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Tummy Tuck for Granny :) - Little Rock, AR

Tomorrow morning I go in to have my tummy tuck....

Tomorrow morning I go in to have my tummy tuck. I've wanted it since 1988 when I gave birth to my beautiful twin boys. I'm 46 now. I have four grown children and decided it was time. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I've read a lot of reviews and looked at so many pictures. I've decided to share my story in hopes that it will help someone else as so many others have helped me. I'll try to update tomorrow night. Wish me luck and say some prayers for me.

Day of TT :)

More pics post op one day

Love it!

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Thank you!! ???? I am so happy with it.

Day three post op

Not really crazy about the way my bb looks, praying that it will heal up nicely. I go in on Monday to see my PS so hopefully if this isn't normal, then he can fix it. I'm ready to try on a pair of my blue jeans so I can see the difference!! I'm waiting until I heal up a little more. I'm still getting very tired very quickly. Praying for all of you my friends!!

Belly button

It's just looking nasty! I'm scared. I go see my PS Monday morning. Anyone else have this problem ?

One week post op appt

So Sunday was Mothers Day and was probably the worst day I've had. Emotionally and physically I hurt in the worst possible way. Then yesterday was my one week post op appt. My dr removed my top stitches. He said that I looked great. My belly button that I have been fretting over looks exactly as it should. I still have to wear my drains which are really irritating me. I have also entered swell hell. I have read about it but not given it much thought until it happened to me. My girl bits are swollen as well. I look nasty and feel worse. On a good note though, my Dr who I adore, says everything is as it should be.

Post Op Day 10

Feeling stronger emotionally and physically. Yesterday I asked my dr about my belly button. He said it looks great. I told him that it looked like it was going to bite someone. We laughed and laughed. Cracked myself up. Tehe! I still have both of my drains but I'm sure he will remove both of them next Monday. I can't wait to have my hips back so I can wear normal pants! Hope everyone is doing great! Love my flat tummy!!

One day closer

My Hubby will be home from Afghanistan in 20 days!

Feeling stronger

Slept great last night and I feel strong today. :)


I'll be ready for my shorts without my tummy hanging over soon!

Day 11

So I still have both my drains and I think they are starting to get infected. I have my week two check up Monday and pray he takes them out. I still have more than 30cc of fluid each day so probably not. The picture is of my left hip where the tube goes in. It is very tender and warm to the touch. My clothes make it worse.

Looking better

Sorry it's been so long. I got really discouraged for awhile. My drains are finally both gone. I have swelling on my right side. My PS tried to drain it as it is fluid but apparently there isn't enough to drain. I'm still wearing my compression garment 24/7 but it is really getting on my nerves. My scar is starting to fade even if it is just a little. My hubby will be home from the land of sand on Thursday. We haven't seem each other in six months. I'm so excited that I get to wear something cute to the airport. Still haven't been released for intimacy yet though. :( lol Hope y'all are all doing great!!

Looking good

Feeling good too! Ready to be able to exercise. Still have swelling :(


Very first bikini since I was 21!! I still need to exercise and tone but I am so thrilled! Ps Hubby likes it too!
Dr. Talbert

Love him! He did my breast augmentation two years ago and now my tummy tuck. Would never go anywhere else!

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Please thank your husband for his service to our country!! My son is a new marine :-) and I know he will be going to the Land of Sand" in the future. I know your hubby must have been pleased with his sexy "new" wife!
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you look great in your bikini!
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You look fantastic! I am still too swollen for a bikini but hopefully soon! So happy for you and your husband!
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I'm really swollen too but just one side and my hips where my drains are. I haven't worn it yet but was excited to buy one!! Thank you!!!
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You don't have the body of a granny anymore! You're a knock out in that bikini. ..wear it with pride!
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Thank you so much!! That brought tears to my eyes. I really needed that! :))
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Only stating the obvious! :))
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your husband is going to be thrilled with your body : ) How exciting
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You look great! Congrats on the hubby coming home soon - he is going to love your new body! I hate this swelling part but we are going to look so hot in the next few weeks! Take care!
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Hey there! We have a lot in common. I have twin boys too (18 yrs old), I had my TT on May 6 and my Bb looks a lot like yours! Mother's Day this year was a blur for me too!! You look great! Happy healing!
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How are you feeling?
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I'm Feeling really good! Going back to work Friday. Bb is still putting out some puss. Can't believe how flat my tummy is! Lots of swelling in my Pubic and below bb which is driving me crazy. How are you??!
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Looking good!! :-) hope your feeling good and healing well xoxo
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You look wonderful! It gets better everyday. I actually went and bought some new clothed today although I know I should have waited for the swelling to go down I couldn't help myself. Looking good
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You look great!!!!
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Ty! I needed to hear that today. :)
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You look awesome. Congrats on the new tummy :)
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How exciting your husband is coming home and gets to see your great new body! Hope you are feeling good!
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I'm sorry you are having a rough day. :-( that's never fun. I hope you start feeling better soon!! I'll be watching for your updates and pics.
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You look awesome! I had my TT on the 5th so around the same time. Not thrilled with my BB it looks too high and too big but I know it will change as I heal. Good luck with your recovery
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You look great!
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I don't think there's worry/ I've seen so much worse on this site and everyone gets better/ you look fantastic!!
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Thank you so much for the reassurance. :)
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You look good. You are standing straight up already. You look fabulous.
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Ty :) I feel great too.
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