Tummy Tuck July 9th - Rochester, NY new pictures po 15 weeks!

I am 46 years old. I am active, run, yoga. I have...

I am 46 years old. I am active, run, yoga. I have a 27yr old andhave been living with these stretch marks for ever! The sagging skin seemed to get worse since 43yrs and I always feel that the hard work I do for my body is not reflected, even those I have slender arms and ok legs. I know a couple of people who have had this done and are super happy with their results. I am hoping to be one of them!I am excited and nervous and ready to charge into my late 40's and 50's and 60 with a rockin' bod! I am getting a tt, lipo of the love handles and lipo of the bra armpit fat area. Stretchmarks and sagginess be gone!

Well, had my surgery yesterday morning. I was very...

Well, had my surgery yesterday morning. I was very relaxed going in and had decided this was going to be a breeze. Attitude is everything right? Everything went off without a hitch, lipo of the love handles and bra fat and tummy tuck. I made it home and set myself up in the guest room, spent the day listening to shamanic healing music on pandora and vegging out. Quite lovely. Only slept till 4am, and had to be at the dr. Office at 10. My husband has been a wonderful support, emtying my drains and helping me up, down, meds. I have not had much of an appetite since surgery,but I will take that as a gift! Haha I got really lightheaded and thought I would pass out at the dr. Office. Maybe too much too soon. I got my first peak at my new belly, very strange to see a stretch free midsection after all these years! I have been in and out of sleep between the perceset and the fact that I just had surgery. So far so good, the pain is not as bad as I expected, and no swelling yet that I can tell. Very excited and pleased so far!

Day 3 po feeling great! Off the percosit, just...

Day 3 po feeling great! Off the percosit, just Tylenol for pain watered the garden today, littered around the house and sat outside with a friend for a while. Feels great to feel good :) still not hungry, but drinking a ton of water, and lemon ice is tasting good.my legs were cramping up this morning, but walking around helped a lot. Pain pump comes out tomorrow. So far so good

I take back that I am not swollen. I just put on...

I take back that I am not swollen. I just put on my pjs that used to be loose, not tonight! I did a lot today, it will be interesting how I feel tomorrow.

Second post op appointment today, pain pump came...

Second post op appointment today, pain pump came out, ( no pain just felt weird) feeling great, getting around just fine. Bm today and no problem. Drinking a lot of water still, I think that helps. I weighed myself and weighed the same as my pre op weight, exactly. I have not had much of an appetite but managed to eat a bit today. I am exited to star seeing some results!

Having trouble sleeping, again. Not sure why...

Having trouble sleeping, again. Not sure why except my activity level is not normal, but active for po. I love my sleep, yet here I am wide awake 12:40am, guess I will read. I think that taking it easy might be harder then I thought.

Anyone else getting leg cramps at night? My legs...

Anyone else getting leg cramps at night? My legs were driving me crazy as I was trying to sleep last night. I've been trying to walk around during the day, I'm wondering if I'm not doing enough. So I'm a little grumpy and antsy today. not sure how going to sit still for five more weeks yikes!

So today was pretty good. Looking forward to a...

So today was pretty good. Looking forward to a shower tomorrow and getting a first real look at my new belly. Went to the movies tonight and it was a tough walk to the theater from the car, I seriously felt like a sick old lady! Walking slow and kind of hunched over) my husband was sure we would run into a few old flames of mine, thankfully we did not. It felt good to get out, but I felt like an alien was going to bust out of my abdomen as I was walking things got so tight. I didn't sleep well last night at all so am taking some benadryl before bed to hopefully put me, and keep me asleep!

Slept last night with the aid of a couple of...

Slept last night with the aid of a couple of benydrl . Got to shower this morning and take a good look, horray! It is looking better then I hoped and I will post some pictures after I rest ( that shower wore me out! My husband helped me wash my hair, he poured a ton of shampoo in it I tried not to laugh, thinking, don't ask the guy with no hair left to know how much shampoo to use. I also got to move up to the new cg that has no legs. And got to take off those horrid compression socks. Feeling a bit more human. My back has been really hurting, suppose that is from not using my stomach muscles. Think I might have overdone yesterday, I am pretty tired today

I went to the grocery store with my husband today...

I went to the grocery store with my husband today and had to use one of those electric carts! It was quite bazar not being able to get myself around on my own two feet. I felt like I shouldn't have been using one, but there is no way I could have made it through that store without it. I had to ditch the new cg because it had no legs and was giving me a wedgie and a pain with the drainage tubes. Back in the one that goes down to my knees. It has been in the 90's too. it is amazing how quickly you get worn out by things that are you everyday activities. Just trying to eat, move and rest.

