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Hi everyone! I am 32, 5'7 and have been...

Hi everyone! I am 32, 5'7 and have been wanting a TT for about 15 years now. I have finally decided that now is the time! I have a supportive spouse, I currently work from home, and not to mention a big family reunion coming up in August so I think this is perfect timing. I am hoping to get a TT done sometime this month or early next month. I am currently PS shopping and have 3 consults set up. Had my first one today which went pretty well, but its about an hour drive from my house. The only thing that concerned me was the PS said I'd have to have a catheter in overnight. Was not expecting that. Is that normal? I'm struggling with whether or not to tell my family/co-workers that I plan to have this procedure. 2nd consult is Friday, I cannot wait! Never thought I'd be so excited to go to an appointment!

Had 2nd consult today and totally loved the PS....

Had 2nd consult today and totally loved the PS. Made me feel at ease and took the time to explain procedure and answer any questions. I am normally a very introverted person, and felt like PS was my buddy by the end of the appt. Not only is he about 15 mins away from my house, but the price was right as well. Only thing is, the earliest I could have the TT is late June. Wonder if I'd still be swollen and in pain by the time August comes around.I really want to enjoy the family reunion at the beach, so I may end up putting it off. How did you guys feel/look 2 - 2 1/2 months after surgery?

Alright June 21 is the date for me. I decided I...

Alright June 21 is the date for me. I decided I definitley want to go with the 2nd PS even if it means waiting longer than I wanted too. Is it too early to start counting down the days? Maybe I'll work up the nerve to post photos. I give you all props for having the guts to put yours up!

So was wondering a few things from those who have...

So was wondering a few things from those who have had a TT. Was your tummy (or lack there of) noticeable to those around you after the swelling went down. I'm just wondering how obvious it will be to people I see everyday, once a month, once a year etc. Also what kind of pants did you wear home from surgery and the days following? I'm sure my PS will tell me but I don't see him again until my pre-op on 6/4 and I want to prepare now! Thanks!

I can't believe I'm doing this but I am putting up...

I can't believe I'm doing this but I am putting up some of the gross before pics of me. Hope no one is eating when you see these. Can't wait for my surgery on 6/21. Yes, I am a big girl, but I'm not expecting this surgery to get me to a size 2. If I can just fit into pants better I'll be happy. I'm probably going to neede lipo on back and sides eventually (is that the flanks everyone keeps talking about?), but for now its the big bulge I'm most concerned with.

Lol just realized I posted this update as a...

Lol just realized I posted this update as a comment below. Oops! Let's try this again with someupdates.
Had my pre-op appointment on 6/5 and it was not at all what I was expecting. There was nothing to it. They just gave me a whole bunch of papers to fill out. Nurse and PS met with me and the hubby to answer more questions. PS could tell I was nervous and freaking out so he prescribed me some Xanax to calm me down, LOL. I also got my prescriptions for post-op. They sent me to an outside lab for bloodwork and that was it! So really there was no need for me to be nervous, I just can't believe surgery is in 2 weeks. I'm a little freaked out b/c I have to go off my bc pills for a little while but otherwise I'm ready!

I am now in full freak out mode. The big day is...

I am now in full freak out mode. The big day is tomorrow, yet I am in denial. I keep thinking something is gonna keep this surgery from actually happening like the Dr. is gonna say, "you know what this is just too much extra skin/fat to deal with, I changed my mind!" I do not believe I will be able to sleep tonight! Or something crazy like that and I'll never get rid of this gut. Just gonna take it easy today and make sure everything is ready to go!

All done! More updates later ,back to bed!

All done! More updates later ,back to bed!

PO day 5 Wow 5 days have gone by quick. I am...

PO day 5
Wow 5 days have gone by quick. I am now to the point where I can get around by myself (using a cane sure does help) for short distances. I think the only things I can't do is regular chores like laundry, dishes, cooking etc. I can't tell you much about the procedure but it was over before I knew it, you don't even have time to be nervous! doc said it took about 2 1/2 hours and that I had some kind of hard fat (fiberous I think it was called) that is a little harder to deal with. Was so tired the next two days and it was hard getting comfortable on recliner. Had two drains when it was all over, got one taken out yesterday. I am still very swollen and numb and itchy but after reading so many posts on here, I know that's normal. Overall doing pretty well I think. Still have not really looked at myself in the mirror yet, I don't want to mess up the binder, but I think its time to see how it looks! Pain pills were and still are my best friend :)

Posted some after pics. Some of the marks on me...

Posted some after pics. Some of the marks on me is tape that I am still trying to scrub off. Is everyone else's CG so tight it leaves marks on you? Honestly, not sure what I think of the results so far. I am kinda weirded out by the numbness and hard stomach/mound area. A little depressed that I cannot fit into pants I wore pre surgery but I hear that is normal. I am hoping the swelling makes the stomach go a little flatter I think. Definitely need to work on those thighs once I can excercise again! PS thinks it looks great, but then of course what else would he say? Hubby likes result and thinks I will be a lot happier once swelling is over. Even if I'm not 100% happy right now, the important things are that it is definitely an improvement and I am healing well!

