29 yrs mama of 3/BL & BA with lipo saddlebags! 3 days PO!

For years, I've battled this thing...I think it's...

For years, I've battled this thing...I think it's a condition most mommy's suffer from. It's called "isthereanythingthehubbykidsdogsneed" syndrome. Yes, I'm guilty. I've put my family first and don't regret that a bit...but it's now time to hike these "oranges inside a pair of socks" back up to their God-given spot. I'll be a better wife, mom, and everything else if I feel better about ME. For years, that was difficult to imagine...
So...I've had 2 beautiful boys delivered via csection (ugh, scars!) and a body that looks like a prop from Miley's "Wrecking Ball" video. Stretched skin, scars, saggy titties. Yup. I'm getting my groove back and hoping my doctor can take me to the mothership of beautiful breasts again.

I'm holding off on the TT for now. Surgery is set for March 13, preop is on Monday....eeeeek! ;) I'm excited, nervous, and ready!


I'm excited for you too. I feel pretty much the same. I just had my surgery the day before yesterday. Every moment a tad better and better. Good luck!
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How are you feeling?!? Any advice you can pass along?? Hope you are taking it easy & enjoying the "down time" as much as you can.
Feeling a bit of nausea today. Prob didn't eat enough w pain meds or antibiotics. Other than that I feel ok. I still feel puffy in lipo sections. My breasts are situating nicer today than yesterday. My boyfriend had to go to work so it was a bit of a challenge taking care of my baby. He's 14 months so quite a handful! I don't want to strain a stitch. Nanny has come by to help make him dinner and get him to bed. All in all I'm still excited and no regrets. I will post pics when selling subsides. I still weigh more than before surgery... Wishing you the best! It's exciting isn't it?

Post op complete!...t-minus 3 weeks!

I had my pre-op on Mon, everything went well! I decided to add lipo of outter thighs to my procedure, I'm so excited! I've always hated the fact that my thighs had saddlebags. The doctor is going to give me that nice curvy silhouette I've always wanted...that damn hip bulge always bothered me!!! I can't wait!


Yes!!! I can't wait! I'm glad things are going well for you! I'm not looking forward to being in pain, but I know it'll be worth it!

Tomorrow is SURGERY!!!!

Oh my gawwwwwd, I'm nervous and excited! Tomorrow morning is surgery, I have to be there at 9am, should end around 2pm, with one hour in recovery. I'm ready to get the show on the road!

I've got my list of items (required by doc):
-hydrogen peroxide
-pads (for lipo drainage)
-extra bras
-comfy clothes I can throw away after (draining).

Am I missing anything?!? I feel that I am!

Thank god my sister is here to help out with the kids & that my hubby is being supportive! ;)


Wishing you the best for tmrw! I'm now one month post and don't even remember the pain- it's like having a baby- you don't remember the pain you will just be happy to have new boobs! Mine are good. Definitely an improvement.
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Upset and disappointed ;( surgery rescheduled

Had to reschedule, my urine test came back positive for nicotine...even though I quit smoking weeks ago. I've been using lozenges that have a small amount of nicotine in them. Apparently, my PS will not tolerate smoking OR any Nicolette, gum, lozenges, patches, or e-cig use prior to surgery. I am 100% for that standard, I just did not fully understand it initially.
So, the hard work is done...smoking is a thing of the past...now I have to quit using the supplement. Doctor is doing me a favor really...I'm just angry & irritated. I was in my gown, IV in place, getting ready for doctor to come mark me. That's when they said my urine test had traces in it...surgery is moved to May ;(


What a let down! That would be so heart breaking to be all set for the surgery and then have to wait 2 more months. You'll still get your surgery before me though! Mine isn't until June.
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Surgery day is almost here!!! Finally!!!

Surgery was postponed to May, then there was a conflict with taking time off at work...so, as upsetting as it was, surgery was bumped to June 24th.
I'm not focusing on the negative, I'm just thankful & blessed it's happening! I've been wanting this for a long time, a few month setback was disappointing...but in the grand scheme of things, it was irrelevant! I've lived with these issues for a while! Lol
700am on June 24th is the day! I'm having a BL with implant swap out (saline come out & silicone go in!) with lipo of my hips/thighs. I am nervous and excited, I keep looking at everyone else's experiences, I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything.
Any supplies you gals recommend? What did you eat post op? My surgeon supplies the bra & spanx, the only supplies I was told to get was pads (to soak up lipo sites), peroxide (lipo), extra bra, and all my meds. Seems like I'm missing something.
Speaking of meds, I have an average pain tolerance, but when it comes to meds, Hydrocodone doesn't do a ton for me at that dose. My doc prescribed 325mg acetomenophen/5mg hydrocodone. I've taken these on/off since January for a severe injury and the med doesn't even do much for it. It'll work itself out, I was just curious what you ladies were prescribed.