So this morning I am feeling pretty good, after...

So this morning I am feeling pretty good, after the tylonol kicked in for my back pain. Even weighed myself, 139, three pounds less then pre op. Feeling good, think I will try on my jeans. WRONG, in spite of my shape looking better, and me weighing less, I can not even come close to snapping or zipping! Hahaha.. Is it a visual illusion? I am not sure. Oh well. Anyone else run into this issue? At least there are a few more months of sun dress weather.

Today I got one drain out. It didn't hurt in the...

Today I got one drain out. It didn't hurt in the least, and I went in preparing for some serious discomfort. So needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. :) I even managed to get a skirt on last night. It has been a challenge to fit into anything so far. I felt much better today but am still relying on tylonol and if I forget it my back reminds me. My belly is dry and itchy and flaking, gross. I have been moisturizing it like crazy tonight secretly terrified the itching skin would turn to stretch marks. I am sure it is a needless freak out, haha, I will be lubing up regularly though :) feeling pretty darn good, and loving seeing things start to unpuff a bit.

Great day today! Back in my car, went to the...

Great day today! Back in my car, went to the store, did five loads of laundry. oh yeah, and I made dinner too! Feeling like my old self again. Hoping the drain comes out tomorrow. I sent my mother picture of my progress, she requested that I not wear any half tops in the future. Really? come on mom! all is good ,wishing everyone a speedy healing process too!

I am full of gratitude today! I am loving the way...

I am full of gratitude today! I am loving the way my new body is looking. After so many years of exercising, eating right and really trying to honor my body and still feeling chunky. I am starting to realize it wasn't really all chunk but skin that there was no amount of training, eating that was going to fix that. I remember thinking, I workout hard and often and why do "they" all look great and I look so soft? I feel like I have found my answer.....
Feeling really good and can now sleep on my side again. Not getting up at night either and moved back into the master bedroom last night. Going to read, and do a little light gardening today :)

Oh boy, I got my first case of swell hell last...

Oh boy, I got my first case of swell hell last night. Hahaha. My husband and boys and I went to dinner and a movie and by the time the movie was over, the top of my stomach felt huge! I though, "did I pop a stitch?" I fretted a bit, this morning all seems to be just fine though. Pehaphs the soy sause I had with my shashimi? Not sure. I am feeling great, that second drain is starting to be a real nuesance, and I have to wait till the 31st to have it out. I might call if the drainage slows down to a trickle. I got in jeans last night, that felt good. Feeling more myself every day. Of course I fear with every sneeze or unintentional use of my abs that I am going to undue what was done.

Went to a party yesterday. After a while of...

Went to a party yesterday. After a while of standing around I was getting tired out. Then some stringy white stuff came out of my drain and freaked me out. Then i dropped the drainage bulb and i thought it was going to yank right out of my body!Ouch! my husband said it was because I have not been milking the drainage tube. Ok, I will go with that, but it was gross and freaked me out a bit. I don't like my short girdle, I prefer the longer crouch less one, it is way more comfortable, only problem is it goes down to right above my knees. I have been off tylonal for 2or 3 days now, feeling little discomfort. Even slept a little on my stomach this morning!

Feeling not so great today. Woke with a wicked...

Feeling not so great today. Woke with a wicked headache and I think I got a yeast infection from either the antibiotics or the cg that was super tight in the va-jay,jay.... Ugh. My drainage sight is hurting too, can't wait to have that thing yanked out. Took tylonol, feel a bit better. Looks like it will be a slow day. Yesterday I took 2 naps too. I guess the recovery will be up and down. 2 weeks have gone by though, that is a very good thing. Going to try and get a few things done today, not used to taking things so easy.....maybe a big trip to the store for mono stat hooray! ( note the tone of sarcasm)

Ok, I just needed to share My painfully funny trip...

Ok, I just needed to share My painfully funny trip to rite aid to get my yeast infection meds. So, there I am, sinus head ache, hunched a bit today, drain hurting and yeast infection... Go to the register with my mono stat and pads "Glen" rings me up, finds a coupon on the pads (thanks Glen) and asks if I ha e a wellness card. No, would you like one, it will only take a minute, no, thanks. Glen says, " im not trying to push the card, but you could save mo ey today, fine, I will take one. Glen hands me the form, I fill it out, trying to escape with minimal embarrassment, and Glen try's to re ring my purchase. Well, he needs a manager, "Bob" Bob try's to help and together for about 5 minutes ( lines backing up) till Bob throws his hands in the air " your in to deep, I can't help you" third emplyee Marilynm comes over, she finally re rings me and gives me 50 cents from the register cause they can't figure out how to make the coupon work twice. I had to laugh, all that would have completed the scene would have been to run into an old flame at the store.

