Thigh Lift Next - Rochester, NY

I'm currently recovering from an extended Arm Lift...

I'm currently recovering from an extended Arm Lift (1/17/14) and thought that I would plan a breast lift next. However, the skin tightening under the arms has pulled my chest up a little and I think I would prefer to wait on the lift until my upper body is fully healed.

My PS will not combine procedures and I doubt that I can handle too much pain/risk of complications since I'm in my mid fifties and don't recover as well as I used to. I lost 150 pounds a few years ago, had a TT and then went on to lose another 35 pounds. My weight has been stable for a long time but I only recently have the time to devote to recovering from a series of procedures.

I need to have a Thigh Lift and will eventually have the TT revised to a full body lift to pull up the outside of my hips, but removing the excess from my inner thighs (just like removing the excess from my upper arms) is a priority.

By scheduling in early April, I'll have my daughter home from school for a week to help me and I should be past the worst first weeks before the weather improves and my garden needs me.

Adding a photo to show how bad it is. I'm 5'6, 134lbs and wear 2's and 4's but it involves a lot of compression to make these thighs look slim.


I wish you great success with this surgery. I'm about to have mine on Feb. 14th (Happy Valentine's Day) assuming a new issue that's come up resolves in time. I'm glad you're being realistic about both the results and the pain. I think the pain part is manageable from all accounts (with drugs), but that it's one of the more aggravating surgeries as far as healing and wound issues. I'd expect a good 6 - 8 weeks minimum before attempting gardening. That involves a lot of squatting and pulling along those incisions. Best of luck to you and keep posting!
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Thank you, I've been reading your updates and hope that you are feeling better and have a great outcome from your leg lift. I'm not worried about the pain and I think I've timed it during a good time - the gardening will mostly be me telling others what to do and by the time I'm well enough to work, they will have lost interest anyway. My only worry is being healed enough to travel a few hours for a graduation in mid May, but 5 weeks seems reasonable to be past the worst of it.
Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm excited to see your after photos, I bet they'll look great! I will need this surgery in about 12-18 months time, so it's a really great thing that people like yourself, who go before us, share their experience. Please do keep us updated with your progress!
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This will be the test

I bought this garment:
Because it was so inexpensive and it looks like I will need it after the Thigh lift and again after I revise my TT into a Body lift (probably in October).
The garment came quickly and even though I'm close to a small by measurements, the medium will not go on because all my extra thigh skin pushes up into my hip/crotch.
I'm not worried though, I bet it will fit once I'm a few weeks post op.


I'm happy to hear you'll have help with that and you've got people who'll follow directions. ;) I used to garden a bit when I lived in WA state and miss it. I found that was both a soothing and a very satisfying hobby. I wouldn't think traveling would be a problem at 5 weeks. How are your arms healing so far? I hope all is well. Please remind me as you get closer if you don't update here often. This site lacks a bit in notifications. I wish it had a "friend" list or way to follow others more easily. Best of luck!
My arms are great for two weeks out. They hurt at night - mostly the elbows - but not too much. The scars look good, I had very little scabbing once the steri strips came off. I have big garden plans for this year and our season is short, I'll have to fit a lot into June if I decide to have a breast lift in July.

Desired outcome?

To see what your thighs could look like without the sagging skin, lie down with your feet in the air, take a photo and then rotate the image to put your feet on the ground.

I will be pleased with anything close to this.


Check out Dr. Joseph F. Capella. He has the largest published experience of thigh lifts and has done thousands of them. He did a phenomenal job on my thighs. He has offices in NY and NJ. Prices are reasonable -- under $7k all inclusive. Good luck!
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Thank you, I have a doctor here and I am scheduled for 4/11/14. I'm almost 6 weeks post arm lift with no complications and beautiful results. My doc does many thigh lifts. In July I plan to have him revise my TT from 8 years ago (I'm 30 pounds lighter now) into a full body lift. In October it will probably be a breast lift and at some point, neck and upper eye lids. It helps that I have full insurance coverage for cosmetics and it's easiest to use local docs that are familiar with this coverage.
Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for a surgeon. Good luck with your surgeries -- it is so exciting to do the total body transformation!!! I did mine last year, and one of the procedures I had was to convert the TT to an LBL as I lost weight, too. It was a good move and I think you will be happy with your results. I am jealous that you have full insurance coverage for cosmetics. I have only run across one other person who did. She workd for the U.N. May I inquire how you have insurance that covers cosmetics? I am just curious but understand if that is too personal a question to answer. Good luck with your transformation! I hope you get all that you desire!

