. My eyeliner is still dark. We started off thinner and I went back in a few months to get it made thicker. I didn't know it had lead but I would have done it anyway. One thing people don't think about is, that all those years of pulling at your eyelids to put make up on stretches the skin. When I look at make-up artists working on beautiful young models, they tug at their skin. I had my lower lids done in 1991 and never went back to get the uppers done. They don't look that bad. I would get the eye-liner and the lips. Eye-liner for sure... Also, when I got the lips done. I got them to go just a tiny bit beyond where the natural lip color stops. It makes the lips look fuller and it doesn't bleed into wrinkles around your lips like real lipstick. I would be afraid to do the blush or eyebrows. Styles change and our skin sags.
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Hi Kiwi6, how luck you are to have paid only $40 for 3 times no less! lol! But we are speaking of past and better times! I'm interested in the permanent lips. You say your lip ink went a bit over the natural lip line, could you tell who the operator is and where he/she is? I too have too thin lips and would love to have them done that way. However, since 1991 is the operator who did your lips still doing it? Thanks for prompt reply. :o)
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I had my upper and lower lids done in 1992 and was so happy I can't believe it lasted for good 15 years before a little bluish tint and I had it touched up in 2012 but while it was not nearly as painful as originally, apparently there is a new law that doesn't allow the lead that was previously used so the black color didn't last and it has faded to a dark grey in a matter of weeks even with a touch up. I'm going back again as I have seen online pictures that look BLACK and I'm going to see if she can make it darker and thicker. I will publish pictures after I get through all this but over all it was well worth it as I never like to bother with make up other than a little mascara at times. I also got my eyebrows done recently and happy with that as well although that too has a reddish tint I have to have fixed as well. It's very frustrating as while I'm glad I did it, shouldn't have to go through all this hassle but as long as she is willing to work with me, I'll be fine in the end. Thank you for sharing as I think more women would do this if they realize the benefit.
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I got my touch up on Friday March 21st and as much as I want to say it wasn't painful so I don't scare those who want to do was. I hate the numbing cream in the eye. I asked her to place it on the outside of the upper lid and it worked perfectly. But when she told me she had more then enough time to do the lower liner (outside) the cream went inside the lower lid and there was a sting and then I kind of felt the procedure more on the lower lids. SO ladies the numbing cream works better when placed exactly where the work will be done. Ask your makeup artist any questions you have. If she or he seems annoyed about your questions then walk out. They should take their time with you. The procedure is permanent and you are the one that has to live with it. If you don't feel good about the place or person or are not made to feel as ease then it would be best that you don't do it at the time. Take some time to think about it and when you are comfortable with your decision go for it again. I love my results. I had upper and lower liner, lip liner and eye brows. The compliments keep coming. Cecilia Betancourth owner of Bodies and Faces did an amazing job! I hope that more of her customers will ask for the numbing cream on the outside of the eye exactly where the work will be done (wait 10-15 minutes) and the experience will be so much better. Once again....Lots of Luck to you all who decide on Permanent Make-Up.
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Hi, I am getting my eye done Monday, didn't know about the cream ( oh well ) here I go. I hope it is worth it. Your liner looks great.
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I am getting my touch up in a week and I dread the topical anesthetic in the eye. There was no rubbing but the actual cream in the eye stings like hell. It also makes your eyes sensitive to any light and then I get a headache. The actual procedure was not bad its just that dam cream. I wish they would make something that did not need rubbing or did not sting so much. I love the results but hate that part of the procedure. Hope all is well with you now.
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Thank you for creating your review.  Now that does sound painful!
Definitely post the pictures as you heal.   
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