On a happier note, dr. Said sinus meds ok, and I go in tomorrow to have the other drain pulled, yippee!

Much better day today, po day 15, got my drain...

Much better day today, po day 15, got my drain out, hip,hip horray!

Got to peel off the steri strips today and get a...

Got to peel off the steri strips today and get a good look at the scar. I have to say it looks good. It isn't red either. Will it get red I wonder? I am supposed to massage this ointment into it a couple of times a day. Felt great today (except for a sneeze that hurt) got a complement from a friend who didn't know about my tt she thought I
Looked great! I was happy to share my experience. :) hope everyone is feeling great and healing quickly!

Measured myself this morning and I have lost 3...

Measured myself this morning and I have lost 3 inches on my hips and waist! I am so excited! I really was not expecting the difference in my waist but couldn't be happier! Also down 9 lbs from pre op! Two and a half weeks into it, over the moon!

Gardened all day, and feeling great! Did the deed...

gardened all day, and feeling great! Did the deed with my husband too, happy to report, no problemo. :) All is going great! I tried on bikinis yesterday too while shopping, FUN!

P.s. why can't I post an more pictures? anyone else?

p.s. why can't I post an more pictures? anyone else?

Ok, did way too much yesterday. Swollen today and...

Ok, did way too much yesterday. Swollen today and my stomach muscles hurt. Back in bed watching TV taking it easy for the day. apparently five hours of gardening and a booty call was not Such a good idea. Luckily, I have no plans

Really did a number on myself the other day...

really did a number on myself the other day gardening. I was in bed all day yesterday, and my abs still are sore today. I also have lot of swelling and fluid in my pubic area. Oh well, live and learn, feeling better today and as much as it pains me I will not pull any weeds today! Did take some pics though and happy to see the love handle swelling going down a bit on one side in particular, love to see curve emerging! I am traveling Tuesday so I am mentaly preparing how to not overdue dragging a suitcase around and running through airports. I also posted scar pictures, I am very happy with it so far, (I do have a couple of threads poking through though. I will ask the Dr. about that Tuesday. I am massaging 2 to 3 times a day with a balm the dr. gave me. All is well, getting closer every day!

Just another note. I was just thinking that before...

just another note. I was just thinking that before I decided to do the tt, i was feeling the effects that age takes on a woman of 46. I was doing everything right, eating healthy, excersising regularly, no smoking, plenty of rest, and it seemed unfair that my body and my mind were aging at different rates. I was starting to feel old, look square, and was really pissed off about it. I was feeling a little vain and embarassed about such an elective surgery. My husband and I could have taken our dream trip to africa with that money, and he did love me just the way I was. Saying all that, I must say, I do not have a single, solitary moment of regret of my decision. I feel youthful and vibrant again. Maybe more so then ever before. I feel like I match my brain now, and will continue to honor my bdy by feeding it well, resting it when need be, and excersizing regularly. I am full of graditude today!
Peace friends
p.s. as much as my husband loved me just as I was.. he thinks I am smokin hot now.. meeow! Hahahah

I had some fluid drained yesterday at the doctors...

I had some fluid drained yesterday at the doctors office, it was pain-free because my stomach is still pretty numb. I did not however watch the procedure, Dr. said not an audience participation sport, haha. Then flew to North Carolina to spend a week with my mom. Maybe I can stop myself from doing too much here. I did get permission to go in the ocean without my binder for a little while so I'm excited about that option. All is well and I am feeling less swollen ( at the moment anyway) it is funny some days my clothes are falling off some days they are tight, go figure,

Four weeks po yesterday! I have been hanging out...

Four weeks po yesterday! I have been hanging out at my moms doing next to nothing, taking it easy. I did however end up in the er getting stitched in my lip on Sunday! My mom adopted a cat and during our meet and greet with her dog things took a turn and I ended up with a sliced lip (nice, right?) the dr. Seems to think it won't leave much of a scar. :( I did buy a new bathing suit and will attempt to post. So exciting trying on skinny stuff! I am getting antsy to start excersizing! Two more weeks!

Seven weeks post op yesterday! Feeling fantastic,...

Seven weeks post op yesterday! Feeling fantastic, energy is up, cg is off! I am running again, though after 6 weeks off starting out a little slow. I don't care though, it feels so good to move and sleep on my stomach. I am in no pain and the scar seems to be healing well. I am very excited with my results. Still getting some swelling but not enough to be a big hassle. I am about a size down from where I started but can still wear all my jeans. They just fit a whole lot better!

10 weeks po! Feel great, running every other day,...

