45yo Male, LHR of Face, Chest and Buttocks - Little Rock, AR

I had several areas done and it was definitely...

i had several areas done and it was definitely worth it. i have struggled with ingrown hairs on neck and face and am sick and tired of shaving. the body treatments were not painful but beware, face treatments hurt. the more thicker and denser the hair the worse it will be. i imagine its not quite so painful for women but guys if you have a thick beard then use the topical and have ice ready. first treatment removed close to 50% of facial hair, whiskers falling out within 1 hour. no burns, no signs of trauma. very pleased.
Glad your hair removal was a success. Shaving really does suck, my husband complains all the time. I always imagined the chest to be painful. 
Not a total success, not yet anyway. Got a pretty good burn and pigment changes on my chin after last treatment. Time will tell.
That's right, in time you should see some resolution in the pigment changes....is it hypo or hyper?Keep us posted :)

days one and two

day one started okay but by the end of the day i had swelling and two blisters. day two much of the same but less swelling and more pigment changes. will follow up with the spa day after tomorrow. hoping it calms down. i suspect i am going to have hyperpigmentation.

photo added,

this is from 48h post laser.


didn't see tons of improvement by last night so before bed i put on some bactroban. by morning had developed folliculitis and had about 10 pustules over my chin. used a sterile needle to get the heads off, then washed twice with cetaphil and applied more bactroban. overall i think it is improved some, the hyperpigmentation is still there but swelling and overall redness are down. have not been in sun or done anything that would generate sweat. have pretty much stayed indoors since this started. after much research i am feeling hopeful that if i have pigmentation that it can be treated with some type of bleaching agent.

day 5

still a lot of swelling. burn looks a lot better. keeping at it with the cetaphil then bactroban 2-3x daily.

day 6

face has started to clear up some but ended up taking oral antibiotics. still have blister on chin but its deep and not very noticeable at this point. folliculitis still present but a bit better after a day on oral meds. thus far the jury remains out. body hair removal was well tolerated but have had a hard time with facial areas. guys, getting hair removal done on face can hurt like hell and its easily infected. think twice about this.

day 7

still have folliculitis despite oral antibiotics. swelling and redness improved tho.
thanks for the update i got some treatments but then stopped because i didnt want patches hows everything did u get patches on ur face or no
i have some patches but they aren't dramatic. i do not have a thick beard but i imagine that if i did the patches would be more noticeable.
hey how is ur faical hair treatment going

Neova CU3 Tissue Repair.

still dealing with burn, blister and folliculitis. ended up getting this ointment, Neova CU3 Tissue repair, and its made a big difference. been using for 2 days and my healing has sped up and its not making the folliculitis worse. it is an ointment and makes your skin look shiny and greasy but it has some antibacterial properties too. i tried aquaphore before it and that seemed to cause more whiteheads whereas the Neova product does not. it is advertised as a treatment for post laser hair removal and is expensive but i do think its worth it.
people are claiming to getting circles on their face did u get any
no circles. i had burns but they were straight and the increase in pigment seems to be decreasing quickly. the nurse that was working on me went over a couple sections more than once and i think that caused the burns.

day 9

with meds the folliculitis resolved. still had a little swelling on day 9 but skin looked much improved. then i applied sun screen... apparently my skin wasn't too irritated and when i put the sun screen on i had a major reaction with my face and neck turning bright red then swelling a great deal. i attempted to wash it off but it was difficult but by the end of the day i got my hands on some prescription topical steroid gel and that made a big improvement. i've used the gel for 2 days now and today the swelling and redness were much improved. however, it now looks like i had a mild sun burn over the entire area that i applied sun screen to. what an ordeal.

day 10

best day so far. most of the swelling is gone, folliculitis healed up but still have fairly red skin and chin spots that blistered have some hypopigmentation. its not dramatic tho. i would say that i have 25% less facial hair but pubic area and buttocks maybe 15% less. dealing with burns for 10 days has been a definite bummer but looking at it today gives me hope that it will look really well when i'm done. wife loves the bare look down below, more than she thought she would. i think this will turn out well but a bit terrified to have my face done again. buttocks, chest and pubic area were about 500% less painful than doing my face. i will continue to caution guys that have a thick beard that it is unbelievably painful to have this done.
hyperpigmentation. i think its steadily improving.
hey i really am thinking of doing my face what is some advice u can give me ?
1. Prepare for pain. It hurts and will hurt for a while. 2. Only go someplace where there is a doctor. Go to a clinic, not a spa. If u have complications the spa will likely not have an MD there even tho they have a medical director listed on their website. 3. Understand that this can go horribly wrong and if it does then your face could have scarring or discoloration. 4. Definitely use numbing cream and before the procedure. 5. Have cold packs or ice at home and ice your face every 1-2hr for 10-15min to reduce swelling. 6. Purchase neova post laser cu3 and follow directions. 7. Buy some cetaphil wash and a couple packets of their wipes, use wipes to clean skin when u are about to reapply the neova ointment. ;8.have keflex on hand so if you develop folliculitis 8. Get your face done on a Thursday and take Friday off of work. Then stay inside for 3 days. 9. Do not get this done if u have something important for the next week. It's possible your face could be bright red and covered I whiteheads.

day 15

still have persistent irritation, mostly under my chin with redness and swelling that extends to almost the bottom of my throat. seems like it got better for a couple days and then worsened again 2 days ago. facial hair coming out quickly now and i'd say 30-40% removed. pubic area less so, its at maybe 20%. face will look funny for a bit as part of the upper lip is done but part isn't. on the rest of my face the hair loss is less obvious.
how much treatments did you have and what laser are you using
I've only had one treatment. not sure what laser they are using. I go back for another treatment in 2 weeks.
i got my third reatmeant today my faical hair growns patchy as fuck lol

better every day

definitely getting better by the day. still have some redness and a couple small scabs but looking much better. i actually think that despite a couple burns the laser improved my skin some. definitely lost a layer skin and what was underneath looks better. i definitely have smooth and hairy patches but its clear that if i can avoid burns that the final product will be good. also, the spa has been really helpful and we are going to switch to Yag laser for my face on subsequent treatments. i will also do a better job right afterwards of icing/skin care/managing inflammation.
Thank you for keeping your review up to date, glad you are seeing improvement as time goes by. Do you have any updated photos to share?
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the nurse that performed the procedure was very friendly and professional.

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