6 weeks to go

My preop appointments will be on 3/28 and 4/2/14 for medical clearance followed by mark up with my PS on the day before surgery.

I've gotten my compression garments and a few pairs cheap knit pants to wear during recovery, but I don't think I need anything else right now. I'm healing nicely from last month's arm lift, finally back to the gym this week.


You have the best thigh lift I have seen. I said no I wasn't doing it because all the scares were horrible, but now I am going to check out your doctor. I have one big concern though, does it change the shape of labia and if so is it uncomfortable?
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I said no I wasn't doing it because all the scares were horrible, but now I am going to check out your doctor. I have one big concern though, does it change the shape of labia and if so is it uncomfortable?
My thigh lift recovery was rather easy. Not sure what you mean by changing the shape of the labia. I wanted my mons pulled tighter and Dr. Capella did that with my surgery. He did an amazing job - I was so ashamed of my deformed juicy bits and Dr. Capella made it beautiful.

Preop at hospital tomorrow

I will have preop clearance at the hospital tomorrow and see my PCP next week. I am now ten weeks post op on my arm lift and very pleased with those results and impressed at my body's ability to heal.

My weight is holding at 134, I'm wearing xs and size 2 jeans with a little wiggle room but the hanging skin is horrid. I cannot wait to get this behind me.

I have decided that my next procedure will be the body lift to pull up what this operation won't cover and then probably a BL and neck lift at the end of the year.


Cant wait to see your results. Your going to look great. Any pics of your arms?
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Disregard the top comment about pics of your arms. Just read your arm reveiw. I have to say that is the BEST arm lift ive ever seen. Your results are amzing i can only imagine how much joy you must feel. Congratulations! I hope your thigh lift goes as smoothly, You are an inspiration!

One week to go

I'm all clear for next Fridays surgery, my PCP said my labs looked even better than they did in January when I had my Arm Lift.

I've ordered a second CG - this one without the zippers and in black so I will have one to wash and one to wear. The upcoming week will include a lot of house cleaning, grocery shopping, protein, sleep and anything that will distract me from the waiting. I'm a little apprehensive about the first few post op days, but I have faith in my PS and my body's ability to mend. I will update once I'm "lifted".


I'm scheduled for April 10, 2014! So excited to watch your journey. This is my first procedure. Super excited , scared all in the sense.
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Good luck! Are you just having the thighs done?
Tummy and thighs

Measurements before:

Bust after extended Arm lift : 35, 32 at bra band
Waist : 27.5
Hips: 35.5
Thighs at fullest: 21

I'm hoping the thighs lose an inch when everything heals.


Are you having a thigh lift with the long incisions from knee to groin, or the crescent type where the incision is hidden in the groin area? I need a thigh lift, but hate the thought of long scars. Best wishes for a great surgery and quick recovery! I can't wait to see your results.
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He said my scar would go down to my knee. Yeah kinda scary though my legs are worse than my tummy. So I guess I'll do everything lol.
I don't want to have the long incisions done but I may not have that option. Once the lipo is done, we will see if there's enough elasticity in my skin to shrink it back up. I have excess skin in the groin the creases but my thighs are just really heavy.

All marked up

Saw my PS today for mark up. He is not sure if he will be able to take this much skin, but as long as the wrinkles improve, I'll be better.

I did find out that I will have drains for at least the first week, I'm ok with that since it will help with the fluid build up.

I will try to update once I'm home tomorrow evening.


