61 Yr Old Has Ruptured Dow Corning Removed After 34 Yrs - Little Rock, AR

I had Dow Corning silicone implants put in 1980....

I had Dow Corning silicone implants put in 1980. I've had them 34 years. Nothing but trouble. Beginning about 8 years my health started getting worse. Of course at the time I was still young and never made a connection that the implants were the cause. Back in the 80 I was told it was so safe. Would have perky books in my 70s. Just what you wanted to hear. No disclaimers at all. Fast forward to 1990s. Dow Corning lawsuit. I joined class action and it dragged on and on they filed bankruptcy and i figured that's that but stayed on the suit. Didn't take their first $1250.00 settlement to have them removed. Just rode on with it. Forgot it really. 2000 had heavy bleeding to point of blood transfusions. Fibroid tumors so big and numerous had to have hysterectomy to stop beeding. Still made no connection with implants. Then one thing led to another. Mental problems, depression, anxiety, hair loss, arthritis, foggy thinking, on and on. Still no connection made to implants. No doctor even mentioned it could be the problem. My implants capsular early. I just lived with that. Just bought better bras. 2011 coherent Al cancer hit. Still no connection made. Went through all those treatments chemo surgery .After removal of cancer the reversal of the colostomy and now thought I was recovered. Went for my 3 year cancer free checkup in April this year. All looked good. Doctor did marker tests. Looked good. I thought I was good to go for 5 year mark. Well CT then PET shows metasasis everywhere. Lymph nodes, abdomen, lungs, spleen, all over the place. I feel fine. I was stunned beyond belief as there is no cure. Just more chemotherapy til they kill me.

then I thought something else may be the cause. I raise mules and had an accident resulting in the right implant getting exploded about 2 months prior to these last tests...Hello!!! I Google can silicone mimic metasasis on PET scan. I found studies by a mayo clinic and others. Yes ladies it can mimic and show as metastatic disease.

So..I had my implants removed yesterday 5-8-2014. It's over. They are gone. I immediately feel better after surgery. Just sore. I'm so happy to have them out. I did not do a lift or put anything back in. I don't care the p's said they are safe now. That's what they told me 34 years ago.

so now I did contact the cancer institute where I am a patient and sent the information from Mayo and my Dr and nuclear radiologist agree that it could be a false reading and want to do a more extensive review. I'm praying it is only silicone.

In the meantime dow corning gave until June 2nd to get implants removed for all women who joined class action all those years ago so I will get 5000.00 settlement and my insurance paid 80% of the ruptured implant removal. Then the courts are open for settlements until 2019 for all of you out there that had given up. I found a team of lawyers who are still pursuing this on behalf of women with these awful products
.just FYI. Not my main reason, just added that fir your information.

I will include photos and updates as I go along but don't hesitate to get these removed. It's totally worth it and don't fall for the "they are safe" hype or you could wind up a statistic like myself. Just don't do it.

photos before and after explant

I wrote this review earlier and see alot of type - o's from auto correct. My cancer was colorectal and i had an ileostomy not colostomy. Anyway going to try to add before and after photos. I'm in day 3 and doing good. No pain or soreness or swelling today. No bruising. Dr. David Bauer at Arkansas Plastic Surgery did my procedure. The left one came out in tack with the capsule en closing it. The right one was a mess completely smashed and all over the place. I'm pleased so far with the outcome.
I am 55 years old and have had my dow silicone implants for over 30 years, They are behind the mussel and have been ruptured for about 15 years now, i have never been so afraid in my life of having them removed,I have MS and just had a heart attack last Tuesday, I am looking for a doctor that can remove implants behind the mussel,I know they are a mess inside my body,I have gone to a few doctors already and they do not want to even touch me, a few have told me the damage is already done, no sense in taking them out, I live right outside of Orlando, if any one knows of a good doctor please please please let me know,no way i will make it by the dead line June 2nd for the 5,00.00 removal claim, I do have medicare not even sure if they will pay anything,
oh and forgot to mention how sorry i am for everything you have gone through, my heart breaks for you, glad you got them removed. Trish
heya trish, im so sorry for all your problems too. the doctor you are looking for would be a plastic/cosmetic surgeon that specializes in breast reconstruction, like for women who have had mastectomies and such. in little bitty tucson, arizona, i got quotes from 7 different doctors, there are plenty of surgeons willing to take my case, and i also had ruptures, with my silicone dow corning implants behind the muscle, put in 26 years ago. it is a relatively simple surgery if the ruptures are within the capsules, and only an MRI would indicate free silicone, that is silicone that has seeped out from the capsules. i thot things were much worse than they actually were, until i had a great doctor explain it all to me, and i hope you can find one there in orlando. the first thing i did was to get a regular MRI ordered by my primary care physician, that laid the situation out plainly, then took that to various surgeons. all of this is covered by insurance and medicare from everyone i have ever known who had explantation, at least to some degree. the docs office staff even called with all the codes to verify with the insurance company. i have been fretting and worrying for years too, and i understand the fear and anxiety you are going thru, then to have other health issues...man i am very sorry and send you my best wishes. taking any kind of action is empowering and i would be happy to help if i could. im getting ready to have explantation on may 21, and this website has been a huge help for me. it even has doctors reviews and such, so i hope you can find a way to get some help here!

