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My husband and I got engaged on the beach and I...

My husband and I got engaged on the beach and I consider him and God my "anchors" that keep me grounded...this lead up to me getting my small anchor tattoo (all black) on my wrist (1 inch x 1 inch). The first time it was done by the tattoo artist it wasn't symmetrical at all. I went back and had him try to fix it and it wasn't symmetrical as well. I went back a third time to the main owner and asked him to fix it. He totally changed the whole look of my anchor to something I didn't even approve of. He said he wasn't going to change the look much, just even it out....when I looked down at my arm I was horrified. It looked more like a tribal anchor tattoo for a man than a dainty anchor that I pictured. I won't name the tattoo parlor because I don't feel it's appropriate to "bash" anyone on here. Just stating what happened to me.

After 2 days of looking at it and being super disappointed I decided to just have it laser removed off and then go get it redone by the lady back home (3 hours away) who did my original tattoo. I scheduled an appointment with D-Inked in Little Rock and they were able to get me in that weekend. They use the FDA approved Astanza Trinity Laser . Yes, it hurt (worse than getting the tattoo) and felt like what is typically described as small rubber bands snapping on my skin....but it was TOTALLY worth it. They used the cooling tool to "tone down" with the pain, which was super helpful! Nicole was very nice, informative, and patient!

After just one treatment (keep in mind my tattoo was only a little over a week old getting redone) there is SIGNIFICANT lightening/fading of my tattoo. With having darker skin (Indian ethnicity) I was afraid what results I might end up with. (I will post pictures later today). That night a blister formed over part of it. I could see blood and ink forming inside. As instructed, I DIDN'T pop it. I work in the medical field and know blisters are a good thing and great for healing. Plus if popped too early it can introduce bacteria into the wound and lead to infection/scarring.

I'm on day 6 right now and last night part of my blister popped on its own and some blood and a tiny bit of ink came out. Now it's just a scab waiting to heal and fall off. They say don't pick at the scab either because it's adhering to some ink underneath and when it falls off it will take some of the ink with it. The scab looks super dark right now because of so much ink in it.

I'm SOOOOOO GLAD I went ahead and chose to get this removed (in the process). With my tat only being a little over a week old, it HADN'T healed up all the way and the ink HADN'T settled into my skin much so I've got GREAT results with the first treatment. I'm ok with it not going 100% fully gone because I'm going to have a better anchor tattooed over it by the lady who I should have gone to in the first place!!!!! I can't wait to see my results after this first treatment heals and I go back for 2 more treatments (prepaid).

They were running a special so that's why I got 3 treatments for such a good price !

clarification on lady who did my original tattoo (10 yrs ago)

I should have went to the lady who did my 1st tattoo and my tattooed eyeliner...but I was in a hurry and didn't want to drive 3 hours.....I'll trust my gut feeling next time and just make that I won't have to go through all this again!!!!! TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING!!!
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I look forward to seeing your final results and your new anchor. I want one on the inside of my foot by the heel :) 

You nailed it when you said trust your gut, it really is our inner guidance and it should not be overlooked. I learned that the hard way too ;)  I look forward to your photo update, please keep us posted. 

Good Luck!

Here are some pictures throughout the 1st week

Here are some pictures to help explain what I'm going through.

captions to photos.

I typed captions with the pictures...but they didn't show up . Pic 1- (left) 2nd attempt one side was fatter than the other. (right) 1st anchor tatted-the ends were different. One side was sharp edges, the other was smooth. Pic 2-3rd attempt....umm he totally changed the whole look of my tattoo. I wanted to cry. Pic 3- a few hours after 1st treatment it turned whitish and blistery. Pic 4- 3 days after turned into blood/ink blister. Pic 5-day 6 blister popped, day 7 scab started to form all over.
Thanks for you photo update!
you're welcome! I love this site and being able to see people supporting each other through this hard time and lengthy process of tattoo removal.

scab starting to fall off after 11 days

I can significantly see a lightening in my tattoo. I am happy with the results so far. I've already prepaid for 2 more and I'll add more treatments as needed.

picosure or qswitched for all black tattoo?

so confused. Which is best....I have an all black tattoo. Do you feel you see more fading of the black with. the picosure or qswitched laser? Thanks so much!!!! I work