Good luck..hope everything goes well and you enjoy your new shape...
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Two days to go!

Anxiously awaiting Tuesday to get here!!!
Tmrw is my last day of work till July 7 th, hoping that's enough time off & my recovery goes smoothly...
Tomorrow will be one heck of a long day !


Good luck on your up coming surgery. I think You'll definitely be fine in the 2 weeks following your surgery I had a breast lift, liposuction and butt augmentation. And other then the butt augmentation my books and liposuction areas feel fine and it's just 5 days since. I think you're going to do just fine , good luck!
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Day 1

Surgery was this AM. Feeling like I was hit by a bus. I am extremely sore all over, I really hope and pray that this was all worth it. Postop is tomorrow afternoon. Back to Lala land for me I'll update later.


Congrats on your surgery! I remember that "hit by a bus" feeling. Every day gets better and better! Hang in there and keep us posted!
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Day 1 cont.

I'm feeling better than I was earlier. The ride home was rough, it's a bumpy 45 min ride that felt like 2 hrs, very painful.
The anthestesiologist (sp?) said my body metabolizes medication quickly, so I'm planning to discuss my pain management w/ the dr at my appt tmrw. I feel like the medication isn't strong enough. Has anyone else dealt w/ this?
My breasts and lipo look good through all the swelling and garments. Can't wait to see what's going on underneath the bandages.
Plan to do a lot of reading, wTching tv, and napping tmrw.
Had over 75oz of water today, ate watermelon, crackers, and a clif bar. Hunger is not evident, just eating enough to stay healthy but nothing heavy.
Looking forward to being more mobile in upcoming weeks, I hear the first 2-3 days are rough. Kinda don't want to fall asleep, gonna set an alarm for meds.


Hey Sweetheart ..I'm 2 1/2 weeks out and yes, hang in there it does get better..just 4 days ago it started getting better ...I did the same thing with pain meds...I had to double the dose and had take something every 3-4 hours for the first 5 days..I took my nausea meds 3 times a day even if didn't feel like I needed it just because it makes the pain meds last longer..try and rest..lay on your back and keep your breasts as close to as possible .....sleep it off
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Hey Girl..checking on you to see how your coming along..hope things are looking up....I decided I would take off my CG yesterday for a few hours and clean house..big mistake! I swelled up like a toad and had trouble zipping it up and it was getting a little loose for a few days. urgh, won't do that again..
Aww thanks for checking on me :) I've been in bed pretty much 24/7 since I've been home. Yesterday was my PO checkup, my boobs & thighs look awesome!!! The dr took over 700cc of fat out of each outer thigh. The bruising is ugly and my thighs are SO tender & sore. Feels like a baseball bat beat on me! Dr gave me Demerol and anti nausea meds, they seem to work much better than the Percocet did. Is it normal for skin to be loose in the lipo areas? I assume it is, it prob takes time for skin to adjust?? My breasts are always on fire, they look amazing already! I'm trying to be patient but it's difficult! Dr said he went w/ 500cc silicone implants, which is slightly bigger than we discussed; however, they don't look huge on me. Excited to see my results as time progresses! Back to online shopping and reading :)

Day 2

Feeling sluggish today, sitting in bed 24/7 is more difficult than you think. I thought it would be wonderful to catch up on sleep, reading, tv, ect...WRONG :) it's boring!!!
I'm def getting my netflix subscriptions worth this month. Hope swelling goes down and the burning sensation starts to slowly fade.
Pics to come


Hope your doing well now and swelling has subsided
I have some areas that look like the skin is loose where I had the lipo..PS said that's why he likes to have his patients wear the CG for the first 4 weeks 24/7 so that the skin will hopefully retract and shrink back down..my swelling is much better today, I can see how those garmets help with this. Glad you got meds that work for you! Hope everyone else is healing well!