Took off my surgical bra standing for first time today

I took off the surgical bra which had be very tight today for the first time and had a look while standing. To tell the truth I was expecting my nipple to be looking at my toes hanging from thin loose skin. That's how I envisioned the unveiling.:)) so to my surprise they aren't beautiful but they are mine. I am so pleasantly pleased. He did a good job. I have wrinkling and some bulges but like I said I have kept these old gals tightly bound all week. Didn't take it off. Only laying down the first day to check the color like he said to do.

Tomorrow I make the 200 mile trip to get my stitches out and the drains. The right one was busted so bad. He warned me about it that it may not look so good as the left so I was afraid to see.

I saw the oncologist yesterday. 400 mile round trip. He did not discredit that it could be silicone instead of cancer but they are meeting tomorrow my surgeon, radiologist and oncologist to review my slides to determine the best way to biopsy. Probably aspirations.
You look awesome Hun....sending prayers and hugs that everything goes ok for you take care xxxx
Thank you for thinking of me:)) xoxo
you are looking good and i am keeping my fingers crossed for good news for you!

photos of my removed implants from hospital pathology..caution it's graphic!

I just returned from the 400 mile round trip for my first followup with ps. If you wonder you definitely can get your implants given back to you. At least the hospital where I was. The Dr himself didn't even know where pathology was located but he had ordered them saved and i have them after they were gone through pathology. I'm posting these graphic images only to show the real up front and personal view of what implants actually become after 34 years. The darkest one is the one that was ruptured. He had a time getting it out. Silicone was all over the area and he said he had to remove alot of breast tissue on that one all the way to the dermis. He described it as "grossly ruptured". The lighter colored one is my left side which was still in its capsule. The Dr has on his report that even though it was encapsulated when he removed it he looked inside. Silicone bleed all around it. So those things do leak even if not ruptured. HELLO?

ANYWAY. They rode behind my seat on the drive home and not on my chest. Of course I guess with my history of cancer that pathology cut them all up. I got a gore detailed summary given with the implants. There was no cancer in there but let's of crystallization on the exterior of the capsules. Granulomas.

Dr told me he could take out left drain. It was about dry. But the ruptured one is still draining so he fave me instructions and see by Sunday if it let's up. That has to come out or you get swelling he told me. So the compression bra is necessary. He said keep it tight while draining to prevent buildup.

Gee long story..long trip. I'm pooped but feel good. He did tell me that pretty much what I see now is what it will be. Maybe he just doesn't want to get my hopes up but hey...it's 1000 times better than I had it pictured. I expected a long flap of skin hanging to my bellybutton with sad nipple looking at my toes cross eyed....smiles....