I don't want to jinx things, but I am feeling...

I don't want to jinx things, but I am feeling pretty great today. For one, I actually found a comfortable position and slept in the bed all night (with tons of pillows of course.) Secondly, the swelling has seemed to have decreased as well today. I am not feeling like such a balloon today. I hope this trend continues!

I know my photography is not the greatest...

I know my photography is not the greatest especially with my phone, but I'm pretty sure I see a definite decrease in the swelling in the PO 19 pics I just posted. I also have a little redness/irritation around the scar mostly in the mound area. I'm hoping that's just from CG rubbing on it some. Yesterday and today for some reason, a little bit of pain has returned. I think I may have been bending down and reaching too much so I am parking myself on the couch today. I just hope I did not mess up any of the MR that was done. Have my next appt on 7/16. I'm back to being uncomfortable when trying to sleep at night. I'm just not used to sleeping on my back and cannot sleep on my side just yet. Tylenol PM seems to take forever to work. Still, so far, pleased with results!

Well I went to PS this week for my 4 week PO appt...

Well I went to PS this week for my 4 week PO appt and had a bit of a set back. Somehow I managed to split my tt incision a little. So PS had to sew me back up and now I have to keep gauze on it and apply neosporin on it. And it hurts!! Was not taking anything but since the incision split, I've been taking some Aleve and that helps. Everything else looked great he said except for this one little spot. I wish I knew how I did that, so I don't do it again. Now I am back to weekly appts at the PS office. So far I have lost about 10lbs and can fit pretty comfortably into things I could not pre-surgery!

Yesterday was my last visit to the PS, well at...

Yesterday was my last visit to the PS, well at least for awhile. Yaaaaay! Everything is healing well, I just have some redness around the scar (from band-aids, bandages, etc.) and they said to use hydrocortisone cream to help that go away. I am still wearing girdles/spanx even though PS I no longer had to, but I can't give those up just yet. Still numb around most of my stomach and belly button area and still feel the heavy feeling. I think the one good thing about that is that heavy feeling is making me eat less! So, yes, overall I am pleased with the results and am already feeling better about myself. I have been working from home but go back into the office in a few weeks and am wondering if the difference will be noticeable I wish I had decided to get lipo on hips and thighs because I feel they look a lot bigger since my stomach shrank, but hopefully that's something I can work on on my own. Updated pics are posted, I got a new camera so hopefully these look ok! Hope everyone is healing well!
Chris R. Crawford, MD