Just checking in to say hello and see how you're feeling. I hope it all went well and you're not in too much pain.
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I'm am doing amazing ! How about you ? I expected a lot worse my thighs burn a little but it's tolerable
Glad it went well for you!

Day of surgery

I've been home for about four hours. The surgery went well, it's always reassuring to hear that the hospital staff endorse your surgeon and a few of them are patients.

The surgery took about 3 hours, I'm cut from groin to knee although the cut in the groin is not as extensive as some I've seen in other reviews.

I have a drain in each crease and they will stay until follow up on the 17th. I'm wrapped from ankle to thigh but will be able to wear a CG after the drains are out.

The swelling is pretty bad right now but I was on my feet more than I should have been after coming home and I just had to reward myself because things were slipping.

The incisions look good and are closed with absorbable staples, absorbable sutures and glue.

The PS said he removed just over a pound of skin from each side, my initial impression before the swelling was that they looked very smooth.

Pain wise, I'm planning on staying on top of the Norcos every four hours for tonight and then see how I'm doing. I need the sleep.

I'm also drinking a lot of water, that should help.


I'm so excited to see your results!!! I, like you, lost over 100 pounds. I hope these next few days aren't so bad for you…pain wise. Please post pics when you are able to. Rest up! xxoo
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I glad it went well ! Can't wait to see end results.
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Glad to hear your home and doing well
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This really hurts sometimes, but I'm moving around better and the swelling is also better. I have had to rewrap the bandages a few times because they want to slip down my thighs. My incisions are not oozing and the drain out put is evening out.

I've been drinking a lot of water, walking a little every hour and have stretched out the pain meds to every 6-7 hours.

I was able to get outside for a few minutes this afternoon but that made me dizzy so it's mostly the couch for me. I am sleeping well with pillows under my knees.

I'm vowing not to weigh myself for the first week because everything looks swollen from the IV fluids. My appetite is not so good but I'm eating a little when I need to take a pill.

Although I can't shower with the drains, I plan to wash my hair in the morning. I think that will improve my outlook a bunch.


Happy healing!
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Sounds like your doing awesome ! Keep up on the water and walking and you'll be just fine ! Did you doctor tell you to ice the area or no ?
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I'm using ice packs over my bandages and clothing - he said that was fine if it helped but not to be aggressive with the ice. It seems to calm down the hot hurt at times. I'm much better this morning but the first step off the sofa was rough because I slept a solid 6 hours and 3-4 before that.

Day 3 PO

I am doing so much better! I am totally off the pain meds, the swelling is going down and the only discomfort is when I move from standing to sitting or vice versa.

The drain output is slowing so I'm hopeful that they will come out on Thursday and I will be able to wear clothing more comfortably.

The biggest issue is keeping the ace bandages in place as they want to slide down. I have already thrown out some of the gauze pads because they wouldn't stay put (my PS did not use adhesives or steri strips because I am now sensitive to them) and I need to rewrap every few hours.

My incisions look good - they are sealed with glue and only hurt a little at the groin crease. I'm looking forward to switching to the CG and being able to move around more.

These photos were taken yesterday morning and still show a lot of swelling, especially near the knees, but that has already improved. I will update the photos in a few days.


Oh i remember those stupid bandages. Although i didnt have as many as you have. Mine was only for thigh lipo. Glad it all going well. You can see some fantastic results already!
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The bandages are stupid. I have to rewrap them a few times a day when they slip down around my knees but they do give me glimpses of my new thighs and if they slip it must mean the swelling is going down.
Very true x

First post op visit

I saw my PS today and have been freed from the drains and those ACE bandages. I'm in a CG that covers from waist to calves but it's not that bad.

My drain sites were getting a little funky yesterday so I have to keep an eye on them and swap with peroxide every few hours, but I think they will be fine.

The incisions look good, there is a bit of bruising near the knees and most of the swelling is on the inner knees. The outer sides of my thighs look so much better than I thought they ever could, when is it, I no longer have a pool of empty skin next to me.

I will take photos in the morning, I'm too tired now for that. I will see my PS again in a few weeks and will talk about the next step.