Hope this helps someone else.xoxoxo

weight in the middle

Man. I haven't gained weight but my stomach and waist line is so swollen. Maybe just water. It came all of a sudden like when I was younger during my period. Just bloated! Anyone else had that? I've actually lost 3 ponds by the scake. Weird...but I won't worry bout tgat. Just a minor observation when I took this photo.
Hi Snugglens, Well, you've really had to go through a lot just to be seen by your doctor again! That takes a lot out of a person! Thank you for taking pics of your implants. I think we all want to know what our implants look like! I'm glad I had my doctor take pictures of mine. I didn't know I could probably get them after the pathology was finished, but mostly I just wanted to see what was removed from my body. I think you look really great, post-op! I'm really relieved that the results are better than you expected. I'm so happy for you! How has your pain level been? Do you have the other drain out yet? I hope so! I hope you're bloating is better by now. That was one thing I took to heart when I read from other's experience...to make sure to have Milk of Magnesia or some other form of laxative on hand. I took one dose the night before surgery and then another one as soon as I got home from surgery. It really helped get those bowels moving! I knew I did not want to be constipated after my surgery. I continued the laxative for as long as I needed it after surgery. It takes a while for the effects of the anesthesia to get out of our bodies, so the laxative really helped me. I'm mentioning that, so hopefully it will help someone else who hasn't had their surgery yet. I hope you had a good day and that you're getting lots of rest. Please get back to us as soon as you're feeling up to it!
Thanks Petunia. I just got back on here today. I did take the drain out thus morning following the Dr's instructions on sterilizing and all. It was such a relief to be free of those darn things.:)) my pain level is zero. I only had the pain pills first day or so. My hubby insisted or I wouldn't even have bothered but I feel great actually. My bloating finally is going diwn. You are right. Everything had slowed down on me but that is getting under control now. With my having colorectal cancer surgery 3 years ago I was afraid of laxatives b/c I'm so sporadic in that regard anyway didn't need that ..ha ha ha..so I just suffered through it and drank a lot of liquids and juice. I'm much better now. I go for the biopsy Wednesday morning. I'll post when I find out. Hope you continue on strongly. Your posts are encouraging. Yes my implants in those containers are a reminder to me of just what a toxic mess I had. I don't think pathology cut them. After I saw the Dr on followup he told me that right one was horrible to get out so I'm thinking it came out that way..yuck...He described it in his reportas "ggrossly ruptured". Good riddance. Maybe some Newby thinking of putting those things in will think twice. It's not so glamorous later on. We all went through about the same scenarios didn't we? So you have to believe there's something wrong. Take care. Xixoxo
whoa, you took the drain out yourself! now, see, this is how i am, we gotta be more self reliant when we live rural, that was brave to do, i am sending the best of wishes to you.

Things are changing

Gosh. I took some photos on the 17th. I had surgery on May 8th. So anyway still had the one drain going on the right one that was such a problem. Okay those looked pretty good. I could live with that.I went a day without the ccompression bra after i took out the right drain yesterday and dang if they look like i got 2 flat tires. That's okay too but what's up with the all of a sudden sunken spots?? Did I take that bra off too early? Sure can't live in it forever but I'm hoping the weight didn't pull them down before they healed. Course the right one took a beating getting all that out of there so I lost a lot of breast tissue but until today it looked the best. Oh well..boo hoo..I'm still happy. I took a picture in a sports bra and clothes. Heck no one will ever know and now I can buy smaller tops. Yay..those are always on sale...smiles

so tomorrow is the biopsy. I can't sleep. Ihave to kknow but it's scarier than getting these out was.

I'll keep you posted and hope this all helps someone else. There's lots of us out there.

more photos

Okay posted before i added all photos.
Thanks for sharing and posting pics of your implants. My PS won't give mine back. Mentor won't let him. Apparently I'm only renting them! LOL I will ask for picture though. Hope your biopsy went well.
Thank Marionette. I read your story and i know where you are coming from on having them put on and why. Same thing i did. Was influenced by men mostly and the search for perfection. I guess our need to please sometimes gets distorted. Yep X said wrong answer. I will be thinking of you and just know we've all been there. You are not alone. You will do just fine and be better for it. You are still so young it will be a breeze for you on the other side. that's funny what you said about renting them..well not really..but I had to smile. Well put! I have mine but as you can see they are gross so maybe just as well we let 'em go away for hood and forget the whole thing totally. I only kept mine b/c attorney said they may need them later. For what? No clue but they were Dow Corning so I guess that's why. you hang in there and think positive. You will be glad later. best wishes and prayers for you. I'll know results of biopsy soon. Scarey thing but I trust it will be fine. Praying it is not C again. xoxoxo
Thank you, Snugglens, wow that's so awesome that you were able to take your own drain out and finally be free of them! It does feel good to not have anything hanging off of us! You sound like you're doing great with regard to pain. I'm glad you don't have to take any pain medication now. Oh yeah, I can see where milk of magnesia would not be something you'd want to take! I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you today and praying for test results that show you are free of any cancer. You've already been through so much already and I know you're ready to just move on!!! So, good luck today and please let us know how you're doing. XOXO