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I work in a kids' hospital setting and I feel so embarrassed with my tattoo....I'm ready for this to be over!!!!!
Thanks for the review. Our tattoos, while not exact or in the same location, are definitely relative to each other. I'll be following so keep the updates and pics coming.
no problem :) I love this website. I was very depressed and upset at myself thinking I was the "only " one going through tattoo regret.....I love this site and all the supporters!
I have an all black tattoo as well and have been relentlessly researching removal lasers. I'm assuming they are treating yours with a q-switched? From what I've read, if you have a dark skin complexion then they would not use Picosure because I think it can cause scars/is not safe for dark complexions. Ask your doctor?

2nd treatment with q switch

Went for my 2nd treatment of my tattoo removal. She used a combo of Ruby and Yag lasers. I knew what to expect this time as far as pain, which made the process much less "painful". Yes, it still hurt, but it went much quicker bc I didn't have her stopping . My blister is much more raised than last time which means the laser is still working very well to expel the ink! Ready for treatment #3. Only getting charged $38 per treatment. In a clean doctor's office, friendly staff! More photos to come!

forgot to post what it looked like after 1 treatment

took this before my 2nd qswitch treatment. The picture doesn't do it justice. I had a lot of fading with just 1 treatment...considering it was done over 3 times (twice to try and correct the original) before I just gave up and decided to get it lasered off. I have a lot of ink in that I just have to be patient for it to go away.

post 2nd treatment

This time the technician used the Ruby and Yag lasers. Compared to the 1st treatment, this one hurt less. I blistered much larger than the 1st time. It's still healing and it's now day 9. Seeing tremendous fading. The pictures don't do it justice! Just have to keep in mind this will take time.
I'm glad you're very satisfied with your progress. May I ask why they're using a Ruby laser on your tattoo along with the q-switched?
I had an all black tattoo, but after my 1st removal it had faded to where some spots looked like it had blue/green that's why she used the Ruby laser before going over everything with the YAG laser for the black spots. I am super happy with the results so far. I have more fading than what I did the 1st go around although this time it's taking longer to heal...maybe because two lasers were used.

switching to PICOSURE

Well it's day 14 and my "wound" is still healing. I know she turned up the laser so my blistering/scabbing is much worse than the 1st time. It will probably take 3 full weeks for me this time to heal. A girl I know went to a picosure office last week (an hour away from me) and got her 1st treatment. Day 1 of her 1st treatment some spots were COMPLETLY gone with no blistering ( and a few days later with no scabbing). This sold me on it. So I've already made my 1st appointment with PICOSURE a few weeks from now. I'll keep this update on the difference of q switch vs picosure on my dark skin as well as the healing/fading process. Sorry about posting so many photos.....just wanted to keep track of the healing process as to how many days it took each time and the progress of my fading :)
thanks so much for the comment :)
You 're having treatments pretty close together which can cause scarring if you're not careful, and Picosure can be fairly damaging to pigment especially for those with darker skin. By all means please do as you see fit, just make sure you don't end up trading your black anchor for a scarred white one. Hope it helps.
Yes, you're right. I've already developed a little scarring. I am switching to Picosure because of the results I've seen with my friend. Amazing. I know that I will probably scar more/hypo...but at this point I am in such DEEP depression that I weighed out the options...and I'd rather have a light scar than this horrid thing :) I'm hoping Mederma will help with that. Plus my husband and I are planning on getting pregnant later this I want to continue getting treated with the BEST laser....before I can't do it for 9 months :) Thanks so much for the comment. Im always open to suggestions!!!! I'm always on the internet researching so I love when people leave comments as more info! :)

updated pic of 2nd procedure with q switch

updated pic of 2nd procedure with q switch. I decided to go with Picosure after this because I'm just ready for it to be gone and I heard it cuts the time of laser treatments sometimes in half. With us planning to start a family at the end of this year I need to get the MOST effectiveness out of the treatments as possible. And no, i don't care about scarring! I'm just ready for this hideous thing to be gone and another tattoo put over it!
how did you keep the blisters from popping?! they're huge and being on your wrist i would think they would pop at night. the one i'm getting removed is a ring of stars all the way around my calf, with other laser treatments i've gotten blisters and had a hard time letting the blisters be :/

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