I am 30 and a mommy of three. two boys nine and...

I am 30 and a mommy of three. two boys nine and three and a girl who is six. All via c sections. My stomach is so gross. I booked it but its a week before christmas and dont wanna die due to my selfeshness. Please advise? What should I expect and how to plan a week before x mas. Thanks ladies. help


Hi MomyTom, welcome to the site. Be careful it can get addictive!!! LOL I'm scheduled to have my TT w Lipo on 12/18 we are in the same boat. My PS told me at a MINIMUM I'd need 2 weeks off, if I have a desk job I could consider going back after that. I'm actually taking off 3 weeks to be on the safe side. As I can see from other posts here it's when you start moving around and getting active is when you begin to swell really badly. We just might be recovery buddies. : ) Wishing you the best of luck.
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Yes we can deff share how well or not were doing lol. Im scared butso need it. Are u having mr?
I must be crazy because I havn't gotten to the scared stage yet! I think I'm still on the excited boat!!! Lol. I don't know if I have to have one or not! I think my PS will do it if I need it when he gets in there. :)

Ok so my pre op is dec 4th at three. Very nervous....

Ok so my pre op is dec 4th at three. Very nervous. My tt, lipo, brest inplants, are two weeks away. Im having such an emotiinal feelings. What if i dont get the results i am expecting, what if i die, just abunch of what ifs. Then i have excited moments like omg i will look so diff in this top, i cant believe ill be flat, i never been flat:( im so happy and scared. I have a question. My weighr is in my mid section the belly and flanks. Will i go down in inches? Thats what im hoping but we shall see:)


I was completely petrified of dying on the table having never had surgery before. You have to put your trust in the professionals you chose and also look at statistics such as ho dangerous it is every time yu go out in a car - more likely to due from that than surgery! I'm only four days post op but already feeling pleased I braved up and went through with it.
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Hey , dont stress to much , I found myself asking the same questions , it all turned out well and I am lovin my new body : ) You will too .
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I cant belueve im two weeks from it. How long is...

I cant belueve im two weeks from it. How long is pre op? I dont even have a list of things. Im going shopping this weekend. What should i expect at my pre op?


Don't worry.....I'll be right there with you. I'm sure between the both of us we'll get all the 411 you need.
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I know. I was just bawling my eyes out litteraly two sec again holding my daughter. Its like i dont need it its a choice and theres no turing back once im in or. Im terrified. I dont know y all of a sudden but i am at this moment. Im very hystical. Im glad you will be there tomar to ask some questions too lol.
Let it out...if you feel like crying......let it all out. I bet once you're done, you'll feel better. Then we can talk to the doctor with clear heads :-)

Ok so two more weeks:) cant wait

Ok so two more weeks:) cant wait

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Well pretty much a week left!!!!!! Unbelieveable....

Well pretty much a week left!!!!!! Unbelieveable. I thought i was going to chicken out lol. Cant wait. Im concerned with the implant size though. He meassured me at 575. I think those are to big but he knows best right? I just dont want to look fake:( well hopefully next week goes by fast:)


So happy for you! You're going to love the results, Dr. K is very talented!
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Omg thank you:) i cant wait.
Best of luck to you! Dr. Koenig will do a wonderful job for you!
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Pain is notbing compare to how i look. I cant...

Pain is notbing compare to how i look. I cant believe how i look. I love it. I had surgury mon at p730am. Im not in that much pain. I would compare it to a csection. I didnt have mr though so that coukd b a big diff. Also lipi is notbing:) i am not in pain at all. I am using a heating pad also since i got home so that might be why my back or lipi doesnt hurt. Now my boobs hurt the most. Its the mucsle that is hurting. I have a pain pump on my boobs that i dont tbink helps. My boobs look amazing. Ladies pain is wortg it. Im so flat:) im swollen though and im seeinf ps in am ans will.ask about one concern. My belly has a little lump:( i hope thats just swollen.i barly slept. All i had today was creakers and tons of water. I pead so much. Omg thats tbe worse lol. Im taking pain meds evety four hours. Sorry about spelling. Im on phone.


You look amazing right now. I can't wait to see the final results once you're all healed up!
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woohoooo! flat is going to change! can't wait to see the great results mommy!
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Po day three. So when will i feel normal again lol...

Po day three. So when will i feel normal again lol. The lipo hurts alot. I can shower sat but terrified. How will it feel without garment on? Im.scared ill pass out. My hubby will.b with me.but.its still scary. When will i stand uo again. Thanks.

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Ok so its day four po and im very sad. I think my...

Ok so its day four po and im very sad. I think my boobs are small, it looks preg, i look bigger then before:( please need advise. Did ur belly look pretrude? It three.months preg. Help please.


Hey, just wondering how you are doing now?
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My day four postop was my meltdown day. I cried that entire day! It did get better - slowly - each day after that tho. As for showering I did that sitting down and with the help of my husband each day for at least the first 7 to 8 days. I used to feel exhausted afterwards as holding myself upright - albeit in a seated position - without my binder on was just such an effort. Felt so vulnerable. I didn't start to stand straighter until about day 10. And I've read posts on here where some have done so literally straight away and others have taken longer. I don't know why on that - just seems everyone is different. Keep your chin up. You are VERY early days. Take it hour by hour right now. You're just about to start feeling better over the coming days - promise!
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Hey honey, just wanted to encourage you to keep your chin up. This first week is the worst. When you are healed, you will be thrilled!
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