Get This Thing off of Me!

I have wanted a lotus tattoo with this placement...

I have wanted a lotus tattoo with this placement for years. I have been researching artists for a long time as well. I had gone to a tattoo convention and chose an artist with an absolutely beautiful portfolio. My boyfriend actually had gotten a tattoo by the same artist, and his turned out beautiful, so I wasn't worried. Long story short, I ended up hating it AS SOON as it was finished. The line work and shading is shaky and is not up to my standards and the tattoo isn't even the color scheme I asked for-- I had wanted the lotus to be blue and purple. This tattoo makes me feel like I am wearing a sticker that I could have drawn myself.

All of that is irrelevant, so I'll save it. Long story short, I somehow ended up with a horrible tattoo.

I will be scheduling numerous consultations to find out what will be the fastest method to get rid of this.
It is a month old tattoo.

So far I have been given an over-the-phone $900 per treatment expectancy with the PicoSure laser, but have not yet seen a doctor in person. I will be scheduling a consultation this week.

Join me on my journey... I sure hope this helps someone out.
aloha regretfulfawn, I'm so glad that you found this website and the support on this site is wonderful. Sharing your journey of removal will be good for all of us, including yourself. Ink regret can rob us of our self esteem, sharing restores our personal power. We have control over something. You should see palmtree16 story, she is undergoing a removal on her back. Blackberry11 has also undergone the removal on her back to the point of a new cover up. Both members have had wonderful success. Removal is expensive, but even if it takes years, it is worth it. Good luck, share when you can, update with photos is great. aloha...k
Thank you!

Scheduled Consultation

I just got off the phone with a center that has the PicoSure laser. My consultation is the 20th!

I also have a consultation with a different tattoo artist than the original in my area to see what he can do as far as touching it up goes. I used to think tattoos were for me, but after this awful experience I will probably just go with lasering it off... Or perhaps getting it lightened enough to the point where I can get a more elegant lotus over it.

We'll find out I suppose :)

I've heard that with the PicoSure laser, it is difficult to remove reds and yellows. Do you guys think the removal of this tattoo will be stubborn?
I myself am in the same boat. I got what was supposed to be a dandelion blowing with color in it 2 days ago and I hated it soon as it was done. it is the ugliest thing ive ever seen. Noone even knows what its supposed to be. Its on my upper arm. I am more than likely going to get it lasered off. Hopefully starting the first treatment in about a month. I am never getting another tattoo again. I bought a bunch of makeup to try n cover it up when I wear tank tops this summer. I cried myself to sleep for 2 nights in a row now. Good luck with yours and let us know how it comes out and I will do the same!!!
Ahh yes, it sure is a struggle. I'm sure if this tattoo was done with-in my vision, I would love it. Sadly I've tried and I will never be able to force it upon myself. I will keep updating in the hope of helping others cope and see that they are not alone. Please post a picture of your tattoo and keep us updated also! Perhaps when it is done healing you will like it more :)
Hey there! And welcome to this nice community! Getting a tattoo is a big shock. Thats what I learnt recently. I also did my first tattoo and now I regret it and currently in a process of removing it. I would suggest to giving it a time and try to get used to it. You have a nice location :) do not see it at all! I can totally understand why you want it gone. I also thought I want it and I still like tattoos, but not on me. I just can accept it, but believe me, in time this all will become better and you will feel better. As far as I know, for tattoos with colors best laser is new Picosure. Check the reviews here as well! You are not alone and this all will be over! :) Stay positive!

Covering Up A Tattoo

I enjoy makeup. I love applying it, I love the techniques, I love experimenting with it. I came across this video a couple months ago and asked my boyfriend if I could attempt it on one of his tattoos but he is too much afraid to allow me to put all of those products on his skin ha ha. Unfortunately, now that I have a tattoo of my own, it is in an unreachable location and I still cannot attempt this for myself to tell you how well this technique actually works, but it is worth a shot for anyone who has a more visible tattoo!

You will need, make up primer, foundation, orange or pink eyeshadow (depending on the under-tone of your skin), hairspray, concealer and setting powder.

Attached is the video, let me know how it works out!

Covering A Tattoo

Just watched the video you posted! Big thanks! That's really make me feel I can try make up once again if I really need it! I think something similar k told me about using red lipstick, but using eye shadows is better! Thanks again!
Glad I could be of some help.

Extra Regretful Tonight

Really bumming myself out tonight. There are so many other things I could spend the money of laser removal towards. I would love to go to Hawaii. *sigh*

I had two touch-up consultations with a different artist than the original, in my area. He cancelled my appointment the day before, each time I scheduled a new one. I am taking this as a sign and going straight for tattoo removal. My consultation for the PicoSure laser is this Friday, the 20th.
I agree to listen to the signs, I had them too before going to get my tattoo and I didn't listen. Sorry you had such a tough night, hopefully today you feel better. 

First Treatment

I went in to my consultation appointment and was told everything I need to know.
$650 a treatment. 2-5 sessions. (This is with the PicoSure laser, for those who are wondering).

After hearing all that he said, "If we could treat this today, would you want to?" I replied with, "definitely"... So here is a picture of my back directly after treatment. The blue is so faded! And I see some black outline that has already disappeared.

Overall, I am very happy today! I am happy to have my first treatment done with and I am happy to say that the pain of the PicoSure laser is not so bad :) It hurts more than a tattoo, but only took 2 minutes to complete (the tattoo is 5x3")... It is endurable and not as bad as I have expected from the things I've heard from others!

I will keep posting pictures as the skin heals.
Congrats on completing your first treatment! And kiddos for choosing the Picosure laser...I wish I had started with it. It is so much more effective! Please keep posting pictures. It's so motivating to watch other's progress.
Will do!
*kudos* darn auto-correct!

1 Week

1 week since my first PicoSure treatment. It's been pretty itchy the past couple days (nothing too bad) and started peeling today. Sorry that the lighting of the photo isn't the best.
Nice fading!!
Lucky you to have the Picosure laser in your area! Those are amazing results for just one treatment and I suppose it'll fade even more as the weeks pass. Like you, I'm after full removal and not cover up. I do like tattoos and have 4 in other parts of my body but somehow putting one on my forearm which is such an exposed part of my body affected me so much to the point of wanting it removed completely. Mine is all black with flecks of blue and I hope to get amazing results with the laser used on mine. I read somewhere that eventhough the picosure is a very good laser, for other colors like oranges and red, the q-switched lasers are still being used to target those areas. My machine (the revlite) has a special handpiece that's supposed to target colors like orange, red, green and blue. Maybe you could inquire other clinics about your concerns regarding the more potentially stubborn colors. Good luck!

Feeling Hopeless

I'm tired of hiding this and not feeling able to wear certain clothes.

Everytime I see it, I just sigh...
Hi :) How is your fading coming along, have you had anymore sessions? I would love an update.
Right now, it looks like a tattoo that has been aged by a few decades. I am going to try to fit in time tomorrow before I have school to schedule a new appointment. I plan to keep updating, no worries :) Your new phoenix addition is lovely.
Thank you :) I love my Phoenix, I really connect with my new art. I actually have to get some work done this week. 

Good luck on your next treatment - keep us posted!
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