day after biopsy

Had the biopsy yesterday. Will get results later. Enjoying a cup of coffee on my back deck and listening to cows mooing in the distance. Wild turkeys gobbling in the holler. Frogs croaking on the pond. Crows cawing...so nice. I have to remember why i moved here years ago from the city. Sending some of it your way...Attaching calming photo of the mountains from my deck and telepathically sending you a cup of coffee.
haha, it is weird having no coffee, yesterday i was so tired that i couldnt even have any anxiety. i made up for it today!
Oh boy..yeah I missed my coffee. The trip without coffee was miserable considering we left about 4 a.m. arghhh...so did u get anxiety today? Not supposed to do that so hope u meant you had lots of coffee. Smiles...rest up. The best is yet to come. I'm wearing a Danson sports bra I like. I bought several cheapies at WalMart to ck to see size and all before I spend alot. I don't quite fill out a C cup. Can probably move down to B really. I like it so much better. Sending hugs and peace u r way. Keep on going the worst is over and it's all downhill sailing now. I wish I had done it long ago but didn't want to deal with it I guess..like we all did. take care. Xoxoxo. Speedy healing.
no, no real anxiety, but good coffee! i am not sposed to wear any kind of bra, ace bandage or covering or compression. these babies are hanging loose in the wind, hehehe. i am pretty sure when the swelling goes down i will be a nice B cup, suits me fine! i snuck a peak, the girls are lookin good. thanks for the good wishes and right back at ya!

I like these bras..oh la la

Hey gals. I wanted to share these bras. They are fruit of the loom and danskin brands. What I like is they are soft and wire free but better yet the cups are foam and actually round you out nicely. Sport bras at wal mart. I didnt want to spend alot right away til I figured out the size. These I guessed at C cup but may be able to go down to B but for now im wearing these.


I forgot the photos..lol

I am doing good. Preliminary biopsy posted "suspicious" for malignancy. But im waiting on final pathology report. Course you know it had to be a holiday weekend so I could fret a few more days.:(( I go back Wednesday to see plastic surgeon and then over to the cancer institute to see drs there si I figure I will know then.

Hope you are all recovering well and have your chins up. Maybe these little cheap sports bras will work gor some if you. I really look normal wearing them and they feel so good. I bought another danskin brand that is wider across the front and zips. Thats great to sleep in.
Just FYI.

I have given up hope that I will ever get my silicon rocks removed. Would take a financial miracle. Been paying for my sin of low-self-esteem for 30 years. Apparently that is not enough.
Hey CJustice: Don't give up hope. Sometimes something will come from nowhere if you just keep on trying and hang in there. I know what you mean about 30 years. Mine were 34 years. I should have done it long ago but I thought they helped my looks so we have all been there done that part. Young women are still doing it. Maybe our stories will make them take a second look at it..maybe not..sometimes youth is blind. Sending you positive vibes and big hugs!! xoxoxo
Snugglens, you have been very generous with your story, photos, information, moral support...such a blessing to so many. Thank you.

