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Hi ladies, I booked my first consultation and it...

Hi ladies, I booked my first consultation and it is set for March 21. I am so excited that I have finally taken the first step in this journey.

I am a mother of two beautiful humans 22 months and 3 year old. I breastfed both and now have very deflated breasts. Pre babies , I had perky small B cup. I have never been happy with my size though, probably since I was 14! I am looking to be a nice full C cup and am leaning towards silicone moderate profile. The doctor I have chosen uses the Keller funnel system and rapid recovery. Any advice is welcome :)

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Preparing for the consult..

Ladies, what are your suggestions on what to do or bring to the initial consultation, as well as questions you wished you would've asked? TIA :)

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The night before my consultation

Very nervous and excited for my consultation. Here are some current pics of the sad ladies.. 34 A

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Surgery date set!

Just completed my consultation and set my BA date for May 1. I am beyond excited/ nervous/ and every other emotion you can think of. I tried on 350cc and 375cc and decided in the 375. Also decided on silicone, under the muscle.

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Pre op completed!

Went yesterday for my pre op. Basically signed a book and took pictures. Still have to go back next Tuesday and meet with Dr. Yee so she can measure me and we can talk more about CC's. Holy moly at the amount of prescriptions! I had a whole page! And two full pages of food and beverages to avoid. Wow!!


Mod :)
That'll look great on you.
That should give u your wish pics I have sientra 380 mod. Their mod is more like a mod plus. I originally was gonna go with mentor mod but it would've been prob 300-350. With what I chose I look like how I do with a bra on. So some of my bras may still fit because I would be filling in the emptiness. And I have a natural projection. If I went with the low profile they would've been a little wider and flatter, but I didn't anthem too be too wide to where u can see the shape of the implant from the side. Not my style. Flatter would've been ok. But I'm happy with my size.

Things to avoid

Here is the lists if food I was given to avoid..


Congrats! What profile are you going with?
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Congratulations!!! I bet you are beyond excited. I can't wait for my pre op. Mine is still so far away. What food and beverages do you have to avoid?
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The list was a mile long! Everything from grapes to tomatoes to nuts. So crazy, but I apparently certain foods affect clotting and anesthesia.


So I had another appt with Dr. Yee so she could measure me and go over the CC's. After she measured me she mentioned that because one of my breast is larger than the other, the projection may not me even. I am currently going with 375cc and she said that she would have a 400cc on hand during surgery in case she felt it would help with the projection. This makes me nervous that I will end up with one noticeably bigger than the other. Anyone go through this??

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Night before

About to go to bed, it's the night before the big day. I'm surprisingly pretty calm. I'm more nervous about my husband and kids seeing me in pain than anything. Just taking it one hour at a time and trying to relax. I'll update when I can after it's over. Also, thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement and advice! Prayers, good vibes and all that stuff is appreciated! :)


Thank you everyone for the prayers and kind thoughts!
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Good luck today!! Can't wait to hear how it went :)
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Good luck. Prayers going up for you. So excited to see your results. :)
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They're here!!!

I had my BA yesterday around 2. I have the natrelle silicon. 375 cc on left and 400 on the right. High profile because of my chest being so narrow. When I woke up I was extremely cold and my chest was very very tight! Nurses were wonderful and kept me calm. I kept asking for my husband and they brought him in as soon as the got me settled. Much of yesterday was pretty much a blur. Felt much better when I woke up today. Not much pain, just still tight. However, my back around my shoulder blades are killing me! Over all, pretty pressed with how they came out.


Welcome to boobieville :). Happy healing! Cant wait to see more pics!
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Thanks! I can't wait for them to start dropping!
Congrats. Size looks great. Can't wait to see them
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4 days post op

Feeling ok so far. Still just tight, but not really in pain. Today my husband went back to work so I'm on my own with my toddlers. Eek!

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