Will update after procedure, but so far everything has been great!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Glad to hear your healing well! So flat! and your scar is looking good!
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Thanks so much for your response! I love reading all of these updates and seeing how everyone is doing. So much help and so encouraging!
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Thanks for your feedback guys, I really aappreciate it!
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So glad to see some local posts on here too, Im getting my TT done next Friday 7/13 in CLT! Your results look great so far! I think that has been one of my biggest questions now is seeing what some of the women have posted about what to expect on our clothes sizes? I feel like my stomach now keeps me from wearing at least a size or 2 smaller but maybe Im way off! Sounds like I should expect to be wearing around the same size for a while???
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Hi Neighbor! Thanks for your comment. Good luck on Friday! Try not to be too nervous, the whole procedure will be over before you know it!I You will look great. I feel the same way about the clothes sizing and I'm hoping to drop some. I'd even be happy with one size down . Yeah, so far I'm stuck wearing the same clothes as before (mostly with elastic waists) and can't even fit into some things that I could pre-surgery. PS that is perfectly normal until swelling goes down. I'm really trying to stay off the scale and out of my closet so I don't get upset!
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I think you look great as well. On day 8 I tried on a pair of my skinny jeans and they looked amazing, then I tried on my normal jeans and they fit the same but no muffin top. I started to get excited about buying new clothes. Yesterday I tried on my normal jeans and could not zip them up. SNAPS! I have to remind myself that I have to be patient. My PS said that as long as I do not gain weight, I should be the size I was after surgery or smaller. It just takes time and healing.
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50 I went to check your progress and was gonna ask you how your swelling was going, then I saw your title! I could not agree more-Yuck!! For some reason I was hoping the swelling would mysteriously disappear after 2 weeks! It feels I am going to pop. You look great tho! I bet you are happy to have those drains out! Is your stomach and pubic area really hard? I hope that's normal.
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I am happy with the drains out, but it seems that when the swelling started. My stomach feels really weird like it is not mine. My pubic area is really hard and so is around my incision line. I cannot imagine if I had to go back to work after two weeks.
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I think you look great!!!! You're definitely swollen that's all! You'll be happy after all that swelling is over :)
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Hi, Neighbor im in Columbia SC I will be having my tt in sumter in 2 days, I wonder why there is such a time difference as far as how long the tt will take, my ps said that it will be 4.5 hours hummmm it really is crazy how each doc is different some docs use binders some don't, mine uses them but told my husband that when I am in the chair to undo the binder for me, that I only need it while I am moving and that he wants it off when I am sitting. some do pain pumps and some don't, I just really find it bazar all the differences.
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Good luck on your surgery. First couple of days are a blur and each day you will feel better. I am 6 days PO. My surgery was 4.5 hours, had similar procedures like you will. Had tt, mr, lipo on flanks and mons, and hernia repair. Wish I would have done the inner thighs, that will be nice. It is crazy how different each PS does things. I woke up from surgery asked to pee. Nurse went in with me got we dressed and wheeled me out to my car. Next thing I knew, I woke up at home.
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Hey there brenthomp, good luck to you. The surgery will be over before you know it. Just be sure to take it easy and get plenty of sleep. I just had a TT done so maybe that's why it was only 2 1/2 hours. I think the strangest thing so far is that I have no bandages or gauze on me, I'm just wearing a regular girdle and that's it. I must have way less blood/leakage than most. Sorry if that's TMI, I was just prepared to be wrapped like a mummy for awhile!! What time are you scheduled for? How many PS did you visit in Columbia before you chose the one in Sumter? Happy healing!
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rest up! can't wait to see your progresS :)
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I was like that tooo....I know its just words but things will go just fine...Pinky Swear Promise!
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Thinking of you on our last saggy morning. Good luck tomorrow. Looking forward to sharing our recovery. Yikes.
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Exciting! Wow tomorrow is your big day! good luck! I had the same instructions as 50andfab. I was also given a big list of meds and foods to avoid. I ate light the day before knowing that i wouldn'd have a BM for a few days after bec of all the narcs. one thing that i think was a life saver was the anti nausea partch the anesthesiologist placed behind my ear rigjt b4 surgery. I had zero n/v after surgery and the patch stayed on for 3 days - it lasts that long so taking the meds at home didnt make me sick. You should wear slippers
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Oops hit submit too soon... Using my phone. U should wear slippers, big granny undies, and a loose button up top (it will be hard to lift your arms up) i also wore stretchy capri leggings (all were black bec if your gettinv lipo'd there might be some blood or leakage even with the xreesings on). Good luck tomorrow!!!!
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Happy Healing ladies...I can't wait until I'm tucked on Tuesday!
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How exciting! 24 hours until you are on the flat side! Good luck, what time are you scheduled for?
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Did you get a recliner? I renter a recliner lift chair. I heard it will be my best friend! lol
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Yes. I also bought one of those wedge pillows to use on the couch or in my bed. I am not really a recliner fan. I finally had a great night of sleep last night. How are you doing.
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I am just going to use the recliner part of my couch and hope that will be ok. Everything I need is close by and its sooo comfy! I am ready for 6/21!
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Going home too. They said I would probably be in recoverying about 1/2 to a full hour. I show up at 7 am for markings and pictures with surgery scheduled at 8. My surgery is supposed to be approximately 4 to 4 1/2 hours (TT, MR, Lipo on flanks, and hernia repair). In two days I have to start washing with a medical soap and start antibiotics they day before. If is strange how every PS does things different.

I am really having focusing issues. Not nervious or scared, just anxious. I lost my car and house keys a week ago after I drove home and let myself in the house. I think I threw them away while on a cleaning frenzy. I teach and the last day of school is 6/19. I will be nice to have one day before the surgery to myself. Is your surgery at a hospital, PS office, or surgery center?
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It is strange about the PS differences! I am surprised I did not get more pre-op instructions. I thought for sure there would be this big long list of do's and don'ts. But I just got the basic info: nothing after midnight, shower morning of surgery, no make-up etc. I may call and ask about what I should eat the day before cause that is what I am worrying about now. Did your PS tell you about what to eat (or not) the day before? I know what you mean about feeling anxious. I have started the mad cleaning frenzy finally and am even doing some furniture re-arranging to make things a little easier to get to. I am ready to get this done! My surgery will be in the same office as PS which is about 5 miles from my house - so very convenient! How about you? Will last about 1.5 hours. Good for you for getting all yours done at one time. I have this feeling I will need to go back for lipo on back and flanks.
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Same as you. No food after midnight. I can take my regular meds in the morning but with as little water as possible. Was asked to wear slippers, sweat pants, and a zip up or snap up shirt or sweat shirt. I have to start taking my antibiotics the day before and wash with a special soap starting 5 days before. I have read some posts saying not to eat Mexican food the night before. I think I am going to eat very light the day before. I am more nervious about the lipo than the tt.
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