Received my Pathology report yesterday

Hey girls: Just an update on my pathology. I got it yesterday. They diagnosed Large B Cell Lymphoma. I am totally shocked and maybe in denial. I started with colorectal in 2011, now this is a new thing altogether. I don't think any of the drs expected it. I sure didn't. I don't have any of the symptoms of it. My blood tests are all in normal range on CBC and CEA (Cancer markers), I'm actually putting on a pound or two since I got those nasty implants out. I feel great, have energy, good mood, my color has not changed, I just have to wonder on this. They did the biopsy with ultrasound and fine needle aspiration. I just can't believe it's true. Has anyone ever been diagnosed with this? I just still believe it is silicone in there and they just missed it. If silicone can light up on a PET scan same as a metastasis, then couldn't it on a slide do the same thing? I guess I'm grasping at straws, but if I felt sick that would be another thing. I don't. I'll be 62 in August and everyone says I look 45, so how in the world can you look and feel healthy and have such a drastic life threatening disease. If it is true diagnosis, then I'm looking at stage 111 or IV with the many different sites it showed up on the PET, heck, looks like I'd be in a wheelchair. I'm just at a loss. I see the oncologist asap, they are trying to set me an appt. Heavy doses of bag MOJO chemo this time around, bone or stem cell transplants, the whole big shebang. Oh, Lord.....I have to keep my spirits up and I guess denial in the beginning is normal, so just hoping the big "minds" made a mistake, but they are the top notch team in the state, it's not a little cancer institute, it's state of the art. But, what if they didn't consider my history on the pathology and didn't even think to "think outside the box"?? I don't know. I'm thinking maybe have it sent to Mayo since they are the ones who wrote the first article on how silicone can imitate cancer and that it will migrate. Maybe they could take a different view. I don't even know how to go about doing that but I'm going to find out before I line up for the bullets.

Thanks for all your prayers and support and I'm sending the same back to all of you. Kinda like we are in the same boat, just different courses we are following, so we aren't alone. With God's help...........:)))))

oh jeesh, here i am whining about not feeling good after explantation, i am so sorry for the path report, but admire your proactivity. i am gonna give ya advice, cos i have two friends with Large B Cell, and if you are gonna do anything outside of the box, get right on it, do not waste time, do not wait, cos everything you want to do, know and get results from is going to take longer than you expect. am sending ya lots of soft hugs, take care of yourself first, now. XXOO.
Oh Snugglens! I have been silently following your story for a bit now. So sorry to hear of your recent news. Thanks for sharing your story as it as helped me part with my plastiboobs- I thought if you could part with yours after seeing them for 30+ years, by gosh i can part with mine! I will pray for you.
Cjustice...what about financing the surgery through a company such as Care Credit? My PS informed me that I could pay for my BA 23 years ago through a payment plan and his office even had the application for me to apply right there. That's what I used! Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for my explantation, because my insurance company covered it. I'm not sure if you can apply for implant removal surgery, but idk why you couldn't. Just an idea...

my great big splurge first sexy push up bra

Hey gals. Got my new sexy pushup bra in the mail today. Found it on BostonProper site. This one has extra foam in the cups kinda pushes the sides in then those spaghetti criss cross areas mask my "dips" sunken spots where they are drooping. I just tried it on without much adjusting but I think I like it.

today's nudie

Not perfect but heres what the bra is hiding. After 34 years of paying for my vanity ...I dont miss the implants and love my new all me breasts.
Lemay. Can you tell me about your friends generically anonymously some details and what they experienced? Did they have implants?
Thanks Belleza for thinking of me and im so glad you can gleen some inspiration from my story. Im happy I got them out. Just hope I did it in time. I waited in denial not wanting to deal with it and now with lymt diahnosis and its known ties to silicone implants I hope it wadnt too late. Thank you for your prayers and support and I do the same for you. Getem out....thats my advice to everyone.xoxox