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One week out

Very swollen but no pain or restriction to moving or sitting. I think I was on my feet too much yesterday and I did have a few trips up and down stairs.

I am very pleased with the progress, this recovery seems easier than my recent arm lift and I was told it would be worse.

The incisions still have a lot of glue covering them, hence the dark lines.


Looking good, would love to see some updated pictures of your healing. How are you feeling these days? I am having a LBL and long thigh lift in 5 days!!!
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Glad you are taking it all in stride. I am day 3 post lipo on flanks and thighs - very sore and very bruised and swollen. Starting to see results in my waist though. I'm hoping the results will be enough to keep me from needing the bilateral lift and I can just do a simple thigh lift.
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They look to be coming along really well. Sounds like you are doing great!
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3 1/2 weeks post op

I'm healing well. I have very little discomfort and no issues except swelling that is mostly concentrated at the inside of my knees.

My PS said that a little heat on these areas will help and it has been much better after a few days of using moist heat 3 times a day.

My thighs are so much better than they were. The sagging skin is gone except for a little above the knees and that skin could probably be revised at some later date, however I'm very pleased.

My thighs are now about 20" around at the fullest and I think they may be a tiny bit smaller once the swelling fully resolves.

I have been back at the gym for a few days and it's nice to have less jiggle when I run ands it great to be able to work on firming the muscle back up. I do take it slow, but I'm not worried about the incisions, they are flattening and show no sign of separation.

I had thought that I would want a posterior lift eventually, but it may not be worth it to get just a little bit of the back of my thighs pulled up.


Any updates?? I keep telling myself that LIPO was not worth it -- never had so much pain after a procedure in my life! I don't think the results were worth it. I can't tell much difference. I think my body stuck every ounce they sucked on right back! I am ready to tackle my thigh lift though. Finances will come in and boom I'll be done.
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Thank you for your story. This is what I want to do next.
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Sounds like you've had a great recover so far! You're already back at the gym! Good for you :) Do you have any updated pictures including scars? I'm trying to decide what I'll do for my thighs. Take care!
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I have hesitated to update until I had a happy ending

At about 5 weeks PO, I developed a horrible infection in the lower portion of my left thigh incision. This section swelled up, became red and hot and finally burst open.

My PS managed the infection well, I was on antibiotics for weeks and in the office every few days until the infection settled down. Because this type of infection (along an incision) causes a tunneling wound, there was extensive drainage.

The leg is now nearly closed, but the right leg still has a lump of collected fluid at the base of that incision that will either absorb on it's own or require surgical removal. It is not painful, but it leaves me with uneven knees for now.

I was warned by my PS that thighs are tricky and often have complications, especially after such major weight loss and after age 50. I also have bad veins in my legs so the circulation is not the best. However, I am still very happy with the surgery as a whole and having less draping skin on my thighs.

I had a revision to my years ago TT a few weeks ago and have had no healing issues. In a few months, I will have the outer thighs lifted when my PS completes my body lift. At that point, we may revise the thigh incisions.

I was hesitant to update while this was going on because I was disappointed but did not want to warn off anyone who might be considering this surgery. My other procedures have gone so well that I feel this was a blip and not anything that could not be handled, although when I was changing bandages 4 times a day, I was really down.

I'm adding a photo of the current state of the wound opening, I will add photos of my thighs soon.


I've just updated. My PS said that lipo would not help me at all since my problem was the pooling skin. It's hard to get thighs super tight and smooth, but I'm pleased with mine no longer flapping about.
Thank you so much for being transparent about your process. I understand some of the risks involved. I have had both knees replaced with different experiences on each. Had I known some of the potential causes of problems I could have avoided a few hiccups. I am looking forward to having my thighs done. I have very stubborn fat on my legs and the lipo removed some but I am working out diligently trying to get more loose skin for my PS to work with. Hope to have this done by the end of the year. I got married in May and wanted to postpone surgery for a while for obvious reasons ;) He is very supportive and wants me to finish my body work. Not for him, but for me, I still hide my thighs.
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