10 weeks po! Feel great, running every other day, getting a great line of definition down my middle. Soooo glad I did this! still get a little swollen in the pubic area at times. Really though, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

15 weeks post op, feeling great, scare is looking...

15 weeks post op, feeling great, scare is looking better every day, love my new flat tummy! Still have a little numbness, but nothing major. I love being able to run and not have jiggling skin (gross) it drove me crazy.
Ths is somethng that I notice much more then others, (well, my husband too) Happy every day that I did this for myself!
Dr. Koineg

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You look absolutely amazing! It's inspirational to others - like me! - 46 and working out quite a bit but with that tummy skin/bit of flab.... Thanks!
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Thanks, I am thrilled. It is nice to know your 40s can be amazing!
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Your transformation is amazing!!
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You look beautiful.... great results!
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Thank you Love your post. Mine is October 15th. So excited.
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Thanks Estell, I am 9 weeks po today and feeling 100%! I am running every other day and actually gained back some of that post surgery weight loss. I went in at 142, I am at about 138 now. Once I started running again I gained a couple but I am attributing that to muscle gain (after sitting around doing nothing for 6 grueling weeks, haha. I swell at times but not as bad as some I have seen. I have to say, I am happy every time I look at my belly :) Happy healing
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Your results are great! Looks like your cut is as far back as mine and I was weighing 123ish before surgery. Now I'm at 115 but I think it's the loss of appetite after the surgery. I'm 5 weeks post op and feel good most of the time. My muscles got stingy sometimes. Thanks for posting pics. I hope to get a new computer this weekend and I'll upload my after pics. I am so happy with my results. When ur running do u feel pain @ the abs? I walked fast two days ago and my stomach swelled.
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You look amazing!! I am day 4 post op. I had a tt and breast aug w/lift. Am trying to take it easy but am on the go type girl, ha! Am up walking around. Tire easy thats forsure! I am loving the results! My day after surgery appt I got to see And WOW I haven't had a flat tummy since pregnancy # 1 , 24 years ago. Am so excited. I have 3 kids the youngest 5 and all natural child birth. So I thought the pain would be a breeze... ummm, lol.. tt has got to be the worse pain ever! I am not one much for meds, but you better believe I faithfully am taking them all every day! Cannot wait to take these drain tubes out and compression garment off!:) :)
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The drains are a total drag! I find it hard to take it easy too, but pay the price every time I overdue it. Like today, traveling through the airport with a backpack on the other day wiped me out, so I am taking it easy today. Even though it's a long recovery, I am so happy and I know you will too!
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Wow you look amazing! I hope my results will be that good.
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Thanks, best of luck to you, it is an awesome thing to do for yourself!
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You look AMAZING! I'm 45 and have started my TT fund ($3500 so far!) and it is soooo INSPIRATIONAL to see how great you look and how great you feel. Congratulations!
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Thank you! I do feel great but if I overdue it I am tired and sore for a day or two. It has been worth every cent and every minute of recovery, keep saving, you won't be disappointed :)
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Ha ha ha! You crack me up, "the deed". Ha ha! Glad you have the day to relax. I finished my first week of work & only neede one margarita, ha ha! I made it. My hubby said this morning, "wow, you are looking really good & your boobs look bigger now, I like that, when can we do it?". Ha ha! Your post made me LOL.
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My husband thought my boobs looked bigger too, bonus since he was slightly disappointed when I backed out of the breast job, win,win, right? Glad tO hear your back at work and drinking moderately, haha!
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I tried to post new pictures today also and it posted over the old ones. So I had to redo them all. Have you ever had that problem? You are looking fab.
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Thanks! This is that happened before, hope it resolves itself soon
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you look fabulous!  love the bikini pics!
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Just wanted to say I have been following your TT and results and they are great! I am having a TT Aug 13. Any must haves pre-op?? Also, hows the emotional aspect of things? I cant wait!
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I really tried to be in the best shape I could before hand, ate really well and took vitamins. i also went into it with the attitude everything was going to be great. Lucky for me it's been pretty awesome. my doctor used pain pump for the first week and I really think that made a big difference in recovery. I have really had no blues or emotional lows, I am only two and half weeks out though can't wait to watch your progress congratulations
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if you do not the insicion to get red please, please do not go to pools or any place that you will be under sun or even to hot because it will get really red and because you don't have feeling yet you won't realize until is too late.
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sorry , if you don't want the insicion to get red.....
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Thanks for the warning, I have pretty much decided that it will be an inside summer. To bad though, I am excited to hang by the pool
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teeha! your update is too funny!
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Thanks so much! I am hoping for awesome results!
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