large b cell lymphoma

Question...anyone on here know anything or have large b cell lymphoma? Id appreciate knowing anything.
I know it can be very confusing if you don't have any symptoms! I had a friend who was told he had leukemia, but he felt 100% healthy! He didn't start getting any symptoms for about 5 years! I had never heard of such a thing at that time! I don't know if this will help, but I did a Google search by typing "Can you have lymphoma without any symptoms" and this is one website I found: http://www.cancer-forums.net/can-you-have-lymphoma-without-any-symptoms-t124240.html. I know you want to know everything you can about YOUR diagnosis, so you're asking other people to give you any information they may have, but please remember that each person's body is different and not everyone will have the same symptoms or results from whatever medical treatment their doctor suggests. If I was told I had cancer, I would be researching and doing the same thing you are, but please remember that your doctor knows YOUR situation, just as your PS did, so it's important you talk to him/her about what's happening in YOUR body and go from there. Sadly, everyone knows someone who's had some kind of cancer and can tell you all kinds of stories. After a while, if you hear too many of those stories, it will just get very confusing. I'd say that the best thing to do is listen to YOUR oncologist, ask questions and go from there. Just like you did when you were researching your explantation. Otherwise, there's the danger of "information overload" and you will begin to feel overwhelmed by so much information and you'll still feel confused and stressed out. Try to step back a little bit, take a breath and AFTER your appt with your oncologist you will be armed with more information. That way you can make a more informed decision on any treatments you may need in the future. I'll be thinking of you, Snugglens and I hope you stay symptom-free for a very, very long time. xxx
BTW, Snugglens, please don't take anything I'm posting here as anything negative about researching for natural treatment of your cancer. I am definitely in favor of trying alternative treatments as opposed to chemo, etc.! I'm also not suggesting you just blindly follow your doctor's orders, because I know how Western medicine is and that leans towards popping pills and receiving treatments that do more harm, in the long run. It's all so darn confusing and I have no idea what I'd do! I know you're just gathering as much information as you can so you can make the best decision for your situation. xx
I'm so sorry, how scary this all must be for you. I'm not sure if this is something you want to try but an acquaintance of ours shared a shake mix he used when he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I know he was only supposed to live a few months but 4 years later he gave us his recipe for shakes he used that he believed kept him alive. Here is his recipe: (He drank this twice a day) in a juicer 3-4 carrots, 2 Tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, handful of fresh spinach, 1 apple & AHCC mushroom complex. I have been thinking of trying this lately, I just do not feel well. I haven't been to doctor I'm just trying to eat healthy and do healthy things but something is not right with me. I am tired, I am weak, I struggle to get through the day, my lymph nodes hurt and are on and off swollen for past couple weeks. I have had saline implants for 9 years, but I am reading that they can get fungus and bacteria that can make you sick and also the exterior shell is silicone so I imagine if silicone isn't healthy that even this exterior laying in my body does the same damage with health. Even if my implants have nothing to do with my not feeling well I still want them out. My body regularly has muscle spasms against them, after 9 years my body is still saying these don't belong! With the shake the only thing I'm not sure about is the mushroom complex. I'm trying to read about it to make sure its safe, reviews are saying it has helped boost immunity for those fighting cancer. I would think if it helped for that it would help to fight all illnesses but I guess I don't know for sure. I also don't know if there is a certain kind you are supposed to buy. I know the guy had written down AHCC mushroom immunity complex but I wouldn't know how to find him today. I do see this product on amazon, its spendy and doesn't have a lot of reviews, but the reviews it does have are good. Anyways, thought I'd share in case it was something you'de like to try, prayers to you.

blood tests can be good and still have LYMPHOMA

Just got back from another doctor for blood draws for Dow Corning suit. Dr told me you can feel and look fine and not have symptoms and have good bllodtests etc snd still hhave lymphoma.:(( only a biopsy shows it. But he did say it was better than metatasized colorectal because if I had that I was done. He told me lymphoma is hard but a chance of curing it. Especially where I am going. They are best in the country on myeloma and LYMPHOMA. So some good mews but busted my bubble about feeling good etc. He is board certified internal medicine. So...onward and upward and put on my hardhat. Things are gonna get tough looks like. Ill know more wed when I see hematologist specialist at UAMS in Little Rock. I have requested my pathology report as it is all hinges on that right now that it is correct or NOT. Still questioning...thats me...I dont go down easy.:)))xoxoxo
Snugglens, I explanted my 33 year old ruptured dow corning implants on May 19th. What a mess....no wonder I have been so ill. Prayers for you honey
You CAN and WILL beat this! Accept this challenge and win the a health BOSS! You have the mentality and body and spirit of a 40 year old...you ARE going to get healthy, even more so then you ever thought possible! Onward and upward, kick ass and win, you are almost there!!!! *hugs n support*
Yee haw... that's gonna ring true! Thanks for the uplift. xoxoxoxox
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

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