Day 3

Feeling quite sore today, maybe I over did myself yesterday. Sad, but maybe the fact that I swiffered the kitchen floor took it out of me? The dog hair was getting to me...
Thighs are swollen and breasts feel like there's a forest fire underneath my boobs.
More water...


It's real hard sitting in bed for so long...after 3 weeks if I'm up longer than3-4 hours, I start swelling and have to go lay back down! I have 3 Yorkies and had hair everywhere too..sweeping is hard or any motion that you use your arms that way will make your hurt and burn for sure! I won't ever take this surgery lightly again :-/...is your thighs still very swollen? I didn't have that area done, but had a friend that did a few years ago and she said it hurt to even squat on the toilet..
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Yes, thighs are quite tender and swell if I'm doing anything other than laying down. I am trying to remain immobile as much as I can to recover quicker, but my dr also said small movement was actually good. Blood circulation, muscle activity, and a less painful recovery as long as I followed his direction. My left breast hurts more than the right. Dr had more lifting and asymmetry to repair with that breast, hopefully that's all that is. Bruising is pretty colorful and tender all over. Doing my best not to rely on painkillers 24/7; however, I'm not subjecting myself to torture either . Nighttime is the worst, but things def seem to be improving a little each day. Was wondering about the lipo areas more, does the skin remain looser or will it elasticize a bit over time? Time to eat something...
The skin on my lipo areas are loose too. My ps said over time if your skin has good elasticity, and there wasn't a large volume of fat removed, that the skin will eventually shrink..also,new collagen has to form under the skin that connects it to the muscle and this too takes some time..hard to be patient, I know. One of my breasts is much more sore than the other side due to the same reason as yours, he said more work had to be done there..I almost didn't get another implant because of this...

Day 6- Bruising and burning...

Trying to focus on the positives today:
1. My breasts are back where they belong! Volume, fullness, & nipple resize has changed my self confidence infinitely! My thighs are slimmer, saddlebags are gone!

2. I'm blessed to have the financial ability, the time off work, and a wonderful hubby to take over all mommy duties. bLESSED! :)

3. Thankful for a wonderful PS that has transformed me inside & out!

Yes, I won't sugarcoat it. Yes I have been in pain, and yes, sleeping has been uncomfortable. I've definitely under estimated the discomfort level with getting the surgeries; however, the outcome has been well worth everything!!


Your thighs look sore, bet your glad it's over and are on the mend...not bad really for day 6...good luck with the results...I'm 6 weeks post breast left...maybe next year tummy tuck, but I'm still sleeping on my back, can't wait til I can finally sleep on tummy again....enjoy your lovely new you
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Day 7 PO

First and foremost---Loving my breast results :)

Have been having lots of discomfort and spasms off and on, which is a bit frustrating. I'm a bit confused about the lipo- the fat is def gone in my "saddlebag areas" but as of right now, I have loose skin and either a fluid or fat pocket directly below the area lipo'd. So, I plan to discuss this at my appt today. I think it's way too early to judge any results but I still want to address it.
Pain during the day has been manageable with Tylenol, nighttime is an entirely different story.


Thank you, I've been doing my best during the recovery process. It's really somewhat challenging to navigate "do's and dont's" during this stage. I wish they provided a little more guidance on what to expect, but I guess that wouldn't be much fun, would it? ;) I hear ya on the whole tummy sleeping thing! I miss it too!!!

Almost 14 days PO!

Healing has been going pretty well! My thighs are fluctuating a lot in terms of swelling, I feel bigger now than I was at my pre-op. Not sure if that's normal , I've read mixed reviews on that, but plan to ask the dr on Wed.
I've felt several numb spots and lumpy areas on my thighs, again, I've read that it's normal as well...still asking the dr! Bruising has reduced substantially; however, I've still got tons of soreness and light red/ purple bruising. It's a million X better than what the pics look like now ;)

I was thinking of sitting in a sauna since I can't workout the way I need/want to.

I resprained my ankle & it's no running for me again ;( I miss the great stress relief from cardio & weights! And now w/ the breast surgery...well, I can't do JACK.. Any feedback on the sauna? ;)
Breasts are kicking butt, they have healed up great , dr will swap the steri strips on Wed & I'll see the stitches. & nipple resize for the 1st time. :)

Hope all you ladies are doing well!!!

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